Ishqbaaz 30th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 30th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rudra getting shot and falling down. Om and Shivaye hold him. Shivaye looks at Gayatri and fumes. He goes to her. His bodyguards stop him, and catch Gayatri. Shivaye says you shot at my brother, I will kill you. Media takes pics. Gayatri’s gun is snatched. Om stops Shivaye and says relax, bullet just touched Rudra, wound is not deep. Shivaye says I will kill her. Om stops him. Shivaye goes and sees Rudra. Gayatri tries to run away. Shivaye looks on.

Anika tries to know Tia and Robin’s choice for finalizing table clothes. Tia and Robin disapprove small and big checks. Anika thinks how should I get Manchana/medium size checks. Tia asks whats that word Machana. Anika says the middle one, like Omkara. Tia says oh, so Manchana means philosophical, how will we get philosophical

checks. Anika shows the cloth with other checks design and praises it a lot, saying even Robin is wearing same checks coat. Tia says so, its good to use as table cloth. Anika asks shall I finalize this. Dadi asks Tia to see cutlery items too. Tia goes. Dadi laughs and says Anika, you got this cloth for 300rs/meter from market. Anika says yes, if we have money, it does not mean we spend it. Dadi says it means its 12000rs profit. Anika says you are good in maths, so Shivaye got this calculator characteristic from you, I will final this. Pinky hears them and asks will you get 250rs/meter table cloth for my son’s marriage. Anika says I was trying to save money. Pinky says now you will say more about saving money. Anika says I was going to say this. Pinky asks Dadi fromn where did she get Anika. Jhanvi says Malhotra’s wedding had this table cloth, Pinky its cheap, but pretty, once anything comes in Oberoi’s house, it gets our brand. Pinky agrees and asks Anika to do this, but no one should know its cheap.

Anika looks at Shivaye, Om and Rudra coming. Shivaye and Om get Rudra. Rudra says anyone there, I got shot. Dadi and Jhanvi take Rudra. Rudra asks for water or wine. He does drama. Shivaye says bullet touched and passes, its small wound. Rudra says they had to take me to ICU, they got me here. Jhanvi asks what happened to Rudra. Shivaye says there was a problem, its solved, Rudra is fine. Om says he is drama king. Tej asks Rudra to tell Jhanvi if he needs anything. Shivaye goes. Rudra says I will need bed rest. Om says some girls came. Rudra gets up and asks where. They all smile. Om asks what happened. Rudra says I m feeling better.

Shivaye and Tej see the news of Gayatri shooting Rudra, and Shivaye threatening to kill her, and this incident is linked to Ashok’s death. Tej calls Shwetlana and asks how did this happen, I told you to cover up Ashok’s death. She says I could not stop it. He asks for what good are you, Oberoi family’s name became a joke. He ends call and tells Shivaye that I released Gayatri by talking to commissioner to avoid all this, but you had to meet her.

Shivaye says she should be in jail. Tej says its against law, we don’t have proof. Shivaye asks since when are you caring for law, you say and law works for you, I know there is some reason that you are protecting that lady, I won’t let that lady harm my brothers. Tej says they are my sons too, when I was of your age, I was also arrogant and angry man, I learnt by experience that air blow just increases spark, don’t worry, that woman can’t harm us, I just know it, as of now, we have to manage media. Shivaye says but…. Tej says I told you, I will handle that woman. He leaves.

Om talks to Riddhima and says whatever you are doing, I m really proud of you. She is on the way and says sorry, I did not hear you. He says I m going to workshop. She says something interesting happened today. FB shows Ishana running to Riddhima and says I m your big fan. Riddhima says I m doing work which every citizen should go, if anything gets inspired, its good. Ishana says I m much inspired, I want to take responsibility of it, I will manage it better. Riddhima asks what. Ishana says protests, I want to take your help. Riddhima says I don’t like spotlight, I will come if you are saying so sweetly. Ishana takes her autograph. Riddhima goes. FB ends. Om says you keep yourself away from media and still agreed for a good cause, great. She says I m busy and can’t come for exhibition. He says I understand. She goes somewhere.

Dadi cries and tells Shivaye that he is not wrong, his question is not wrong, even she is thinking same, she knows her sons are hiding something, and she knows just crimes are hidden, but humans have to pay for crimes in this world. He says I just know, I won’t let my brothers pay for other’s crimes. Dadi says I know, my Billu will make everything fine. Om comes there and says whatever happened, I m getting over it. Shivaye asks him not to worry. He says nothing can happen to you and Rudra till I m here, my life will go first, and Shivaye Singh Oberoi’s life won’t go so soon, go and get on with your day, don’t worry for Rudra, he is okay. He hugs Om. Dadi smiles. Anika looks on and says this is one side of his personality.

