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Chapter 5-Chapter 5

*A. S. Enterprise*

Anika was waiting for Gauri to speak up while Gauri was thinking from where to start.
Gauri: I left him because……

Gauri was in the hospital sleeping under the effect of medicine while Omkara was also sleeping.
Someone entered the room and shook Gauri up from her sleep. She opened her eyes slowly and saw someone standing in front of her. She couldn’t see the person clearly. She tried to see the person but due to low light and her hazy eyes she was unable to recognize the person. She tried to get up but the person stopped her.
Person:No need to get up….

Gauri understood that the person is a lady.

Gauri:Who are you and for what you have come here?
Lady:Your well-wisher…. I mean subhchintak….. I am come here to tell you a secret….
Gauri: What secret?
Lady: Your this husband Omkara is cheating on you…..
Gauri(shocked): What? No…. No… He can’t do anything like this…. I know him very well….
Lady:That’s the problem with girls like you…. You all have blind faith on your husbands….. Aare open your eyes and see what he is doing behind your back…. He’s having an affair with Swetlana behind your back…. He just faked it in front of you that he wants her out of the house…. Actually he was planning to send her out so that he can maintain the relationship with her…..

Gauri was shocked after the revelation. She thought that Omkara was angry on her due to his misunderstanding. But he was maintaining two relationships together. This broke her heart and her trust on him.

Gauri(thinking):I thought Omkaraji was having anger issues with me due to his misunderstandings but he just wanted me to go away from his life so that he can stay happily with that Sultana… Now I understand why he never heard my side of story and always assumed things….. But never mind… At least now I can leave him on some reason. I thought I would be doing wrong by going away from him when I saw the fear in his eyes for me…. But now I won’t come in between his happiness. If he wants to stay with her then I will leave him…. But I won’t never blame him for what all he has done to me…. He has done a big thing in my life that is to save me from Kaali Thakur and treating my mother. In return for his favor I can do this much right…. I will leave him but he will always remain my husband…. He can disrespect the vows of marraige but not me….

She was snapped out of her thoughts by the Lady.

Lady: Where are you lost? Are you still thinking of staying with him after hearing everything?
Gauri:I have always thought about his happiness and today also I will do that. If he is happy with that Sultana then I will surely leave him. And if I wouldn’t have known about it also I would have left him only. Can you give me a paper I want to write a letter to him…. Please….

The Lady tried to oppose but seeing Gauri she gave her a paper to write the letter. Gauri wrote the letter and left the cabin after seeing Omkara for the last time.


Gauri(emotionless face) :Though I wasn’t able to move I still left the hospital and went away from him. You might have questions as to how I know Mona. So the thing was like when I left the hospital I hadn’t fully recovered and I didn’t know where to go. I didn’t want to return Baraily and trouble my mother. So I was roaming around in search of some place to stay. But the wound and weakness wasn’t supporting me and I fell unconscious in the middle of the road. When I opened my eyes I was in Mona’s house. (looking at her) She helped me and later we discovered that we are Oberoi bahus when we both shared our stories with each other. Later she helped me get the job of a waitress at the cafe she worked.

Gauri smiled at her and they held their hand tightly showing support for each other. But Anika was somewhere else. She was analysing the whole thing and something wasn’t going into her head- how can Omkara and Swetlana be together when he hated her from the bottom of his heart. This one thing was continuously roaming around her head.

Anika: Gauri do you really think Omkara will be in relationship with Swetlana? Because as far as I know him he hates her from the bottom of his heart. Then how can you believe in someone else’s words?
Gauri: I don’t know Bhaujayi…. But at that time only Omkaraji’s happiness was coming in my mind and if he doesn’t have also I would have left him….. Because for him it was a deal and after everything was over I had to leave…. Whatever happens Bhaujayi I maybe poor but I have a self respect which Omkaraji has broken many times. I understand he didn’t know the truth but he never gave me a chance to explain myself. So why do you think I should stay with him?
Anika: And what if I say that he knew everything and he was going to ask your forgiveness and chance to your relationship?
Gauri(shocked): What are you telling Bhaujayi? It can’t be possible…. No… No….
Anika: If you hear it from Om you will believe?

