Ishqbaaz 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Pinky meets with an accident

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Ishqbaaz 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says police is coming to arrest you all. Tej says I can’t believe Roop could fall so low. Jhanvi says Roop has told everything to Pinky herself, she did this. Pinky says yes, we are innocent. Shivaye says I know, but we are helpless. Shakti asks does this mean we will have to go to jail despite being innocent. Shivaye says no, I m sure our lawyers will arrange anticipatory bail before police comes. Khanna says Kukreja has come. Shivaye asks where are bail papers. Kukreja says its tough to arrange bail for four people. Shivaye scolds him and asks him to get results, before police comes here, I want…. Police comes. They get shocked. Shivaye sees his family. Roop runs on the road and cries. She shouts Veer. She asks people about the accident. A man says a truck has hit him. She asks did he die, where is he. He says where unclaimed bodies are taken… She cries and says why did you leave me alone Veer, I m so misfortunate, I couldn’t hug you, when you were little, you had to stay away from me because of Oberois, and today you left me forever, I won’t leave them, you lost life because of Shivaye, Pinky’s son will also die. Shivaye says commissioner give me just 2 mins. He calls a minister.

Tej says you have the fake evidence. Shakti says try to understand, we are not murderers. Rudra says go and arrest Roop. Om says we will get evidence against Roop. Commissioner says sorry, arrest them. Shivaye stops them and asks commissioner to check mail. He sends Rudra to get a printout. He says I spoke to home minister, Pinky and Jhanvi’s anticipatory bail got passed, you can’t arrest them. Commissioner says but we have to arrest Tej and Shakti. Shivaye says I promise I will get you out of the jail. Tej says I know. Shakti says I completely trust you. Tej and Shakti get arrested and are taken away by police. Shivaye consoles Pinky. He asks Gauri and Bhavya to take care of Pinky and Jhanvi. Media comes and asks Tej and Shakti about the crime, did they set fire to claim insurance money, did they kill Mr. Kapoor.

Shivaye says stop it, the charges aren’t proved, if you want to lie, go out and report, my family is innocent, someone is trying to frame us. Reporter asks is this true, your wife has given proof to police. They get shocked. Reporter asks what drove Anika to take such a step against family. Shivaye shouts shut up, get out of my house. Omru hold Shivaye. Guards make media out. Om says we have to handle this matter calmly, so relax. Media says Oberois are arrested for Kalyani mills fire incident, police claims Tej and Shakti have set fire in mill and killed Mr. Kapoor. Shivaye, Omru leave in their car and follow police jeep. Roop looks on. She gets angry.

Anika and Sahil are on the way in a bus. He asks what happened, say something. She says you won’t understand. He says I understood its a big matter, else you would have not left everything behind, did SSO do any mistake again. She says big mistake. He says maybe he wanted to do something and ended up doing something else, I know he can never hurt you intentionally. She says I felt so, I could never understand, but you don’t worry, I m fine, I m feeling little bad, but I m happy, from now on, you will be with me, just like before, I shall take care of you, they hug. She thinks crying won’t help you, I need to take care of myself and Sahil, its not easy to forget this, but its possible if I try, if Shivaye can forget me easily, why should I hold his memories. She wipes her tears.

Pinky cries and asks what was he saying, did Anika give evidence. Gauri says yes, he said so. Pinky says Anika can’t do such a thing, media spreads rumors to increase TRPs, she can’t do this, never, I will talk to Shivaye, he will misunderstand Anika, his relation shouldn’t break, Roop did this, Anika can’t do this. She leaves. She sits in the car. Roop is in back seat. She points gun at Pinky’s head. Pinky says I will call Shivaye. Roop says yes, call him, I have to kill him. Pinky scolds her. Roop says my son is dead, Shivaye killed him, I will kill Shivaye. Pinky says Shivaye can never do this. Roop says drive the car else I will shoot you. They argue on the way. Pinky says I will kill you before you reach my Shivaye. Roop says I made Shivaye away from Anika so that he falls weak, Anika was his strength and weakness too, he feels Anika gave proof to police, but I did that, poor Shivaye, his heart broke after Anika’s cheat, he has shattered, it will be easy to kill him, he killed my Veer. Pinky says I knew you did this, Anika can’t do this. Roop says I will kill Shivaye. Pinky says I won’t let this happen.

