Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love(Shivika FF):Episode 59

“Koi Deewana Kehta Hai
Koi Pagal Samajhta Hai
Magar Dharti Ki Bechaini Ko
Bas Badal Samajhta Hai
Main Tujhse Door Kaisa Hu
Tu Mujhse Door Kaisi Hai
Ye Tera Dil Samajhta Hai,Ya
Mera Dil Samajhta Hai……..”

Dadi returns to Sunflower Petals with Priyanka.In the evening Mr.Trivedi comes for Gauri and Soumya and they leave.Next morning,Dadi too leave with PriOmRu for Mumbai.

Night Time
Anika is packing Shivaay’s cloths sitting on the bed.She is looking absentminded.Her nuptial chain comes undone and about to slip but Shivaay comes and grabs it.Anika turns to him.He returns it back to Anika and she wears it.Shivaay asks:

-Anika,why are you packing my cloths?
-You want to go without taking cloths?
-I have all my cloths in Oberoi Mansion.You don’t need to do it.She goes silent.He asks again:

-What happened Anika?
-Why are you going.Plz Shivaay,don’t go.
-I have to go.I am heading this project.It’s success depends on me.If you say like that,how will I go?

-Have you thought even once how I will stay here without you?I could understand if it was for one or two days or week.But you are going for one month!No,no.I can’t let you go.
-See,this one month will pass in jiffy.You have just started working.Make yourself busy in that and your time will pass smoothly.
-Without you,nothing will go smooth.

-Certainly.You have your hands full with works.Model selection,design selection,cover book,magazine shooting,meetings-you will be busy like hell.In all these,you won’t get time to miss me Anika!
-All your plans are ready to push me away right?

-I am just……
-Okay I understand.You,me both will be busy in works.But there are time when we will be free.Can you suggest me how to fill that gap?You are great at suggesting.

-I can’t take that compliment if it is meant so!
-You are always concerned about me.What I would eat,my medicines,workouts-You take care of every single detail.Don’t you think I can mess up with these while you are away?I can take the avatar of Blunder Queen very easily!

-You won’t do anything like that.
-How can you be so sure?
You won’t do any mischief remembering me.My words will echo in your ears.For me,you will take care of yourself.Moreover,I will be in contact with you.Even your little antics won’t miss.

-Can’t I go and stay in Oberoi Mansion,my home?
-I know.Can’t travel,can’t take on long journey.Sometimes I feel like strangle that doctor who advised this!

-Relax.Every restriction is for your well-being.But promise me,you won’t show any negligence in taking medicine nor you would turn into Blunder Queen.
-I only turn into Blunder Queen when you are around.

-That’s great.I am relieved now.
-Many a times I feel,you are not my husband but a sworn enemy!
-Such a big allegation?

-But why I feel you are quarreling with me deliberately?
-Wish you could know the reason!

-Tell me.I want to know,
-I will be staying here,without you for 30 days.
-Mostly but….

-30 days mean 2592000 seconds!Here I can barely stay without you for a second but now I have to pass 2592000 seconds!Can you understand how difficult it will be for me?
-Now it seems like you are prepared!
-You have no heart!You are the most heartless husband I have ever met!

-You are very selfish Anika.
-You think so?

-You are saying about yourself only.Have you thought about me?Even I have to pass those 2592000 seconds!How would I feel in those moment?

Anika turns silent hearing Shivaay.Tear gets welled up inside her eyes.Watching that Shivaay takes her in his arms immediately:

-I am sorry Anika.Did not mean it like that.Plz forgive me?
-You are very bad.She starts sobbing.

-Anika,you can cry as much as you want in front of me.I,I will bear somehow.But plz,don’t shed a single drop of tear when I won’t be staying with you.(Anika stops crying)
It will be very difficult for me then.You are thinking I am not bothered at all.
I got this news on the day of your showroom inauguration.From that moment I only thought one thing-how I am going to break this news to you.

I knew you would not take it easily.If I could postpone this meeting,I would have been very happy.But I am helpless Anika.Just try to understand my situation.May be I am heartless Anika but you are not.I am sure,you will understand.

Anika retreats from the hug:

-Who told you are heartless?
-You….You said just minutes ago!
-Heartless toh aapke dushman bhi na ho!

-So,you will be fine no?I am promising Anika,after I return from Europe,I won’t go anywhere if you don’t want.If I go,we will go together,you and me.
-Pinky Promise?She extends her fingers.Smiling Shivaay too extends his finger:
-Pinky Promise.

Anika jumps into Shivaay’s arms right next moment.They both go on hugging each other for a long time.Later,he picks her up then places on the middle of the bed.Covering her with duvet Shivaay puts a soft,lingering kiss on Anika’s forehead.Holding his hand,Anika closes her eyes with a bright smile.
While she sleeps,Shivaay sits awake caressing Anika’s head:

“How will I stay without you Anika?How?”

Khoya Khoya Rehta Hai
Dil Tadap Ke Kehta Hai
Tu Hai Mere
Jeene Ki Wajah
O Jaana………………Shivaay wipes out his silently falling tears.

