Ishqbaaz by Nirali (Part 3)

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Sorry guys I couldn’t updates yesterday because I was sick and I had school work to do on weekdays, so here we go.

Part 3

Omkara- true let me do something
Rudra- okay
Omkara goes to Tej and tells that Rudra is bored
Tej- I’m was also thinking of doing something but I don’t know what
Omkara- bhaiya is talking with everyone, Bhabhi is running everywhere I mean helping everyone, and Ishaana is talking Soumya, Papa I have an idea. Come here
Tej- wow, nice idea
Omkara- I think we should get everyone’s attention
Tej- yes. May I get everyone’s attention? The thing is that our groom is bored, so we decided to have dance performance
Omkara- yes
Tej- so first I would like to call Omkara and Ishaana up on the dance floor. Are you guys ready?
Everyone- yes
Tej- lights please
Omkara and Ishaana dances Mauja hi Mauja. Everyone clapped for them
Tej- Now can I have Shivaay and Anika on the stage.
Shivaay and Anika dances on Dagabaaz re. Everyone clapped for them.
Shivaay- sorry
Anika- I wasn’t angry with you
Shivaay- what, you made run after you for nothing
Anika- yes, and I knew that you were the one who was licking icing from the cake
Shivaay- how
Anika- I was there when you were doing it
Shivaay- I’m not talking to you now
Anika- okay don’t talk to me
Shivaay- fine bye
Anika- bye
Badi Maa- Anika go get the cake
Anika- okay
Ishaana- lets go get the cake
Anika- wait, can we please have the lights off.
Ishaana- Bhabhi, then how are we going to get the cake?
Anika- we don’t have to go anywhere, the cake is right here
Ishaana- where
Anika- everyone look up

Everyone looks up and sees the chandelier getting apart and a circular thing come down with a 5 layer cake which one side has chocolate and on the other side it has vanilla and in the middle there are roses.
Everyone- wow the cake looks amazing.
Anika- this is a special surprise from a Bhabhi to our lovely devar and devrani
Omkara- you never did this for us
Shivaay- you never did anything like that either
Dadi- don’t fight, and let them cut the cake
Rudra- thank you Dadi
Rudra and Soumya cuts the cake, then everyone eats the cake and they love it and praises. After a while everybody left only Soumya and her family was left. Everyone was talking besides Anika and Ishaana, because they were cleaning up.
Ishaana- let’s give servants a break from work,
Anika- so there kids would be happy
Ishaana- let me call the servants
Anika- ok
Ishaana- kaka each and every servant should be here
Kaka- ok mam
Anika- all of you are here is anyone missing
Kaka- no mam
Anika and Ishaana- please don’t call us mam, you are older than us, so don’t call us mam
Kaka- ok beta. Why did you call us is there any problem?
Anika- we are giving you a break from work for a week and don’t worry about Shivaay, I will handle him
Ishaana- we are giving you breaks because you should spend some time with your wife and your kids.
Kaka- but
Anika- but what. I don’t want to hear anything, if you don’t listen I’m not going to talk to you ever
Ishaana- me too
Kaka- I can’t let that happen. I got my two daughters and now I can’t lose them
Ishaana- you guys are leaving right now
Servants- we will clean up first then we live
Anika- no, you guys are not, you guys are going to your families and spending some times with your families.
Ishaana- and we will have some fun with our family.
Anika- Oh yes, after when you come you have to tell us what you guys did over thebreak
Kaka- ok, if there is any problem or need anything call me
Ishaana- kaka don’t worry, we will handle everything
Anika- don’t go from the front door, go from the back door

In the hall
Shivaay- kaka
Rudra- what happen bhaiya why are you yelling?
Shivaay- I asked for a coffee, like half an hour ago
Anika- here is your coffee and may I have your phone
Ishaana- Om can I have your art gallery keys
Anika- Rudra can I have your car keys
Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra- why?
Anika and Ishaana- can we have it?
Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra- no
Anika- Ishaana and I had decided something fun to do
Ishaana- yes, but they don’t want to do it then let it be
Anika- lets go finish our work Ishaana
Ishaana- oh yes, we forgot to tell you that you would have to do your work by yourself
Omkara- why where are the servants
Anika- we gave them a break
Dadi- good job
Shivaay- but why
Ishaana- why should we tell you guys
Anika- Soumya come with us
Soumya- okay
Priyanka- can I come with you guys
Ishaana- of course
Anika, Ishaana, Priyanka went to show Soumya the house. First they started with dad’s room, then Tej and Janvi’s room, Shakti and Pinky’s room, Priyanka’s room, Shivaay and Anika’s room, Omkara and Ishaana’s room and went to Rudra’s room.
Soumya- Anika Bhabhi wasn’t this room used to be messy. I mean the last time I saw the room it was messy and now it’s so clean
Ishaana- me and Anika Bhabhi had to clean it up
Anika- don’t remind me of that. Oh my god, when we started cleaning the room
Ishaana- oh yes
When Anika and Ishaana were going to tell the story to Soumya. They heard a sound like someone broke the glass
Anika- not again
Anika ran towards her room to see what happened, meanwhile Ishaana laughed.
Ishaana- want to see their fight
Soumya- what
Ishaana- come with me

Precap:- Shivika fight, they have a bon fire and a surprise for you everyone

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    being a die hard fan of rudra nd rumya when i read ur ff is about rumya wedding i was so excited to read it..
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