Ishqbaaz ff by nans(part 12)

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Guys read this don’t skip, I am writing my ff in English but it doesn’t mean anika is talking in English,she speaks in Hindi only.but after this part when I will reveal her past then she will be speaking English only.and second thing tat day when anika saved shivay from murder case ,her photo is shown in TV in real ib. But in my ff plz assume photo is shown totally blurred. I don’t think a girl face is revealed in media like that.and the third thing I am gonna add a song bit in this part,plz don’t skip it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do read that lines coz those lines are emotions of shivika. So plz don’t skp it.
Here goes where I stopped,

Doc leaves shivika smile looking at each other.Anika goes to the girl
A: u will be completely fine in 3 days.u can live ur life to fullest after this.u r very strong tat u r fighting 2 years.just come back and talk to om once.u will know how much pain he is going through.
Shivay too comes near her and smiles at her.the girl eyes blink seeing shivika. Shivika are surprised.Anika caresses her hair and they leave from there.

Its almost night.whole day passed with sahil n om new life knock.and ofc our shivika they r in car.shivay driving to Anika house to drop her.both r silent just smiling with a new hope.
Anika home arrives.shivay stops ta car.Anika is abt to go.shivay stops her holding her hand.Anika looks at him.
Shivay: Anika when she will be normal, she will forgive om na? I mean she is in this state since…..

Shivay: three theory???
Anika: yup.
1.that girl has a strong reason to punish om but
2. She is in this state since 2 years and she will become normal in 3 days bcoz of ranveer n she will owe u and tat accident was totally unintentional.
3.a person like om who suffered this much for 2 years definitely needs sunrise now.
So in this three conclusions , good hope is more, so good will happen.
Shivay smiles at her.
S: I wish ur “ three theory “ works
A: it always worked
Shivay just looking at her smiling.
A: goodnight
S: goodnight
And anika leaves.after anika safely going inside her house,shivay leaves to oberoy mansion.
Shivay reaches there and enters just lost somewhere thinking abt all events happened today.
All elders in living area,look at him.
Pinky: my sons has becomes deewana Singh oberoy In anikas love.
Dadi: billu where u lost? U were full day with anika, didn’t she say yes?
Shivay: ha…no dadi not yet.
And he looks at prinku.he eyes become wet and tries to control it.he goes to her and keeps hand on her head and side hugs her emotionally.
Prinku: whaaaaaat haa haaapenned bbbbhayya?
Shivay; nothing go n sleep.its late gdn8.
Prinku: gdn8
Evryone also leave.
Shivay slowly goes to his room.
Rudra is sleeping ,om looks at him and comes to him
Shivay remembers all the pain he was going through 2 years.
Om: shivay, I need to talk to you something.( he breathes heavily) its..
Shivay hugs him tightly.shivay knows tat what om is going to say.but he can’t listen.though he say om tat girl is alive, om will not be calm and will try to surrender himself.
Om: what happened shivay?( breaking ta hug)

Shivay: nothing
Om: shivay I actually…
Shivay: om anika didn’t say yes now.I don’t know what to do.I will just go out some time.I will be back mrng.
And he leaves without giving om any chance.

Om POV: shivay u r already can I will make u more sad by saying abt my past? He sadly sits on bed and slowly sleeps.shivay looks at this
Shivay: just 3 days om then everything will be fine.but till then I can’t listen to u.
And goes out takes car and leaves.

Anika place:
Anika already packed her luggage u all know.she keeps the luggage behind sofa and sadly sits thinking abt shivay.her phone rings its ram.
Anika: hmm
Ram:U left ta city?
Anika: not yet .something happened abt billuji, I will explain u later.I have to leave now.
Ram: but y r u sad?
Anika: billuji is in difficult situation.and only me knows abt it.and I..
Ram: and u don’t want to leave u forgave him,I am happy.
Anika smiles lightly.
Ram: but u have to leave u know tat right? To expose tia u called royal security team over there.after this those people will easily trace u.they r after our each n evryone step.if i am right then they would have known u r in tat city by now.its risk for u to stay thre longer.
Anika: I know ram.if its just abt me then I wouldn’t have cared but if they come to know I am related to oberoys they will not leave single person in tat family to reach me.I can’t take this chance.i should leave.
Ram: won’t you say bye to shivay?
Anika: don’t know
Ram: apply three theory then
Anika: OK bye
Ram: bye.
Anika thinks a lot and takes her phone to call shivay.door bell rings.anika goes n opens ta door.ofc its her billuji.she is surprised.she sees him lost.he enters inside and sits on sofa.
Anika close ta door and comes and sits beside him
Anika: what happened?
Shivay: om was abt to confess to me.but if I let him..
Anika: I know
Shivay looks at her.
Shivay: tats why I left from there.
Anika: did u eat something?
Shivay: I am not hungry.
Anika: y r u robot? Come just eat.
Shivay smiles and they sit on dining table.anika gives him plate with poori n aloo.( shivay hand is wounded but anika hand to wounded na so don’t expect tat she will feed him??? and ya anikas remaining wounds are fine now as they r slight cuts.but right hand is still with bandage so do shivays.made for each other na, bilkul takkar ka jodi.)shivay finishes his food.
Shivay: its tasty.
Anika: ( in shocking tone): u r praising food made by me? And tat too puri aloo?I have to set reminder and goes to take phone.shivay coming fastly snatches it before her.
Anika: give my phone.
Shivay: take it if u can.
Anika tries to take it but he moves his hand up down right left, anika trying to get it falls on him.shivay balances her.anika realises they r so close. And she steps back.
Anika: plz give my phone.
Shivay keeps ta phone in his pant pocket and says “ take it urself”
Anika: is this any game? Stop it kiddo Singh oberoy.

