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Hello peeps..??? I am seriously so much sad after seeing feedback on last part, hope this time I’ll smile seeing all your feedback… ??

Part 11

After completion of ceremony Shivay and Anika take elder’s blessing, Pinky and Jayshree make Anika and Shivay meet their relatives respectively and all this while Anika and Shivay maintain a forced smile on their face and seeing them like that RuNa who is standing in corner smiled and soon they thought of helping them and they put their thought in action and move towards ShivIka… After reaching there Rudra smiled at all aunties and ask to Pinky

Rudra: Waise, Ma agar an Shivay bhaiya and Anika bhabhi ka kam na ho to can we borrow them??

Ishana: Are, actually we wanted to click some pictures of beautiful couple.

Rudra: Are we want selfie with them and I’ll post in on my social accounts and within half hour they gonna trend on social sites…

Ishana pinched him seeing and sensing he got distracted from theie mission and he ouched and come back to sense and again start his argument with Pinky who wants to introduce Anika to each relative of her and Hera ShivIka taking benefit of this smile at each other and soon they lost in each other’s eye and forget world around them….

And here finally Rudra succeeded in his argument and he called Shivay to follow him and Ishana but as he is lost in Anika’s eye he didn’t heard him and Rudra and Ishana turn their head in their direction and giggled seeing them and Ishana pinched Anika which broke ShivIka’s eyelock and Anika angrily look at Ishana and speak

Anika: What is this Ishana??? Can’t you just speak???

Ishana: Wo I called you twice but you’re lost somewhere rather to in Jijaji ki eyes so I’ve to pinch to bring you back to world… (She winked at Anika)

Hearing her Anika blushed and Rudra come into action and speak waise Ishana di take Anika bhabhi to “PLACE” (putting stress on place he winked) Ishana smile at him and took Anika from there and started moving towards destination….

Same time Robin is driving carblike maniac to reach at Oberoi’s mansion on time and soon they reached there and hurriedly Robin and Tia move inside and ask someone about Anika and after asking two or three person they come to know that Anika is on first floor along with Ishana and to put their plan in action they to started moving in same direction.

Shivay is turing back and looking into direction to see glimpse of Anika, Rudra notice this and speak

Rudra: Bhaiya more five minutes and then you will thank me and Ishana for….

Shivay: For what Rudra???

Rudra: That’s surprise I can’t share right now you will come to know soon…

Shivay: Listen Rudra, If it is any prank of yours then I won’t spare you ha….

Rudra didn’t answer anything to Shivay and start checking his phone…

Here Ishana is dragging Anika as now due to weight of lehnga she is wearing and all other activity since morning and her empty stomach is not allowing her to match speed if enthusiastic Ishana and finally after climbing staircases and running they are standing in front of a room Ishana opened door and Anika peeped inside and whole room is decorated with candles and flowers and a table is kept in middle and a food trolley is beside that table and Ishana bring her inside and speak

Ishana: So here we are.. Me and Rudra bhai have planned this whole. and even we’ve decorated this and yeah so this is our gift to you both your official first lunch date… Okay I know place is not beautiful and scenario is not romantic as no cold breeze is coming which will place with your hair and all but we’ve kept window close so candles won’t blow Okay????

Anika: Take breath Ishu, and this all are more then beautiful and I just loved it, I feel like I am at some dreamland. And love you a lot for this all…

And she hugged Ishana, Ishana to reciprocal to that hug and breaking hug she speak

Ishana: Okay, now I am leaving soon Shivay Jiju will join you and I am locking door from outside so candle won’t blew away due to wind.

Anika: (Panicked) Are but stay here till Shivay don’t come I can’t stay alone… and today I’ve faced Tia so staying alone is next to impossible for me.

