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am here to provide my point of view on the ongoing track of ishqbaaz. Iam a die heart fan of ishqbaaz. But i am missing my old ishqbaaz. Ishqbaaz has lost its old charm.

1.I am missing the obros -They are the base of the show .the scene when shivvay and om would argue on some serious matters and because of our cute rudy both will give up the arguement. The kitchen bromance. Sharing their day to day problems with each other on pool side.but now they are not even sharing their problems. I know the pool is close to shivvay ‘s room and now he is married.but the oberoi mansion has so much space gardens so atleast they can sit their and share their problems.

2. i am not liking pinky as villain-i am missing pinky who played the role of cupid in tej and jhanvi love story. Trying to rebuilt their their broken relationship.i would love to see pinky with her broken English, cute mom and the sweetest mother in law.

3.i would like to see jhanvi as an independent woman-even after so much of humiliation jhanvi is expecting tej to be changed . i mean where is the self respect of jhanvi. if it had been something like that jhanvi left tej and send him the divorce paper. And tej after finding the truth of Svetlana would try to mend relation with jhanvi and in this mission pinky will help him . then i would love to see that.

4. priyankaa- after getting the truth out of ranveer i expected priyanka to be more bold.i thought she woul d help her family in business matter but her character just disapper.

5.Rudra – i am early waiting for rumya love story. Their cute nok-jhok. rudr sense , his logic ,the cute and most sensible love angle.

6.Om- i am missing the old om .who wasmature and use to be the support system of his brother.saving rudra from various problem thenexplainig him his fault . his sensible and matured shayaris. His artistic point of view of life. Explaining everything in such complicated but beautiful language.

7. shivaay- i am missing the old shivaay who can do anything for his brothers. But now he doesn’t even care what is happening inhis brothers life. I mean kaali thkur is back, tej is trying to marry Svetlana, janvi is trying to suicide ,om’s best friend chubhul has been kidnapped but it des not affect shivvay .how it can be possible.

8.Gauri-honestly first i was liking the character but now i feel like it is all scewed up. And seriously i am failed to understand her character. So no comments on her.

9. Svetlana- ok about her i can only write i am fed up of her.

10. anika – she is the only character in ishqbaaz which has changed but her change is acceptable.

11.dadi- my most favourite ishqbaaz . i am missing her . her comments on seeing the other ishqbaazs. Her masti with was just awesome but unfourtunately it was.
There are some plots which goes out of my mid like
1. Where is roop and gayatri? as far as i know shivaay was trapped in gayatri murder case but it was not reveled who killed gayatri is she alive or not.
2. Acp rhandawa investigated the case . and he came to knew that because of om and priyanka his sisiter went to coma. But it was not revealed that how he came to know that , what was her sister doing their, did she recover or it was a trap for om and priyanka as his character later turn negative.
3. How was daskh related to kamini and ranveer if both were faked how dakh meet them ,what was their actual plan.
4. Where is anika bua . i feel she was better than these villains.
5. Where is rehyaan . why he is not contacting with somya as they are gf and bf.
6. How come anika and chulbul being in the same house doesnot came across each other.
7. When tej was marrying svetlana where was dadi, shivaay, anika, pinky,shakti,somya,priyanka.

Please share ur views. And pls ignore grmatical mistakes

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  1. I guess the stupid floor divisions are to be blamed for all this idiotic mess. BUT how the hell is dbo based on so called second floor when Om’s room is on ground floor???????(Remember Swetlana jumping to secret underground passage from there)
    Missing o bros very much.

  2. Kiya

    I agreed to ur all points dr…. Specially ur last questions is right… It my questions to…. So much drama but not working at all…

  3. in ishqbaaz pls stop draagging episodes between anika and shivay too much over action and why cant take it forward stupid games boring love story not able understand their feelings and wat about priyanka jhanvi tej om rudra soumya ranveer and kaamini is back wat abt mahi pls reveal the story and wat abt anikas dreaming abt her sister noting showing its just bluffing now a days pls change the track and show something interesting not dump. thankyou.

  4. suhanaa obsoulutely ur correct and i vl agree with you and now a days boring and they are just dragging the story and have a lot of doubt few thinks they wont clarify y roop and gayatri and who is anikas sister and family,,,,,,,all doubts no clarity mahi ??????? wat hapnd to him??

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