Ishqbaaz 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye learns Roop’s truth

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Ishqbaaz 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says no Shivaye, let it be, our work is done, this idiot has confessed all his crime, and here is the recording. Police catches Veer. Veer shouts. Everyone comes there and sees Veer. Shivaye says arrest him, he has confessed his crimes. Roop gets shocked. Anika says what did you get after planning so much, Shivaye always failed you, you would be better in jail, go to jail happily, get out. Veer pushes the constables. Shivaye punches him. Veer screams. Tej makes Shivaye and Veer away. Roop shouts no. Shivaye asks what happened. She says let the police do their work. Shivaye says stay in jail now, enough of this fake friendship, game is over. Veer says no, game just started, I m your enemy, I will ruin you all, I swear it, Oberois are finished. He sees Roop. She signs no. Veer gets angry and goes.

Shivaye says this man told my wife that there is someone from this family, who is involved with him, you have to find him. He gives the recorder to inspector. Inspector says don’t worry, we know how to make him speak. Rudra gets happy. Anika asks Pinky not to worry, Veer will get fine after he gets beaten up by police. Roop thinks cheap girl is flying after becoming big house’s bahu, see how I ruin your life, you are proud of your love and Shivaye, I will change this love into hatred, I will make you reach the place from where you have come. Pinky does Anika’s aarti. Shivaye asks what’s the need to do all this. Pinky says problems are always on you, you left home and then faced Veer, Shwetlana and Soumya troubled you when you came back. Shakti jokes. Pinky cries and says I myself have changes, Anika has forced me to change, Anika has suffered a lot for the sake of this family and Shivaye, she has risked her life, I accused her many times but she didn’t answer back, I really wanted to hate her, but her love made me forget my hatred. Anika cries and says you never hated me, it was just anger, elders have a right to get angry. Pinky says this is your problem, you are very good, you are the best, after all you are my bahu, family comes first for you too, like Shivaye.

Anika says all of us are together because of the family. Pinky kisses her hands. Shivaye says their union will continue, dad are you interested to see Rudy’s marriage video. Anika says we are also interested. Rudra says did that man take battery too. Shivaye says light is on, check, did you insert DVD. Rudra says sorry, I was excited and forgot. He drinks water and spills some on the DVD. He says this will dry off. Pinky says history repeats itself, when we were seeing Roop’s wedding tape, Shivaye spilt water on it, when he was 6 year old, he said we will dry it by putting it in front of the fan. They laugh. Shivaye says I said what I felt right. Rudra says dry this in front of the fan too. Shivaye says you are not so young. Om says water doesn’t spoil DVD, wipe it and try. Rudra plays the DVD. They all smile.

Shivaye asks did Veer say anything to police. Khanna says no, he is too stubborn, he didn’t speak a word. Shivaye says tell police to force him, I must know who is involved with him. Khanna’s phone rings. Balam pichkari ringtone plays… Khanna says sorry Sir, its my mum’s phone. Shivaye asks what about this ringtone. Khanna says you all danced on this song on Holi, I couldn’t take my mind off this song, since then.. Shivaye says its fine, go, get to work. Khanna goes. Shivaye smiles and recalls Veer’s words. He says what did he mean, he came to take revenge for his mom, I don’t know him and his mom, what happened that night, I need to think, Kalyani mills…. He thinks of Pinky’s words. He calls out Pinky and asks Bhavya. Bhavya says she was in temple with Gauri. He asks Gauri where is mom. Gauri says she just went to her room.

He goes to Pinky’s room. She asks what happened. He says I need to know truth, you told me, you had taken Roop’s child to hospital that night, is this true. She says yes. He says you told me about Roop’s wedding when I was a kid, it doesn’t mean sense, how did she get a child when mills fire incident occurred, tell me the truth, why did she get a child before marriage, why didn’t you tell me. She says that child was illegitimate, we had hidden this always, just Tej, Shakti, Jhanvi and I know this, even Dadi doesn’t know this, how could we tell you all. He asks where is that child. She says we didn’t ask Roop, she didn’t say anything. He asks his date of birth. She says he was born around Diwali, in November. He goes. He calls inspector and asks did you get any info about Veer. Inspector says no, he didn’t say anything, we got to know about his orphanage, he was born in November. Shivaye thinks even Roop’s child was born in November. He thinks of Roop and Veer’s words. He says does this mean Veer is Roop’s son, only one person can confirm this. Roop sees Veer’s pic and says forgive me, you went to jail to get my revenge, I will not leave Anika. Shivaye comes. He asks is everything fine, why are you sitting in darkness. She says yes, my head was aching a bit. She checks time.

