Ishqbaaz 3rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri meets Anika

Ishqbaaz 3rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi says I can’t expect you as my bahu. Om asks Anika to come. Daksh says this girl made your brothers against you, did you really marry her, why are you silent. Tia asks is this true. Shivaye says no. She asks why is she here. He says I know what to do, don’t worry. He comes to Anika and claps. He says I didn’t see such a clever and shameless girl like you, I thought you won’t show me your face, what are you doing here, you should be in my room, you shouted that you are my wife, come then, fulfill a wife’s duty. He takes her to room and shuts the door.

He says you cry and fool people, you used Priyanka first, then Daksh, when you didn’t succeed, you tried on me and Nikhil, now my brothers, what magic you do that all the men get drawn to you, for the first time, my brothers went against me, because of you. She says you are misunderstanding me. He says I couldn’t understand you, I wish I understood you, this would have not happened with my sisters, you fooled my brothers, don’t think you won, I never lose. She cries. He turns to go and stops. He sees the mangalsutra string stuck to his coat. She says this won’t solve soon, there is a court of justice where just truth wins, you also know what’s the truth. She frees the string from his coat.

Shivaye rests to sleep. She sits at poolside and feels cold. She sees the beads in hand. She tries to fix the mangalsutra. O jaana….plays…… He looks at her. She lies to sleep. He puts a blanket over her and goes. She sees him going. Shivaye asks till when will you sleep, wake up, I want to talk to you, are you annoyed with me, fight with me, scold me. Anika looks on. He says just talk to me. She thinks I can’t believe he is the same man who snatched my life’s biggest happiness, what’s his true color.

Its morning, Om says Khanna be careful, Dadi has kept Maha Mrityunjay jaap for Priyanka, nothing should go wrong. Om asks Rudra to get ready and ask Anika to get ready too. Rudra asks why, Dadi kept this for Priyanka’s long life, Shivaye will get angry seeing Anika, he will do tandav. Om says he has already done tandav, damage is done, we have to make this fine, Anika is Laxmi of the house, what’s the meaning if she doesn’t attend the puja. Rudra says Dadi didn’t accept her. Om says we accepted her, go and tell her to get ready, and you too get ready my brother. Rudra goes. He knocks the door and calls out Anika. He checks the room and says where did she go, I will find her. He walks by Shivaye’s room and gets shocked seeing Anika. He steps back and says what is she doing here, oh ya, they are married, Shivaye is shy, he will do anger publicly and love privately, anyway its none of my business. He goes to them.

Shivaye asks what happened. Rudra says I understood what’s happening. Shivaye asks what. Rudra says what should happen, Bhabhi… Shivaye looks at him. Rudra asks what look are you giving me, marriage has happened, don’t give me this dark look, I m talking to Bhabhi. He asks Anika to get ready and come in puja, Dadi kept it for Priyanka. Anika says I don’t have clothes or anything, I need clean clothes for puja. She says I want clothes… Shivaye says don’t come if you don’t have clothes, you aren’t needed there.

Rudra comes downstairs. Om asks are you not ready, did you tell Anika. Rudra says yes, but she was in Shivaye’s room. Om asks what. Rudra asks how many brothers do we have. Om says but Shivaye didn’t accept this marriage. Rudra says yes, I m confused, he married her, then got angry and then took her to room. Om says leave it, its none of our business. Rudra says right. Gauri comes. Om asks is everything fine. Gauri says sorry to come this way, I came to give Anika’s clothes. Om says we didn’t think of it, come. He says Rudra, she is Anika’s sister Gauri, I will take her to Anika’s room. They go. Rudra says what’s happening, Shivaye took Anika to room, Om is going to drop Gauri, any way its none of my business.

Anika says Om called me in puja with respect, how shall I go, how to tell them that I don’t have clothes. Om says someone has come to meet you. She hugs Gauri and cries. Om goes. Anika asks how are you, is everyone fine at home. Gauri says yes, have your clothes. Anika thanks her for solving her problem. Gauri asks are you fine. Anika says yes. Gauri says whatever happened, Shivaye broke your marriage, you both fought, then you got married to him, your state was… are you happy with this marriage, are you taking good care of you. Anika says I m fine, you are asking this as you don’t know Shivaye, you have just seen his anger, he looks such, he is really nice, we had a big misunderstanding, someone made him against me but he is good, he takes care of me, he asked me to get ready else he won’t start puja without me. Shivaye looks on.