Gauri was tongue tied and bowed down her head. Yes she wanted to hear it from Om only but she didn’t want to break her heart again.

Anika: So I’m taking your silence as my answer.( looking at Mona) And you think Mahi hasn’t changed right? If I prove you wrong too then you will come back to him?

Mona also bowed her head down and didn’t say anything. She wanted to hear from him that he loves her and values her feelings. But like always she also didn’t want to break her heart again.

Anika: I understand that you two can’t trust your husbands and you don’t want to bear another heart break. But you can give them a chance right?

GauNa looked at each other and then at Anika. Anika was eagerly waiting for their reply.

Anika:I am telling you both to go back right now and forgive them and live happily. If you have any grievances sort it out. Speak out your thoughts and your wishes. You don’t know they might change themselves for you. Just think about it and let me know okay. And I have one more work with you two……
GauNa: What bhaujayi/bhabi?

Anika explained them something and they nodded their head in agreement. They left the office and went towards their respective homes.

*Oberoi Mansion*
Shivaay entered and started searching for Anika madly.

Shivaay( shouting) : Anika….. Where are you? Anika….. Please come out…… Anika…….

Shivaay was shouting and searching for her in every corner of the house. OmRu tried to control him but he wasn’t even listening to them. Hearing the shouts everyone gathered in the hall to see a devastrated Shivaay.

Pinky(disgusted): Oh my mata…. Now what’s this new dramas in the house? Why is my Hera beta searching for that girl madly?
Janvi: Will you please be quite for sometimes Pinky….. Can’t you see his condition. Instead of consoling him you are trying to find reasons.
Pinky: Then what should I do jethaniji? Shivaay toh doesn’t listens to me now a days then what should I do?
Janvi: At least stop cursing Anika in your mind. Do that much it will be very good for all of us.

And Janvi left her to control Shivaay. Meanwhile Anika entered the house and heard Shivaay shouting out her name.

Anika (whispering): Why is Shivaay shouting so much? What’s wrong with him?

She entered the hall and was instantly engulfed in a tight hug. She stumbled but managed to prevent herself from falling. She understood that she was caged by Shivaay who was breathing heavily.

Shivaay: Anika where did you go? I was finding for you so long. Don’t you dare leave me and go.
Anika(rubbing his back): Shivaay…. Shivaay…. I am here only…. I just went out for some work. Why are getting so scared? See I’m back…. Aabhi shaant ho jaye…. Shaant ho jaye…..

She consoled him and he slowly became normal. All the incidents of her life were rotating in his head. The fact that she could have died in the blast still shook him and he hugged her even tightly. Anika felt something unusual in his behavior but she just ignored it. They broke the hug and Shivaay kissed her forehead lovingly. She left blissful.

Shivaay (pulling her with him): Come with me. Let’s go to out room. You need rest…… Come….
Anika: Shivaay I’m fine I don’t need rest….. Rather you need it more than me. Come…..
Shivaay: No… You need it.. Come with me….

He pulled her with him carefully and went towards their room, while others were clueless about his behavior.

Janvi: Om what’s wrong with Shivaay? Why is being so protective towards Anika?
Om: Nothing Mom. He just got scared about something.
Pinky: Oh my maata….. Now my beta is so concerned about that girl…. I seriously don’t know what black magic she has done on him…..
Om(angry): Just stop it Baadi maa… Don’t force me to open my mouth and insult you…. If you can’t think good then at least don’t curse her.

OmRu left from there and Janvi too left giving Pinky an impossible look. Pinky fumed in anger.

Pinky(angry): This girl has taken everyone in her team. I need to something very fast…. Otherwise she will rule this house one day….

*Shivika’s room*
Shivaay and Anika entered and he made her sit on the bed comfortably. He then sat beside her and tried to make her feel comfortable.

