Ishqbaaz ff by Mihra ep 19

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Thank you all for the comments hope you like this …..
Tia: I can’t believe this Anika became like this wow and leaves to give in the property papers

Anika: I love you
Person: are you serious that shivaay died
Anika: yup now I’m free ?
Both of them break into laughter
Person: ok now lets go home
Anika: ok my billu

Rudra: shivaay bahiya didn’t come home yet is morning
Karan comes in Om
Dadi: Karan beta tum
Karan: umm dadi Anika kidar hai
Om: they didn’t come home yet
Shivika both come in
Karan: Anika what is all this
Anika: case #786
Karan: what
Anika: yeah I had to reenact that case
Karan: why
Shivaay: Anika what are you saying
Karan: oh I get is but from who
Rudra to Om: I don’t get what’s happening
Anika: nafratbaaz
Everyone: nafratbaaz ?
Anika: tia swethlana and Romi
Karan: so you did all that
Anika: yup proudly
Karan: have you lost it
Anika: I didn’t kill anyone
Karan: well then explain all this to your family
Anika: I will when they ask
Karan: umm I’m here to invite you all to our house on Sunday plz do come
Karan: I will leave
Anika: bye
Om: where were you two
Anika: how about you all sit down then I will explain

When Anika shoot shivaay the built went pass him but he acted like he got shot then when Anika sat beside him she whispered in his ear when I say I love you then you wake up after tia made her sign the property papers then Anika left with shivaay but took his to a Clift right near the sea tia was few m behind them so Anika threw shivaay’s watch and coat in the water to make it look like she pushed him then they both ran to park to let tia leave when she left they came back home
Fb ends

Everyone stood up in shock
Rudra: bhabhi your code word was I love you so did you actually mean that
Shivika: no
Pinky: oh my matha
Jhanvi: how did you guys come up with this
Anika: its was actually a scenario when I was training so I I turned it into real life
Shivaay: police arrested tia and her sisters
Anika: dadi how did everything go over there
Dadi: where organizing a pooja
Shivaay: why
Dadi: for peace
Shivaay: oh ok
Anika: dadi can I join office now
Dadi: sure

Next morning 5am
Shivaay was fully ready but then he sees Anika still sleeping on the sofa
Shivaay: Anika wake up
Anika: sahil let me sleep
Shivaay goes right near her ear and screams Anika
Anika wakes up in a second
Anika: my ear billuji
Shivaay: if you want to come to office with me you have to wake up early
Anika: ok I will go get ready in a whiny voice she left
Shivaay: I’m waiting down stairs
Anika: comes down in a black long skirt with a white shirt a black coat and scarf around her neck
Rudra: wow bhabhi you look so different today
Shivaay: hurry up
Anika: wait she goes take everyone’s blessings and then leaves with shivaay

Shivaay and Anika enter
Workers good morning sir shivaay just leaves
Workers good morning mam
Anika: good morning everyone and leaves
Worker mam so nice who can believe she is shivaay sir wife
Anika hears this and comes in laughing in the cabin
Shivaay: why are you laughing
Anika: everyone is nice here except you
Shivaay: here are some files work on them I’m leaving for a meeting
Anika: sadu Singh obroi
Shivaay: comes back from the meeting and sees Anika missing and his cabin a mess
Shivaay: Anika
Shivaay: my cabin is a mess why did I have to be stuck with her
Om: comes in surprise
Om: what happened to your cabin
Shivaay: Anika happened
Om: where is she
Shivaay: idk help me clean all this stuff
Om: helps shivaay clean
1 hour later
Anika comes in
Anika: why did you clean the room
Shivaay: you ruined my cabin
Anika: I went to get supplies for organizing the cabin
Shivaay: you have a phone you could have called me
Anika: I left a note for you right there beside your kali coffee machine
Om: Anika has a point the note is their
Anika: now you will do all this while I will go for a meeting
Shivaay: Om never get married I’m telling you
Om: I will leave for my art gallery bye
Shivaay: how do I know how she want to organize all this

Shivika come home arguing
Dadi: what happened now
Anika: dadi I don’t want to work with him
Shivaay: like I do
Tej: great job both of you won 10 deals in a day
Anika: can I plz get another cabin
Dadi: no

Precap: ishkara

Plz ignore any mistakes

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    Great epi..Shivika nok jhok was too cute

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    Brilliant……awesome….loved it….

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