Gauri asks are you hiding something. Anika asks don’t you believe me, I m happy and fine, focus on studies, feed medicines to Sahil on time, go now, I have to get ready for puja. Gauri says take care, if anyone troubles you, tell me. Anika says I know you are a goon. Gauri says I won’t spare anyone who troubles you. They hug. Shivaye thinks Anika who can stoop low for money and then this Anika who loves family a lot and isn’t telling her sorrow to her sister, what’s her true side. He hides. Anika asks Gauri to go, take care of Sahil. Gauri goes. Shivaye comes to Anika and says I felt you fool outsiders, you didn’t spare your sister, you lied to her, don’t you have self respect, you didn’t care for your insult, you were praising me, you have come here, you just want to stay in big house, be it as wife or mistress. She says enough, stop it, don’t use this word again, I know I lied to Gauri, not for you, for her sake, like you care for your sister’s happiness. He says wait a min, don’t take my sister’s name. She says like you can do anything for your sister’s happiness, I can lie for my sister’s happiness, like you have a family, I also have a family, we are poor, it doesn’t mean we have no respect, I can do anything to save my family like you, just my ways are different, you remember this.

Anika says I have to change my language to explain you, and become khidkitod Anika, you mocked this marriage, I will teach you its importance, you broke this mangalsutra, one day you will make me wear this with all respect.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Rahul aka billuji

    Ok guys,
    My #2yearsofIshqbaaz is coming. I know it’s very late ???. But I am glad that it has finally come ??.

    I am going to answer some answers of Luthfa. I am sorry I don’t remember the whole questions. ???. For this forgive me Luthfa.
    My favourite couple is Rikara. I love shivika also and Ruvya also. And I am sorry dont know why, but exit of soumya and ishana doesn’t effected me much. But I love Ishkara and Rumya also.

    My favorite couple is Rikara because I love the character of Om and Gauri. But I didn’t like the pati parmeshvar wala attitude of Gauri, it sounds like wife is less than husband , to me, which I don’t like.
    I believe that Pati means master of wife and Patni means master of husband, which is actually true meaning also. Pati really means master of wife and Patni really means master of husband. This also promotes that both husband and wife are equal.

    My favourite Male villain is Kali thakur and favourite female villain is of course Svetlana. I am considering Dil bole oberoi as part of Ishqbaaz.

    1. Congrats Rahul for being number one today. Nice analysis on the two year. Doesn’t matter even though it is Long but we all know you were busy. Take care

    2. Go Rahul Go !
      congo on being first !
      and NICE experience of Ishqbaaz .

    3. Luthfa

      Go Rahul bhaiya Go.Many many congratulations on being first…….Welcome back to PKj with band-baja.How are you doing?
      It’s absolutely fine.You have considered to share your thoughts and experience which is more than enough.When I myself could not complete mine,left unfinished.Now deriving inspiration from you,I am going to start my writing.once again.Thank you soooooooo….very much for your write up.And kindly take that sorry back.I won’t accept it.Hehehehe……Take care.

    4. Luthfa

      Agree with your explanation of Pati and Patni.Husband and wife complete each other and both of them make their marriage a balanced one.And it should be like that,not the otherwise.The way Om treated Gauri after their marriage and the revelation of Chulbul’s truth,were just pathetic to the power of infinity.Typical Oberoi husband.Now I am waiting to see how Rikara’s chemistry is going to build-up in redux.

  2. Rahul aka billuji

    My 2 years of Ishqbaaz.

    When I saw the first promo of Ishqbaaz, I was quite attracted toward the show and it seems quite interesting to me. In the first promo it say that three brothers love each other, but one of the brother will go to Vanvas, I think the ramayan track of Shivaay was decided from beginning. However I thought that Om will go to vanvas ?? and his wife will be bad.

    When I watched the first episode of Ishqbaaz. I was impressed by the three male lead and I was impressed by choice of makers. However I was doubtful about Anika and I thought that makers have made mistake in choosing actress for Anika. But I was wrong. Later I learned that Nakkul and Kunal jaisingh have earlier played lead role in other episodes also, earlier.

