ishqbaaz ff by shama (episode 31)

Hi ishqbaazians I am back with a new episode thanks for voting guys n for ur support but I have a humble request to all the readers to comment more and more becoz it motivates me to entertain u all …

Note – Guys all of u have given ur precious time n votes for my track now my confusion is cleared but now u all have to suggest me how long a ff should be means when I am in a hurry a write small n I guess that my readers want me to write more on both couples of ishqbaaz shivika n ishqbaaz so the previous episode was quite long for u readers n in that episode I tried my level best to clear all ur doubts regarding the upcoming track for which I took parents conversation so long so that in the upcoming track u will not be confused …but I promise u my dear readers in the upcoming track I will show both couples coming close to each other some how due to circumstances I hope that u all will keep supporting me n do comment plz…

Scene 1 = previous episode precap in detail
Now I will try to cut short.. So in the precap we saw that shivika n ishkara has reached their destination n they are in singhania resorts which are located in shimla n in the house of oberois no body knows that what was their last destination ,tej n shakti are aware of the fact that their children are in shimla …and a part from this in shimla ishana was going to reception to collect her room keys and she got the keys of her room n turned in a hurry n dashed some one she turned back to say sorry n shivaay was shocked to see ishana in shimla.. She told shivaay… Omkara n anika came n saw each other n they were shocked to see each other n confronted each other
Shivika asked that what u both are doing here in shimla??
Ishkara replied that there is a exhibition here official work you can understand naa.
Ishkara asked the same question to shivika n they gave reply that official work you can understand here is a conference which oberois n singhania’s both have to attend..
They all were exhausted by the journey so they decided to meet in the evening in the open restaurant of resort n went to their rooms..
Precap ends…

Interesting thing in this was shivika rooms was on the third floor just next room to shivaay. N apart from this ishkara was on the fifth floor n they got the next room to each other… Shivika went of there floor n opened their rooms n went inside shivaay changed his clothes n directly went to bed anika room she took a head bath n changed her clothes n when she was about to sleep or go to the bed the electricity went but only in her room n she ran outside she came out and saw a door open in which lights were there she wanted to take help so she entered that room ( shivaay room) unknowingly she closed the lights n fall on some one… Shivaay was shocked that who came in my room n move over in my arms …

He stretched his hand n on the side lamp n they both where looking at each other .. They both tried hard to get up but they couldn’t.. They shared an eyelock o jaan played when shivaay holded her back tight they were too close to each that they can count their breathes too..they shared a very comfortable eyelock n broke it becoz shivaay n anika came back to their senses n said sorry to each other ..then shivaay asked that ab kya hua ?? Tum thik toh hona tum bahut tensed lagrahi ho she told him that I am scared of darkness n in my room .He understood every thing n made anika sit n made her drink water when she was drinking water shivaay came on his knees n made anika calm he consoled her that don’t scare I am there naa..he kept his hand on anika cheeks n was running his palm n fingers on her cheeks n anika felt comfortable ..they forgot every thing for some time even their past… Then she got up from his bed n said sorry to him to disturbing him always n went from his room.. N he was like why she can’t take my support for even some time ..why she can’t forgive me n give our relationship one more chance.. I miss those love fights that ego ..n every thing was like so perfect better us when she was in my life..

Ishkara rooms
Both were tired but omkara was having some work from ishana so he went in his room n he saw her struggling with her dress actually she didn’t know how to tie knot very well omkara went in his past flashback..
One day in oberoi mansion they was a function or party actually shivika engagement party n anika invited only family members in that small party becoz shivaay was not comfortable with anyone so anika only invited the close relatives in that one incident happened everyone asked anika about anikas family n everyone of oberoi family supported her .. The function was going smoothly but by mistaken janvi spoiled ishana dress by cold drink n she apologized ishana said its OK I will clean it but janvi gave her a new dress n sent her to change… Everyone was waiting for her because they have click pics of engagement n a family pic too but only oberoi ladies.. She was taking a lot of time so janvi asked omkara to check n he went in her room she was wearing a mangenta coloured ghaghar choli n she was struggling with the dhoris on her back blouse ..

omkara saw her fighting a battle n wished to help her but that time their relationship was not this much comfortable.. Ishana turned n saw omkara n was feeling shy to ask him help but he understood ..he holded her from shoulders n made her turn n took a door in his hand but his fingers touched ishana n she closed her eyes n felt omkara from her soul.. She thought that the work is done n it was done but omkara wanted her near him so he slowly holded the door n pulled her towards him n she was like terribly blushing n he slowly opened a knot n she opened her eyes n she was a bit shocked that his serious zulfi Singh oberoi was romantic too.. He looked at her from head to toe n again he tied that knot n went ..out

