Ishqbaaz 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ishqbaaz 8th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pinky asks Dadi to explain Shivaye. She argues. He says I decided this puja won’t happen. Anika says its truth, you are Shivaye’s twin brother, I have proof, DNA test result. Some time before, Anika says you took big decision for me. Shivaye says for us, if we can have bullet for each other, we can have mum’s scolding, what’s there to cry. She says I m happy. He asks this way? She says its tears of happiness, I never thought I will see your this avatar, Sweet Singh Oberoi, I m much afraid I can lose you. She cries and says you know I m not scared of darkness as much as I m scared of happiness, as there is fear to lose happiness, I don’t know how to experience this, I don’t know what Lord feels, whenever he gives me small happiness, he snatches something big from me, I m scared…. He stops her and says nothing will happen, your life will have happiness to stay forever, I will even fight with Lord for this. He hugs her and says you are mad. She says even you are mad. He says I will go and change.

She gets a call from Khanna. She recalls having a secret with Khanna about DNA test reports. She says what shall I do now, I promised Shivaye we won’t check any other’s past, when Shivaye took this big step, should I know his past. Pinky asks Dadi to explain Shivaye, he is breaking the traditions, I can’t believe he is same Shivaye, today he does not care for family, you tell me, is Kulgotra puja imp or not. He says Kulgotra puja won’t happen. Dadi says Pinky is right, we have to keep puja even if we won’t know Anika’s kulgotra. He says then questions will arise, this puja won’t happen. Pinky says this never happened in Oberoi family. He says there is always a first time, you are thinking ancestors will wait for me to do this puja, I decided this puja won’t happen. Anika thinks to tell Khanna that she does not want to know anything.

She answers. Khanna asks her to talk to Dr. Goyal. Dr. Goyal says the DNAs matched, they both are brothers. She gets shocked and recalls Mahi. She says how can this happen, Mahi is Shivaye’s brother, is Shivaye knows this then…

Mahi calls Kamini and says why is she not answering my call. Kamini answers. He asks why are you not answering call, are you fine, I was worried. She says you would have not called me if you were worried. He says I called to ask your welfare. She says I m fine as you are not with me, don’t call again, else police will know my location by your call. He sits sad and says mum should have not said wrong, but no she is right. He says person comes and goes alone, no one said person has to live in world alone. He cries and calls out to someone. He sits drinking and crying. He sleeps.

Pinky argues with Shivaye. He says Rudra and Om’s wives info will be written in kulgotra, except my son’s wife. Shivaye says it does not matter to me, we won’t discuss this again. He goes. Anika looks on. Pinky says he is ruining traditions for Anika. Anika thinks Shivaye decided he does not want to know about me, what shall I do, it will be big thing if I tell him, and if I don’t tell him, he may know about someone else. He comes and says press conference is going to start. She thinks to tell Shivaye or not, Mahi is his own brother, will he bear this truth or not. He asks what happened. She says I have to leave Sahil to boarding school, I can’t attend your conference. He says that’s fine, its not so imp. She recalls Dr. Goyal’s words. She hugs Shivaye. He asks what happened. She says nothing, I just had to say all the best for press conference. He says its not any war. She says even if it was a war, I would never let you lose. He goes. She thinks sorry Shivaye, this time its about your brother and entire family, I have to meet Mahi to know complete truth.

Shivaye gets the man’s call. He recalls Naintara. He says I don’t want any info about her, don’t pass my number to her. He says I promised Anika I will not let her past affect our future. He goes. Pinky says Shivaye is not caring for Anika’s name, blood and family, I will make her out of my son’s life. She calls someone and asks are you ready.

Mahi wakes up hearing door knock. He sees Anika. He asks her to leave. She says I got to know why you saved Shivaye’s life, do you have any answer, what relation do you have. He says nothing. She says blood is blood, I found it that Shivaye is your brother. He gets shocked.