    So selecting an established actress like Surbhi jyoti, Mouni Roy, Hina khan, etc, would have proved costly to makers. So they selected Surbhi chandana. She has earlier played the role of Zoya in Qubool hai, however her character was sidelined as Surbhi jyoti was in lead role.
    Ishqbaaz is first project of Chandana and she has proved herself. She is the most versatile, talented actress yaar. She is awesome. I love the funny antics of Rudy and Anika in early episodes, Om ka gyaan and his shayari. I love the funny talks of Rudy. ???. His pj will also tickle your stomach.
    For any show to move further, and Indian audience love masala, negative character is important. From the beginning, Tia as negative against Shivaay, Svetlana against om, earlier Romi against Rudy. And I felt that Svetlana will become universal villain and Romi is proving weak villain character. And this happened.
    I can feel that earlier makers were in no mood to make soumya villain. And soumya dropping phone ( with important evidence against Tia ) in pool was just a coincidence. However makers were having no idea of how to make strong influences of Romi’s negative character. So they decided to remove Romi and to make soumya as negative character.
    Dil bole oberoi was not so successful because there was no oberoi moment and family unity was missing.

    1. Luthfa

      I have not watched Qubool Hain that’s why I did not know anything about those actresses.Because of IB,I came into contact with Telly World and now I know almost everything about SC and little about other actresses.
      To make Soumya was the greatest mistake of the makers,I think.Rumya had more potential than Ruvya(my opinion).And if cvs could tone down those horrible scientific(I doubt,those were actually scientific or not) experiments of Savetlana,DBO could be a hit as well and run separately,till now.Anyway,IB has offered us Savetlana,the perfect villain with the package of beauty and brain.We know you are fond of Savetlana and I expected it before reading your writing!
      I think it was makers fault that they screwed up everything and lost the grip on story line of DBO that’s why it did not work and you are right as well.Rest,only makers know.

    2. Luthfa

      To make Soumya negative..

  3. Mona_2005

    Best episode this week
    Khikitod Anika is back
    Gauri-anika is so nice (each sister’s relationship should like this)
    Love u both
    Omru apna dimmag mat lagao
    Ye rista aaj Tak hamare samj me nahi aaya tum Kya samajoge
    Vaise surbhi nailed the emotional scene
    Next week in will Soo interesting
    Thank God Friday epi was good, now at least can sleep well
    Take care every1

    1. Yes Mona ……..
      episode was relief after so much sad episodes.
      Happy weekend dear and take care you too.

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Mona,how are you?Welcome back to PKJ.
      Yes,SC was superb in portraying those emotional scenes.Rudra was in full form to make us laugh.I am looking forward to next week’s episodes.Let’s see what happens next.You too take care.

  4. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    New O Jaana…. With totally new lyrics…. Gift for our weekend…!!!!
    Finally…!!!!! Finally….!!!! Finally we got it… It’s really nycc…
    But still don’t know why i m missing d old O Jaana song… Tune… Lyrics…
    2nd good thing was our Khidkitode Anika is backkkk…!!!!!
    Ab maaja aayega…. Waiting for more of it…
    Rudy – Non of my bussiness… LOL…
    That’s it… Aur comment nahi krna mujhe…
    GN PKJ…

    1. Yes banita new lyrics of O Jaana but the old one is better still I don’t mind this. Yes anika khidkithod is back. When she is khidkithod then she can set daksh in his place. I am waiting for next week.

    2. Banita

      Yup dii i m also waiting for coming epis when Anika will to OMM of Daksh nd Tia…

    3. Hii Bani ……
      Kese ho tum????
      ya ……..O jana was good .
      Gift for our weekend!

      Happy weekend dear.

    4. Banita

      Hlo Ishu…
      I m good yr… Tum kesi ho???
      nd Where were U?? Last page mein teri comment nahi thi…
      Yeh lyrics of this new version O Jaana is good…
      TC dr..

    5. Luthfa

      Hehehe…..We will manage,don’t worry.How are you now?Hope you are recovering.
      I just loved this new Reduxed version of O Jaana.It’s so beautiful and lyrics are just awesome.Khidkitode Anika is back.The way she made Shivaay mute.was a total treat to watch.Waiting for more.
      Take care.Lots of love.

    6. Banita

      I m good @Lu…
      Yeh i also like d lyrics of this new version O Jaana , but still missing d old one…

  5. Actually what have happened. Here I missed many episodes

    1. Yes Renuka you missed so many episodes. You have to start watching from the first episode is redux. It is very difficult to tell the story now. So if you get time please watch from the beginning of redux and you know why a lot has changed

    2. Luthfa

      Try watching episodes 15 and 18 June.You will understand.