He sees her pocket watch and recalls Anaika’s words. He sees the pic and says Veer.. your son, he did this on your saying, he tried to kill Anika, he tried to ruin me, why Bua, why such hatred towards your family. She asks what family, family is one which supports you, not the one which leaves you to suffer in the cruel world, family is of guys, not girls, girls are considered an outsider, if a son makes mistake, its a mistake, if a daughter makes mistake, its a sin, Tej always did mistakes, when I made a mistake, he asked me to leave this city, when I got pregnant out of wedlock, they were ready to end ties with me, they laid a condition that I can either leave house or my child, I made my child away so that the Oberois family’s dignity doesn’t get damaged, what did my brothers do, they didn’t me my share, if Tej and Shakti did this mistake, would anyone ask them to leave. Shivaye says if something wrong happened with you, you should have fought for your child, dad and Tej would have agreed if you talked to them, you turned annoyance into hatred, you wanted to kill family.

She says you don’t know their truth, if you really wish to hear, here you go, all the elders are murderers, this Oberoi empire is built on many innocent lives. He says I don’t believe this, my family is not part of this, if you think you can instigate me against my family, then you have a misconception. She says you are living in misconception, reach Kalyani mills at 12, you will see their true faces today.

Tej says its really…. Shivaye says its Mr. Kapoor’s dead body, witnessing you this way, it was been proven that you have murdered Mr. Kapoor. Elders get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I m so happy trp 2.2 at 11th position.
    Finally, that Vanmanush is arrested. But I think he will be back.
    I was so happy when Shivay bhaiya punched that 8 futia. Was scared also when he was behaving like mad.
    Someone plsss pinch me Pinky has really changed. Good to see her like this.
    So Shivay bhaiya gets to know about bua. Good.
    The way bua was telling the truth to Shivay bhaiya was like horrible.
    A new entry is going to happen in IB someone Charlie.
    In fb it was shown that Mr.Kapoor’s body is found but in precap his corpse is shown. How? Pls tell if I m wrong.
    @Arpita di- Thanks di. But what is GRG? Pata hai di, I can accept anyone disturbing Shivika be it dadi or Rudy or anyone even Pinky now but not this danto danto mein, she irritates me a lot.
    @sweth- Thanks for sharing ur views. Ya, u r right after seeing Ruvya I too Ishkara were having much more chemistry. But we have to accept Ruvya now. Don’t know about Swetkara.
    @Luthfa di- Thanks a lot di. It’s nothing new in disturbance for Shivika but not by this bua.

    1. RITU dear..GRG congrats yarr.
      GRG means go.RITU go…
      And yaa me too confused about that corpse part.
      And you are not wrong at all

      1. Thanks di. And thanks again for telling me both the things

    2. You are right, Mr. Kapoor’s dead body was shown in one of the episodes.

      1. Thanks Abhishek bhaiya.

    3. Congratulations being first!!!

      Ur is right!!

      1. Thank u

    4. Hi Ritu !!!
      2 days back.. when bua revealed abt the secrets.. tej says police didn’t find mr.kapoor’s dead body.. ??
      i guess there is still some mystery to come ? may be..

      1. Ya I remember that but in one of the old episode it is shown that Mr. Kapoor body is taken and Mrs.Kapoor, Swety, Tia, Somya are crying and promising to take revenge.

    5. Hi Ritu dear,
      Congrats dear for being 1st yesterday n today..
      Really pinky made me shock with soo much of changes in

      1. Dr Ritu…u r right…when tai sso se shadi karna chate thi(after shivika marriage) tha flashback dekhe thi….thb kapoor’s ka body le jaa rhi thi….. something really fishy there……..

    6. Banita

      Congo dr….
      Yeh skeleton part was confusing… May be Roop arrange a skeleton to show Shivaay…. Or..??