Shivaye is in press conference. The reporter asks him about Tia and Shivaye’s company merger. Shivaye says its not happening, there are some business reasons, we are discussing current projects here. Pinky signs the reporter. The man asks about Anika. Shivaye says press conference is not about my wife. The man says you always said your wife will be from respectable and big family, we want to know your wife’s family business. Mahi says whatever you said is… She says its true, you are Shivaye’s twin brother, so you saved his life, I have proof, DNA test result.

Shivaye says my wife is from a decent and respectable family, if not from a big business family. A lady comes and asks Shivaye is he his son in law, I m Naintara, Anika’s mum, I dance in bar. Shivaye gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good morning dearies, hope all IB fans had already voted? If not, do that now. Let us reward the effort of the actors

  2. Hello! I am a ishqbaaz fan. I follow your comments but I have a wish to join your gang may I ?

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Hello Dishu! Pls don ask.. welcome and keep commenting always!! ?

    2. Archiya

      Wc Dishu
      keep commenting

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Wel come to PKJ…

    4. Vishakha

      hi ??? please keep commenting ???

    5. Shanaa

      welcome to pkj dear……… 🙂 🙂

    6. dishu wc to pkj but one warning u have to be pagal about ishqbaaz in this group

    7. Hii Dishu……no need to ask…..jst attack with ur cmnts……

    8. Ranilya

      Hi dishu…welcome to pkj

  3. Sejsmiles

    Pinky has not left any space to redeem herself now as a mother. I wish Shivaye soon finds out in this week only that his mom is playing games. Mahi Shivaye story will be interesting. Nkk that oberois boast of is all bullshit.. All oberois have played dirty sometime or other. Tej n his affairs.. Shakti also has a shady past then what nkk r they talking about.

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Tej n affairs.. Shakthi n shady past..
      The way dadi keeps her mouth shut to pinky’s antics, we don have to be surprised if they come up with something abt dadi!!

      1. Archiya

        last line..lolzzz

      2. Meenuu

        Anu another heart attack another shock
        Another past with dadi
        We cant handle yaar

      3. Ranilya

        Lol Anu….
        Dadi and her secret affair!! Dadaji upar se dekh rahe hain!!

  4. Forgot to say.

    @Maahi dear, your lines made me sooo emotional. .kerp writing like this…

    @akrti dear, i am laughingafter read your comments. …dr dang duplicate ?????????? may be????

    Pinky ponky aur nayantara ke liye bass rk line full on gouri style.


    Dil bole Nakkul baaz, Surbhibaaz, Maahibaaz, And Shivika baaz.?????

    1. Akriti

      thank you arpu…
      ekdam mast line….
      ab toh PPD aur NAYANTARA ke dewaar me hi satana padega….wahi jagaha thik hai dono ke liye….

  5. AnuluvsIB

    Hey! Where is ridhi?? Mahi is back but ridhi is not around.. and Liji!! U r also busy!!
    Come back soon gals!!

  6. Vishakha

    gosh!! ??? I don’t think I’ll be able to start from top and reach the bottom of the comments ever.. need a lot of practice for that ??

  7. Vishakha

    so as per spoilers both mahi and shivaay are kamini’s sons.. and I’m so happy with this if it comes true.. I want to see the tight slap on donkey’s face.. what was her dialogue?? haan.. MERA HEERA BETA.. heera beta to wo hai donkey Ji Lekin aapka nahi hai..those who dig pits for others themselves end up falling in It.. ??

    1. Shanaa

      then this kamini doesnot love both mahi and shivay..she treat mahi very badly and tried to kill shivay….she just love money…
      iam only happy with this track because pinky will be sad….

      1. Vishakha

        I hate Kamini too..she doesn’t deserve to be called as a woman.. but right now my interest is donkey’s sadness..Kamini has no feelings for anyone and she accepts It..but the name of being a mother in the name of his son’s happiness she is ruining his life and a girl’s respect..which is the worst thing possible..

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Pinky..ponky …ponkey…shakti ka wo donkey..tu toh gayi…Shakti papa too…!!!!!
      Shakti too is like Tej!!!
      Shivaay Bhaiyya ko unlimited hugs..

