Ishqbaaz 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Dadi wants Anika out of Shivaye’s life

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Ishqbaaz 30th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says open your eyes, you can’t leave me, I admit I was wrong, you were right, please open your eyes. He hugs her and cries. He recalls her words. He says I do care, you said right, I will scream it out and say, it matters to me. Abhi mujhme kahin…plays… She coughs and gets conscious. She says Shivaye, thanks. He asks are you fine. She says you have saved me, I knew you would save me. He hugs her and cries. Bhavya comes and sees them. She says don’t worry, ambulance will be here soon, we arrested Daksh. Shivaye lifts Anika and walks ahead. He sees Daksh arrested. He thanks Bhavya. Bhavya cries and says what you did to save your wife today, I salute you for that. Shivaye leaves with Anika. Shivaye gets Anika home. Gauri asks what happened to her, how did she faint. He asks her to get water. He says Anika will be fine. He feeds water to Anika. Anika gets conscious. Shivaye says you are fine, look everyone is here, even Gauri… She gets up and falls back. Gauri and Shivaye shout. He asks Tej to call a doctor.

Doctor treats Anika. Everyone looks on. Doctor says she was exposed to smoke for long time, so her lungs got affected, she is unable to breathe properly, I can’t tell anything, next 24 hours are critical for her, make sure that the oxygen supply doesn’t stop, else her condition can get worse. Shivaye cries. He says you will be fine, till I m alive, nothing can happen to you. Everyone stays with Anika.

Lights flicker and goes. Shivaye asks Khanna what happened to the lights. Gauri says doctor said oxygen supply shouldn’t stop, how will she get oxygen supply when the machine doesn’t work, if anything happens to her, nurse check her fast. Shivaye says nothing will happen. Gauri shouts do something, there is no power supply. He says calm down, nothing will happen to her, I promise. Nurse says patient can’t survive for long without the power supply. Khanna says I think fuse has blown out, I called for an electrician. Shivaye says we don’t have much time. He goes and checks the fuse meter. He says these two wires got burnt, maybe that’s why power failed. Gauri cries for Anika and shouts. Shivaye says nothing can happen to Anika. He joins the wires and bears the current shock. Lights flicker again and get stable. Nurse connects oxygen supply again.

Tej shouts Shivaye, did you go mad, leave that wife. Khanna gets a wooden stick and makes Shivay away from the wires. Shivaye falls unconscious. Tej worries. Anika cries and opens eyes. Gauri hugs her and cries. Priyanka says thank God power supply is restored, else don’t know what would have happened. Anika removes the oxygen mask and says Shivaye… Gauri says he will be here in a while. Doctor checks Shivaye. He says he is lucky that he got saved, else he could have died. Tej asks when will get conscious. Doctor says he will get conscious in some time, I will come in evening for checkup. Jhanvi says thank God he is alright. Tej says I can’t believe it, Shivaye risked his life to save Anika. Dadi comes and says Shivaye is such, he lives for others always. Tej greets her and says its good you returned form ashram soon, you don’t know what all happened here in your absence. Dadi says I know that Anika is responsible for his state, he was about to die for her.

Jhanvi says no, even Anika was survived by difficulty. Dadi says I don’t care, I just worry for Shivaye, he never got happiness and lived for others, even when he was not happy, he used to smile, since Anika came in his life, he forgot to smile, he is always surrounded by problems. Tej says you are right. Jhanvi says I don’t think so, I know you are angry, you can’t blame Anika, he did this by his wish, Anika is a nice girl. Tej asks what do you know about her. She says I can be sure about her. Dadi says Anika isn’t like she projects, so Shivaye doesn’t accept her as his wife. Jhanvi says if he didn’t accept her, she would have not been here, I feel they love each other a lot, so he didn’t care for his life to save her. Dadi says he would have done the same for anyone, he is really nice, that girl is taking advantage, I won’t let her do this. Tej stops Jhanvi and says let mum do what she feels right.