    7. Luthfa

      Go Ritu Go.Many many congratulations….?
      I think so that Veer will return at some crucial point.What cvs are doing with the corpse of Mr.Kapoor is beyond my comprehension.I think bua is doing drama deliberately to mislead Shivaay.Let’s see what happens next.

  2. My shivika together…..??????????????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤????????mil pinky is now a mother to anika……

    1. Banita

      Hlo Mahila…
      Hope Pinky will remain like this always…

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Mahila,how are you?
      Why fear when Shivika are here?Hope that Pinky will become Anika’s mother soon?

      1. I am fine luftha di… r u my sister

  3. Hiiiii mere khidkitod pagals..
    ..o..oh God..this KM raaz is just thrilling……
    I am watching this whole week episode with bitting my nails..
    So.My one asumption got right..
    That Bhootni will mislead Sso…about her family
    Now She is hating Annika more than anything..
    It can lead two things
    1.Sso will MISSUNDERSTOOD Annika’s father as culprit which can pead to shivika separation ( i think it will not happen)
    2.Annika will.broke down this misery and will leave house
    In both cases Bua will mislead both of them
    Lets how Shivika will cop with it….. .
    But as far as my assumption ..SHIVIKA will not separated….
    Hope soo.

    Btw Khanuji is like Sso’s menory loss medicine.???..
    Oops sry Khanuji’s mobile ring tone
    When Sso was trying know about Truth during separation track..and now also.he got clue by one and only khanuji.

    Sso’s dimag toh 10G speed pe chal.rahi he..good good

    Pinky ponky ‘s love for Annika..
    Really i am.surprised…
    What ever you can do ponky…i am.not going to forgive you.
    And annika as always she forgive everyone.
    Ok..this is actuallery much tough in
    Like me..i sm.not able to forgive ponky….she is
    Just a fictional character….but i adore this nature of annika di..
    and finally bhootni successfully mislead Sso…..
    I think she knew that Sso will come near her.
    Precap-oh god soo much exciting..
    And TRP……..
    Hope it will do good in IPL season..
    Ok byyy.

    1. Don’t worry Arpita…. everything ll be fine!!
      Congratulations ib position 11 and trp 2.2….

      Ur every word correct…km raaz thrilling…
      Shivika no separation … only emotional breakdowns both……(i think)

      I Always love ur comments…..

      1. Hiii beauty.
        Welcome to pkj..
        Keep commenting and enjoy the fun
        I too hope separation.
        And thank you yarr.
        Love you..

    2. Hi Arpita didi!!
      I don’t think there wil be separation track..
      But yeah that bua wil surely misguide both !!

      I really wish.. bth should handle it together ? bcz without one, the another person wil surely break down ?

      1. Dhanu sri..yiu are totally right..
        Hope they both will handle it..

      2. Arpita…… Thank you welcome me!!!
        Try to comments always and regular……

        Just enjoy fun

    3. Hi Arpita dear,
      hru. tq dear for ur reply. yaa bua may mislead them but they will handle it.. no separation track if it so then it will become repetation track r same rotation track…. 1 thing dear sometime ur shown as regesitered some time nt bit confusing… just hope tht soom IB Take PLACE in top 5.. lots of

      1. Hii jeevi.
        I am fine.
        Just hell busy with study na..
        And actually the registered one comments are done by my own phone.
        And these non registered comments are from.My Mama phone.
        But she still don’t know about it..

        IB on Top 5 position..
        Finger croosed yarr..mera sapna he ye ….
        Hope it wil get rue soon.
        Take care ..
        Love you

      2. Jeevi….bua must be mislead but shivika ll handle very well but little more time . both are emotional breakdowns na….. when learn true!!!

    4. Banita

      I m also happy with TRP…
      Yeh mujhe vi nahi lagta separation hoga…
      Lagta hain teri saari gussa pinky ponky pe hi hain… Jo vi ho last epi mein maaf krdena OMM ko…

    5. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      KMM is going to shake everyone including Shivika.Separation will not happen but cvs definitely give us jhatka.Anyway,let’s see what happens today.

  4. Pushpa

    Wht an episode …
    Full entertainment ..
    First our trp is 2.2…yeah…..
    Next week will reach higher…
    Dialogue of the day…sabse achchi hai, meri bahu jo hai’ is beautiful??tere pyar ne meri nafrat ki OMM kardi”
    This scene is such a warming scene and my heart goes to pinky..
    Finally anika wins pinky’s heart and got her whole family ….
    This touched my hearts???