She races the car and says you want to kill me right, you will also die along with me. Roop asks her to slow down the car she tries to control. Pinky hits the car somewhere. Roop gets conscious. She gets down the car and checks Pinky. She angrily cries and says Shivaye….Gauri says don’t know where is Anika, she thinks less in anger. Pooja asks what shall I do now. Gauri says you can’t stay here. Bhavya says try to understand, your marriage was fake, how can you stay here. Pooja says try to understand my situation, my family isn’t much educated, how can I make them understand that my marriage was fake, you both are girls and can understand, if I leave, Roop will kill me and my family, give me some place in this house. She cries. Gauri says don’t cry, we will think of something.

Anika and Sahil get down the bus. He asks where are we going in Pune. She says Chanda’s house. Shivaye tells commissioner that evidence is fake, pics can be manipulated. He gets a call and gets shocked.

Shivaye says Anika has seen my love, anger and arrogance, now she shall see my hatred. Anika says Shivaye has seen my love, not my annoyance. Shivaye says I promise you mum, Anika will see my hatred. Anika says I will never forgive Shivaye, I want to forget him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aayush shrivastava

    So anika reached pune and pinky ka accident ho gaya now they will hate each other i think pinky aunty coma mein chali jaengi shayad kyoki vo hi janti hai sach report kisne ki thi

    1. AAYUSH

      I was able to post my comment now with my registered id don’t know y earlier I was not able to that’s t I had to post as Aayus h shrivastava with my email is hope this problem doesn’t occur again

      1. Go AAYUSH go ,,congo being first,and seriously i just hope pinky aunty jaldi thik ho jaye ,atleast ,aur shivay ka MU clear ho jaye ,

      2. AAYUSH

        Thanks tania

    2. Banita

      Congo being first dr…

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks banita

    3. Aayush dear…congrats GAG..
      waise serials main yahi hote he…jissse such pata ho..woh coma main chala jata he yaa mar jata he..????.
      Lets see how ishqbaaz wil cope with it

      1. AAYUSH

        Thats true arpita??

    4. Luthfa

      Go AAYUSH GO.Congratulations on being first…?
      Hope so.Let’s see.

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks luthfa

    5. Dhwani_Naidu

      Go Aayush go!! Yeah mostly pinky will go into coma.. that will drag MU.. And CVS will want only tht.. congrats for the first comment

  2. Riana

    Shakti & Tej went to jail
    Shivika got seperated
    Pooja in OM
    Pinky’s accident but not roop’s !…
    Shivaay & Anika’s hate towards each other !…
    Bonus- leap of 3 months again !…
    Comment ends ?

    1. Banita

      Hlo Riana…
      3 months leap again..??? Is it..!!!???

      1. Hello banu dear how are you my dear Sister? Yes dear it is 3 months leap AGAIN!!!!! I can’t believe this. Why do serials love to do one year and few months leap?

      2. Riana

        @Bani… I think so…not confirmed just spoilers ???

    2. Hi raina….
      3 months leap????.. ohhh nooo I don’t want this yaar..I have seen some Insta posts that as gul said there is no separation means there won’t be any leap..and some other confirms there must be leap…..dont know what’s going to happen…lets hope for the best

    3. ????????????.
      Riana i am laughing.
      I don’t think there wil be 3 month lapase again.
      Lets See….

      1. Riana

        @Arpu.. i will be the happiest one if there’s no leap ???

    4. Luthfa

      Hehehe….Nice,crispy short comment?????

      1. Riana

        @Luthfa ????

    5. ????? on your comment or???????on the situation??????????
      Don’t know

    6. Dhwani_Naidu

      Haha nice short comment riana.. oh no 3 months leap again???? Is that true??!!

  3. Dhwani_Naidu

    Oh no.. another shivika separation!! Can’t bear this yaar cvs.. the couple which has set all couple goals are getting separated?? Now this will not clear in a month.. If shivika get cleared of their MU within this week then that’s great.. Cvs won’t give us that.. my dear Gul, any venduthal uh?? Just last week IB had entered into top 10.. Hope trp doesn’t decrease.. Hoping for the best.. Good night pagals

    1. AAYUSH

      Dhwani even I hope trp don’t decrease instead should increase lets see what happens but separation track was not needed now

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Hii Aayush.. waiting for the next.. yeah they cud hv showed like shivika standing together after so many odds and hurdles.. Hope to increases..