Anika asks where is Shivaye, call him, I m worried, is he fine. Priyanka says don’t worry, he is fine, he might be busy on a business call. Anika says I can’t relax until I see him. She gets up. Priyanka says wait, I will call him. Dadi says no need to meet Shivaye. Anika greets her. Dadi says you don’t need to act now, Shivaye and this family have tolerated a lot, but not anymore. Anika says its not true. Dadi says I told you I will accept you when Shivaye accepts you as his wife, but this didn’t happen, Shivaye’s life is in danger because of you. Anika cries. Priyanka asks what are you saying. Dadi says don’t you know what happened to your brother, you stay in this same house. Priyanka runs to see him. Dadi scolds Anika. She says Shivaye has risked his life thrice for you, I will not tolerate if anything happens to him, before he gets conscious, you leave from this house. Anika asks what, is he fine, let me see him. Dadi says you don’t need to worry for him, pack your bags and leave. Anika says please, I will do as you say, let me see him once, I want to see if he is fine. Dadi says I won’t let your shadow fall upon him. She goes. Anika cries. Gauri hugs her.

Anika says Shivaye is in this condition because of me, its better if I leave. Priyanka says you can’t leave him, he is your husband. Anika says maybe this relation has to go through more trials. She leaves with Gauri.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    TRP of IB is 2 rating with overal 14th position… It decreased a lil bit , but hope it will increase more coming week…
    BTW Shivika scene was nycc… A little emotional also…
    Okk i like Shivay bhaiya’s today’s electric current wala stunt more then yesterday’s stunt….

    Nd i m sure now maker never going to fulfill our wish to see Anika in hospital…
    Ab dadi ko kya ho gaya…!!!????
    Now i m totally fed up with all this…
    First they showed Pinky as negative then to justify her positivness puri jee jana laga dii… Even hospital tk le gaye usse…
    Then they made Janhavi… I m more upset with this change of Janhavi then Pinky becz from starting they showed her positive then achanak se….
    Leave it..!!!!
    Now again Janhavi is positive(!!??) in this redux..
    But now makers changing dadi also… Then they will do there best to make her positive again…!!!!
    I just hope today whatever dadi said is to bring Shivika closer or to realise them about their feeling…
    Mujhe peheli dadi chahiye…!!!?
    I M FULLY FED UP…!!!!
    Precap –
    Just waiting Shivay bhaiya to wake up…
    GN PKJ…

    1. Banita go banita for being number 1. Congrats!!!
      Yes banita that is what I mentioned in my comment too. Why anika is not in the hospital then electricity would not get cut off and Shivaay need not go and get electrocuted and dadi will not blame anika. Sometimes can’t expect logic in IB because fictional story.

      Banita one question what is NYCC and NDk. You keep using these acronyms and I can’t keep up with it. Age is catching up with me so can’t remember. You may have explained before I think?

      1. Banita

        Thank U diii…
        Yeh dii we cant expect logic in a fictional show…
        Diii NYCC means NICE… i used to write nycc instead of NICE in my comments nd chats…
        nd NDK..!!!? Did i used this some of comment..!!?
        Actually dii for now i can’t remember this… Khud hi bhul gayi… LOL…
        Nd dii u r d youngest PKJian nd u r saying this age nd al…!!!!!
        Age nahi dilse bol rahi hun…
        Lotsss Of Lovee dii..