  6. Arpita6

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 35..
    Thnx for not ruining my weekend………
    And episode actually sook good and funny..
    Really good.
    Sso…No I think I should call Data’s puppet ??????????.
    Kal ko D bolega Sso bcoz of this girl you arenot able to sleepin night..then also Sso wil said it.?????laughing dead..???

    KYAJAADU KARTI HO..?????????????Sso i think aappe toh sabsejyada jadu hogaya he..ANNIKA ka..thats ehy you hate..but you wil talk to her
    .sunao her
    .see her….
    I can see the quantity of Jadu..?????????????????
    But Annika’s dialogue before leaving Room
    ..????…wwas really true and good.

    And NEW OH JANA.
    Ok I have to admit that THIS OH JANA CAN’T BEAT OUR REAL OH JANA.
    But lyrics are really perfect and so beautiful for Shivika…

    But it is ok.
    BUT gonna miss ISHQ HE ANSU..
    RAHAT HE. ….

    ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS ??????ru as always rocked it…ha ha OMRU..?????.

    Annika was trying to fit MS….means she will mend her realationship but want Sso to do it.

    Annika plz
    .don’t melt seeing That original Sso..he needs lesson very badly..

    And Aniri scene…..SO.HEART WARMING….
    Love it..and how gracefully Annika lied.
    Ha ha SSO TU TOJ GIYO.

    .finallyyou are backing to your real roop….???????Ankh tras gayithi ye sunne ke liye…….
    Precap. .waiting….but Stil.i want Annika to.threw that MS and Sso will fix it.. ( after MU CLEAR)
    No chachi..What a relief yarr….thank.God
    HAPPYYYYYYY weekend to all of you.

    1. Hey Arpu dear yes l loved that part none of my business. That is going to be Rudy’s tag line and mera bhaai…… isn’t it cute? Both Omru. They light up the set together

    2. Hiiiii Arpu……
      How are you ?

      yes dear……..Old O jana is different and we cannot give its place to amything not even to New vesion of O JANA .

      and Omru rocked it .

      Happy weekend.
      Love you dear.

    3. Luthfa

      Congratulations Darling.
      Our wish is fulfilled.Let’s see what happens next.Nice analysis.Take care.

  7. after a long time episode is slightly good. it is correct that to defeat shivay,annika need to change her language. reaction of omru was good specifically our rudy baby. shivay should be learned a lesson from annika. cause every time he just say that nobody could defeat him..tired of listening this. I hope definitely he will taste the taste of losing by annika.
    I know next week mai bhi daksh expose track start nehi hoga because next week shivika ki jagda mai hu shayed gujar jayegi but I extremely wish ki next week kam se kam prianka recovery part start ho.
    aur daksh expose track bhi start ho na chahiye ku ki track kuch jada hi drag ho raha last 2week se..because of their holiday.
    I extremely believe ki aab daksh expose track start hona chahiye.. ku ki shivika ki relation aab jis mor par hai uha romance kuch kaas acha nehi lagega. romance to tab accha lagega jab daksh expose hogi aur shivay aapni hi nazar mai gir jayegi. jab wo mafi to mangegi paar milegi nehi. taab accha lagega. last time jab shivay ne media k samne annika ko first time except kya tha hopefully iss baar bhi wo hi karega paar aur bhi intensity k saath.
    New version of o jaana…was good.
    but now I seriously think that makers should start daksh expose track ku ki trp slightly increase hua hai aab aagar jada drag kare ya phir kuch jada drama dekhai daksh ki to audience bore ho sakti hai. last time daksh expose hua tha jald..hopefully iss baar bhi makers ye track start kare. ye hum saab ib fan ki maang hai…

    1. Luthfa

      I hope makers hear our pleading soon and start working on exposing Daksh.Can’t wait anymore.

  8. Halo I felt lyk commenting
    .??have a very tough schedule for my course so cudny comment as well…now today’s episode was awesome,??I felt really bad when all started bashing shivaay n Anika n whole in for the current track…but I am enjoying it very much..well he are u everyone..??everything going gud??

    1. Hello shana we are all good Thanks for your comments dear. Have a good weekend dear

    2. Hii Shana
      ya ……dear all good .

      and what about you Shana?

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Shana,
      Welcome back to PKJ with lots of love.I am good.Thank you so much.Hope you are doing khidkitode.Yes dear,finally something good happened.Looking forward to upcoming.And do visit PKJ whenever you can manage time.Take care.Lots of love.