    2. Banita

      Dhwani…. I don’t think trp will decrease more…
      Becz TRP ka iitihaas mein likha hain more drama , more dragging TRP will increase more…
      Actually TRP chart to dekh kr mujhe ase lagta hain….

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Hii Bani.. Yeah trp aunties always want drama.. but naamkaran trp decreased when Neil and Avni separated.. the 10yr leap was also a reason for the trp decrease.. That’s why I felt so.. I don’t want IB trp to decrease yaar..

    3. ?????dhawani …
      Gul mam se TRP hazam nahi ho rahi he sayad ????????..
      b..but something is cooking on Cvs Mind

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Haha.. and yeah arpu CVS are always into this.. cooking up something which we never want…

    4. Dhanu dear cvs have nothing better than separating shivika. Instead of developing om and Gauri they always need to separate shivaay and anika. Yes it can’t resolve in one week. That will never happen. This is going to drag for a month or 2. I hope it does not. I really really hope it does not go on for too Long.

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Hii Sindhu akka!! Am dhwani akka, not dhanu.. Yeah akka, none of us wants this drama to drag more.. but this CVS aren’t listening.. we can just hope for the best.. btw how r u??

    5. Luthfa

      Hi Dost,
      Don’t know what makers are thinking.But this track won’t end so soon,I think.Let’s see.Love you?

      1. Dhwani_Naidu

        Hi Dost!! Me too thinking the same yaar.. Hoping for the best.. Love you dost?

  4. Pushpa

    I hv nothing to say today…
    Im so devastated looking at my shivays shaterred…
    I just couldnt c tht…?????????
    I luved pinky mom today

    “”Humari Annika aisa nahi kar sakti . …..shivaay jhalla hai woh usse galat samjh bathege mujhe usse samjhana hai”
    Someone please wake pinky up so she can slap some sense into her bahu beta… please pinky mom….. wake upppppppp…so she can tell the truth to shivaye….. pleaseeeeeeeee

    But tht evil roop save… hw is tht possible…cmon cvs…. i know she lost her son but thts her karma… now she will adds on to her evil plans… god please help us to get rid of this women.

    I do not blame shivaye for whts gona happen… a man whose love of his life left him not trusting him aft wht he told her… lost his life… his family got arrested…. his mum met wt accident fighting her life… how much can a human being handle problem.. this,is the mental shivaye is at now……
    How he stand as wall to his family & tht call…. my god i want to be tht poweerful in live….great SSO.. just tej shakti cant be bailed…

    I hope anika will come to know the truth and expose roop…
    Oh dun know tomoro whts going 2 happen…
    So much of emotionalbaaz….
    Gd nite gals….

    1. Banita

      OMG diii…
      U make Pinky ur mom…? Still i can’t accept her fully…. Hope she will get up nd clear d MU between Shivika then i will surely think about her…

      1. Pushpa

        hi bani
        i think she gained my respect when she accept anika and now stand by her side saying this must b roop behind the cause … hope she comes out soon….

    2. Hello my pushpa di….I too want to wake up pinky………u know our cvs were intelligent,they will wake up pinky as soon as possible but as a memory lossed one?????(am I thinking more)… may happen bcoz our cvs can do anything?????……….just imagine that pinky losses her memory????………it may horrible and funny also??????

    3. ???
      Pu di..apka dil bahut bada he ji……
      Hats off to you…. waise i also want ye ponky coma se uth jaye…
      Pata nahi kab uthegi

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Pu di,
      Pinky does deserve our sympathies but I want to wait till KMM ends completely.Your Shivaay broke down in every possible way.Just hope he gathers his strength and fights back.Take care?

  5. What’s going on… ??
    Shivaay Singh oberoi’s family members got arrested… And he can’t do anything?!!
    SSO what happened???
    Pinky ji ! ? The trust yu show towards anika ??
    In past , last yr… They got separated by her.. i wish they will get united by her this time.. bcz she only knows roop had made the complaint not Anika!??

    Sahil you understood billuji better man.. ????