Anika says Shivaye Singh Oberoi is strange, he is always rude towards me. She recalls his two sides. She says whenever he is with family, he looks almost human, like I love Sahil, he loves his brothers and family, same person is so good and emotional towards family, and arrogant and torturing towards me, who is real Shivaye, the one who hates me or one who loves his brothers so much.

Anika goes after Shivaye, and he walks away. She follows him. Tia asks Shivaye to take her in her arms. Anika signs him about moon. He says Anika…. Tia asks what. Anika takes her tiny moon from his watch and shows him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hy guys m new over here..
    Episode was awesome i just love rudr ..n very happy to see neha our qubool hai..
    Shivayi n anika r jst same as arnav n khushi …this serial z making me to remember.. is pyaar ko kya naam dhoon

    1. Nadiya111Shah

      Rudra is really cutee n so is Saumya (tamatar is actually a better name fr her)????

    2. Hello allu……welcome☺

  2. nice serial
    rudra is so cute

  3. this serial should be in top of ttrp charts bcoz it have very unique concepts .anika and ishana is lovely.some people have no other workrather than spreading negativity


    lovely Ishqbaazians, i got the Oo JAaNA song link for you 🙂

    1. I love you? only thng I cn say to you aftr ths hlp babe

      1. Aww sweets no problem ? universe have united us as our Lady baba would say lolzzz

    2. ty somuch aqua i think this is in youtube did u cnvrt into audio song n thnks once again

      1. No prob. I found it in the forum. Someone posted it. Thought to share with you guys ☺

    3. rudra’s performance…… so funny…. aqua i told him( mahi) [mahesh] to watch ishqbaaz…. and i asked him if i loves somebody what will you do? mahi became angry youngman ” why are u watching these kind of show? i hate ishq word… and pls don’t watch the show… love is a waste of time… i won,t allow you to fall in love… i need you always as my friend…” i feel like that he loves me… but he is not ready to accept it…

      1. Well friendship Is a begging of a relationship. You should try to find out why he feels so strongly against love.

    4. Thankew Aqua dear……thankew very very much

    5. Nadiya111Shah

      Gal Love u !!!????
      Thanx a ton..wanted this song like madly????✌️

    6. Thank u soooooooo much Aqua!!!!!!????

  5. Waiting for tomorrow episode

  6. Guys. . All of us are ishqbaaz fans why don’t we check our knowledge about ishqbaaz. . Let each of us ask 1 question about the show and who knows the answer they can tell. . What say???

    1. Ya why not…..u should start with d first question….

      1. Great idea..

    2. yea,,,,that will be fun ,,,

  7. Superb episode. Anika is confused about duel Personality of Shivay. Very nice Precap.
    Thanks Telly Update.

  8. Priya15

    MUKTHA DI..I m ur little sis..Don’t call me di as u r my di haha..

    My intro goes here..

    I m priya from TN.. I just stepped into 11std.. I love to make friends..


    1. Ya….I got to know after reading ur intro☺

      1. Priya15

        Haha. . Finally I got a sis in this page too..

  9. Wow we have crossed 100 already ????????????????

  10. Hey can anyone tell me…..who is roped in d character of Gayetri….?

  11. Hey can anyone tell me…..who is roped in d character of Gayetri….????
    And Siddharth….?????

    1. Nadiya111Shah

      I checked almost everywhere but there is no info yet on thys thing…:(

      1. I’ve also checked everywhere…. but no info??

  12. Priya15

    Guys one help.. Can I pls know who is GUL KHAN..

    I saw one news in ishkara page that there is going to be one separate title song for ishkara.. I mean ishkara bg tone.. And GUL KHAN confirmed it.. Pls say who is he???

    1. hi priya frst thing gul is nt he she is ya she is a grl she a producer of geet iss pyar ko kya naam doon qubol hai n nw this serial she is producer of this serial

      1. Priya15

        Oh.. Sry.. I though it’s a boy.. Tq so much di..

      2. its ok priya my pleasure

    2. He is the producer of our favorite show ISHQBAAZ….

      1. Priya15

        Hm.. OK di

    3. He is the producer of the show

      1. Priya15

        OK roz di.. Btw I love ur dp alot..

      2. ty Priya 😀

    4. Sumo

      she is the main producer of d show gul khan mam in four lions

      1. Priya15

        OK di… Love ur dp.. Do u know what om is thinking?? Haha just kidding..

