Ishqbaaz by Harshitha (part 24)

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Thanks for ur comments and love. Keep on supporting me in the same way. So coming to the episoode.

Episode starts with Om coming to his art gallery and someone calls him from back. He turns and see Ishaana. Ishaana comes to him . He asks her if her dance class is completed. Ishaana says that dance class got cancelled and she thought to come here.
Om takes her inside. He asks her to sit and starts doing a idol. Ishaana is so exited to see it and aska him if she can do it. Om thinks for some time and asks her to come. Ishaana goes to the idol and spoils it. She makes a puppy face infront of Om. Om smiles and says he will help. He goes back of Ishaana and holds her hand from back and starts making the idol. Meanwhile they see eachothers face and both feel shy and also Romantic. Atlast they complete it. Ishaana sees the idol and in excitement she hugs Om. Om reciprocates. He then praises Ishaana for making it good. Ishaana asks him if he makes her learn this and says that she will come here to learn everyday. Om agrees.

    As time passes , Shivika are enjoying thier relationship. Priveer became good frnds and are day by day getting close. Ishkara are daily meeting at gallery and are enjoying eachother company. Rumya have become a really good frnds but still fighting like Tom and Jerry. Jahnavi and Tej’s relationship is also improving day by day.
One morning, Shivaay gathers all the family members and informs them about his relationship with Annika. Youngsters are happy and even Dadi but remaining are in a Shock. Pinky asks what? Shivaay says that he and Annika are in love with eachother and they decided to get married.

He also say them that now Annika’s MBA is also completed so they want to marry. Lalit asks Annika if  it is true. Annika looks at Shivaay ,he holds her hand. Annika says yes.  Shakti says that he dont have any problem. Jahnavi and Tej also support them and say that if they love eachother then their is No problem. Lalit and Pinky also agree atlast. Dadi says then she will call pandit and will fix a date. Everyone smile and Shivika are super exited.
On the other hand someone calls Sundari and informs her about Shivika’s wedding. Sundari smirks and says that it is the correct time. She calls Tia’s mother and informs about it and her plan. They both laugh ?.

     Night both Shivaay and Annika are not able to sleep. Annika sneaks into Shivaay’s room. Annika goes towards him. Shivaay acts like he is talking to someone and ignores her. Annika tries to talk but he wantedly irritates her without talking. Annika understands that Shivaay is just acting and tries to go from there angryly. Shivaay stops her by holding her hand and twirls her towards him. Annika says she is not going to talk with him. He flits with her and comes close. Annika moves back. When Shivaay is about to kiss her ,he gets a call and Annika runs from there.

While going she says to him that tomorrow Pandit ji is coming and goes from there..
   Next Morning  everyone was waiting in hall for Pandit ji but to their shock, Sundari enters. Everyone standup  in shock except Annika, Soumya and Lalit. After sometime they also getup by seeing others. Tej asks y did u came? Shakthi says get out from here. Dadi asks them to stop and asks Sundari y did she came. Sundari says maa, and falls on her feet. Annika, sumo and lalit are confused. Dadi makes Sundari getup and asks her what happend. Sundari cries and says that where can she go, I have only u on the earth. I don’t have any other place to live. Plz ma I will stay here. Tej says no way. There is no place for u in Oberoi Mansion. Dadi asks him to stop and says that she will talk. Sundar has a fake cry and she convinces Dadi to let her stay in the Mansion. As Dadi said everyone agrees for it and leave from there . Sundari smirks.

  Afterwards Shivaay explains Annika , Tej explains Lalit, Rudy explains Sumo about Sundari.

FB begins.
  Sundari is married to a business man , but after some years his business was under loss and was bankrupt. So they both decided to manipulate the family members of Oberois and take over the Oberoi estates but Tej and Shakti got to know about it and they kicked both of them out and sent Sundari and her  husband to jail , whereas Sundari was jailed for 20 years and her husband for lifetime.
FB ends.

Shivaay says he still don’t believe in his bua . Annika aska y? Shivaay says the one who thought to betray her own family members for money can’t be silent after sending her husband to jail. Annika asks him to not worry and says that everything will be fine.

  Pandit comes and declares the date for engagement after two days and marriage after a week. Shivika smile looking at eachother. While everyone are happy about this Someone are planning against it.

Precap: rumya

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