Anika: Shivaay what are you doing?
Shivaay: You don’t take any tension. I won’t let anything happen to you. I will do everything for you. I will never leave you alone. I….
Anika: Shivaay…. Shivaay…. Shaant…. I don’t need you to do all these things….. (placing one hand on his cheek and other one she held his hand) What happened that made you so scared?
Shivaay(looking into her eyes) : How do you get to know that I got scared?
Anika(smiling slightly) : I know you very well. I’m your wife…..(carenessing his cheek)So tell me what is bothering you so much? What scared you so much?

He held her hands tightly and placed his forehead on hers. Both of them closed their eyes feeling the moment. He sighed deeply still feeling scared.

Shivaay(low voice): I’m scared to loose you Anika…. I’m scared…. I can’t afford to loose you again….. If it happens then I will surely di….

Anika instantly placed her hand on his lips to prevent him from the word.

Anika: Don’t say that…. Please….

They remained in that position for something enjoying the moment.

Shivaay: Promise me Anika…. That you wouldn’t leave me… Promise me…..
Anika: I won’t leave you Shivaay…. I promise…..
Shivaay(showing his little finger to her) : Pinky promise?
Anika(entangling hers with him) : Pinky promise……

Shivaay hugged her tightly as if she would vanish anytime. He still had the fear of loosing her but now having her in his arms made him a bit relaxed. They broke the hug.

Shivaay: Where did you go?
Anika: To meet Gauri and Mona.
Shivaay: Really? You met them. Where and how?

Anika started telling him everything from where she met them and what all they said. After she had completed she found Shivaay in deep thoughts.

Anika: What are you thinking Shivaay?
Shivaay: You mean to say ki someone came to meet Gauri and tried to manipulate her against Om. Do you believe whatever that Lady said to her?
Anika: Of course not. When I heard even I was thinking about it. That means ki….
Shivaay: Someone wanted to make Gauri leave the house.
Anika: You are right. But who wanted to do that and what would the benefit of that person in doing so?
Shivaay: That toh we can only understand when we find it out.
Anika: But both Gauri and Mona are not ready to listen anything. They want to hear it from Om and Mahi directly that they have changed and are repenting for their mistakes.
Shivaay: Have you thought of any way to make it possible?
Anika: They aren’t ready to meet them but I can make them hear out their confession.
Shivaay: How?

Anika: That you leave to me. And one more thing I have decided to go to Delhi to meet Priyanka…..
Shivaay: No… You won’t go alone….
Anika: Hear out the whole thing first…. I will go with GauNa. So don’t worry about it Mr. Worry Singh Oberoi….
Shivaay: Okay as you say madam. Aab chaale khana khane?

She nodded and both of them went to the kitchen to have their food.

Anika: Shivaay I want to ask you something will you answer me sincerely…..
Shivaay: You don’t need to ask permission Anika…. Just ask….
Anika: You knew where Gauri and Mona were right?

This stopped his hand in the midway and he looked at her as if getting caught.

Anika: You knew right? But still you wanted me to do it all by myself because you wanted me to get involved in something so that I can forget everything. Am I right?
Shivaay(stammering): I…… I…….
Anika(holding his hand) : I am not angry or offended on you. I just want to say ‘Thank you’ to you for all that you are doing or trying to do for me. I can never return you the favor that you have done on me.. I….
Shivaay(stopping her in between): What are you to me Anika?
Anika(confused): Haa…

Shivaay(in calm voice): I asked what are you to me Anika? Who are you to me? What is our relationship?
Anika: We are…. We are husband and wife……
Shivaay(held her palms softly yet firmly): Then why such a type of talks are coming in between? I didn’t do anything to get favor back. You are my wife Anika and for you I can do anything…. Anything…. In a husband wife relationship there is no give and take policy. Whatever I had done or will be doing from now on will be for your happiness. Is it always a wife’s duty to fulfill her husband’s demands or wishes or do anything for their husband’s happiness? No it is a husband’s duty too to make his wife happy. (cupping her face) Never think like this anymore. I want your happiness and for that I am ready to do anything that is in my hand….

