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Guys I’m so sorry  I was gayab for 2 weeks… I was busy  updating same story in wattpad  so no time now I will be regular…

Khanna comes to give information about Swetlana to Om …. they goes to Study Room….

O-Tell Khanna what you want to say…

K- Sir Swetlana…

O- have you got any information about her  khanna ….  do you know where is she ?

K- Sir I have got little information about Swetlana as of now she is in Goa.. and is searching for someone desperately…

O- (no it should n’t happen) Oh… no  Shivaay is in Goa .. may be she is searching for him…  won’t she leave him to  live a peaceful life for a while….

K- aap galath hai sir.. she is not searching for Shivaay sir..

O- what??

K- yes Sir… she is searching for her sister (younger) who is missing from child hood….

O-are you sure khanna? its shocking why now not  before ?  its un belivable…

K- sir She is Searching for her from long but  not like now as she is planning to destroy Oberoi  family.. now she has won half battle  of separating family  may be she need her sister now …

O- how are you  saying this khanna….

K- I was  gathering info about her from when Shivaay sir left here….

O- why Khanna ?

K-sir I work here but I always feels this like my own  family…. If family is in problem how can I be quiet…. Shivaay sir is so strict but he loves his family lot  I’m his P.A and I loves and respects  him a lot .. I know about him very well he doesn’t share anything with family   he doesn’t share to me but  always make me part of  his plan always… In this problem he didn’t  even make me part of it.. but asked me to drop where Swetlana is staying he is confused and dull coming out… I just  noticed him but didn’t ask anything…..

O- then what khanna?

k- After some days 50% share is transferred to her and family too broke ….. I couldn’t believe it. I ran to him  to ask  no to go as my 24 hrs revolve around him.. i prayed to god  to make it just a bitter dream….  but god didn’t listen to me.. I was ready to resign my job ….. he  just said me to take care of  family  and don’t leave job… as I was much needed here… I couldn’t stop but I promised to myself  to go inside the root of this problem…. I started searching where Shivaay sir is going …. I couldn’t but  after 3 months I found him….

O- so you got to know in 3 months  you didn’t say to us….. we were searching him for 8mnths…. you to know it.

K- yes sir I know where he is but I can’t say it  he took my promise not to say  to family…. I meets him two weeks once…. Shivaay sir  leaves to important meetings   only after i goes there as I will take care of Annika mam when he is not there for her…  one day I asked him the problem again but he is not ready to share even after too…. so i started searching Swetlana…

O- this much happened you didn’t even spit a word seeing whole tension in family….

K-I said now as you too is searching for Swetlana…. but I can’t say about Shivaay sir…. sorry its promise made in child who has  not even seen earth…

O- Master great …. you did wrong with us  Khanna..(already emotional tears falls from his eyes) but I could understand how much you respect Shivaay and Babhi….. now what say about Swetlana?…

K-ji sir collecting information is very hard about her…. she searched  her sister in some homes.. but I couldn’t gather as their rights are against giving any information  of their visitor….she  went to gather details about her sister… to a home which is one of my friends.. yesterday I went to meet him as we hadn’t met for quite some time now … he was  looking into CCTV footages  as some child  has gone  missing  from home …. I saw Swetlana in one of the footage and I gathered  this from him…  he said this to me as I’m his close friend…

O- Thats great Khanna…  we will think of it whether we can use it against her I will discuss this with Rudra  also… you go if needed I will call you….


Om had already discussed about this with Rudra.. They want to  use this for their benefit…

R- I can’t believe Khanna  has done this much… are you serious he didn’t even say a word to us for 9 months.. but I had a doubt sometimes when he is gayab….

O- Khanna ka bath chodo …… Swetlana matter ,Rudra do you get any idea  about this….

R- O..  according to Khanna Swetlana doesn’t  know about her sister how she looks  now…. The only thing she has is child hood photo of her sister and a chain they both have….

O- how do you know this khanna did n’t say me this…

R- yesterday  night  Khanna  was ready to go some where I asked him he said about Swetlana  which he shared with you and he is going whether he can get more info… about it so I joined him… we both went and collected  this photo and chain info… but he didn’t say about Shivaay bhaiya and his meeting with him..

O- why didn’t you call me I would have come  with you…

R- I came but you were busy  in taking care of babhi  and she is very happy that you are near her… you both didn’t  spend any quality time together for 9 mnths… I know you will definetly come but I don’t want to disturb you both….

O- whatever you should have told me…. now continue…

R- I think we can setup a girl like her sister we just need  a same photo and chain…

O- call Khanna  we have to however get the copy of both…

R-(calls khanna) Khanna come to Shivaay bhaiya room…

K- ji sir…


Annika is sleeping  due to morning sickness…. Shivaay is  enjoying his black coffee…. may be in half hour Annika gets up  after that he can’t have time for himself… Shivaay thinks Annika at times is mature but morning  she behaves just like a kid… now a days its getting high….he is in his own dream land Black coffee is taking him some where to other land…

A- Shivaay….. Shivaay what are you doing…..

Shivaay come out of his world hearing her sound…

S- (talks to himself) There is still 10 mins for her to wake up patha nahi kyu  she is putting sound like this  god save me…. (he runs to her)

A-  Lizard ….. Ah …. Lizard…..

S- what happened  sweet heart are you ok?

A- seeing him there she suddenly hugs him tightly and shows Lizard….

S- Annika its just lizard… I will remove it from here don’t worry….(he tries to go)

A- ok but don’t leave me  hold me I’m scared….

S- he holds her and removes lizard from there…. Annika you just scared for a lizard…

A- you don’t speak to me you left me when i slept .. and  you were not near when I woke up….

S- sorry I  just went to drink  coffee….(shows the cup)

A- (takes cup from him)  I’m going to drink you take another one…

S- Annika you don’t like this na… you need not try it… I will make tea for you  wait…

A-( she drinks and make weird faces) splash…  coffee on Shivaay face….

S- good Done  I expected this….

A- sorry i didn’t do intentionally…. (makes puppy face)

S- I know  even after 3 times of doing same  now to you didn’t  do intentionally….

PRECAP: Om and Rudra to go goa…. finding Swetlana  third person hears it…. who?

Guys Next update is on Monday….

Do Share your views..

Stay safe and Be Healthy..

Take care

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