Ishqbaaz ff by nans(part 13)

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Last part I showed shivay uttering I love u to anika.their passionate kiss.their romance.anika mystery solving.ranveer n his sis becoming close to oberoys.10 days passed in search of anika.11 day oberoys attended press meet of rajput heiress face revelation near dehradun.anika is revealed as anika avanti rajput.ram n anika hugging.
Here goes my story where I stopped,
Anika and ram hugging tightly.
All the guests are overwhelmed to witness the heiress.almost 1000 people are there from high class society.along with them total royal security cops, police department is also there as it is ta biggest event of India.ministers are also there.ranveer being a acp is also there for his duty purpose along with his sis.and the members n staff of rajput industries ,NGOs,companies,welfare societies are also there on one side.
Oberoys are middle in that crowd they are hell shocked.all look at shivay
Shivay is just reminiscing all thing related to anika.” Anika never revealing her full name, neither she talked abt her family, her 10 days hiding somewhere,tat tatoo of ram, tat msg where she said his family wl be risk if she stays back, tat moment when she said he wouldn’t accept her whole world” now he has answer for evry single question he has in his mind.
At a half km distance are ram n anika.they break their hug.
Ram: finally devil is back.
Anika punches in his stomach.anika again hugs him with pain.
Ram: what happened?
Anika: ohooo telepathy, nothing.
By then her 6 cousins( 2 brother-almost of anika age but younger than her,1 too younger brother,3 sisters.) And her 6 close friends (3 girls n 3 boys) who r part oof fmily to her come running and all hug her at a time.
( don’t wry guys I won’t confuse u by giving all names.I will use name when necessary)
Anika: guys r u going to murder me by hugging at a time.?
Cousins: stupid! Couldn’t u stay here only for 4 months?and u escaped from palace with the help of badepappa.stupid! Idiot!…….
Friends : abey duffer! U should have at least told us na? Dumbo!!!
Anika: I know u won’t let me go alone.tats y I ran away with help of me !!
Friends n cousins: oh please!!
By then her chote pappa,choti ma,chacha,chachi,Naana,naani,dadi,dadi come.she goes n takes evryone blessings and hugs all of them except dadu( vidhyut rajput)
Whole scenario is witnessed by all ta guests n oberoys too.
Finally she goes to dadu ( sher of family )
She takes his blessings.he giving a serious look.
Anika holds her ears n says sry making a puppy face.he twists her ear and pats her cheek and hugs her.
Dadu: I will talk to u after press meet let’s go.
All rajputs go in one way and guests in other way to the dome.anika suddenly stops with increasing heart beat.she looks at ta crowd.she knows all high class people are invited n she is searching for oberoys.ram looks at her and signals her to walk forward.
They all sit on stage with ram n anika beside each other.dome is dim lighted and with flashes of cameras they can’t see guests clearly.but still anika is trying find her shivay looking here n there.shivay from far just looking at her so do all oberoys.they have no words to talk to each other.
Media: miss anika avanti rajput!! Where u have been all these years?
Ram: as u all know abt threat on our family all our children are grown up in foreign in another identity with help of Indian government.
Media: but all return to palace 8 months back,where is ta heiress till now?
Ram: she has been in palace only for four months ,later she was there where she wants to be.
Dadu takes anika to middle of stage.
Dadu: presenting the princess of rajput samstan miss.anika avanti rajput.
Huge round of applause is going on.
Oberoys looking at her with smile n shivay with a proud feeling.
Dadu: she wll be crowned tomorrow n she will become legal heiress of this empire.
Saying this he steps back leaving anika at centre of stage.
Media:miss.anika avanti rajput how r you feeling to be heiress ?
Anika: I was grown up with this fact so its normal feeling.
Media: u had been hiding all these years ? Were u afraid rajdhuts will kill u?
Anika: the people who r after our family are known to entire nation.I don’t need to name them.and yes I am hiding not bcoz of death fear but in the fear of those people who will destroy this nation by misusing their power.
Media: avanti ram rajput is ur mothers name. Why u are carrying her name instead of ur fathers?
Anika: sry… Rajput is the name I got from my father and avanti from my mom.( she is dead guys)
Media: tomorrow u r going to be legal heir, will u handle ur responsibility well?
Anika: how can I know future? I will try to fulfil my duty.Morever I am not alone my brothers n sisters also have equal responsibility.
All are shocked. So do elders of family.
Media: what do u mean?
Anika: tomorrow I am not only one going to be crowned.we seven are going to be crowned.after I am crowned I have full rights to change the tradition of our family.I am announcing it now only,not just elder son/daughter but all sons n daughters are crowned and given equal resposiblity.
All guests are totally surprised.but not her cousins coz they know se wll do some stupidity like this.they just come n hug her tightly with elders having proud feeling of their anika.
Shivomru look at each other and smile side hugging.
Media: its been said that the heiress is part of “ seven heaven” band.its that true? R u the secret band member of seven heaven?
Her friends come n stand beside her.
Anika: yes its true I am passionate abt music all my life.and I am the violin player of our band.

