Ishqbaaz FF by Swati – Episode 7

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Hey everyone ☺? I know I know u all r really annoyed with me for not posting the ff regularly. But I can’t help it as I’m very busy with my banking job. First this sector is new to me & second our honorary PM has started a new reform called “DEMONETIZATION”. Its getting even more tiring for me. That’s why I’m really very sorry for the delay. OK now enough of chit chat let’s proceed with the story.

Episode 7
Recap :- Anika & Ansh to stay in Oberoi Mansion.
Anika came to her house to take her stuff for staying in the Oberoi Mansion. She packed hers & Ansh’s bag & was ready to go, Gauri was already in the Oberoi Mansion as she had her stuff already there. Rudra came to take Anika & Ansh. In the Oberoi Mansion, Shivay was restless & was pacing all around the hall in wait for Anika and his son. Finally his wait was over when he saw both of them coming along with Rudra. Anika came and hugged Dadi.
Dadi :- Ani puttar I’m very happy that u agreed to stay with us.
Anika :- no offence Dadi but I’ll be staying here only till Isha’s delivery. Pls don’t bind too many hopes b’coz when hopes break it hurts a lot.

Dadi :- that means u don’t consider us ur family.
Anika :- Dadi pls don’t say like this. I love u and respect u all as my own family but as u know that (looking at Shivay) there r some “exceptions”.
Dadi :- ok lets leave all that. Come let’s have dinner.
Anika :- ok.

They all proceeded to have dinner and after dinner everybody was sitting, chatting when Anika noticed Dadi a little tensed.
Anika :- Dadi its already late u should go and sleep now.
Dadi :- I will once Aru comes.
Anika :- Aru?
Rudra :- Di she’s our elder cousin’s daughter.
Dadi tells her abt Aradhya when Anika realises that she may know this girl. Then suddenly a girl enters in a fully drunken state. Anika was shocked to see her, the girl whom she treated like her daughter has spoiled herself more. Rudra lend her his hand for help. Aradhya when saw Anika was also shocked, she thought that she was dreaming.
Aradhya :- Rudra Chachu pinch me.
Rudra :- what?

Aradhya :- pinch me (Rudra pinches her) ahhhh…… (to Anika) Ma’am…. (tries to hug her but Anika backs out)
Anika :- Aru u r drunk? U promised me that u’ll leave this habit but u (handling her), look at u r not even able to stand properly on ur feet.
Aradhya :- u also promised me that u’ll not leave me but u also left without telling me and above all u never contacted me after leaving to know whether I’m fine or not. U r also like my so called parents. But how come u r here.
Rudra :- Aru she is Isha Bhabhi’s elder sister & ur (Anika stops Rudra from saying further)
Aradhya :- oh…. & u r also my Chachi right (Anika gives her a look) oh pls don’t give me those looks I know everything abt u & Shivay Chachu. (to Shivay) Shivay Chachu u know what, u did really bad with her.
Anika :- Aru u should go & sleep we’ll talk in the morning.
Aradhya :- no I don’t wanna sleep. I wanna talk to u.
Anika (a little harsh) :- I told u na that we’ll talk in the morning when u r sober OK, now go & sleep.
Aradhya ? :- r u angry on me?
Anika :- of course I’m coz u lied to me, u promised that u’ll not drink alcohol & see, u standing in front of me fully intoxicated (Aru trips but Anika hold her) u r not even able to stand properly.

Aradhya ?? :- I’m also angry at u. U also lied to me. U said that u’ll never leave me alone but u too left me like my so called parents ???? u know I never got a motherly love or affection but when I met u I saw u with Ansh, how much u love & care for him. I regarded u as my mum but u left me without informing & above all u never contacted me, never took the initiative to know where I’m, how I’m.
Anika (calms down) :- Aru listen to me. I love u, u know that ryt. When I left I tried hard to contact u but ur father said that u left home & I seriously didn’t knew that u were staying here otherwise I would’ve came to u.
Aradhya ??? :- u r lying
Anika :- why would I lie to u sweety. U very well know na that I don’t lie. OK now stop crying (wipes her tears) go & sleep now we’ll talk tomorrow morning ok (calls Gauri) Baby take her to the room & make her sleep.

Gauri took Aradhya to her room. Shivay on the other hand was just staring at his lady love, the way she handled Aradhya. He wanted to talk to her since her return to the mansion but was not able to. Anika who made Ansh slept early went to Ishana to give her her medicines. After giving medicines to Ishana she went to kitchen to make hot chocolate demanded by Ishana. On the other hand, Rudra who went to terrace found Gauri sitting on the swing reading a book. He went to her & greeted her.
Rudra :- Hi! ☺
Gauri :- Hi! ☺
Rudra :- u here, at this time❔
Gauri :- yeah. Its my habit that whenever I read novels I prefer terrace to be a nice place.
Rudra :- why❔
Gauri :- don’t know?. Everyone has their own preferences I guess.
Rudra :- yeah, BTW I’m sorry.