    Anika have recorded veer confesssion and way to go veer to jail…???hoped so much roop2follow…but its ok soon she will follow her son….

    These 2 shivaye&khanna r the best boss&staff….thks to khanna for throwing clues to shivaye and these leadz shivaye to KM raaz….mere smart singh oberoi puts the dots and found the answer ..
    Pinky confess information about toop nadjaiz son and roop confession on veer as her son and frame the snr oberoi as…murder

    Wht will happen when he find out the oberoi murder anika dad..
    Will he inform anika or choose his parivaar and hide the truth frm anika? Or will anika will say she is sirf anika …

    Precap….. my heart broke looking at shivaye condition…whts going2happen…
    Dil hua ishqvaaz..
    Gd nite gals

    1. Pushpa….aapke saath humeri bi dil toot gaa sso ka haalt dekhr…..

      Ur dp mast Hain….

      Lovely comments!!!

      1. Pushpa

        Thk u shivaye mere jaan…

    2. Hi Pushpa dear,
      hru. s dear shivaye n khannaji r the best boss & staff…just hope shivaka handle the suition….tc

    3. Banita

      Hlo Pus di….
      Pinky shocked me today with her words….
      Yeh Shivaay’s this state remind me of Daksh’s track… Same mess hair nd vulenrble state….

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Pu di,
      Don’t know whether Pinky changed or not.Shivaay broke down and it broke my heart.His family is making him suffer so badly?????????

  5. This dosen’t make sense, I one of the episodes Mrs Kapoor was shown crying with her daughter’s when her husband’s dead body was being taken away in a stretcher. CV’S you have bad memory.

  6. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    Here I m after two days… Actually I was busy with my study so couldn’t comment nd read ur comments….
    2.2 …!!!! This week IB’s trp is 2.2… Nd we r in slot leader too… Yeehhh…!!!!! I m super happy with this trp as well as this track also… Finally CVS fully heading towars KMM….
    In Tuesday epi – Finally all mystery of KM reveled to us (I think)….
    In Wednesday epi – Shivika’s master stoke nd some family moment… But that thing I like most in d epi was Shivaay-Khanna moment…. Awww..!!!! Main taras gayi thi ek proper Shivanna moment dekhne ke liye…. So cute..!!! nd short Shivika moment…. It was Beautiful..!!!
    Shiv – Main toh maar jaunga…. Main tumhe jane nahi dunga… Hope it will be true… Hope he will never let Anika go away from him….
    Now coming to today’s epi ,
    Can someone give me a harmer..? So that main uss daanto wali bua ki saare daant uss hatodese tod dungi…. She is hell irriteting with her daants wala dialouge….
    Chalo PLR also gone to his sisters…
    I think for d first time I slept while watching TV nd saw a dream…. In my dream Pinky told Aakhir bohu kiski hain..!!!!??? Nd nazar vi uutari Anika ki baadi pyaar se…. OMM..!!!!!!! I think I m still dreaming…. Someone pinch me…
    Ek min… Joorse pinch maat krna…
    Wah..!!! Rudy excitement mein TV hi on krna bhul gaya…
    Shivaay found d truth of daanto wali bua nd Veer nd all thank goes to our Khannaji (he is always cute yr), Pinky nd Shivaay’s mind….
    But Roop misguied him…. Hope he will understand her plan soon….
    Precap – Shocking…!!!?? From where she got d skeleton..??? I think it will of Anika’s dad….
    GN PKJ….

    1. Hey Banita,
      Was waiting for ur comments from last 2 days.
      Good to see u back. And all the best for ur exams

      1. Banita

        Hlo Ritu…
        Thank U dr…

    2. Baniii…….I miseed you.
      Tere ko yahan reply kar rahi hun.
      Kahi aur mat jana..
      Warna…Annika di ki cute kumari se tere mar mar ke choti banadungi.
      Chal..tu bhi happy he..main bhi happy hun..hum sab hapoy he.For TRP.
      Aise hi chalta he.
      PINKY PONKY gave me 450 volt current.
      But still i will call her pinky ponky.
      Good study bhi karle.
      Aur ek baar aaja yahan.
      Warna…..anjaam toh tere ko pata hi he

