Ishqbaaz – Rikara Art Exhibition OS Continuation

Om heads back to his room and hears a girl’s laughter. She was laughing really loud and it did not even seem like she did not care. It was also very contagious. As soon as you heard it, you would also be smiling without even knowing why. Om follows the noise and heads to the pool. He sees a girl in white salwar sitting on the edge of the pool kicking water. Beside her, in the pool is a little boy, making jokes. It was no other than Gauri.

G: You are so funny. Who told you this joke?

B: My friends did but it is not that funny.

G: It is all about perception. If you think something is funny, then it is funny. But, if you think that you hate someone… (Hesitating to finish her sentence because it reminds of Om)… then he will always hate you.

O(Thinking): Perception played a major role in life. I cannot blame this on fate because I need to recover my mistakes.

The boy splashes water at Gauri and she continues to laugh.

O(Thinking): This is the first time I heard her wholeheartedly laugh. She is happy without me.

Om was memorized by her laughter that he started moving close to her. He kept on moving closer to her and then wanted to place his hand on her shoulder and tell her that he is here for her.

Gauri sees a man with long hair as a reflection in the water. But, it was not clear as there were ripples in the water. But, as the man got closer, she can see that it was Om. She quickly turns around.

G: Omkaraji (But, there was no one there. She looks around to see if Om was there but still no sign of him) (Thinking) It was probably my imagination. It is good that he did not find me.

With tears in her eyes, she heads back to her room.

G(Thinking): Why has he not left the hotel yet? Maybe he did but I checked his room today morning and I did see him there. I just hope he gets out of here as soon as possible so I can carry on with my life.

As soon as Gauri leaves, Om comes from under the table.

O(Thinking): What was I thinking? Good thing she did not see me. I cannot take that smile off her face.

Gauri heads to her room and her friend (From now, her name is Nina.)

Nina(N): Gauri, you got an interview.

G: Where? I just applied to that telephone agency. It is impossible to get a job this quickly.

N: So I talked to my friend, who works at the graphic designing company. They are open a new department for clothing design and after seeing your designs, they really liked your work. Tomorrow is your interview so bring in your designs.

G: You mean these useless clothing design that I did. This is just my hobby. How can I get job with these rough sketches.

N(Flipping through the book): Who said these are rough? Just touch them up tonight and they should be fine. Do not worry and just give it a shot. You never know maybe this hobby might become your career. There are people out there who made their passion as their career. You have to be lucky to be in that situation.

G(Thinking): Just like Omkaraji. The self-made millionaire with art as his passion.

The next day, Gauri gets ready for her interview and brings her sketchbook. There were close to 50 people there.

G(Thinking): How am I, a village girl from Bareilly, going to compete with these people. (She tries to sneak a peek of their artwork.) Just looking at their artwork, I do not even have a chance…. Hey, how can I doubt myself? If I say that I cannot do it, then obviously I cannot do it. Let’s see what happens. What do I have to lose?

She goes into the first round and answer the questions. She leaves the room and sits on the chair.
G(Thinking): I am not going to get this job. I cannot even speak English and all these people communicate in English.

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