Ishana: Anika its your date so I can’t stay here and Shivay jiju will come here only after I’ll go from here and be strong… I’ll send Jiju soon… (she winked at him)

As soon as Ishana leave from room Anika starts feeling the fear she felt when Tia locked her in dark room in her childhood days and she started feeling more and more panicking visualizing scene from her childhood where Robin her brother along with Tia enter in such dark room and hit her with whatever in their hand and take out their frustration on her and unknowingly tears started making their way from her eyes and same time room’s door opened but no one enter inside except cold breeze which blew candle and send chill to afraid Anika’s spine and she shout “Shivay” but before she can shout once agian someone shut her mouth by pressing hand…

As soon as Ishana come down she signalled Rudra to send Shivay upstairs and Rudra permitted Shivay to go and when Shivay is going an uncle stopped him and congratulated him and Shivay cut him in between and rush to upstairs…

Okay, Update done… How it is??? Okay next update will be last update of FF where Tia is there and ShivIka’s life….

Precap: Lots of drama… Anika’s truthbis out in front of Oberois…

So pees what do you think Anika’s truth is??? and will Shivay be their on time to save Anika??? And who is their in room (Obivio almost of you can guess it right) plz leave your feedback whether it positive or negative… ☺☺☺☺??

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  1. RuNa are amazing and I don’t have enough romantic words for our cute ShivIka and Anika and Ishana’s bond is so good…

    and this Robin and Tia are just disgusting persons…??????

    and I hope Shivay be there on time and save Anika and I think that perspn is Robin who have shut Anika…

    I like RuNa’s idea of ShivIka’s date and apart from Tia and Robin I enjoyed hole update….

    Now eagerly waiting for next part plz update soon dear….

    Do I need to say one more time that you are an amazing writer…. ?????

    Waise you made my day by ShivIka’s moment I am hell upset and angry after tomorrow’s episode but now I am relax…..☺☺??

  2. The ff was small but continue ur ff plz dont stop it yaar….

  3. Shivika


  4. Nice one priya…
    Eagerly waiting for the next episode..??
    What may b the truth???? let me think?

  5. Tulasi

    Hey dear…..last update …..yy ??? I luv it to d core…….but if u r stoping dis cum up soon wid another dhamekedhar wala…….???? shivikas eye lock was soooo sweet n locelu…n runa r really funny wid each other

  6. Sanaya_malik

    Pri it was awesome…… Rudy isha rocked…. But y u r stopping this?? Plz yr dont stop….
    I love ur ff…. So. Plz dont stop…

  7. osm dr ,Rudr and ishu part hilarious

  8. Priyali

    Don’t stop this ff!! Plz Priya di… I love your ff. …. it is just awesomeeee????

  9. Ketaki19

    awesome update SHIVIKA <3
    next update is last update of tia 😀

  10. Nansshivika

    Ya. Y r u stopping it chocopie noooooo????? and ta episode I love runa idea and anika fear I am imagining tat in front of eyes and tia she is such a …… Post next asap and don’t stop it

  11. PRI plz don’t stop yaar…

    you are amazing writer and you make me smile with all of your work plz don’t stop na…

    Slowly you will get more and more readers will read and comment so plz don’t stop na its humble request to you plz continue han…

    and coming to the update RuNa are so funny and their bond is so good I like their idea of ShivIka’s lunch date and Tia and Robin both are so stupid person I want to hit them hard for making our Anika suffer this much…

    I think Shivay will save Anika..

    and I am eagerly waiting for next part as well as you to say yes to continue writing plz ha….

  12. Vinya

    Nice episode eagerly waiting for the next episode…. Pls post the next one asap….

  13. Anusree

    Awesome pri pls continue with the ff

  14. Alekhika20

    Amazing part

  15. Ishqkum

    Nice Dr really nice shivika scene

  16. SamSun

    shivika scenes are soooooooo cute and their date was a very good move but I am hoping that shivaay will reach there on time to save anika and even if he doesn’t at least we will get to see the caring and worried side of shivaay singh oberoi for anika. Anika’s truth has made my imagination mill to start running, so I am very excited about it.

    After all of this all I want to say is I love this ff.

  17. Priyanka_22

    It was amazing priiiii
    Sorry for the late comment dear

  18. Nainaa

    I loved it….

  19. Nainaa

    Shivika’s date is a amazing and cute move….. Shivaay’s caring and worried wala avatar for Anika is damn awesome…. WAITING FOR THE PRECAP…. Update soon… Love you.

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