She also came out behind him slowly omkara was standing when dumbbell came n asked him that shivaay bhiyya toh anika bhabhi ke saath fix ho gaye ab aap bhi kissi ke saath fix ho jao indicating towards ishana from his eyes.. Dadi Janvi pinky anika priyanka agreed with rudra n pulled omkara towards ishana for dance n he straightly went in her arms n ishana holded him n they all were smiling that ab second ishqbaaz ki baari hai..
Rudra asked second ishqbaaz means??
Everyone called him duffer oberoi n told him that first ishqbaaz is shivika n shivika looked at each other n said no… Ur talking about us …impossible
Rudra asked agar impossible hai toh anika she shaadi mat karo ..n yaa agar impossible hota naa toh aap dono ase engaged nahi ho te n he tells everyone that shivaay Singh oberoi ne kabhi kissi ladki ko propose nahi kiya par anika ko kar diya paata hai bhabhi aapko propose karne ke liye Hume ( omru) pori raat jagake rakha or Hume aap ki jagha Hume… Shivaay gave him an angry wala look n rudra got scared n he hided himself behind his bhabhi n said agar aap mere Superman ho toh ye bhi aapse kam toh nahi ye meri super bhabhi no 1 hai jo pore ghar me aapse jhagdi hai..
Shivaay n anika looks at each other n rudra said bhabhi no 2 is on the way hai…
Omkara n ishana looks at each other n shivaay n omkara said shut up dumbbell oberoi n ishana n anika scolded shivaay n omkara for this n supported rudra like bhabhis n he was dancing behind anika n ishana n making weird faces omkara n shivaay wanted to hold her ears n then when near but he had the most unbreathable shield for him that shivaay n omkara can’t cross it …n they stopped becoz the shield was their sweet hearts they ordered both of them to take their steps back otherwise… Humare pyare dewaar ko tease mat karo jab uski better half ayegi jab aap logo ke pass bhi toh ek long list honi jahiye naa everyone laughed…

Note – shivaay marriage broke with tia because he proposed anika as his sweet heart n every body was OK with anika n shivaay relationship first everyone was shocked but slowly anika made her place in everyone ‘s heart n the most happy person from this relationship was dadi n pinky becoz she was gradually changing shivaay n the atmosphere of oberoi family now shivaay started to give time to everyone equally… Ishkara relationship was the complicated one becoz every body knows that riddhima was omkara’s gf but he used to be attracted by ishana n her pain always.. They knew that they were wrong but can’t stop each other gradually omkara attitude towards his father n ishana all bad habits stopped.. Tej didn’t like ishana but when he saw his son changing attitude he tried to accept her n he tried to be happy by their relationship..
Everyone danced in couples ishkara , shivika, tejanvi, shakti n pinky.. On tere haath me mera haath ho..


Coming back to the present omkara offered help n she accepted again that touch happened n when he was helping her to tie knot he looked at the mirror which was in front of them n saw ishana’s same expression.. Which he saw that day..n then he saw a mark below her neck when he tied the knot n asked ishana about the mask n she opened her eyes n turned n said thanks u may go now.. She said this in anger .. He asked again n said I will not go till you tell me about that mark. She says
Zakhm sabko dikhte hai per dard kissi ko nahi dikhta ….ye chott. Vo vo police station
Omkara went out with a sad face..

Everyone took proper rest n finished their work … Siddhartha n vivaan reached the place when shivika n ishkara was out..

In evening it was the time to rock..
Singhania resort kept a small party for their resort 5th anniversary shivika n ishkara was enjoying the party when ishana saw vivaan there she straightly went n scared him this time by bhoo….
They hugged each other n ishana holded his hand tightly n dragged him towards anika ,shivaay ,omkara
Omkara was not liking ishana’s loving gesture for vivaan..
Vivaan told anika that I have come here for the same exhibition n Siddhartha bhai is here for the same conference …anika got really excited to hear this he asked vivaan where is he ???
Vivaan pointed his finger towards other direction n anika went n hugged Siddhartha tightly that I am glad ur here nahi toh raita phel jata… I don’t know about this high class meeting or function u no naa..