  9. Hiiii.everyone……
    How are you all ?

    episode was good .
    There was fun……
    and tashan……

    O JANA is back .
    Vesion is new but still I like it .

    After a long time it was good to see Rudy’s funny side

    Shivaye cares for Annika but the problem is he is not ready to accept it.

    My eyes are fed up with Annika’s dress.
    I mean kv se ek hi kapde pehni hui hai yaar…..hadd hai…….
    Nice too see KHIDKITOD ANNIKA back .

    1. Hey Ishita nice to hear from you. Wonder what happened to you. You must be busy. The episode was nice and Shivaay giving her a blanket was nice. I was worried that he might throw her mangalsutra when he saw that in her hand. Thank goodness he did not.

    2. ya……di I was busy with some college related works .
      and happy weekend di.

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Ishita,
      New O Jaana is also very beautiful.And I loved Rudra’s antics very much.Khidkitodeness and tashanbaazi are back.Hoping a dhamakedar week ahead.Anyway,take care.Lots of love.

  10. Luthfa

    1Haw..Shivaay,don’t you have any basic manner?Before entering into someone’s room,one should knock.Okay,koi baat nahi.Knock na sahi,taali to bajaya tumne.Kafi hain.What????You are demanding Anika to fulfill her wifely duty???

    2Anika,did you like your new room?Basically,after marriage the sisters and brothers of groom ask this question to the bride whether she is liking her new room or not but Anika,your sister-in-law is in coma thanks to Daksh,her run away Groom and OmRu forgot to ask that’s why I am asking……..

    3.Wow Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi,you are so smart.Finally you have figured out that there is some magnet is stuck on Anika that’s why you,Daksh,Nikhil everyone including OmRu are also attracting to Anika.Great discovery by the way.And don’t worry about not knowing Anika.She is a great teacher and will teach you about herself from head to toe.Now I am waiting to see you pass with flying colours under Anika’s guidance.All the best……

    “Payaar humko bhi hain payaar tumko bhi hain,to yeh kya silsile ho gaye
    Bewafa hum nahi bewafa tum nahi,to kyu itny geele ho gaye
    Chalet chalte,chalteeeeee…..Kaise yeh fasle ho gayeeeee…..Hmmm…..Kho gaye…..”

    4.Rudra,you naughty boy.They are not brothers and sisters.When will you understand?Two is already a couple and another two,would-be.Now go check the Fb profile of yours whether you want to change your relationship status or not…….

    5.Seems like you have done Phd in uttering wrong words at the wrong time,in front of the right person Shivaay.Don’t worry,soon you will forget this skill of yours as well as the certificate……

    Hmmmm…..Episode was really nice.Enjoyed a lot.Welcome back khidkitode Anika.Love you a lot.Shivaay got married without band-baja.But when you are here,why to fear?His band-baja will be done as post marriage ritual and I want you to do that.Will you do it for me?Thanks in advance?

    P.S.No first night?

    1. Lu dear don’t worry anika is going to give band baja to shivaay slowly. She has just started her khidkithod anika now. More to come Luthfa. Yes episode was nice na and I really enjoyed today. Quite smooth flowing.

      Shivaay is calculating all his accounts wrong. He is thinking she is attracting all of them to her. But he failed to understand is that his brothers are only trying to rectify his mistake and they know the real meaning of marriage unlike Shivaay.

    2. Luthfa

      Sindhu di.
      You are right di.Episode was really nice and full of entertainment.Our Anika is back on track.She will fix up those fallen screws of Shivaay’s brain,one by one.I would love seeing Anika bajaoing band of Shivaay.Just waiting for it.Anyway,take care di.Love you.

    3. Great!
      Luthfa di…..
      Nice analysis.

      specially second point and that Shayri .
      and don’t worry di bahut jald ye shubh ghadi aayegi
      aur Shivaye ki kartooton ki saza milegi.

      and what to say about first night ……ye to hona hi tha ……
      it didn’t happened during first marriage too.
      love u di.

    4. Luthfa

      Hahaha….that is my favourite also.It was not any shyari dear.This is the title track from Chalte Chalte movie of SRK.I love melodious song very much with fine lyrics.This is in my play list and I listen it often time while working.Yes,Shivaay is going to suffer very badly and countdown just started.First night can’t happen now.This is just so against the rules of serial!
      Thank you soooooooooo…..much for your love dear.Love you too.

