Ishqbaaz FF: My Brothers Are Everything To Me – Chapter-4

My Brothers Are Everything To Me:

Chapter 04:


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Chapter 04:

Shivaay was tired which is really rare since he is a working machine and worked restlessly.

But he’s tired because he’s working without an ounce of sleep for two days continuously. Even though his bade papa is the chairman, Shivaay still has everything to do in the office and also look after what is needed by everyone in his family..

Not that he hated it.. In fact he loved the business and taking care of his family.

It’s just he’s tired so he wrapped everything in office quickly and reached home in evening itself.

He has to rest for a while because Om and Rudra will arrive at 8 in night and their usual meeting to discuss how the day was.

So Shivaay took his pills for the headache and rested on his bed, keeping an alarm so that he will wake up before Om and Rudra comes home.

As like always, with the headache, memories flashed through his mind while he restlessly laid on bed trying to sleep for a while.


Shivaay watched his mom and dad fighting with his bade papa and bade ma.

“Shakthi, Don’t be stupid and sign this paper”

“Don’t do this Shakthi ji.. He’s trying to fool you. You have as much right as him in the family business”, his mom exclaimed.

“As I am elder, I am the heir so I, Tej Singh Oberoi will be the C.E.O of this company”, his bade papa said to his mom in an angry tone.

“Not while I am alive” suddenly his grandfather came and little three year old Shivaay hid behind his grandfather’s legs peeking at the fight.

“You are all fighting for C.E.O position while I am alive, what will you all do after I am gone..?”

“If you all love to be a C.E.O then you can start your own business.”

After hearing this everyone went their separate rooms not really glancing at him.

His grandfather ruffled his hair and went on his way mumbling about what he did wrong to have two sons like this.

Little Shivaay learnt a lesson that day..

Relatives, love isn’t everything…

Money, Power is everything….

~~Power is important~~


Shivaay was four when his mom pulled him aside from playing with a servant’s child.

His mom scolded him for playing like that.

“What were you thinking playing with that boy?”

“But mom…”

“No buts Shivaay.. Who knows what is his lineage? Name? Blood?”

“But mom..”

He was then scolded again. He didn’t want to believe in this then started believing it after hearing it day to day from his mom. Even his bade papa said about the same while he was advising him about business and economics.

He was proven right when that servant stole the money and things the day after his grandfather died when he was seven years old.




These things are important to know a person.

These things matter while checking how a person grew up. What background they had..

Poor Little Shivaay… Little Om and Rudra were so lucky to escape the influence of the adults but Shivaay spent his childhood alone with the influence of Tej and Pinky.

Shivaay looked up to Tej for a while when his own father was too busy running away from every responsibilities.

~~Name, Blood, lineage is very very important~~


Shivaay was four when Om born. He looked after that child like a brother should.

He was happy to have someone in his life other than the adults.

He promised himself not to be a brother like his dad and bade papa are. He will look after and love this child like his own brother.

It doesn’t matter if this child is his own brother or not but he will look after and will always be a guardian to him.

Om was four and Shivaay was almost eight when his grandfather passed away.. Shivaay felt sad that his brothers won’t remember or get to know their grandfather since he’s the nicest among their family.

But still looked at Om who was sniffling at wanting his grandfather to wake up and play with him. He knelt and hugged little Om who was a very sensitive child who never understood why his parents fight.

Little Om is not like him. He has to keep Om away from all this.

~~Om is important~~


“Shivaay…. You have to promise me”

Little Shivaay promised eagerly because his grandfather has fallen ill and in bed all week..

“You have to keep the family together no matter what.. You have to keep Oberoi’s tradition alive and you have to keep everyone together.. Promise me?”

“I promise Grand pa”

His grandfather smiled and with that he was gone to a place no one can reach…

His grandfather’s last words and the promise..

That left a huge impact on him…

~~Family is important~~


Shivaay felt sad and moped around the house because he’s missing his grandfather. He loved him a lot. It’s just few months ago his grandfather passed away.

He couldn’t eat well nor could he be with Om. He felt sad that his mentor passed away. His grandfather was the best.

Even better than his parents and grandmother. He always coddled him in secret and brought sweets and chocolates.

He just couldn’t bring himself to smile or laugh ever since his grandfather passed away.

The adults were too busy arguing about who would be the C.E.O and who will pay the debts they have now while his grandmother trying to keep peace between them. Shivaay was old enough to understand what a complicated thing his family is but he didn’t complain much and tried to keep them together since he promised his grandfather…

Just then he heard a cry.