  2. Noushin Saadaf Khan

    Hello guys!?
    Hope u can recognise who it is?
    Hmm..gonna comment on a serious topic.
    I have been following #Isqhbaaaz on twitter for few days.i see that is actually war world zone!? I mean, yes fans get angry at some points of the show,but some of them continuously start fighting over small topics forgetting the efforts behind the scenes, demanding logic in every sequence is actually not so wise because it’s a show.i agree the show has a unique position in our hearts,but we shall not forget that a show can’t just always run on basis of logic and realistic events!unrealistic and illogical acts are to be shown to spice up the DRAMA.and every show is TRP based,we shan’t forget that either.
    It’s absolutely OK to not like an episode, but that doesn’t mean one need to bash for that forgetting all the hard work which is put for the act!I seriously got much disheartened after visiting the tag because i saw almost everyone is talking about logic and all and actually ended up criticising actors and makers!lol,they (makers and actors) do all the drama just to entertain we really need to forget their hard work and point out every single flaw detailed?? actors really do a lot of hard work,actually they dedicate their time for the fans.I too had a lot ofof expectations which weren’t fulfilled but yet i can hope for better next.writers and IB team never let us to be disappointed for a long time.? so just we shall just stop detailing every single smallest flaw,and remember its for entertainment. It can’t be compared to our real life.?
    They do so much hard work,do they deserve this hatred?being dissatisfied is OK,but hoping for better is much better.This serious track was hurried because they want to start a new fresh track.We shall try to find out the positive thing in the thing which seems negative to us.(but not in our real life of course,because it can harm us)
    And hatred between fandom’s is nothing but waste of time!OK guys,lets

    1. Forget all this and support our very own IB.

      Vote for Narbhi.
      GN all.loads of love?

    2. Banita

      Hlo NSK dr…
      Yr i agree with u that we cant expect logic in any fictional show (not only ib)…
      We can point out them just for fun , but there also come a limit of it… Like we can just point out them nd can say it was funny or something like that , but to take that scene as granted nd bashing d team , d actors nd al jese uss scene pe hi uski jaan aatak gayi ho… All these things r just stupidity stuffs that our gr8 fandom doing in twitter nd insta…
      I will suggest u one thing only just stay away from all these stuffs becz that more u will read this type of comments (on insta or twitter) more u will be dissapointed…. So d best way is stop reading all these thing or just ignore it after reading…
      I never read all these type of things becz it’s only make me hyper nd at d end of day mere hi loss hoga…
      BTW How was ur exm??

      1. Ur absolutely correct.? gonna imply on ur adviceadvice?
        Exams were OK. Haha.?

  3. Noushin Saadaf Khan

    Sigh..?i wrote a paragraph! But maybe it got posted IncompletelyIncompletely or something else happened?????

    1. Hello Noushin, you are right. We can’t expect logic in a fictional story. I gues over here we just suggest certain things and then we do agree that don’t expect logic in any drama serial. In Twitter fans always batter Actors and Actresses as they do not have any better job to do. As for me whether logic or no logic I will still watch IB as it is close to my heart.

      1. Yes di.agreeing to u.?

    2. Banita

      Anything can happen in this TU…
      Moderation uncle ki koi bharosha nahi…

  4. Really Dadi is that you?
    You was the one who brought them together before redux
    You believed Annika more ever than anything
    Now you are saying Annika is trouble for shivaye
    Have you forgotten she saved priyanka and shivaye from that con persons (Daksh & TIA)
    Shivaye married Annika forcibly
    Om&rudra bring Annika to oberoi mansion
    Now you are blaming her

    Dadi is one of my favorite characters in ishqbaaz before redux
    I wish in real life my Dadi want to like her as cool but now they are spiking her char with negative vibes

    1. Banita

      Hlo Ansh…
      Yeh just hope dadi will be positive in 1-2 epis only…

  5. what happen to dadi ?
    I don’t want dadi to turn negative…… not at all .

    1. Banita

      Same here Ishu…

  6. Dadi was behaving same as Pinky behaved during lodhi incident time when shivaye got shot in order to save Annika .

    1. Ishita don’t worry. Who is dadi? For Shivaay Anika is more important so he will go and get anika back. I don’t think Shivaay can live without anika. So dadi and Tej can keep their lips sealed. Worse come to worse Shivaay will leave the mansion and stay with Anika. Then will dadi want that so she will accept reluctantly. There has to be at least one bad guy right so there you have dadi.

      Ishita dear how are you?

  7. Hello everyone, now when did Dadi become 2nd Pinky Singh Oberoi? Dadi I thought better of you but you turned out be the main villain in Shivika’s life.

    Now coming to Shivaay. Finally !!! He accepted that he cares for Anika. All his ego disappeared. He was so desperate that Anika left him. What a great acting skill Nakkul!!! You nailed your part. Desperate eyes and moist. Struggling within himself that Anika has left him until she called out his name then he relaxed.