      1. Hey arpu dear how are you? Good comment

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,how are you?I missed you so much yaar.Welcome back.Very happy for trp.Wow,you have written in your unique style after so many days.Very nice analysis and enjoyed reading.Me too is thinking bua is misleading Shivaay.And all the best for your study.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

    4. Nice analysis banita

  7. Wow what a lovely episode.. I loved it a lot.. Veer fool confessed all his crime.. Today I can’t even believe my eyes.. Pinky showers her love towards her bahu whole heartedly.. Let no one keep eye on them.. ?‍❤️‍?‍??‍❤️‍?‍?
    Bua hatred towards Annika is becoming more than her hatred towards oberois has she is the reason to make her son to be in jail..
    That daton daton dialogue is hell irritating..
    Coming to Khanna his phone ring tone is helping his boss always to remember what happened during his bhang moment..
    Anyhow Atlast shivaay found veer is Bua’s son..
    Coming to Precap Roop is successful succeed to mislead shivaay about his trust on his family..
    New negative character Charlie is getting introduced in IB to create havoc in shivika life as if we have less villan..
    @ Sindhu: welcome back dear.. Hope you enjoyed u r vacation with sweet memories..
    @Aprita: you said because of IPL Cv’s trying to end this track.. If this track end soon.. Even IB will end right?
    @ Luthfa : loved your analysis a lot.. The way you explaining things are so mind blowing.. Love you to the core dear.. Please try to write some novels.. You will surely rock it..

    1. Hi Kadhambari akka.
      s lambu as big as his personality he such a big fool even after being with them soo many days with them still he dont understand but oberis ..
      I feel tht cvs n gul like more negetive characters more than positive….
      Akka im from Ballari. bt my sis n entire family r in bangaluru…. ur from bangluru wr….

    2. Banita

      Heyy dii….
      Yeh noww daanto wali bua hate Anika more then Oberois…
      Nd i don’t think after this track IB will end…. They can come up with any other track… Wase vi IPL start honese pehele yeh track end nahi hone wala… Nd becz of IPL not only IB’s but all serial’s rating will effect….

    3. Kadambari..di..
      After IPL.
      starplus will revamped….
      Whose Trp will not good .it will go off air.
      Don’t know about IB.
      Since Feb 6 month ki extension mili thi..
      Now lets see.
      If trp will high.
      Then show will continue.
      Otherwise……………..cant even think..

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Kadhambari di,
      Pinky-Anika union was surprising for me.Bua is really an eyesore with that certified dialogue.I am in confusion because of bua and her dialougebaazi regarding KMM.Thank you sooo….much for your love di.If God permits then I will write.Thank you once again for your valuable blessing.Love you di?

  8. hi guys how r u all
    congratulations for all for TRP 2.2
    interesting episodes back to back hope this week will be maintain the same TRP.
    Finally veer arrested and bua she is more dangerous she mislead shivay
    don’t know what happened next. and pinky annika scene oh my god is it true .you are right arpita dear iam also not going to forgive pinky how many problems she created …but hope she will not change again. but kalyani mills razz track going very fast hope cvs come up with annika and gouri past story also ..shivay and khanna scene’s are good yesterday day also he has dialogues..missing obro’s kitchen scenes .
    good night guys.

    1. Banita

      Hlo Chaithu…
      Congratulations to U too dr….
      Hope so… But i think Aniri’s track will come at d middle or ending epis of this track….

      1. Hiii Chaithu dear.
        Welcome back.
        Chalo we are in same team.
        He he he.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Chaithu,how are you?I am good dear,thank you.Congratulations to you too.Yeah cvs are in a hurry to reveal KMM to Shivaay!Don’t know when Aniri track will start.Waiting for today’s episode.

  9. Hellooo friends!!
    Pinky and Anika conversations – one of the best scenes in IB .??

    Bye bye veer.. have good days in JAIL!! ??

    Oh my maathaa !!! Roop bua now hates Anika more.. don’t know how Anika going to handle her ???

    Finally sso remembers the things happened on holi ??

    Roop bua revealed only the framed truth which she wants shivaay to hear.. ???

    Precap ???

    I guess there is few more secrets to be revealed.. if I’m not wrong in starting days of IB it was shown roop was talking with someone in jail.. still that one is mystery.. and veer is nt the illegitimate elder son as mentioned by diama..So who wil be that??. ?