Shivay reminisces a scene when anika was singing a beautiful melody while doing her work without noticing him.and he was lost in her lines n singing.all oberoys also remeber how she used to hum all ta time.and once she said to om tat she loves music n painting.
Rudra: that’s reason anika bhabi always talks so philosophical like om n he does logic wala sign.
They all smile.

Reporter: recently ,the top industrialist Mr.shivay Singh oberoy is said to have alleged affair with his wedding planner anika.her face is not shown but we know its u what u want to say miss anika rajput?
Oberoys r shocked with do rajputs except ram.
Anika: excuse me, it isn’t necessary tat all ur assumptions turn out true.
Reporter: but u gave statement tat u spend night with him when he was charged on murder case.
Anika: I said I am with him tat night its doesn’t mean we were doing something wrong.
Reporter: but…
Anika: and why what? I don’t hve to answer u coz its our personal matter.will u question me if a girl would have been with me tat night? Then y this question rises? We met due to some work and we got stuck in the place.and what we did is none of ur business.I think u got ur answers.
Omru cups their mouths.oberoys are surprised with this version of brave anika.shivay is falling more n more by each passing second.
Rajputs don’t know what’s all going.but vidhyut knows abt kalyani oberoy and her morals and he knows his anika.
Ram comes and announces,
“ thank u for ur valuable time.all the guests are invited for party inside the palace.pls join us n be part of our happiness.,thank u”

