Ishqbaaz – Duniya Palat Gayi – Episode 59

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Oberoi Mansion,

Shivaay was walking in the corridor thinking about what was troubling Anika when he heard someone sobbing, he started walking in the direction of the sound, he was now standing outside Tej and Jhanvi’s room,

Shivaay: Should I go in? I think something is wrong. I should go in.

He opened the door and was shocked seeing Jhanvi, she was sitting on the floor with her head bent down, she was crying badly, he immediately went to her, feeling someone near her, Jhanvi looked up and saw Shivaay, she couldn’t keep it any longer and hugged Shivaay, he was worried, she was crying and Shivaay was calming her down.

After some time, Jhanvi became composed, Shivaay wiped her tears, he made her sit on the bed and made her drink water, they were quiet for some time.

Finally, Shivaay spoke breaking the silence,

Shivaay: Badi maa, tell me what happened? Why were you crying like that?
Jhanvi: Shivaay…. wo…. Tej….
Shivaay: Tell me Badi maa, did he do anything again?
Jhanvi: No, he didn’t do anything. You know after the last fight we had, he left without saying anything, he didn’t even contact me, even Shakti doesn’t know where he is. I am getting worried. Tej used to leave like this earlier also but he always told me, even if it was rudely, but this time he hasn’t, I am worried thinking about him.
Shivaay: He has done so much wrong with you, Ishana and this family, still you care for him, why?
Jhanvi: I know he has done many mistakes but I still love him, I may fight with him, be angry but I cannot stay away from him for long and same is with him, we have our own issues but we never got separated.
Shivaay: Don’t worry Badi maa, wherever he is, he’ll be fine and will come back soon. Don’t worry.
Jhanvi: Hope so.
Shivaay: Its already late, you must rest now. Good night.
Jhanvi: Good night.

He is about to go but Jhanvi stops him,

Jhanvi: Shivaay…
Shivaay: Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about this.

Jhanvi smiles and he smiles back, he leaves.

Om’s room,

Om was lost thinking about something,


Om goes inside a house, he sees his mother sitting, she is shocked to see him after so long, she goes near him and caresses his face but he moves her hand away,

Gayatri: Om….
Omkara: What is your problem? I have been living a happy life without you, then why are you interfering in my life? You left me when I needed you the most and now you have come back, what did you think, I’ll happily accept you, no, never, I’ll never accept you.
Gayatri: Om, listen to me. I can explain.
Omkara: I don’t need your explanations. Just stay away from life and especially from Ishana. I love her a lot and I don’t want you to use her to enter my life again, stay away.

He throws bundles of money at her feet, she moves back.

Gayatri: Om, what is this?
Omkara: You left me for this only naa, now have it and leave me again.

He is about to go but stops hearing her words,

Gayatri: You think this money can keep me away from Ishana and you. Then you are wrong, I won’t leave.

Om turns to her,

Omkara: What do you want then?

Gayatri smiles,

Gayatri: This money is not enough, especially when you are marrying an Oberoi. She has crores of money and you are giving me so less, how will this work? (Om is shocked hearing her) Don’t be so shocked, you know your mother very well, I came back for money only. (He feels heartbroken) I was never going to come back to you, but when I heard about you and Ishana, I thought it was a great opportunity to make money for a lifetime. So, see, here I am.
Omkara: I never thought you could fall so low.
Gayatri: You thought wrong then. And if you don’t listen to me, I’ll fall lower, like what about killing Ishana and putting the blame on you, what will people think about you, you faked love to get her money, sounds bad naa.
Omkara: How dare you?
Gayatri: I haven’t done it yet so relax, but I may have to do it, if you don’t fulfill my wishes.
Omkara: What do you want?
Gayatri: Money, enough money to live my life in luxury. And I want to be a part of your wedding, even I want to show off as Oberoi’s relatives.
Omkara: You’ll get whatever you want but after the wedding, you’ll take the money and leave our lives forever.
Gayatri: Deal done.

She forwards her hand but Om just gives her an angry look and goes out.


Omkara: How can a person fall so low? I never thought that my own mother will do deals with me for money. She wants to be at my wedding for money and not my happiness.

Tears flow from his eyes but he wipes them. He turns around when he feels a hand on his shoulder, he sees Ishana,

Omkara: Ishana, what are you doing here? Its late, you should sleep.
Ishana: How can I sleep when you are awake here? Tell me, what happened?
Omkara: Nothing happened.
Ishana: Om, tell me, in the morning you didn’t want your mother here and now you asked me to invite her, what changed your mind?
Omkara: Nothing. I just thought about what you said, you are right, she deserves a second chance, a chance to correct her mistake, I just want to give her that.
Ishana: I am so happy that you understood.
Omkara: Your happiness matters the most to me, so I did it.

Ishana hugs him, Om feels bad for lying to Ishana.

Omkara (thinking): Ishana, I am sorry for lying to you, but I cannot involve you in this. You have already had enough pain because of your father, I don’t want my mother to hurt you. Once we get married, I’ll make her away from our happiness.

Next day,

Oberoi Mansion,

All of them were sitting in the living room. Om’s mother had come and all were talking to her,

Jhanvi: It is so nice to meet you. Om is a great guy and I am happy that he is marrying my Ishu.
Gayatri: Even I am so happy, finally my son got his happiness and Ishana, she is so nice. God bless them.

All of them are happy but Om is angry seeing Gayatri, but he maintains his composure.

Dadi: Panditji, tell us an auspicious day for their marriage.

Panditji looks at a few charts,

Panditji: After ten days, there is a good date and time. I think they should get married then.
Pinky: Wow, ten days, we must prepare fast.
Anika: Don’t worry mom, it’s my sister’s wedding, everything will be done.

They all are happy. Jhanvi brings sweets and they feed each other. Om feeds Ishana and she does the same, all are happy seeing them together.

That’s for today.
Keep reading and smiling!!!

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  1. Fenil

    Gayatri will not left easily i m sure.

    1. Prajkta

      Thank you dost ❤

  2. ItsmePrabha

    again some more conspiracies…interesting..will be waiting for the next..till then take care..

    1. Prajkta

      Some major mystery coming soon… I hope you will like that… Till then keep reading

  3. Oh wow! Interesting plot twist about Om’s mom. I wonder if this lie will create trust issues between Ishkara again! Loved the episode… waiting for more?

    1. Prajkta

      Thank you Diya ??

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