Ishqbaaz FF : Ae Mere Dil Hai Mushkil Episode 39

Later that night

Anika was unsure of what to make of the folder she found in the wardrobe that had her name on it.

She didn’t like the fact that he had people following her around without her knowledge but part of her understood him.

That night when the men were following her,when she got off her shift at the Hotel scared her a bit and she understood the gravity of it.

But the second page there were information with a heading FAMILY BACKGROUND and it had Sahil’s information and his parent’s names on, which made alarm bells go off in her head.

“Did he know?” Anika said as she paced back and forth in the room talking to herself.

“What was on that part” Anika wondered as the second half of the page was torn out.

She walked over to the poolside window and wrapping her arms around herself; rubbing her arms.

Anika was uncertain of what to make of everything, “Why did he have to go and look into my past”

And although she was uneasy about Shivaay looking into her past, she kind of knew it was inevitable.

Suddenly she felt a warm body hugging her from behind “Are you ok?” Shivaay questioned.

“It’s nothing, I’m just cold,” she lied and as she tried to release his hold something stopped her;his hand.

Bruised around the knuckles and a bit swollen.

“……….Then you shouldn’t have worn this night dress” Shivaay joked as he swept her hair to the side exposing her bare back.

“Perhaps she was just hormonal all the other days and the fact that she looked so attractive tonight wasn’t helping in the least.” He thought.

His mind went over the last couple of days, somehow he tried to make sense of the past week but he couldn’t fully understand why she was being so distant.

The atmosphere was electric ,as uncomfortable silence filled the air.

He inserted his hand underneath her dress causing Anika to gasp as he ran his fingertips along the inside of her thigh.

A small moan escaped Anika’s lips and she couldn’t bring herself to push him away.

He lightly ran his hand over her cupid’s bow, the lips he so wanted to kiss.
All the tension that filled the room was now seeping into her bones.

This unexpected closeness became volatile and she could feel his warm breath fanning her.

His lips inches away from her skin and she began to tremble, “Why does my body always betray me like this?” she asked herself.

Just one kiss and he could make her forget her reasons for her abrupt and erratic mood swings.

Her mind wreaked havoc on her senses and she wondered for just a second what it would be like to feel his lips on hers.

Shivaay’s grip around her waist loosened a bit as he gently squeezed her side and rubbed her hip with his thumb.

He wasn’t strong enough to resist her And her attitude was a turn on for him.

Shivaay tried to have some self-control, especially when her feelings were on the line but ……

He ignored any of these gut feelings and fixated his eyes on her bare skin.

A devilish grin came across his face and he found himself inching closer towards her skin.

“Shivaay?” confusion filled Anika’s brain as his lips traced over her skin.

“Hmmmmmm” He groaned grabbing her with the one hand and holding her tightly as he began pressing his fingertips between her legs with his other hand.

But instead of pushing him away she pulled him closer as she clutched the sides of his shirt.

Anika couldn’t deny that she miss him,the smell of his cologne was.the last straw.

He turned her around and finally his eyes met hers, the look on his face made her bosom heave in anticipation as her heart began to beat faster.

Shivaay slowly began guided her forward until she was up against the wall that led to the bathroom.

The room was unseemly quietvas electricity filled the room and only thing that was audible was their breathing.

The sheer intensity of the sound blocked out all the clutter of house as Shivaay gently pressed his body against hers.

“I need to stop this”
“He can’t”
“What should I do?”

All of a sudden the door swung open and banged against the wall, “What the…” Shivaay yelled.

They were startled when his mother stood in the doorway as it swung open “Shivaay beta…..” She greeted with a fake smile.

Anika gripped him tighter as her body tensed up when she realized that it was Pinki at the door andthe fact that they were in a compromising position.

“What are you doing here Mom?” Shivaay inquired as she just barged in without knocking.

“OK, so you stopped their romance now, you need to explain yourself” Pinki thought.

“Shivaay, I just wanted to ask you something” Pinki tried to conjure up an excuse, in hopes to provide something that would make sense.

“Are you alright?”  Shivaay placed his hand on Anika’s bare shoulder, worry reflecting in her eyes and he could see she was holding her breath.

“Really, Mom?” he questioned furrowing his forehead.

“Couldn’t this have waited and why didn’t you knock?” he snarled visibly irritated by his mother’s sudden appearance.

Anika felt so awkward and looked away but in the corner of her eye she saw something.

“I’m so sorry for wanting to see my son,” Pinki started, “I won’t waste your time again.” she continued as she was trying to fake tears.

“Mom, I wish that you didn’t feel this way but…..” Shivaay answered as she walked over to his mother.

The reflection of her mother in law face smiling while she pretended to cry in the mirror was something she wished that she imagined.

Anika tried to make sense of what she saw but her body tensed as chills ran down her spine, when she actually realized what had just happened.

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