Ishqbaaz bole oberoi, swaragini : the forgotten sisters and swasan: love rekindles promo1

Hey guys I’m so sorry I’m not able to post my ffs regularly due to some problems so m giving promo for them and I’ll try to asap old don’t be upset with me coz I’ve a genuine reason
Sorry readers

Let’s begin
Swaragini:the forgotten sisters

Swaragini are sitting in their office of Swara&ragini music school
Swara got a call
Swara :hello
Swara:what how is it possible
Swara sits down with sinus and teary eyed
Ragini gets worried and goes to her
Ragini:what happen Swara who was at the phone
Swara :no response
Ragini shakes her
Swara cries hard and hugs her and tells :ragini

mom masi maa (janki)
She didn’t tell anything further
Ragini:what happen to them Swara tell
Swara goes to our and it’s in her car ragini also
goes with her she drives fast

Voice:let’s see what happens in the future will
this incident bring swaragini closer what happened to shomi and janki

For knowing the reason stay tuned

Ishbaaz bole oberoi:

Shivika room
Shivaay gives anika down papers
Shivaay:anika sigh them now
Anika:shivaay you can’t do it
Pinky:he has done it anika
Anika :no I won’t sign

Screen shifts to omri
Om:how could gauri sharma you betrayed me I
hate you
Gauri:no omkaraji I did only to help you in exposing g sultana madam I had no bad intentions trust me
He chuckled
Om:I hate you and I hate trust

Later omri is shown in ice room in eo embrace

Screen shifts to rumya
Soumya :yeah rehaan I’m coming
Soumya goes out and rehaan is seen to be waiting for her
Rudra is seen seeing g them from a distance he can hear what their talking
Rehaan:you know what soumya marriage date is fixed it’s after 1 month and engagement is after 5days
Soumya:woah but how will we do arrangements for engagement it’s so early
Rehaan:don’t worry sweetie I’ll handle everything you only have to come dresses nicely

Rudra is teary eyed listening it
Rudra:is soumya Marrying rehaan no she can’t do it she is my wife but I always insulted her what to do why I’m feeling g bad

Voice:what papers did shivaay give anika is it divorce papers ,how do gauris truth came out how did they reach in ice room ,is soumya marrying rehaan will rudra do something will he realize his love
For knowing stay tuned

Swasan:love rekindles
Guys I know I posted only one part and suddenly this promo but plz understand me sorry once again guys

Sanskar along with his children reaches Mumbai
Swara is seen busy in her hotel
Sanskar and Swara are on their way to home (swaras home)
What will their reaction be

Past:swason are walking in opposite direction
(This is only a flash)

Swasan avoiding eo Their hands meet
Sparsh asking them the reason why they separated
Voice:will swasan tell the reason why they separated why they walked in opposite directions
For knowing stay tuned

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