    1. Banita

      Kitna yaad rehta hain yr tujhe… I forgot about that mysterious lady… But at that time i feel like she is Gayatri ,but she was not… She is someone else…. BTW IB mystery ki pitara hain… Anything can happen…
      Me also feel like some more secrets r their to reveal… Let’s see what will happen nxt..!!!

    2. Yeah …… kaise yaad Hain tume……sharp memory dr….. what stores for us cvs in ib!!! will see in future!!!!

      1. Banita and beauty sissy!!!
        Hehehe.. i didn’t watch IB first few episodes.. after this bua entry i saw fee old ones in tamil.. that’s why I remember ?

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Dhanu,
      Veer went to jail only to return in Shivika’s like unlike Daksh.CVS have not solved that famous mystery till date.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

    4. Yes you are right dhanu Sri. There must be one more mystery.

  10. RITU .. congrats yarr. for first comment

    1. Thanks. Thanks a lot

  11. Full on entertainment episode!!!!
    First part was really lovely…..
    Pinki is good heart…i can not believe!!! How much she change!!! Humesha eaishi rehe na tum…..
    Anika forgive !!! Proudly smile Shivaay…

    I hate hate Daaton Daaton…..
    Finally mislead sso….and she’s hate anika what she do..but her son’s kia kiya tha.. that’s forgot????
    Precap…. emotional sso…. start now game which veer said….

    What sso do now he is known his family involved…this news share with anika …..

    Soch soch ke mera dimaag kaam karna band kar diya!!!!
    Good night

    1. Banita

      Heyy Beauty….
      I m not thinking that will he share this news with Anika or not..? But want he share it with Anika…
      Arre dimag ko chalu karo jaldi , nxt epi mein kaam krna jaruri hain yr… LOL

      1. Banita….. correct….
        Aajke liye dimaag chalo karna hoga…nhi toh wonderful performance miss hoga…..
        How was ur exam……??

        All the best for exam!!!

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Beauty,
      Welcome to PKJ family with band-baja.Bua and her dialougebaazi is really very disturbing.Don’t know what Shivaay is going to do with KMM after being misled by bua.Let’s see what happens next.

      1. Luthfa…. shivaay is easily agree what’s bua said and he’s goes to check that…..i unable to accept this….

        I think, sometimes ll happening with jhatkas…..till wait!!!!

        Thank you accept and welcome me!!

        Ur comments always relief me…..
        Pinki and anika between relation !

      2. Luthfa

        Actually I think Shivaay has some ulterior motive.He knows who is that Oberoi whom wanted to destroy him and OF and most importantly he has the advantage of innocent Senior Oberois if cvs wish to show like that.And don’t know why I am feeling that something is really missing in KMM revelation through bua.Well,only cvs explain it.Take care?

    3. Yes beauty dear shivaay just should share with anika come what may and face it. Anika is not unkind to get furious with Oberois. The way Oberois treated her especially Pinky was really 100 times overboard.

      1. Sindhu… hope so… shivaay ll share with anika….dono ek saath acha laagta Hain….

  12. Luthfa

    Today Pinky has said that she couldn’t manage to hate Anika from heart in the past.Ok,let’s accept this”Honest” statement without making any fuss.She also expressed it was Anika’s selfless love that made impossible very much possible which only Pinky knew.But now why this sudden dragging of love in between?If she had told those without mentioning love then I would be very happy.Pinky’s hatred towards Anika is not a rocket science to understand but very simple.Pinky wanted such a bahu who could influence Shivaay in the least and never to come in between Pinky and Shivaay.She wanted to see all those qualities in her bahu for lacking those she couldn’t manage to get her deserved respect in OM and OF.She asked for an exact replica who would go with the high profile image of being an Oberoi bahu.She didn’t think of Shivaay’s happiness and other things.Shivaay’s wife or would be wife was an obsession for Pinky.Unfortunately Anika came into OM as her only son’s bride and her hope of getting a replica Oberoi bahu got ruined.Gradually she discovered that Anika reached into Shivaay’s heart to that extent which she couldn’t despite being his mother.From that point her jealousy started.Fearing that she would lose him,hatched that horrible separation plan and eventually succeeded.After that Anika came back into Shivaay’s life and lots of incidents took place.Pinky got her punishment and it was Shivaay who did the honour.During Vanvas Shivaay accepted her forgiving her evil deeds.That time was very crucial.She understood very clearly that Anika would not move an inch from Shivaay’s life no matter what.She had to leave the dream of controlling Shivaay.Pinky hated Anika like a co-wife hates another co-wife!Now her love which she showed for Anika is not love but looking like forced one.It’s her self realization that she can’t win against Anika regarding Shivaay so she has hoisted white flag of peace.KMM and it’s revelation is going to test the endurance of this peace.If Anika goes against Shivaay then Pinky can show her previous venomous self.Now just waiting for the KMM and Anika’s connection to it to come to light.If both Anika and Pinky can cross this last barrier then love would blossom in between these two in true sense otherwise still a long way to reach the destination of Love for Pinky…………………………….

