Ishqbaaz 9th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 9th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Om telling doctor about Shivaye’s allergies. Doctor tells him about the poison traces in blood, it entered his body by someone’s touch. Om gets shocked and recalls that lady. He asks doctor will Shivaye get fine. Doctor asks him not to worry. Om sees Rudra crying. Rudra recalls the brother’s moments. He holds his heart and falls down. Om shouts Rudra and runs to him. He asks what happened. Rudra says superman Shivaye, my elder brother, I want him, I did not wish anything else. Rudra is in shock. Om shouts and holds him. Rudra says its all my mistake. Om hugs him and they cry.

Anika asks Bua is Sahil missing since night. Bua asks what shall I do, you enjoy here and there at night and Sahil was asking me where is his Didi, what shall I tell him, so I kicked him out. Anika

holds Bua angrily and says if anything happens to Sahil, I won’t leave you. She pushes Bua and leaves.

Om says I have to go home and tell everyone about Shivaye. Rudra says no, I can’t stay alone here. Om says I need to tell Dadi, be strong. Om goes. Nurse asks Rudra to sign on release form, its necessary to start transfusion, if patient dies during procedure then hospital will not be responsible. He asks her how can she say so. She asks him to hurry up and sign. Rudra cries and signs on the form.

Anika looks for Sahil and asks neighbors. A man asks Anika why is she worried. She asks for Sahil. He says Bunty took Sahil saying he will take Sahil to you. A girl at the hospital sees Rudra. She gives him water. He asks for black coffee. She gets black coffee. She sits beside him and offers paratha roll. He signs no. He tells about Shivaye and how Shivaye secured him always, I used to sleep in his room, he always saved me, he got protein shakes, facial packs for me, and solved GF issues too, people think we are real brothers, but he is my first cousin, he is more than my own brother, I love him a lot. He cries and tells more about Shivaye and his bond.

The girl cries too and says I can understand how is it to lose a brother, we think this won’t happen with us, but when this happens, tears don’t stop, but we are stronger than we think, we get problems and get strength too, you don’t need strength, your brother will get fine. She gives him a spiritual thread, and says this was of my brother, give this to your brother, its Bappa’s blessings, he will get fine, then I will come there and sing my brother’s fav song and get parathas for you. He asks will Shivaye get fine. She guarantees Lord’s blessings and goes.

Pinky tells Dadi that Shivaye is not in his room. Jhanvi says even Om and Rudra are not in their room. Dadi says don’t worry, I will call him. They hear the ringtone. Dadi says that’s Omkara, they just trouble me. She asks about Shivaye. Om walks in the light and they get shocked seeing blood stains on his tee. Dadi says blood and gets dizzy. Om runs to her and holds her. Dadi asks where is Shivaye. Om cries. Pinky asks what happened to Shivaye. Om says Shivaye is in hospital. Dadi, Pinky and Jhanvi cry. Dadi hugs Om.

Anika goes to Bunty’s place and shouts Sahil. Sahil is tied and hears her. She looks for him. Sahil tries to move. The man says Anika, I have asked everyone, no one has seen Bunty and Sahil, I think we have to see somewhere else. Sahil kicks a bottle. Anika stops by the sound and comes that side. Before she could see Sahil, the man calls her out. She runs out.

Shivaye is treated. Dadi, Priyanka, Pinky and Jhanvi worry. Pinky prays for Shivaye. Jhanvi says nothing will happen to him, he is most stubborn in all our four children. Pinky asks will nothing happen to him. Jhanvi and Om console Pinky. Shakti reaches hospital. Doctor says its nothing to worry now, blood transfusion completed, we removed the poison, he is fine now. Om asks Dadi to go home and rest, Rudra and I will stay here with Shivaye.

Om and Rudra go inside the ward. Ruthke humse kahin jab………….. plays………… They recalls the old moments and their brotherly bond. They cry and sit there. They hold Shivaye’s hands. Anika says Shivaye, this is happening because of you,if anything happens to Sahil, I won’t leave you.

Tej says Shivaye manages major part of Oberoi business, if anything happens to him, we should be ready. Om gets shocked. The mysterious lady injects poison to Shivaye. Shivaye gets well. Tej asks Om to sign on the papers. Om shouts enough and raises hand to stop Tej.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. yeh actress kaun thi ,jo rudra ki saath thi

    1. Rudra’s pair neha laxmi iyer

  2. Goms

    Fast updateeee.. superb..thanq amena..

  3. I loves Rudra today’s episode was so sad full

  4. ASsalam-o-alaikum please update fast…

  5. ASsalam-o-alaikum amena please update fast…

  6. thanks! amena for update.i am new at this site.the episode was nice.i could’nt see the episode bcoz of loadshedding.

  7. Brother’s bonding is really awesome…..

  8. I lost my cousin in last march 3rd…so when the song played (ruthke hmse kahi ..) i was jst crying…i miss him a lot….

    1. Im sorry for ur loss… may he RIP

    2. my bday!

  9. yes1 yes! yes! i knew it ! neha lakshmi iyer is paired opposite lineesh. i actually predicted that and it came true!

  10. the show is great but….female pairing is not great

    1. exactly.. boyz r cool,full on attitudes
      but females r not good at all
      they r zero against d boyz.look at Anika
      she has attitudes,but not enough.i don’t lyk her!
      noe Neha!she’ll look lyk a aunty against Rudra??Rudra looks lyk a kiddo..n she!!
      i m disappointed

  11. I liked the series so far, good acting from both sides actors and actress in love with Anika , the story reminded me of American movie I saw .

  12. Very sad episode but great as usual. Please don’t bring anymore QH cast members, 3 so far.

    1. Shai

      who 3..i know only 1

  13. how will anika find sahel? is shivaay help her?shivaay – anika pairing is good.their acting is also good.

  14. Isn’t Anika haya from qubool hai? Loved her there and loving her here as well. I seriously like Om but nothing shown much of him as of how? Hope to see more of him in the long run. Shipping SivaNika?

  15. Very emotional episode. I love the new actress with rudh.
    She is exact opposite. ..she is mature, and a part a Wali lolzzzz and I’m sure she loves herself in her body wit out going crazy like our rudh lolzzzz and he did say he would not marry a paratawali lolzzzz
    So according to the he show opposite attract…. I find Anika and her aunt part is so annoying that part of a story is so unnecessary. ..

    I hope to see OM partner soon ??????

    1. BTW the actress who will play a the love interest of rudra had henna all over her hands maybe she is getting married????

      Usually girls runs after rudra, now he will run after a ordinary girl ☺☺☺☺☺☺
      Can’t wait to see their story to unfold.

      1. I also lyk the new actress very much. I find her so cute and adorable…..

  16. Love this serial and wanted to know what is going to happen

  17. Hi Guys I’m new here , episode was emotional , did any one noticed a small bottle has fell from omkara s pocket

    1. Shai

      i guess those were the drugs

  18. Epi was emotional especially Rudra’s part

  19. Shivaye pls get well am missing ur action.rudra ur part yesterday was nice keep it up..

  20. Shai

    even rudra’s love story has started….where is om’s love story..that would be he is a very different guy..

  21. I am waiting for Oms pair,yesterday Rudras seen was too emotional I don’t wants see Rudra like this sooo plz Shiv recover as early as possible just. Bcz of Rudra,Oms happiness I don’t understant who that’s women??? What’s reason to here to kill or targets only shiv???? If any one know abt this tell me

  22. new actress is so cute

  23. Wow Rudra pairing girl is amazing she is very cute and her acting and her personality …different love story shaping up

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