Ishqbaaz – Rikara Support Chapter 20

It was a Friday and Gauri was with her team. Everyone was planning their weekend but Gauri was just sitting there, daydreaming.

Shahid: Hey Gauri, I wonder what this girl is thinking in La La land.

K: She is probably planning her weekend. She is already a bundle of joy here. Imagine when she is by herself.

O(Listening to their conversation and drinking coffee, Thinking): Wow, you guys are so right. As Gauri, she never opened up but as Chulbul, she definitely knew how to bring a smile on everyone’s face.

Shahid: Gauri… GAURI (Tapping her shoulder)

G: What? What?

S: What is wrong?

G: I was just dreaming. It was such a good dream.

Krish: Who is he?

G: He? What are you referring to?

Krish: Your boyfriend.

Om was drinking his coffee at that time and spits it out as soon he mentions boyfriend. The coffee is all over his Macbook Pro and he quickly takes a napkin to clean it up.

T: Wow, I cannot believe Jealouskara is coming out now. This is going to be fun.

O: I am not jealous. I am just curious.

He increase the volume to see what her response was.

G: Oh please, I do not have a boyfriend. What I am thinking about is much more than a boyfriend.

O: So, she does not have another man in her life. And, she said it is much better than a boyfriend.

T: Who could it be?

O: Isn’t this obvious? She is thinking about me. She has to thinking about me. Who else? (Thinking) There has not been a moment after she left where I have not thought of her. Sometimes, it seems like she is living in mansion right now.

G: Do not laugh, okay.

K: No way, please do not say (Whispering) you are thinking about the boss.

Om blushes and Tina starts to laugh.

T(Thinking): There has been so many girls after him during university but I have never seen Om blush like this.

G: Chi… No way! I am thinking something even better than that.

O(Thinking): Just say it, Gauri! But, how would she? Did she tell them that she is married?

G: FOOD! Spicy Gol Gappas, sweet jalebis. As you bite into a rasmalai, the liquid that comes out when you chew on it. That’s like.

Everyone including Om and Tina: What??

K: Did you hear that?

The team looks at the Shanker’s door because they thought they heard What? coming out of that room.

T: We need to be more careful, Om.

S: Sir has better things to do than worry about Gauri’s craving for mithai.

K: Just go to the store next door and get it there.

G: I can… you will not understand what I mean.

O(Thinking): I do, Gauri. You want to go to Bareilly but you are too scared to go by yourself. I cannot take her but I can get it delivered to her. How am I going to do that without breaking my cover?

Keshav, Shahid and Krish leaves the room.

S: I know what you mean, Gauri.

Om looks at his computer with a confused look.

S: You want to go to Bareilly and go to the Sharma shop, but something is holding you back. Do not worry, you can tell me.

G (Gulping): There is nothing that is stopping me from going. I just need a… partner. Someone to go with.

S: Let’s go tomorrow.

G: But, you said that you have plans.

S: Gauri, seriously. You are going to submerge your cravings. You cannot do that to yourself. We are going tomorrow so be ready at 6:00 and we can drive there.

G: Drive… Isn’t it far?

S: I hate trains. So crowded and disgusting. Let’s take the scenic route.

G(With a smile on her face): Sure.

Gauri and Sahil walk out.

O(Thinking): Gauri going with Sahil? Man, this guy blew up my entire plan. What does he mean by the scenic route? Is he going to try…

Om quickly logs into the human resource database to find more information on Sahil. He was completely clean and he was not associated to any criminal activities.

T: So… you are jealous. Jealous about Gauri and Sahil.

O: No, I am not. To tell you the truth, I know Gauri would never do that. It is against her values. I am just annoyed that she is spending time with other people and not me. This is not jealously. It is something else.

T(Thinking): It is love, Om and soon you will realize it.

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