    1. wow well said dear eac word is correct about relationship between the pinky and annika
      when the truth come out pinky will be same like this annika got a mother’s love then may be she call mummyji…

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you very much for the compliment dear.Hope so that Pinky will remain this sweet after the revelation of Anika’s family’s involvement with KMM if by any chance she goes against Shivaay and OF.Let’s wait and watch.

      2. Wow….. lovely comments!!!
        Correct pinki and anika between relation!!

      3. Luthfa

        Thank you so much for the compliment Beauty.God bless you?

    2. Banita

      Totally agree with U Lu…
      This KMM will bring havoc in many life of OF…
      All will suffer becz of it…Many relations will suffer… Like Shivaay , Anika , Shivika , Senior Oberois , Aniri’s… Just hope they all will cross this barrier….
      Again nycc analysis dr…

      1. Luthfa

        This KMM is going to be the touchstone for every relation in OM.Just hope they come out with major success defeating every barrier.Thank you so much for the compliment.Take care?

    3. Well summariaed about Pinky luftha. Nice one

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you so much for the compliment Sindhu di?

  13. Now the trp is good but SHIVIKA separation will come fans phir se Eski kaha se laya waha par poucha dega

    1. Aditi…no separation …. only emotional separation both……now new entry ll come unveil anri relation and help find out actual true…….

      Tension na lo thik hoga shb……
      Enjoy every episode!!!!

  14. Rithu17

    Khanna and balam pichkari ??

  15. Hi guys, Nice episoid. o god shivaye n lumbu fight was bit scary… wt v thought was right pendrive was empty one…. now its roop turn to b cing her pappu face….. After 3 days happy to c stress n tenstion free n smiling shivaye….. pinky today u gave me big shock…. i know u hv changed bt soo much did nt expected…. shivaye face reaction was good during arthi time….. Dont know still now many days v get to c present tej….. rudra fun was good…. tq khannaji to make flash some hints alwsys throug ur ringtone….. soo finally shivaye come to tht lambu is roop son… waiting for tomorrow episoid……. guys plz do anything to roop voice too irritating…….



    1. Luthfa

      Hi Jeevi,
      Me too loved Shivaay and his smiling face.He looks really good while smiling.But his happiness is short lived.Hope he is will handle everything as usual.Pinky surprised almost everyone yesterday.Thank you sooooooooo…..much for your love dear.Love you and you too take care?

    2. I don’t think they entered Bhavya name jeevi dear. There is just too many things going around

  16. Many ppl would still not forgive pinky but today’s episode was heart warming.. I couldn’t digest the “pyaari bachchi” part.. Like @Luthfa said Pinky’s hatred is not difficult to understand but I felt the dialogue were a bit too much. Koi nahi fr wat pinky did maybe this would give sukoon to a lot of ppl’s mind. And if Om can forgive Tej then Anika can any day forgive Pinky.

    But I’m wondering are they going to end ishqbaaz? I read a lot of reports that it will wrap up by June and now they are getting to kmm climax. And who is going to act the role of Charlie? Who is Charlie?

    Though I hate bua she did say a true story in India even today. If son’s do a mistake it’s a mistake but if daughter’s do it, it’s a sin. But I can’t understand if tej has been like this all his life how did jhanvi fall in love with him and stayed with him all these years? I know she turned alcoholic because of his extra marital affairs bt still.. these many years??