He moved towards the room and saw little Rudra crying his heart out. He don’t know what to do seeing no one there.

He then moved towards the toys and picked it shaking them in front of the baby. But still the baby cried..

He had ignored little Rudra not really knowing what to do when the baby was born and now with his grandfather gone he ignored Om and Rudra rarely playing with them. He too was like the adults busy with his own thoughts while his brothers were left alone.

He promised himself to be there for them like his grandfather was there for him.

He picked the two year old very very carefully and the crying immediately stopped just like he stopped crying when he was placed in Shivaay’s arms just after Rudra’s birth.

Then cute little baby Rudra smiled at him, nuzzling his neck like a kitten.

Shivaay again felt so much love almost overwhelming with it’s intensity in him.

He felt like a parent rather than a brother because he felt like baby Rudra is his baby..

If Shivaay has any say in this then Rudra will always remain as his baby.

He smiled at the child now babbling about something and promised,

“I will make everything right Rudra”

And after that day those words became his mantra and he always kept his promise and tried hard in making everything right in Om and Rudra’s life.

~~Rudra is important ~~







Family together…

Grandfather’s promise…

Om… Rudra….

Shivaay’s life revolved around this. He never felt at ease or relaxed now a days since his work load got heavier and the time with his family is becoming shortened.. He tried hard to make time for his brothers in his busy life.


Shivaay groaned and got up hearing the alarm going off. It’s already three hours passed. He rubbed his face and got up to freshen up.

These pills always messed with his perfectly organized controlled mind bringing his memories of past.

He hated remembering his grandfather’s death. He hated how helpless he felt sometimes when his parents and Om’s parents fought. He hated how Om felt after their fight. He kept Rudra away from everything. Rudra doesn’t have a clue about how complicated their family is and Shivaay will keep it that way.. He’s already having enough with dealing Om after their parent’s fight.

He went to kitchen then dismissed the servants and started cooking their favourite food knowing it’s Rudra’s cheat day.

He arranged everything on the table just then Om and Rudra arrived after changing the dress..

Om smiled and thanked Shivaay then started eating.

“Aww bhaiyaa it’s my favourite”

Rudra like a baby clapped his hands and dived straight into the food.

Rudra closed his eyes savouring every bite.

Shivaay bhaiyaa is the best cook in the world. Every time Shivaay bhaiyaa cooked for him, something hurt deep inside his heart in a good way.

He could still remember the numerous times his bhaiyaa cooked for him in childhood and no matter how many times he burnt his hands trying to cook, he never gave up cooking for him and Om..

His love for bhaiyaa didn’t decrease but it increased day by day and he sometimes felt overwhelmed and lucky to have his bhaiyaa..

“Hello Rudra… Back to earth.. Back to earth…”, Om said chuckling along with Shivaay seeing Rudra’s eyes closed and probably dreaming.

“Aww.. Can’t even dream here”

“Duffer.. Stop dreaming about girls at least while eating”

Rudra raised an eyebrow looking at him slyly,

“Why O? How did you know I was dreaming about girls..? Are you an expert in girls O?”

Om elbowed Rudra and said,

“Shut up Rudra”

Om shook his head at Rudra’s antics and ate his favorite food made by Shivaay, savouring the moment and food. Om always liked these simple moments with his brothers and treasured them. Om felt blessed to have brothers like Shivaay and Rudra.

After eating up they took the dessert and moved towards the swimming pool where they usually discussed about their day.

Shivaay sat in silence while Om and Rudra thought about how their problem was solved and asked the same question at same time.

“What did you do Shivaay?”

“What did you do bhaiyaa?”

Om and Rudra looked at each other in surprise.

“What did I do..? What are you two asking me about?”, Shivaay asked frowning at them.

Om looked worriedly at frown lines of Shivaay before saying, “Well the person who stole my idols returned it with an apology note….”

Rudra continued the sentence, “And Romi left me alone while she even had bruises on her..”

Shivaay looked at both of them still with frown lines. No change in his expression.

Om hated it when Shivaay was like this because he really couldn’t tell what is Shivaay feeling behind the blank expression Shivaay has most of the time..

“It’s good for you two. I am happy that you got the idols back Om and Rudra is left alone by that devi.”

Om and Rudra stared at Shivaay for a minute.