Rajputs leave to inside of the palace.
All guests are relaxing themselves in the huge lawn for sometime before party.
Rajput empire staff and press people left from there.
Oberoys are standing at one place along with ranveer n his sis.
Dadi(happily) : I never thought anika will be granddaughter of my vidhyut bhaisaap.
Pinky: oh my mata! Anika gave us a huge shock.
Rudra: its not shock chotima its surprise.I always praise her she is not less than a princess,but now..
Sowmya: but now didi turned out to be a princess.didi rockzzz duffer shockzzzz .
Rudra: sumo shut up! I am happy for my bhabi.but dadi will she become my bhabi now?
All r goes to shivay.
Om: shivay don’t tell me u r again after so called status ,blood line.first u were thinking she is low standard than u and now ……..r u thinking that she is too high standard than u???
Shivay is still silent.
Om shakes him.
Shivay: I don’t know om.I am confused.
Om: r u mad? She being the princess always behaved normally.she worked for us.she never used her surname even after hearing ur hurting words.coz she always cared for us.she always loved us.she loved u and she loves u now too.if not then y would she left that msg for u? R u still confused abt her love?
Shivay looks at him emotionally and nods no.he hugs him tightly.rudra too joins.
Rudra: I only know one truth she is my didi and future bhabhi tats it.
Ranveer to prinku: don’t wry prinku everything will be fine.
Prinku smiles at him.all family members are happy seeing shivay back to his ishqbaazi.
Chief securtity head(varma) comes there and gives them a note given by vidhyut to kalyani dadi.
Dadi reads it, “ forgive me my sister.I couldn’t talk to u.but I want ur family stay with us for few days after this crown ceremony also.don’t refuse u r like my family. I know u won’t refuse.varma will host u inside the palace.”
Dadi tells to evryone and all are happy. They go inside the palace with varma.
The palace has very big hall.many ancestral photos but still it has modern touch all over the place.there is big stair case.round corridor around the hall.they can see many ways in the corridor too many doors.the palace is not less than a mystery puzzle.there are staircases in the corridor also.there are almost 4 floors above.evry floor itself is a huge puzzle with may rooms n halls n study rooms n activity rooms,pool areas .
Oberoys along with sowmya n ranveer sis are mesmerised with ta scenario.( ranveer is doing his duty along with his cocops outside ta palace.
Varma guides the oberoys towards the corridor and they almost walk for 5 min n they finally reach lift.
Rudra: finally we reach the room.
Varma: no sir its lift.
Rudra jaws are wide opened coz its so big spacy lift n second he is tired walking so much n he just reached lift.they go to second floor.again varma guides all of them to guest compartment which contains 8 big rooms with centre hall n a study.guest compartment is a part of second floor where as in remaining part one is dadu room another is nanu room and their three sons rooms.
Varma to dadi: madam: this is ur compartment ,all arrangements are done.after 1 hour party will start on ground is busy in some legal paper work, he will meet u in dining hall after party.he told me to apologise to u on behalf of him.
Dadi nods and says “ its so kind of him” and she asks abt anika.
Varma : all the prince n princess stay in third floor
Saying this he leaves. Evryone take their rooms.shivomru in one room,sowmya prinku ranveer sis in one room.( let us name ranveer sis as sweety)
Shivay is just waiting to talk to anika anika is going through same situation.
Anika in her big room along with cousins n of her cousin is fashion designer and she is sleceting dress for her.
Finally all select one designer outfit.anika goes to her wardrobe room and dresses up and comes out.(its same dress kareena wears in bole chudiya song,assume tat one guys)anika right now wants to know whether oberoys r invited or not.she asks ta same to her brothers.
Prem(brother): they r also invited anu.
Anika on cloud9: where are they?
Prema: they must be in lawn ,they will be here for party.
( they don’t know tat their dadu n kalyani oberoy are close and oberoys are personally invited to stay.only dadu knows.)
Anika now just wants to meet oberoys and clear everything and she wants to speak her heart out in front of shivay.
After 1 hour all assembled on ground floor for party.anika along with cousins steps down the staircase.she is simple and elegant.anika is searching for oberoys.but they r not there.they r in second floor corridor along with some other gguests.
Shivay is awestruck with Anika beauty once again.he just wants to lost in her anika eyes are searching entire hall floor but she iis gtting targeted by shivay eyes from second floor.
Suddenly lights get dim.
A voice comes over,
Voice: this one for you my princess.
Lights are on.
Anika with surprising look: uncle!!! ( its Mr.rathord father of avikam rathord anikas one of bff.)
Say shava shava song plays.
And anika dances with her uncle n avikam.all cousins ,her friends family ram evryone are enjoying dancing.they do salsa.
Highlight is father daughter dance.
All guests are enjoying a lot.
Shivay is happy looking anika so much happy for ta first time.
Then anika is personally introduced to all the time dadu also comes.he takes anika to second floor and introduces her to guests over there.and he takes her along with ram to oberoys.there is 20 feet distance BTW them.they r walking towards oberoys.
Anika after 10 days seeing her billuji.her eyes are wet.they r questioning shivay eyes if he is angry on her? But at ta same time heart heart is jumping seeing shivay.
Shivay lost in her eyes.he can clearly see what’s her heart is going on.
Omru and all family members are smiling seeing shivika lost in each other.
Now anika ,ram ,dadu are in front of them.
Dadu: its so happy to see u after 50 years behenji.
Dadi to says same.
Dadu: he is my son ram vidhyut rajput .
Ram wishes them and looks at anika smiling.
Dadu: she is my granddaughter anika.u might known by now.
All look at anika.anika is lost in shivay eyes.ram gently pushes her with shoulders.anika looks at all of them and gets tears n hugs dadi tightly.
Dadu a bit surprised.
Dadu: so u know her before? Media also asking stupid questions.anu how u know them?
Anika suddenly realises now she has to face ta lion.she gives a smile don’t know what to say.
Dadu: what?
Ram behind dadu gives “tu toh gayi” wala sign to anika.
Screen freezes on anika nervous face.

Sry guys no shivika scenes.guys I introduced avikam rathord right.he is one of member in seven haven band including anika n other 5. I am assuming kunwar amar for avikam.and avikam father is also close to anu family n anu.and I named one of her cousin as prem.i just want to name two sis cousins one is kirti(fashion deigner),another is avishi(painter).avishi is deaf n dumb.and guys anika is only daughter of ram.she has no siblings but all her 6 cousins are very close to her.
U don’t hae stress a lot to rember.I will make less use of other characters.hope u like imagination.
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