Ishqbaaz- Kyun? (Character sketch)

Hey guys! Here I am with a story again…..this is merely not related to the actual track of IB….but this is a story which starts after a leap of 6 months from breakup…not only shivika’s, but everyone’s…! I didn’t find anything interest ing on TU of the stories after leap….hope i intrest u upon my expectations with this…

Start off then! :-

In Maharashtra :

A fine day…..Sun rays were seemingly warm… drooling on her dull face making it bright….but how can she enjoy the calmness when she has floods all over her mind ?? how can she stay at peace ??
Still wandering over about the incident before 6 months haunted her every day n night…but she had to stay strong…she had to…she couldn’t break herself like this…she couldn’t…she had to fight….not for her ..but for her brother….she has to live against everyone’s hatred….


In Gujarat :

The workplace…..the workplace has now become the favourite spot for her…no tension…no worries…and the best thing was no one could find her here…yes, she was hiding, hiding from the one who had abandoned her and whose family was in search of her.. the ground floor was her workplace and the second floor was her home….which is shared by her brother…who always stood by her side and protected her…..eventhough he isn’t blood related, their bond was much more stronger than that….


In a foreign land :

College….thanks to this college which had her mind diverted….which had helped her overcome her grief…her heartbreak….the college which had also granted her brother….her brother whom she thought was dead was actually fit and fine and was here all the time…she had never asked how, when and why he was not in contact…nor did he answer her unasked was because she was happy…very happy of the fact that she had almost completely forgotten off her pain…


Dan dana done!! Guys, I know it’s not at all good or something but I hope u like it…. (it wasn’t too emotional or something, was it?) this was kinda character sketch..
Though a bit of thinking to guess who are they…plzzz comment and answer my question..?and I’m HATING the present track of IB a lot…lost its many fans cz of it’s present track I guess….wt say??

  1. Veera

    Interesting cs.
    I guess the girl in maharashtra is annika, gujarat is gauri and foriegn land is bhavya/soumya.
    I like the suspense you created with this cs. Waiting for it to unfold.

  2. Awesome.. waiting for read tis ff.. I hope it’s was anika, gauri and soumya thank u for choose soumya hope so… hope can read further story as soon as possible..

  3. Aashi9

    luved it
    update soon

  4. Kavinda1234

    Awesome… update soon

  5. Arwa78659

    So in mumbai is it anika
    In Gujarat its gauri and foreign it is soumya
    Good start lets what is the surprise behind this FF

  6. ShailajaBanthia

    Awesome plz updaye soon


    Dear Akshaya
    Another 2 Girl Defnitly Anika And Gauri Hoga.I Hope Third Girl Soumya Ho.Agar Soumya Nahi Tho Main Ye Story Read Nahi Kar Paaunga…Sorry Agar Main Aapko Hurt Kiya Tho?

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Akshaya_13

      Agar aisa hai toh aap isse zaruur padhenge bhaiyya.!

  8. Intersting….. Keep going dr…

  9. Fffan1234

    Interesting start. Looking forward to next part

  10. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dear

  11. Nithu

    first gauri second annika and third our bubbly and lovely saumya

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