      1. Vishakha

        ya looks like the middle aged generation is more out of control and spoilt than the young generation in OF.. dada dadi would have been busy in their single ishqbaazi and their sons busy in multiple ishqbaazis..( bad one I know) ???

    3. AnuluvsIB

      True.. like Shana mentioned, I would be happy with this track only as it’s a slap on pinky’s face..
      I want Shivaay not to be najayaz, yet to come out of NKK.. thatsbis when it means he is truly out of it..
      The only reason for Shivaay to come out of NKK should be love for annika! No other situational circumstantial influences!!

      1. Vishakha

        everything should happen..donkey should get a tight slap..mahi should get the love and respect he deserves..annika deserves to be with sso..and he should come out of his ideologies without having a question mark on his birth..phew ?? I must say cv’s Ka kaam Bht difficult hota hai..

    4. Vishaka I think first they will be showing kamini as maahivaays mother later it will be revealed that they are pinky sons if they show shivay as half Oberoi then it will be a total asap if shivay is that old stupid sigh oberoi who believes nkk then iwill be really happy to see him as illegitimate but this sweet Singh oberoi doesn’t deserve this

  8. Aastha_Reddy

    Shree…yaar triple party for you special with all my crazy family members…all for one for all ..Aww…you saw my childhood Images…Tarzan wala dekha ki nahi!!!

  9. hello guys.all this weeknend i was feeling very fav team RCB is not playing at all gud this season and makes me cry so the ways coming today episode today dadi disappointed me.don’t know why CVs are doing such thing ?????????????

    two shivikas hug were perfect.

    Ithink pinky is forgetting some thing. HMMold age mein hota hai yeh saab yoh ladki tuhmhre beeta ke liye jaan de saakti hai aur tum uski zindagi mrein hi raita pala rahi ho .OMG ek chuki paani mein duub mar
    seriously guys this pinky is horrible



    you all know all i don’t have any elder brother and sister.actually my father is the first son of my grandparents and my grandparents are also the first child of their same case with my mama also. She is also the first child.ANDhere the history repeats i am first child of my parents main kiski saali nahi main kisko bhaabi nahi bula sakti .


    I THINK AM YOUNGEST MEMBER OF pkj.i am so happy
    some equires and answer-

    @amayaa didi- di hamare yahain earthquake nahi hua .SAYYAD universe bhi yahi chata tha ki aap ek serious wali analysis lik hi do.hahahaha

    @visu di-thanh u di for reading my first ever poetry thank u

    @maahi di-di aap tutions dete ho kya shayari ke???agar yes to mujhse bhi lelo na apni class mein .
    @i wanted to know are there any odias ishiques?

    ok enough of mu bakbaak hope u guys dony’t mind my such long bakwas

    1. Shanaa

      shanaya….u will get many di s here…iam just one year elder to u…

      iam super happy to find a RCB fan…
      me tooo a big fan of RCB…
      much disappointed with their present performance…but will support them alwayzzz…

      1. koi nahi shanaa di RCB WILL PERFORM GREAT IPL2018.aur aab toh champions ka worla cup bhi aarahai

    2. Vishakha

      hi shanaya.. I really love your name dear ?? and bak bak se kya mind karna..wo to khud hamare NKK me hai ???

      1. hi vishu di thank u

  10. ?????????????????????????? i want to killl him i want to kill him i want to kill him

    Are moderation uncle….meri itni badi comment ki gangardm kardi…. post hi nahi kiya…main thodi late kya hogayi comment ko moderation uncle ne let comment kardiya…??????????????????

  11. are there any odia ishiques here?

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Shanaya…Arpita is is from Bhubaneswar…odisha..

      1. Kya? ???????ar
        Apru to u are from odisha.well I am too from odisha .from raurkela

  12. Stupid serial it’s really boring dear friends pls watch Jaana na Dil se door it’s wonderful serial u r wasting ur time by seeing this stupid serial

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