Ishqbaaz FF by Maddy (PART 2).

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Let start:

Shivaay was sitting with kabeer and both were having chat. When Im and Rudra came in.

Rudra: Bhai i need a new car.
Om: Shivaay not this time.
Shivaay and kabeer look at them.
Rudra: Bhai who is he.
Om: Idiot kabeer.
Rudra: Oh….huh….Kabeer.
Kabeer laughing looking at rudra.
Shivaay: Yea. Kabeer Malhotra.
Both OM AND RUDRA hug kabeer and asked about Mallika.
Kabeer: I feel like you all are more interested in mallika.
Rudra: Of course she is hot.
Om hit rudra on his head.
All of them was having a chat.

Tia: Oh my god. God plz help me. I should go to shivaay.

Tia took her mobil and went.

Anika where preparing for shivaay marriage.
She was going toward dadi room when she bumped in someone. She look up and get angry.

Anika: Are you getting old.
Shivaay: WTH.
Anika: Huh.?
Shivaay: Shut up.
Anika: What you shut up.
Shivaay: I am not getting old or blind.
Anika: I never said you are blind.
Shivaay: Whatever.
Anika: Billu.
Shivaay: Listen you cant say that.
Anika: Wow. Now i cant say a cat a cat.
Shivaay: I am not billu.
Dadi: Billu.
Anika chuckle while shivaay fumes in anger.
Shivaay: Dadi who many times i said to you don’t call me billu in front of her.
Dadi: But why not.
Shivaay: Dadi.

Dadi laugh and shivaay went away.
Dadi: Anika puttar come with me.
Anika nods and went with Dadi.

Kabeer: Rudra shut up.
Rudra: What year i was telling you…
Kabeer: From past one hour you are saying your stupid jokes its annoying dude.
Rudra: Oh kabeer. Don’t play cool. You just can’t bear that i am handsome and funny then you.. Jealous Cow.
Kabeer: Oh rudra boy. I never get jealous and moreover who told you that you are funny.
Rudra: Girls.
Kabeer: I doubt they are MAD.
Rudra: Kabeer why are you so annoying.
Om: Shutup both of you let me concerterat.
Rudra and Kabeer nod.
Shivaay come in and asked: Why are you all so silent.
Kabeer point at om and he understood.
Shivaay: Well OM what are you making now.
Om: Sketch of my next…
Shivaay: Oh i understood.
Om nod and start to work. While three other where whispering eachother.

Shivaay baby. A voice said.

Oh lady baba is here and right after coming started her shivaay baby thing. Rudra said.

Shut up rudra. Shivaay warned.

Yes tia. Shivaay said.

T: Hi baby.
S: Hi tia.
T: Baby shall we go for a dinner today.
S: Oh tia. Am really sorry i am busy today. Another day.
Tia get sad but didn’t showed that.
T: Okei baby. Take your time
S: Thanks for being so understanding.
T: No problem baby.
Saying this she left.

Tia while walking get a call.
T: Hello.
Voice: Hello i am in front of oberio house.
T: What.
Saying this look around and said in low voice.
T: What you doing here.
Voice: Wont you come outside and see me.
Saying this the phone get ended.


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    Awesome update soon

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