Shivay pulls her close by placing his left hand on her waist.with this sudden romantic act anika holds shivay shirt at his chest place with both hands.
Shivay: I am not a kid miss.stubborn
Anika: leave me
Shivay tucks her hair behind her ear with his right hand.anika is having butterflies in her stomach.
Shivay: u know anika u asked me tat if I would have proposed u if tia truth is not known.j don’t hve answer for it anika.but if u have said yes to daksh proposal tat day then I would have come to u and pulled u towards me like this,and looking it ur eyes I would have said …..
Anika: u would have said?
Shivay: tat I love you anika.
Anika eyes are wet hearing this.
Shivay: I can’t bear to loose you, I can’t let you become someone life , u r just mine.only I have right on you becoz I love you,I love you a lot anika!!!!
Tears roll down from her eyes.shivay gently wipes her tears with right hand while left hand is on her waist all the while.he kisses on her left cheek them right cheek and gently touches her lips with his lips.anikas heartbeat skips tat time.she can feel how heavy her heart is.shivay then sucks her tasty lower lip passionately.anika holds his left collar tightly and moves her right hand around his neck back.she couldn’t control herself and starts sucking his upper lip.shivay emotions level reached maximum and holds her more close and they start fighting with their tongues passionately.they break apart unwillingly when they r out of breath.Shivay looks at her lovingly by placing his forhead on hers.anika out of shy tightly hugs shivay.shivay too hugs her back.
They are lost in their hug for almost one hour.but its less than 1 second for them.
Anika phone rings disturbing them.anika breaks apart.
Shivay: not now.
Anika: billuji my phone.
He takes out her phone n gives her.its sahil.anika turns n answers ta phone bcoz Shivay is just glaring at her.
Anika: hello sahil!!
Sahil: what r u doing?
Anika: nothi….
Shivay hugs her from back side.anika signs him to stop. But he is not going to.
Sahil: didi…
Anika: ha sahil nothing…
Shivay sides her hair to front side and kisses her on her neck.anika breathing heavily pushes him back and runs to bedroom and sits on the bed to talk with sahil.sahil asks her to help in some project and she explains.shivay comes n sits behind her holding her hand.waiting her to end call.but sahil is sahil.shivay then lay downs on Anika lap lookin at her.and after a while he skips into sleep.anika after saying bye to sahil looks at shivay sleeping innocently with a smile on his face.anika caresses his hair and plants a kiss on his forehead.
After sometime anika hears some voices outside.she gently keeps pillow beneath his head and peeps out through window. Some men are searching someone with a PIC.she immediately closes ta window coz she knows its her they r searching.she thinks to wake up shivay.she thinks for a moment and stops doing so. She records a voice msg and sends to him and takes out her sim and throws there.she looks at shivay one last time and leaves taking suitcase.she slowly closes main door and runs away without getting caught into eyes of those men.

“ billuji! U have asked me abt my world,who is ram, I couldn’t answer it becoz I promised someone tat I will not reveal anything abt me.I can’t break my promise.if I say half truth to u then u will never let me go.i can’t stay here by taking risk of ur life n family.after 10 days u will know everything abt me.we will meet again.but now I have to go.don’t search for me.I will be totally safe.plz forgive me”
Shivay is hell shocked with this and top of tat tat men searching for anika and anika talking abt risk.he panicks thinking what to do.he immediately takes car keys and searches all nearby bus stands railway station with the help of his bodyguards.he can find her nowhere.after a long search he returns home next mrng.
Evryone see him totally upset.
Dadi shakes him and asks : billu what happened?”
Shivay: dadi …anika!!!
Omru come and asks him: what happened to anika?
Shivay: don’t know om she….she…
Om: Shivay calm down and tell us what happened.