    Precap precap ?????????

    Anika’s anger is little acceptable.. (But she should have confront him or talked to him.. )
    but sso hatered? come on sso yu know the real roop, yu trusted that incomplete footage of police and believed it ??? ??

    His wife misunderstood and left, his family members are in jail.. his mom’s accident… ?? Poor sso, so many problems within a week????? give him some break yaar.. ?

    I don’t think this is separation.. its just misunderstanding..

    I hope there won’t be any separation or leap as gul mam said.. ??

    1. ?????Sso bhokla gaye he..Anika ka dimag band hogaya he

      The End.. ..
      Dhanu…aab pata nahi ye dono konsi world war start karne wale he

    2. Pushpa

      hey gal..
      SSO can do anything… he got his mums bailed just with a phone call dun worry both his dads will be out today thts my SSO & i hv full faith on him..
      precap… im not sure whts gone happen spoilers says anika will find out the truth about roop and b back but lets just watch the show..

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Dhanu,
      Shivaay is going through bad times.The great wall has become weak and helpless.I want him to bounce back against every problem.Pinky can help Shivika but I think cvs won’t let it happen soon.Let’s see.

  6. Not another seperation track, now if I know this right then Shivaye will accept Pooja as his wife and later after 6 months he will get Anika back. Is this Ishqbaaz or crappy yeh hai Mohabbatein

    1. Abhi..
      I don’t think Sso will accpet pooja..
      Bczoz all knows this marriage is fake..i think she only stay in OM……

      1. Arpita….
        I have this happens but I think Accor to the norms of TV serial dramas’…. I think that so will accept Pooja as his wife to show hatred towards Anika…..
        That is why CVS have kept her in OM…..
        Also I am very sure that pinky will go in coma and will wake up long after…. When some things gonna be be missing

  7. Hi guys……..hope u all r fine..I miss u guys..finally I have holidays for next 2 weeks….
    My dears arpu,bani,luthfa,kadhambari akka,Jeevi,sindhu akka,Krishna,beauty and so many sry I can’t remember……really miss u guys….ur comments were awesome….keep commenting and make fun…

    1. Banita

      Heyy Susi…
      HRU dr???
      Missed U too…

      1. Bani dr..I am fine….hope u r also fine..

    2. Susi dear..welcome back..we wtoo missed you.
      Yiu also come join with us in fun..
      Love you

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Susi,
      Welcome back to PKJ family with lots of love.How are you?I am good dear.Thank you so very much.Even me too missed you.See you soon?

  8. Dishani01


    1. Yessssssssssss..???
      This what gul mama doing….
      We are like noooo and she is like yessssssss..

    2. Luthfa

      Almost everyone’s reaction????