She smiled lightly and he hugged her.

Anika(thinking): You are so good Shivaay and you are doing so much for me. But I can’t do anything for you. I couldn’t give you the only happiness which a wife gives to her husband….. I’m sorry Shivaay….. I’m sorry…. (a lone tear escaped her eye).
Shivaay(thinking): I know what you are thinking Anika and I have to do something to bring you out of it. I won’t let anything happen to you. You have to vent out your emotions to make yourself normal and I will do everything possible for that….

They broke the hug and completed their food while planning about their next moves.

*Omkara’s room*
Om was standing in front of a white canvas and thinking what to draw on it. Whenever he tries to draw something different her bright smiling face comes in his mind. He had decided that today he would draw something else and started his work. At the end of his work he looked at it and found that he had again drew Her. She was laughing wholeheartedly in the picture as if mocking him. Seeing it he started talking to himself.

Om: Not again….. This is the 20th painting of yours in this month. (sighed) You seriously make me go crazy for you Gauri. Where are you? Please come back. I have understood my mistake and I am repenting it also. Please come back. I can’t live without you Gauri…. I love you Gauri…. I love you…..

All his words were heard by Shivika they looked at each other and then towards Om. Anika assured him that everything will be fine and they moved towards Rudra’s room. There also picture was somewhat similar and our Rudy boy was missing his Sumo. Seeing the two of them they could easily understand the condition of Mahi too. They sighed and went back to their room. They changed into their night cloths, Shivaay gave Anika her medicines and both of them slept in each others embrace silently.

*Next Day*
Everyone had gathered in the dinning table for breakfast. Today even Dadi had joined them. She looked quite fit and healthy and it was all due to Our Super Woman Anika. So in honor of Dadi our Oberoi brothers were made special and healthy breakfast for all. But we can see something else other than healthy breakfast too…. What’s it? Let’s see….. It’s Anika’s favorite ‘Aloo Puri.. How sweet isn’t it!!!!! So our great SSO has made a very special breakfast for his wifey….. Everyone sat for breakfast and the brothers were serving them. Seeing very special breakfast for Anika everyone teased Shivaay while Pinky was burning ??. After the breakfast everyone went for their respective works.

*Outside OM*
Shivaay and OmRu were waiting outside for Mahi while Shivaay was instructing Khanna.

Shivaay: I don’t this information to be leaked anyhow. No one means no one should know about it. And do one thing I want the CCTV footage of the hospital where Gauri was admitted from the time she was admitted till the next day. Every footage I want. Is that clear?
Khanna:Yes sir.
Shivaay: And yaa if Anika goes anywhere just look into it. I always want a security force to be with her. Am I clear?
Khanna: Don’t worry Sir I myself will be with Anika ma’am.
Shivaay: Good.

Mahi arrived and they left for their respective work place.

(Some revelation time ?? : Shivaay and Mahi works in A. S Enterprise while OmRu in Oberoi Industries. Though no one knows about A. S Enterprise and Shivaay just juggles between the two offices, he is more involved in A. S Enterprise than OI. All works in OI is done through OmRu by Shivaay. Now why this A. S Enterprise and why doesn’t anyone know about it….. All answers to be answered later ?)

*A. S Enterprise *
Shivaay was working on a project for the past two hours but something wasn’t coming right. He got frustrated and threw the file away. Mahi was noticing him for a long time and when finally he threw the file away, he spoke.

Mahi(picking up the file):What did this poor thing do to bear your anger?
Shivaay:I’m thinking about the name of the person who had killed Anika’s family. I think I had heard somewhere but where I don’t remember and this is eating up my head.
Mahi: You mean to say Nikhil Khurana?
Shivaay: Yaa…. I guess I have heard the name somewhere but where……

“Daksh Khurana’s father Nikhil Khurana”,came a voice. They turned around and saw Khanna standing at the door step.

Shivaay(shocked): What?
Khanna: Yes sir. I got to know and I  directly came here to inform me.
Shivaay:That means in the past Daksh’s father and now Daksh. I don’t know why is it always Anika? Why?