“What are you staring at me for?” Shivaay asked them both.

“I know you are behind this bhaiyaa”

“I know you are behind this Shivaay”

Om and Rudra again said the same thing at same time.

“Do not lie Shivaay”

Om warned him as he really hated lies.

“Yes I did it. So what?”

“What did you do Shivaay?” Om asked again but Shivaay got up and turned away from them.

“You don’t want to know Om”

“Shivaay.. This is so wrong. I can handle this, you know I could handle this. I don’t want you to do anything wrong just because of me”, Om said knowing Shivaay must have done something wrong.

“What did you do bhaiyaa? She has bruises on her hands. You know it’s nothing but a girl problem bhaiyaa. I could have handled this”, Rudra asked seeing his brother silent.

Shivaay turned towards them, eyes blazing in anger..

“Oh yeah.. Like you dealt with your own bruises in your hand.”

Om looked at Rudra’s hands. God..! He didn’t even notice since when did Rudra had worn full sleeves.. He should have noticed.

Rudra looked at is brother in shock. He thought he had hidden it well.

“Do you think I wouldn’t notice Rudra? Do you think I won’t know what she did..? Do you think I will let a psycho girl who thinks herself as devi to play with you without doing anything? She has no right, no right at all to hurt you. I did the exact same thing she did to you”

Shivaay then turned towards Om continuing,

“And you Om, why didn’t you tell me if the idols not delivered at given time, your gallery will be closed concluding you end up with lot of debts.? Do you think I wouldn’t know..? What do you take of me as..? Did you expect me to wait and watch while he got away robbing my brother, my brother…”

Shivaay gritted his teeth in anger continuing, “ No one.. I mean no one will get away with hurting my brothers no matter what I have to do for that.”

Shivaay breathed hard while Om and Rudra where stunned at his brother’s angry words.

“Why didn’t you go to police Shivaay?”

“You two didn’t complain to police because you thought you could handle it and I didn’t go to police because I also have to think about what the media will telecast about you and Rudra along with our Oberoi family. It will ruin our reputation.”

Om couldn’t let go of what Shivaay did. Because wrong is wrong. He was going to argue but looking at the frown lines, Shivaay rubbing his head from time to time and the dark circles under his eyes, Om realized Shivaay didn’t sleep for days and probably having headache so Om dropped the argument. Because his brother came first even compared to his morals.

He signalled Rudra letting it go so Shivaay could rest.

“I am sleepy let’s just argue later bhaiyaa.”

Shivaay nodded and moved towards his room while Rudra dragged Om trailing behind Shivaay.

“Bhaiyaa.. Can we please sleep in your room today?”

“Do you plan to sleep in your room at one time in future?”

Shivaay asked even though he opened the room for them. He never did tell them that as they grow he replaced the bed with a larger one so they could all fit in even as adults.

“Don’t you love us anymore bhaiyaa?”

“Come drama queen, let’s sleep.”

Shivaay laid on the right side of the bed giving space for them to lay down.

Shivaay was asleep within moments. Om and Rudra watched him frowning even in sleep.

Shivaay alone didn’t care for them. They cared and looked after Shivaay even though they both are younger than him.

Rudra moved and caressed his brother’s hair while Om put balm on Shivaay’s forehead. Shivaay slowly relaxed and muttered,

“Om… Rudra… Don’t hide anything from me” and mumbled something inaudible before turned around sleeping in peace.

“He worries about us even in sleep”, Om said to Rudra.

Rudra looked guiltily at him saying,

“Yes let’s drop this matter and don’t argue with him more O”

Om nodded moving towards the left side of bed, knowing Rudra loved to sleep between them.

They both laid down and slept knowing the very most two important person in their life is sleeping beside them safely.


Priyanka turned off the light and raised the air conditioner level seeing them slightly shivering.

Priyanka chuckled looking at Rudra bhaiya slept throwing one hand around Om bhaiyaa and one leg over Shivaay bhaiyaa.

She moved towards the bed and pulled the blanket over her brothers.

She may not have the bonding between her brothers like Om, Rudra, Shivaay bhaiyaa shared with each other because it was probably due to the time she born while everything was smoothed down and adults of her family dotted on the only daughter of Oberoi family but still she loved them the same.

She knew her brothers loved her a lot too just the bond is missing but she didn’t mind it as long as they’re together like this without fighting like their parents.

She closed the door and moved towards her room to sleep.


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