Gauri :- sorry, for what❔
Rudra :- I’ve noticed that how much u & ur brothers love & care for Ani Bhabhi. & what my bhaiya did with her is very unfair. & as Shivay Bhaiya is not a person who says sorry easily so on his behalf I’m asking sorry from u.
Gauri :- Rudra its not u who did mistake, its ur brother who is st fault. If he can’t apologize its his problem not urs.
Rudra :- but Baby…sorry Gauri
Gauri :- u can call me Baby. My frndz & family call me Baby & now u r also my frnd & family too so u can call me that.
Rudra (eyes her lovingly) :- family❔
Gauri :- of course. Since ur sister is gonna be my Bhabhi so we r related, got it.
Rudra :- yeah got it ☺
Gauri :- coffee?
Rudra :- sure ?

They both proceed to the kitchen. Whereas in the kitchen Anika was making hot chocolate for Ishana, Shivay entered to make coffee for himself. Anika noticed him & wanted to avoid him but Shivay leave no stone unturned to come in her way. This scene was noticed by Rudra-Gauri. As the hot chocolate is ready, Anika was leaving but stopped as her dupatta got stuck in the nail of the slab but she thought that Shivay was holding her dupatta.
Anika (without turning) :- Mr. Shivay Singh Oberoi what r u doing?
Shivay :- what am I doing Mrs. Shivay Singh Oberoi ❔?
Anika ? :- don’t call me that. I’m not Mrs. Shivay Singh Oberoi ok & leave my dupatta.

Shivay now comes in her front & sign her to look back. Anika turns around to see her dupatta stuck in the nail. She unstuck it & was leaving when Shivay again blocked her way.
Anika ?:- move.
Shivay :- what if I don’t❔?
Anika :- u didn’t changed at all. Still the same, rude arrogant & stubborn.
Shivay :- u r forcing me to be stubborn. Ani I know I did wrong but pls forgive me & come back. I want both u & our son Ansh back in my life.
Anika :- he’s my son & will always be mine. Now just leave my way.
Shivay :- but he has my blood flowing in his veins & u can’t change this fact.
Anika :- he has my values in him & values matter the most. Now let me go Isha must be waiting for me.

Shivay left her way & she straight went to IshKara’s room. Rudra-Gauri noticed Shivay smiling but as he saw the duo he gets back in his coffee making. Gauri came in to make coffee where Shivay lend her his helping hand.
Shivay :- may I?
Gauri (a bit hesitant) :- sure.

Shivay (notices her awkwardness) :- u wanna say something?
Gauri (not able to take anymore) :- listen I don’t wanna be rude but u know when I came to know abt what u did with my Di I was so enraged that I wanted to come here & rip u apart but I could not as Di didn’t wanted her past to haunt her present & future. So pls stay away from my Di this’ll be good for u, Di & Anshu.
Shivay :- Baby I understand ur grudge against me. But ur Di still loves me & will always love me. Whatever she says but I know that I reside therein her every heartbeat. & I’ll make her mine again at any cost.
Gauri :- u mean u’ll force her to stay with u?
Shivay ?:- there’s no one on this earth who can force Anika to do anything & I guess u should be knowing it. She herself will come to me & not only u, all will see this happening.

Gauri :- let’s see then?
Shivay :- we will☺ (gives her the coffee)
Gauri :- thnx for the coffee & gud nyt (to Rudra) gud nyt Rudy☺
Rudra :- gud nyt Baby☺.

Its morning. Anika is in the kitchen making breakfast & tiffin for Ansh. Veer too came to meet Anika& Ansh early in the morning. Aradhya too came down with a heavy hangover. She straight went to kitchen to Anika. Anika gave a full glass of lime water to reduce hangover.
Ma’am I’m sorry for the last nyt.
Anika :- its OK Aru I understand.
Aradhya :- no Ma’am I know u must be angry at me. But I promise that I’ll be a good girl from now on. I’ll never ever consume alcohol. Plz give me one last chance to repent.
Anika :- Aru if u really wanna repent then go frshn up & meet me in college.
Aradhya :- college❔
Anika :- yup I’m the English Literature professor there. I’ll meet u there & tell u what to do nxt OK.
Aradhya ? :- OK. Thnk u Ma’am. (as she turns to go Anika stopped her)
Anika :- Aru from now on don’t call me Ma’am OK
Aradhya :- why❔?
Anika ☺:- coz u r my daughter & u’ll call me Mamma or Mom whatever u like but not in college.
Aradhya ? :- thnk u Mamma. (& hugs her)
Anika (release her from the hug) :- now go get frshn up & come for breakfast.

Aradhya went to get frshn up. After a while everyone was at the dining table to have breakfast. Khushi too came to visit Gauri as both the girls go to college together. Ansh finished his breakfast & was ready to go to school, Veer was taking him. Before leaving both the boys gave gud bye kiss to Anika (on her cheeks) & bid gud bye to everyone. Then Gauri & Khushi too left for college & kissed Anika before leaving. Aradhya too did the same before leaving. Shivay who was also leaving for office came to Anika kissed her on the cheeks in front of everyone & bid gud bye. Everyone was just happily shocked to see this side of Shivay & were smiling. Anika was shocked with sudden gesture of Thee Shivay Singh Oberoi touched her cheek where he kissed & saw him who while going turned around winked at her & gave a wicked smile. She too also left from there feeling all embarrassed.

So that’s it for today guys. I hope u like it. Pls do comment.

Precap :- family time…..☺☺☺ love in the air???

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