      2. Sumo

        I think he is thinking , yaaar ye ishana kb aaegi!? Haha… ?? hy priya

    5. Hay – song vi hua Separate song. :O :'( very bad & sad..

  13. Let’s start.. here is the 1st question.. what protest is ishaana talking about

  14. Hyy guyss . Khushi i read your comment it s very good idea!! I also want to become your frnd .Well as per u said my intro is hera. HII evevryone. My name is MP. atccully it s not my name . I am from gujarat (bharuch). I am in 1st year. .. l like IShQBAAZ verrrrrrryyyyyymuchh .
    Any way this kimberly is very negative.. i also read her comment in yhm. Kimberly if u don t like this show then don t sow .. but don t write a bad comments ………….. . i notic here that mukta nadiya aqua ishika u write a lot comments here i think u best frnds of eachother.. .. AMhhh am i right?????

    1. Hello MP…’s u??? Its good to befriend u☺
      And as u say that v r best friends…… so yes we can say v r…..just becoz of ISHQBAAZ?Anyways I’ve started commenting here a few days ago only?

    2. Priya15

      Hii di.. First of all.. We have one unity.. Can u guess what?? Even I m a Commerce student.. U chose Commerce stream in ur 11th ryt??

  15. Hey everyone….. read this spoiler of ISHQBAAZ…..

    After Rudra, Shivaaye will met another accident. Yes you heard it right Ashok’s wife, Gayetri is after Oberoi family and wants to kill them to take revenge of Ashok’s death. She initially attempted to kill Shivaaye then Rudra and now again plans against Shivaaye. Shivaaye has some important meeting and leaves for the meeting in chopper but then he realize that his important file is exchanged with Anika. Shivaaye gets down the chopper to meet Anika for the file and chopper crashed infront of Shivaaye. Everybody gets astonished as it is another deadly attack on Oberoi family, Shivaaye gets saved because of Anika.

    1. Nadiya111Shah

      Wow!!!!! ShiViika connection is really strong??
      Seriously they shud do something about that Gayatri woman…such a pain!!
      She is after our Billu like nything?????

      1. Ya SHIVIKA bond is strong and sweet….love them???and that Gayetri??just go to hell??

    2. Sumo

      wow, again a great news.. hooked up to d show..??

      1. Ty mukta di for the spoiler….

      2. ☺☺☺?

  16. If we keep on commenting like this then I’m sure we can reach 200 soon……???Double Century???

    I loved Dehleez serial very much, specially Harshad Arora……but this serial is just awesome… excellent replacement????

    1. Even I also loved dehleez very much..but ishqbaaz is my current favourite serial…

    2. Priya15

      Same pinch di.. Even I m a great fan for dehleez. Especially harshad..

  17. I think Ishana will change in the end or even in the middle of the serial . Dont know how many enemies they have ? Oberai family is great . Especially Rudra . Here is a poet for all of you Rudra is silly Rudra is naughty In the serial Ishqbaaz Rudra is most funny ???????????????????? I know it doesnt make sense or it may be vey very stupid poet but what to do it just came in my mind so I thought to write it .

    1. I think ishu will eventually fall for om….

  18. Priya15

    First of all.. A big hats off to aqua di, Nadia di, mukta di, sumo di and all others who r commenting here.. Hey guys u people r so sweet.. I love u all.. OK now u people r going to achieve 200..i m damn sure that l happen..

    Can I call u all di???

    1. Of course……u can call me di☺

  19. Here is my intro. . My name is Navya. . From karnataka. . As I said I am 1st year BTech student.. I guess there are many here who are of my age. . Let’s reach 200 this time. .

    1. Hii Navya…..ya we r very close to 200☺?

  20. Shivika rocks …..I think ishhana. Will fall for om…first……no idea about rumya …pllz cvs start their story too..

  21. Oh just five more to go…

    1. Common let’s cross 200

      1. Come on*

  22. Khushi

    @mukta di wow thanks for the links great news it is amazing waiting for it more shivika

    1. Welcome dear??

  23. Khushi

    WOw guys m glad u liked my idea so as u all r my friends I will try not to irritate to u all so much with my bak bak this is our ishqbaaz family superb
    And I think mostly all of u r older than me so I will call u all di

    @aqua di u can call me anything u like ….just like sumo sumo di do

    @sumo di ab main gussa nhi hun main apni sweet si di se naraz kaise ho sakti hun love u di

    Love u all keep rockin
    And yes if any basher will come we will make that person run away coz our ishqbaaz is best and we will not hear a word against it

  24. Hyy guys …. how r u everyone…..OH MY GOD mukta di i thought that u r boy . Sorry for that .. well we r so close our goal.. yayaa let s cross 200..

  25. Yipeeee…….we’ve completed 200??????????????????Well done Ishqbaazians???????

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