    Why didn’t Shivaay bring her to the hospital instead bring her to the Oberoi Mansion where the electricity gets cut off. If anika was in the hospital then these incidents will not happen right? But as I said no need to think too much of logic.

    Shivaay again you saved Anika but Dadi seemed to be the bad guy and this time she asked Anika to leave the house. Now when Shivaay gains consciousness Shivaay will ask for Anika first. Tej is also no better. He also is supporting Dadi and feels why Shivaay must give up his life for that Wife. Of course Tej never liked Anika.

    So now again destiny separated them and it is all up to Shivaay to bring Anika back home. I think this time Shivaay will take the mangalsutra with him and tie round Anika and bring her home with respect as his Wife.

    1. Banita

      Diii i seriously don’t care about Tej.. What he will say or not… I dont care…
      But dadi upset me a little…
      Hope so diii… Just hope ki Shivay will do like u said…

  8. Hello my dear Banita Arpu Luthfa Ishita Tania Sneha NSK Jessie Kadhambari Pushpa Jeevi dearie Shiny dear Mona and many many more. I hope all of you have a good weekend. Not sure whether I can leave any comments after Friday episode as I will be busy. I will try to just leave a comment if I can but may not respond to some your comments. So if I don’t have fun weekend everyone and will miss all of you. Will be back on Monday.

    1. Banita

      It’s okkk diii…
      Koi problem nahi…
      Come whenever u will be free…
      At least leave a small comment if u will be free…

  9. JeevithaTK

    Hi guys. Today episode soo to emotional for me. The whole heartedly confessing this feeling but actually I was expecting shivay tears falling on anika nd she comes to conscious. Bt missed tht part. By the BG song was too good for me.
    Anda nun called u. Wen they call u came at the last moment…. Nd one more thing wt a hair style tht on uniform???? go nd watch r c once….
    Shivay’s care for anika…
    Gouri nt worry until shivay is there.
    Where is om now??????
    What the work u Hv done shivay ??????????.
    CVS nd Gul I know fans can watch anything bt plz apply some logic ha.
    CVS still now u left dadi now even ur showing dadi in some negativity???. I know wt dadi doing is out of love bt it reminds me of pinky who reacted same during shivay run shoot….. Now janvi is supporting annika… Don’t Wen she will r remains same no fate in her….
    Was shocked to know that priyanka don’t know abt Shivay’s condition….
    I wish soon shivay confuse tht anika is his wife. Nd dadi say wt dadi did was knowingly so tht he confuse it soon. Nd also hope tht Raksha bandhan seen in tomorrow episode.
    Good Morning Hv a nice day. Tc

  10. Just forgot to add. Shivaay loves anika so much that was willing to jump off the building as well as even get electrocuted so Anika can get oxygen. Which Husband will do that? Shivaay love recesses have been evoked after seeing Anika’s state. He realised at that moment that he can’t live without Anika. How he shouted that someone call the doctor when she fell back unconscious. He wants to live with her now and that is why he said I have so much to tell you and you can’t leave me now. Destiny will rejoin them somehow. These are hurdles that are coming along like Nikhil, Daksh, Tia, Tej and now dadi. Tej will be happy when Shivaay leaves to go for in search of Anika because then he will ask Om to take over the business as he never wanted Shivaay to be the one managing the business.

    Next week I think Om and Rudra together with Priyanka will help Shivaay to get Anika back to the mansion.

    1. Banita

      Sindhu dii…
      I dont think CVS will strech this matter for this long…
      May be Shivay will get up nd stop Anika… Becz CVS r already planning for a new track na…
      But I m waiting for Omru…
      Missing them on d show…

  11. Episode is good.. But dadi made me sad… Waiting for the mystery…

    1. Banita

      Yup Niki dii…
      Dadi make everyone upset…
      I m also eagerly waiting for mystrious murder track…

  12. Agga4102

    Why did they make Dadi negative???? If it was Jhanvi, I would have controlled myself. Dadi was the match maker of Shivika……

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