Shivay plays tat audio msg.and tells them abt that men.all are tensed abt where she must be?
Om: did u trace her phone?
Shivay: she left her sim there only om.I searched her everywhere.I couldn’t find her.I
……( he is totally worried almost crying)
Rudra: bhayya !! Bhabi told na tat she will be safe.she is super girl.nothing will happen to her.
Shivay nods at him and goes to his room.

Om couldn’t talk abt accident seeing shivay in this state.shivay makes his team search her everywhere continuously.but no use.with this immense pain,he take doc to girl and second dose is given.first day completes.second day when he leaves ta mansion to girl.acp enters mansion.
Acp shouts”omkara” evryone come to hall.seeing him omkara understands situation.
Om: randhawa u can arrest me.I confess that I am ta murderer of ur sister.u can take me.
Evryone are shocked. Tej gives atitude of oberoy to acp.but om tells abt the accident clearly.
Prinku asks ranveer : don’t do this , take me .I am ta one who asked om bhayya to go tat way.I only made him hide truth.take me
Ranveer looks at her with concern.
Ranveer: she was my sis priyanka.
Om: u can take me.
Rudra stops om n tries to call shivay.but he cuts ta call.
Acp with om turns to leave just then shivay enters with girl on wheel chair. ( she is just out of tat state so it takes time to walk.and shivay already gets to know acp is coming.but he leaves to bring ta girl)
Acp is shocked seeing her here.
Shivay: ur sister is absolutely fine did nothing.u can’t arrest him.
Acp goes to her n cries.
Girl: bhayya I am fine ,its bcoz of him.he made me fine with ta help of best doctor.
Acp cries n hugs n prinku are relieved
Shivay: u made om helpless to confess by showing kid PIC .u thought I will not get to know this.she is not married nor she have a child.
Acp: but she was in tat state bcoz of ur brother.
Girl: no bhayya.
Acp: 2 months back u only pointed ur fingers on omkara when he came on tv na?
Girl: ha bhayya! But I was trying to say something else but I couldn’t.tat day I witnessed a murder and those men saw me n chased me.and when their car was coming those men pushed me towards ta car.I rolled down ta valley and got stuck behind trees with injuries.but I remember he n his sis came down searching me.but I couldn’t give them voice .then they left.after tat I became like tat until now.
Acp: when u didn’t returned home I tracked ur phone and searched u there.I had no clue what happened.but doc told tats its a car hit.when u pointed on om on TV i thought…..
He turns to om and says him sry with holding hands and to prinku too. Om comes to the girl sits on knees and says “ sorry”
Girl: u don’t have to be, I am sry.bcoz of me u became drug addict in depression.
Shivay surprised thinking she memorised all he n anika told.
Acp says sry n thanks to shivay for making her fine and assures him he will do any help always.
Girl holds shiva y hands and says” thank u so much to u and ur wife.u both gave me a new life.really u both love ur family a lot” .
Saying this they leave. shivay looks at is crying so do evryone.shivay comes to him and slaps him hard.
Shivay: am I dead for u?
Om: no shivay I…
Shivay: just shut up ! U and prinku were going all this n u never felt to say me.mistake is mine I am bad brother .
Om: no shivay I am sry.I didn’t have courage to face u.
Shivay : just……
And he tightly hugs om with teary eyes.rudra to joins.and pulls prinku to for ta hug.
Dadi,tej,jhanvi ,shakti,pinky,sowmya all r having happy tears.
After a while,
Om: but how u know all this?when?
Shivay explains how he anika saw him in park and how anika got doubt and finding girl.
Om: see if I had told u then u would have took blame on you.if it was not anika then u wouldn’t hve listen.
Rudra: she is Supergirl o!
Om: agreed
But they see Shivay dull.they know reason is anika.
Shivay leaves from there and in dep thinking “ are you safe anika? Why did u do this? Just come infront of me, I will not let you go away a single step “ and he cries.
The remaining 8 days pass with anika in some unknown place crying thinking abt shivay with smile on her face.
Tu kahin aur hai
Main kahin aur hoon
Door hai hum magar
Hain nahi hum judaa
Tere siva kuch main nahi

Shivay near pool area sitting silently
Khamoshiyon mein teri
Dhoondon main baatein nayi
Taqdeerein padhna meri
Har lafz mein tu basi