    @Luthfa- as usual awesome writing esp abt Anika pinky reln. ?

    @Arpita -I’m gud dear. How are you? For a long time now I had been wondering what is j in ‘pkj’.. thank u fr saying that yest?

    @Jeevi – Since u mentioned Asianet plus I thought u r a malayali?

    @Abhishek – u r talking about old ib where Mr Kapoor died in a car accident. This is new ib where hamari pyaari si danton danthon mein bua killed him?

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Krishna,
      Pinky’s wrongdoings and bitter words still jerk my heart that’s why I can’t trust her so easily.But Pinky will earn a chance if she pass this KMM test.Rest only cvs know.Thank you soooooo….much for your precious compliment.God bless you?
      P.S.Don’t know about the ending but quite possible after June because of trp.Keep watching on tv for contribution.

  17. Dishani01

    Big hi ??? Arpita6,pushpa,niya.ib,luthpa????
    Guys your welcome way is how sweet thankyou somuch .. i always read comments but never imagine to weite comment here and write a ff also …
    Thank you u all are my inspiration guys thank you.. my ff is rudra singh oberoi – the cute prince…
    Ok now episode time…
    Cool episode best is . Pinky says this is your problem, you are very good, you are the best, after all you are my bahu, family comes first for you too, like Shivaye. Yes she is correct when problem come to the family our shivika will turn as dedactive best in all.. pinky is now turn as idld saas who price her baahu.. and rudy he is always cute baby who spread smile in everyone face snd as usual om teach some right things to rudy cute they are ummma ???????????I want brothers like shivom.. and pracap soo sad??? i thing our sso will find true soon???
    Bye dears forgive my mistakes …

    1. Hiii Dishani..
      Love you yarr
      Keep commenting like this.

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Dishani,
      You are most welcome dear.It’s really very lovely on your part to comment here.Keep showering love and be a part of this family.God bless you?

  18. Hello every lovely ones in this site, hope you all will have a good day. Today’s episode is great. Wow pinky finally apologising to Anika and accepting her as a Daughter in law. Even she did the aarti and that was amazing!!! Roop is really a hard core criminal. Like Mother like Son. Just because they did not accept the illegitimate Son, she set fire, killed Kapoor and anika’s Father. Worse svetlena does not even know who is behind her father’s. death and she is in cahoots with Roop. Veer only knows how to shout. Building your body is one thing but his entire self is weakness. It shows how loyal Anika is towards the family. Her Father was ever loyal to the Oberois.

    One thing is clear anika has Koon kandhan and blood relation now. She is not someone who does not know her roots. I am happy with that.

    1. Hawwwwwww Sindhu..
      Lovely people from.this site..
      It is pkj…not site.
      You make it ordinary…
      I am.crying (teary ryes with puppy face)????.

    2. Wwwoooo sindhu…..nice…..but i love only Anika….no name ,khandan etc….
      Lovely comments!!!

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,
      Yesterday Roop compelled me thinking again of her miserable life.Actually it’s true that her life got ruined because of OF.But that doesn’t mean she will start killing people at wholesale rate for revenge.Like Shivaay said she could talk with her family.Anyway,waiting for today’s episode.Take care di.Love you?

  19. Luthfa

    Hi Krishna,
    Pinky’s wrongdoings and bitter words still jerk my heart that’s why I can’t trust her so easily.But Pinky will earn a chance if she pass this KMM test.Rest only cvs know.Thank you soooooo….much for your precious compliment.God bless you?
    P.S.Don’t know about the ending but quite possible after June because of trp.Keep watching on tv for contribution.

  20. In serial there are less characters introducing news character will shivaay leave oberios for annika what will brother’s do he tell the truth for brothers and annika

  21. In serial there are less characters introducing news character and shivaay will leave oberios for annika what will brother’s will do shivaay tell truth to brothers and annika

  22. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies dearies…. Pinky expressions were awesome… And it is good that cvs has made shivaay to use his brain….

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Nikita,
      How are you?Yeah it’s nice to see Shivaay finally using his brain.And dear I am so sorry that I couldn’t reply you back.Was busy with admission and all that.It’s really very sweet and kind of you that you are waiting for my ff.I will write and have to.Thank you soooooo…..much for such precious and priceless love towards my writing.Thank you once again.God bless you?

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