  11. Amazing amazing amazing!!!!! Episode. Great going!!! I loved Rudra today…. what a line??? Mera Bhaai…….. None of my business. Wonderful! Rudra’s shocked and confused look when he saw Anika in shivaay’s room. That’s expression was priceless. I liked when Rudra said shivaay brought Anika to his room and Om brought Gauri to Anika’s room. I love this side of Rudra.

    Our Khidkithod Anika is going to come next week. That is what she should have said tin a Shivaay a long time ago. Yes he has made marriage a mockery and he will realise one day how important this manglesutra is for both Husband and Wife. For Wife this mangalsutra unites both forever and for the Husband he publicly declares to everyone she is his Wife and he will take care for life. Shivaay yes you will understand that but it will be too late. Maybe Anika might leave the mansion then.

    I only hope after all the misunderstanding has solved, Shivaay regrets what he has done, I want Anika to leave the mansion after Shivaay publicly acknowledges that she is his Wife. But I don’t want Anika to stay on , I want her to leave and Shivaay has to go in search and convince her because he should not get it easy. After all he kept calling her Mistress so many times. I also feel disgusted whenever he uses that word on Anika.

    I am glad Om does not care about anything and wants his Anika bhabhi to be in the Puja and perform the duties of a bahu.

    1. Hello Sindhu di .
      How are you ?

      me too loved that expression of Rudy after seeing Annika bhabhi in Shivaye bhaiya’s room.
      and that line –
      None of our business.
      and ya……definitely….he will realize it soon the importance of Mangalsutra .
      and I am waiting for that realization.
      love you di
      take care.

    2. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,
      I don’t know what Anika would do after the truth revelation.But to be honest,I want a proper implementation of Shivaay’s guilt journey.It should not end just with few sorry.OmRu are the best and they are rectifying their brother’s mistake as much as they can,especially Om.
      Waiting for Monday now.Very nice analysis di.Take care.Love you.

  12. Hello Arpu dear banita Luthfa kadhambari jeevi Shiny beauty pushpa Ishita sneha tania aayush shivya and many many others.

    Have a happy weekend everyone and enjoy your weekend with your family.

    1. Luthfa

      Wishing you the same di.

  13. can anyone tell me, are cvs planning to continue this new love story till next two years? i am eagerly waiting to know this

    1. Luthfa

      Can’t tell dear.Have to wait.

  14. Episode was better but I think Annika sow ya relationship is better than gauri Annika in redux all characters are changed so why should they change gauri and BHAVYA will the sisters

    1. Luthfa

      Only possible if makers wish to do so.

  15. Wow waiting for the tashan btw Shivika….now the real fun begins?
    Love conquers all…
    Cant wait for Band baja of Daksh n Tia….and Payal…betrayer?

    1. Luthfa

      Yes,the real fun just begun.And a lot more to come.

  16. Shekhar

    Some times we never comes to know,
    when it was started?,
    for what reason it was?

    It grows all types of circumstantial feelings,
    from love to hate,
    from insult to respect!,
    with a licence to do with anything,
    say anything!

    He denied to come,
    if he felt bad!,
    but simultaneously dive down
    without invitation,
    then what ever we may feel!

    He may beat us,
    without reason!,
    will stand between we and trouble!

    to all of you!

    1. Long time! Missed your analysis

    2. Banita

      Hlooo Shekhar bhaiya…
      It’s nycc to read ur comment after a long time…

  17. ItsmePrabha

    Happy Friendship day meri Pagal People…I lub you all..
    And also Happy Friendship day From Jeevitha..

    1. Luthfa

      Happy Friendship Day to you too Sweetheart.
      Wish Jeevi dear on my behalf as well.Love you too.

  18. I don’t know whether only I felt this but in precap his expression looked a bit soft though it was a smirk it looked like a smirk with genuine smile hidden behind that, it looked like he was admiring that’s wat I felt don’t know y

    1. Luthfa

      Hello 1234,how are you?
      Very much possible.Shivaay Singh Oberoi has countless shades.Let’s see,what he is going to do.Take care.

    2. I’m good how are you,

  19. Luthfa

    Wishing my Khidkitode PKJ family a very “Happy Friendship Day”?????
    Thank you sooooooooo….very much for coming into my absolutely lonely life,being the greatest blessing.Love you guys????

  20. Banita


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