Then Siddhartha offered her to dance with him n shivaay broke the glass in his hand in anger becoz they were extremely close to each other… Omkara n ishana saw him n ishana informed anika about the wound in his hand.. She stopped dancing n straightly gave him first aid..
Omkara, ishana, vivaan were in a frame
Media people showed them together n said as we know the three most richest n reputated families The Oberois, The Singhania’s and The Rana …please tell us something about what is love???
They all replied in shayaris

Ishana shayari
Koi kehta hai mohabbat zehar hoti hai,
Koi kehta hai mohabbat kehar hoti hai,
Hum kehte hai jo tadapti rahi,
Sada kinare ke liye,
Mohabbat ek aisi lehar hoti hai

Note- these all shayaris are not mine but my favorite one..
Omkara shayari.

Pyaar koi barish ka naam nahi,
Job barse air tham jaye,
Pyaar suraj bhi nahi,
Jo chamke air doob jaye,
Pyaar toh woh naam hai,
Saans ka jo chale toh zindagi
Air ruke toh maut ban jaaye.

Vivaan shayari on love
Kalam thi haath me likhana sikhaya aapne,
Takah thi haath me hosla dilaya aapna,
Manzil thi samne rasta dikhaya aapna,
Hum toh surf dost the aashiq banaya aapne

Actually this shayari was for ishana n not on love guys I am sorry ishana taught me about love n this is only for her… Vivaan looked at her n she smiled n said thanks
N poor omkara was feeling like she has found replica of me. ….
He asked him self that y I am effected by her if she says thanks to vivaan shayari y I felt bad…
Shivaay comes in n gives him advice n rudra does the same by video call..
They both say like I can’t see anika with Siddhartha u can’t see ishana with vivaan…
Vivaan is like u maybe that’s the reason ishana took his support…
Rudra advised…

He says everyone does mistakes but be4 ishvi n anika n Siddhartha relationship status changes u both have to do some thing special for them like u used to do..
Nahi aasa na ho ki aap dono ro the raho,
Air woh Rana’ s meri bhabhiyoon ko le Jaye…
They all looked at each other n thought of a plan to reunite shivika n ishkara…

In oberoi mansion shakti switch on the TV n a news was coming about a lady who was suspected for no reasons from the police station becoz she was honest n helped those who needed it but due to some powerful people she was suspended…. N committed suicide after that… From our sources we came to know Her name was inspector .Madhuri sengupta
Tej n shakti were left in shocked that this lady….
And the same lady who was in the news she was sitting beside Mr Singhania..

What is the connection of madhuri sengupta here?? Why tej n shakti were shocked??
What is the connection between madhuri n Mr Singhania

Bye ishqbaazian cu with a new episode

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  1. Lovely episode dear!!! N yeah…u r on the right track… But plzzz break the suspense…. aisa kya hua tha shivika and ishkara ke beech???n end this Rana’s track… N Make Harwardhan realise that he’s playing his own daughters’ life and emotion…

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  5. Fabulous episode
    Loved it
    Please can you say me BASHAMA wat happened in episodes between 1and 15 of ur ff please..a brief note about how ishu and anika became sinhania and y ani and ishu r angry on Om and Shivay
    Bcuz I started reading ur ff from episode16 only

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  7. Hi nivi , episode 1 to 15 in short goes like this shivika n ishkara relationship completed 1 year but no commitment tej,shakti, riddhima,Roop,means all the negative characters have created misunderstanding between this two couples actually ishana got a video proof which will prove that tej n shakti has committed any crime which they are disclosing in that video but what happened is tej n shakti got to know that ishana has made a video n with the help of riddhima they throw her out of oberoi family n from omkara’s life too by disclosing that she was only using u for money Om was heart broken so he told shivaay to give her punishment so she was behind the bar when ishana was coming to tell her truth this happened which made anika angry so she first time used her family name to take her out of that torture.. When she was taken to the hospital their she committed almost suicide becoz omkara was engaged to riddhima just to give her move then this the epi 1 was omkara was to a trip where he almost finalized a deal with import n export company which was actually ishana they met in NGO ..where omkara wanted to apologized but ishana thought that he is a married man now he wanted to talk her that I am not married I have broke my marriage…. After ishkara break up anshi also fought becoz of their bro n sis fight actually shivaay ditched anika..

  8. After that broke up fight they Left Mumbai n went some where else n again came back to Mumbai becoz their destiny bought them back both females leads are emotional hurt by their partners n oberoi brothers realized their mistakes n tries to sort out every thing by apology

  9. hi shama who is madhuri sengupta

  10. I have disclosed this in epi actually she is a danger for tej n shakti n for their becoz she is a link of the secret will I will disclose in the upcoming track n yaa , and anaida I will finish the track of Rana suggestion accepted by they will stay in the track n I will make their father realize soon dear plz keep commenting

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