Next morning Shivaay takes Anika to Trivedi Villa with Chanchan and Chanchal.All the staffs of Sunflower Petals get one month’s leave.
He spends some time with Anika’s family.When the time came for his departure,both Anika and Shivaay fought back their tears and forced smile in their face,for each other.But Anika could not control herself and broke into tears.Shivaay had a very hard time in pacifying her.Anika calmed down somehow and he took her leave with a sad heart.All the way to Mumbai,he kept on thinking about Anika and her tear filled eyes.

Oberoi Mansion
Shivaay Singh Oberoi is at home,his home.
Everyone welcomes him.On the other hand Pinky gets happy thinking her son is back,finally.After the dinner Shivaay goes to her room.Both mother and son sit together after a long time.Pinky asks:

-Kaisa hai Tu?
-I am fine Mom.
-Can see that.Looking so weak.Have not eaten properly right?

-Not me but you are looking weak Mom.I have made your favourite dessert.I will feed you.Open your mouth,come on.Pinky starts crying:
Mom,plz don’t cry.I don’t like it at all.
-Did not you miss your Mom?

-I missed you most.
-You should have returned earlier then.
-I have returned na Mom now plz smile….Pinky,I hate tears!

-Filmy dialogue does not suit you.
-I can do anything for my Mom’s smile.

-Do you have any doubt?
-No.I know my son very well.Give the bowl to me.I will feed you.

Taking the spoon Pinky starts feeding Shivaay.She goes on questioning for every single thing.He answers all.But to his surprise,Pinky does not ask anything about Anika.
Finishing talking with Pinky,Shivaay returns to his room.

Standing in the middle of the room he looks around.A sweet smile appears on his lips.Getting in the bed he is about to cover himself with duvet but out of nowhere,Anika comes and slips under the duvet,next to him:

-Hatiye zara.I am feeling sleepy.
-Anika…You…You are in Oberoi Mansion?
-What did you think?That you can get rid of me easily?If you are Stubborn Singh Oberoi then I am Mrs.Stubborn Singh Oberoi.

-I can’t believe you are here.
-Toh believe kar lijiye na.Who is stopping you?
-Seriously Anika,you can do anything.You can do impossible.Hands down.

-Thank you.
-But how did you come?You came alone or with anyone else?
-That’s a secret.
-I am very eager to know.Tell me na Anika.
-Okay I am telling.She makes Shivaay lie down on the pillow then says:

-You know who brought me here?

Smiling,Anika leans down and plants a soft kiss on Shivaay’s cheek holding his face.Right that moment Shivaay springs up on the bed and shouts:Anika?
But where is Anika?He takes a look around the room.Then sadly recalls that she is not here.He was just hallucinating about her.
Sighing Shivaay lies down.Closing eyes he tries to sleep so that Anika can come in his dreams.

Seven days later Shivaay leaves for Europe with Shakti and Tej.OmRu and Pinky go to airport to see them off.Finally their plane soars in the blue sky.

Precap:While playing with Chanchan and Chanchal Anika trips and falls down the stairs.She shouts in pain-Shivaay!!

Author’s Note:

Dear Readers,
How are you all?Hoping you all are khidkitode.I want to share something with you-I have exams in my hands to tackle.For that I have to study.That’s why I am going to put down my FF pen for some time.I need to study and only books should get my all attention.So,there will be no update till 3rd May.After that,I will resume updating regularly.Hope all my readers who read on regular basis,who do not anymore,who want but can’t manage time,who are bored by now-will understand my situation.Will meet with you all after 3rd May.Till then,take care everyone and thank you so very much for all the love.Much love to everyone.


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  1. NSK

    (In Annika style)
    Everything will be alright.?
    (In SSO style)
    Bhalo kore exam dio apuni.?
    (Me being me)

    1. Luthfa

      Awwww…..So sweet of you Noushin.Among three,yours is the best.Love you.

  2. ItsmePrabha

    First of all, All the very best of good luck to you darlos..i know you are gonna rock the exams..prepare well..tension bilkul na le..padhai karte karte, aaram bhi karna..apna khayal rakhna okay…
    Now coming to the epi,yaar a little separation for shivika..but it’s okay..lets see what’s gonna happen..par 3rd may tak intezaar karna padega na..hey bhagvan iss mahine ko jaldi jaldi khatam karlo..will be waiting for you you so much ..take care..

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Sweetheart,
      Your wishes are giving me elder sister’s concerned vibe which is just lovely.Thank you so very much.I will try Sweetheart.
      I think it’s a sheer co-incidence that I needed a break to study for exam and Shivika too got a break.I did quick updates for that.I don’t know what most of my readers expect from me,from my FF.Still I write the way I love.If by any chance they are bored by now,will get a break too,like Shivika and me!
      Let’s meet after 3rd May.Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooo….very much for your sweet and valuable love.Love you too.You too take care and God bless you.

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