Shivay searching her everywhere with the help of ranveer randhwa.even shivay gone to sahil but sahil says he has no idea.actually he has the chit anika gave has her new no. But she takes promise from sahil not to tell tat abt anyone.
Bheed hai yahaan magar
Shor toh hai nahi
Haan humein tha magar
Ghum abhi hai nahi

Tu kahin aur hai
Main kahin aur hoon
Door hai hum magar
Hai nahi hum juda
Tere siva kuch main nahi ……………

Meanwhile girl too gets close to oberoy family and gets to know tat anika is not wife and they both love each helps her in physically becoming normal.and now she can walk slowly.
Its 10 the day night.where oberoy family gets invitation for each n evryone member by the name of “vidhyut rajput”
Dadi seeing the name becomes emotional.when evryone asks her abt it
Dadi: we r in this position bcoz of vidhyut bhai saap.ur dadaji used to work for him.but bhai saap made him start his own company recognising his talent.he is very big man in status.but he treated ur dadaji as a friend.he always took care of me like a brother.both families were so close.but as they r rajputs they have some threat.bhaisaap didn’t want us to be in danger,so he stopped coming to our home.with time both families became very far.

Tej: but ma! He is rajput.rajputs are heirs of India throne.all ta other rajput families are mere follwers of rajputs.they r source of Indian royal society.and he is bauji friend?
Dadi: haan beta!rajputs are the rulers of this country.but 10 generations back rajputs n rajduts made a pact together to rule together.rajdhuts didn’t knew tat their following generations will be cruel.they made the pact for 10 generations.but they tried to kill vidhyut bhaisaap.then government changed the pact tat only rajputs have right on throne.rajdhuts have right unless rajputs are not there.after vidhyut bhaisaap his son was his grandchild.they invited us for crown ceremony.its last generation. After 2 days then rajputs are safe from rajdhuts.bhai saap is close to ur dad.we all should go n attend.
Tej: ofc mom its rajputs crown ceremony.all will go.

All look at shivay.
Dadi: shivay! I know anika told in msg tat after 10 days she will meet you.u can stay here if u want.
Shivay is silent.
Om: Shivay see ta emblem logo in ta invitation.its same on the uniform those royal security team who came tat day with proofs.may be anika works in one of their companies.
Shivay fastly looks at it ,he nods at om.
Next day they all reach rajmahal near dehradun.( u can imagine fort in kkkg movie)
Rajmahal is very huge.sorrounded many acres of green grass.with tight security at every half meter. The surroundings have small small ponds.its like fantasy movie going in front of oberoys.
Crossing the gates is 1 km way to fort doors.its press meet and next day its going to be crown ceremony.its dehradun so temperature u all know.there is huge dome made beside ta huge fort with dim light ,heaters. One can say easily its a royal function seeing the epic decorations.
Oberoys are taken inside dome with chief security.on ta stage rajput family members are there.vidhyut rajput,his wife,2 more old couple,his 3sons,2daughter in laws,6 grandchild.

Down ta stage there are raisadas,oberoys(along with sowmya)singhanias,rathords,raichands,mehras………all top industrialists,royal families are assembled there.
Press people are ready with cameras
Evryone are waiting for the arrival of one who is going to be crowned.the person is uknown to the entire nation.
There comes ta sound of chopper.evryone come out of huge dome to lawn.vidhyut son n person father runs towards the chopper which is amost 1 km away.
The chopper lands and person steps out.she is Anika.Anika avanti rajput.heiress of rajput throne.
Media from far taking snaps of her.all are seeing her with honouring look.oberoys are hell shocked seeing their beloved anika as anika avanti rajput.shivay couldn’t believe his eyes.
Anika as soon as steps out sees her father running towards her.(she is in normal wear only,its just a press meet)

Anika: ram!!!!!!!!! ( in a loud happy voice)( yes he is ram vidhyut rajput anikas father)
And she runs as fast as she can.when she reaches her dad she tightly hugs him.and ram holding her makes round as if she is just new born baby in his hands.

Guys tats it.sry for stressing ur brains with such a long episode.I didn’t know tat it becomes so long.
Ram is her dad but they r friends more than father n daughter since she born.their bond is beyond words.

I didn’t added precap bcoz from next part story just flows with shivika story.
Its totally fiction na, so bear my imagination which is full of fantasy type.
Its 21 generation , so u all know what all abt royal families .they to run many industries factories NGOs welfare associations with royal status and they do are a part of nation tourism income with their forts and many places.
Plz do comment abt this fiction how u r feeling.I mean did the episode reached u or not?

Chocopie thank u for the song.its just perfect for the separation.

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