And he threw the things on his table away in anger. He just couldn’t take it that his Anika has to go through so much. Mahi and Khanna tried to cool him down but wasn’t able. Finally Mahi took out his mobile and called Anika.

Mahi(on call): Bhabi Shivaay is very angry and breaking all the things. What to do?
Anika:Keep the phone on speaker Mahi. I will talk to him.
Mahi:Okay bhabi wait a minute. (keeping the phone on speaker) Bhabi phone is on speaker.

On hearing her voice he stopped.

Anika(softly): Shivaay shaant ho jayiye….. Sab thik hai….. Shaant ho jayiye……

He calmed down a bit and took the phone from Mahi.

Shivaay (tired voice):Anika……
Anika:What happened Shivaay? Why are you so angry? Aur ase koi chije tordta hai kya?  If you get hurt then.
Shivaay : I’m fine Anika. Just some problem with the project.  I will sort it out. Don’t worry. Did you have your medicine?
Anika: Hmm you gave me while going.  I had to take it other you will be Angry Singh Oberoi again.
Shivaay: That toh I will be. Now you take rest I will come home soon. Take care. Bye….
Anika: Bye…..

After the conversation he felt a bit relieved.

Shivaay: Khanna I want that Daksh to be killed as soon as possible. And can I get a good police officer in charge of this case? I want the best one.
Khanna: I will let you know sir.

And he left. Shivaay and Mahi went back to their work.

Like this one month went by. Anika tried to convince Gauri and Mona but they weren’t ready to listen anything. Shivaay was trying to find out the person behind manipulating Gauri and was also waiting for Mr. Bajaj to call him to meet Arnav. Dadi was recovering fast and was now back on her feet. Pinky was cursing Anika every now and then but Anika just didn’t give any ears to her. This was making Pinky even more furious and she was trying her level best to find some plan to deframe Anika.
At last the day came when Mr. Bajaj called Shivaay.

*One Month later*
Shivaay was in his office looking into some files when his phone rang. He absent mindedly received the call.

Shivaay: Hello…..  Aare Uncle. How are you?
Shivaay: We all are fine.
Shivaay: Yaa tell me for what reason you called?
Shivaay(happy): Really?  I mean he agreed to meet us.
Shivaay: Sure Uncle we will go there tomorrow only. Thank you so much Uncle. You don’t know how much you have helped me Uncle. Thank you so much. Sure ways Uncle. We will meet tomorrow. Have a nice day.

Shivaay became very happy and started dancing with Mahi. Mahi was shocked seeing such a Shivaay.

Mahi: Shivaay what happened? Are you fine?
Shivaay(happy):I’m so happy Mahi. (he stopped) Just now Mr. Bajaj called and he said that Arnav has agreed to meet us tomorrow. Isn’t it the most happiest news!!!
Mahi(happy): That’s a great news. Finally after a wait of  a month we will be able to meet Arnav.
Shivaay:Right. Then I can gift Anika the bestest birthday gift ever.
Mahi:Her birthday when?
Shivaay:Next month….. 11 November.
Mahi:That will be great….. And after a few days your 1st marriage anniversary…..
Shivaay:Hmm(admiring the photo on his table)

*Next Day*
The Oberoi brothers along with Mr. Bajaj went to Raizada Mansion. On entering they were greated by the housekeeper and were asked to sit. Shivaay looked around the hall and the photos on the wall caught his attention. He went towards them and watched keenly. He got to know that the photos were of Anika with her family. He smiled and carenessed her photo. He noticed the boy in the photo and thought that maybe he has seen the boy somewhere.

“Sorry to keep you all waiting….”,a voice came. Shivaay turned around and was shocked seeing the person.

Shivaay (shocked): You…….

*On the other side*
Mahi had gone out to attend a call and while returning bumped into someone.

Mahi:I’m so sorry……(after looking at the person became shocked) You………

Precap: Whom did Shivaay and Mahi see that made them shock? Anika in pain….. But why????

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