  9. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    HRU all??? Nd before U al ask me I m telling myself that I m f9…
    Nox bhaiya doing absolutly very well…. Hats of U bhaiya for ur powerful performance….
    I myself want a short separation of Shivika for a week like this… nd it happening now… But now I don’t want it… Shivaay is badly breaking…. D most 2 important lady of his life is not with him at this though time…
    1) Anika – His lady love go away leaving him all alone… I m not saying that here all fault is of Anika’s…. Both of them r worng in this…. Shivaay didn’t bother to tell her whole truth nd Anika didn’t bother to talk with Shivaay once…. Nd DWB took fully advantage this… Both of their trust badly failed becz of it….
    2) Pinky – CVS first successfully changed Pinky to Pinky ponky at d time of 3 month separation… Nd now from starting of vanwas track they r trying their best to turn Pinky ponky to Pinky…. Nd truth is that they some how successed in it… We r not forgive till now , but at d same time we don’t have that much hateness towards her now that we have in d time of 3 month leap….
    Whatever she did with Shivika in past that’s different…. No matter what she is his mother…. Nd it’s really heart breaking moment for him to see his family scattered… To see his mother in hospital bad…
    From starting of Vanwas track Shivaay’s break down part also started…. Nd now it’s comes to a high level…. Now he is fully scattered…. Fully broken….
    Nd it’s becoming hard for me to watch him like this…
    It’s hard to watch D Great Wall Of Shivaay Singh Oberoi broken…
    It’s hard to see my Shivaay bhaiya all scattered….
    Overally epi was very good…. High voltage drama is going on….
    Arrest nd media wala part was Superbbb…. It’s feel soo real… Just like I m watching a real news in a news channel…. Production team nd all crew did a wonderful job in it… I m apriciate for this….
    Today I feel like I m watching d old SSO nd old Anika… Shivaay’s taadi while talking with d advocate nd d police Nd Anika’s old avtar…. Just feel like d old Shivika is back… But not with their taadi… They r back with soo much haterned…
    Nycc to see sahil again… Anika Sahil is ri8…. U r not understanding Shivaay now….
    Pinky- DWB wala part was…???? I don’t know what to say about it….
    Precap – CVS plzzz don’t kill me…. So much hate…. They hate eo this much that…. I m heart broken now… I know I wanted a short separation , but never want to see hate in their eyes…. Now I just wish ki Pinky plzz get up soon nd clear everything… Now she is d only one who know d whole truth…. This much hateness I didn’t get from shivaay at d time of separation also that I m getting now… Now both hate eo , it’s d wrost nightmare for any Shivika fan…
    P S – Sometime I thought we r expect or demand too much from CVS…. It’s fate only….. I m exciting as well as hell nervouse also for upcoming epis….
    Now SP did a risky nd bhayankar dicision by changing in time slot with YHM nd NK is going off-air (I just read it , I m not sure about it )…. It may be proove in positive way also… Well , I don’t have any problem with this decision of IB for now… I m okk with every decision of SP jab tak meri show (IB) safe hain( I know I m talking like selfish)…. Nd I just want to say or U can say I just want to warned to each ndd ev ery Ibian to WATCH IB ON TV AT 10pm…. Becz jb SP wale NK off air kr sakte hain HSMUBH nd Ikkyabaan jese low rating serials ko chod kr then it will be no surprise in it when they decied to make IB off-air becz of low rating…. I know now a days IB is doing very good , but we have to maintain this… No fan base , No online rating can save a serial… It’s prooved by NK’s off-air news…. So everyone plzz watch IB on TV at prime time only….
    GN PKJ….

    1. AAYUSH

      Banita what time change u r talking about plz tell I dont know about it and yeah now only pinot aunty hi each batake misunderstanding clear Kat sakti hai shivika no lets hope for the best

      1. Banita

        Aayush YHM’s slot time change to 10:30pm …. Now in 7:30pm there will be telecast a new serial in SP… Yeh let’s hope for best… Finger cross…

    2. ?????Bani..finally yiu are back.
      I thought tu mere se gussa he..gudsa mat hona agar hua toh…………………….
      ( kuch nahi mere ko ghata farak padega (supressing my laughter???))…
      Jokes part but i really missed you on this weekend..
      YHM is TRP giver for SP why they are doing such risky job i can’t understand. Revamp karne ke chakkar main SP khud vampire na ban jaye..?????
      I don’t think NK is going off air..
      And about episode actually sane condition excited as wel as nervous.
      Jo bhi he dekh lenge ..
      Love you…

      1. Banita

        Uuhhh…!!!! Tujhse gussa ho kr pkj mein na aaun…. Bebkuf hun kya main… Tujhe kon puchta hain…
        U missed me… Dekha kitna important hun… But i didnt missed u becz i read all ur comments…
        SP vampair ban chuka hain YHM fans r a little upset now , but YHM wase vi trp layega i think becz 11pm slot mein vi uski trp accha tha…. Nd i m not sure about NK… SP ne abhi tk koi conformation nahi kia hain…
        Love U too pagal…

    3. I hope banu it is not 3 months leap but probably 2 weeks leap. I saw the interview and Nakkul mentioned most likely 3 months but have to wait and see

      1. Banita

        Yeh didu i also dont think that there will be 3 month leap… Yeh only 1-2 week leap that what i want…
        Nox said…?? In which interview..??
        Lets see what will happen….!?

    4. Bani dr……I want that accident happens with ani di….so our sso come and rescue anika….whatever may be the misunderstanding ,they get United and their sorrow will break into pieces….I know sso will suffer more when he see anika in that condition…….but their hatred for each other is more painful than this…..It’s just my POV..sry if l hurt anyone……

      1. Banita

        Susi dr in pkj many people wish to see Anika in hospital bad , so u didnt hurt anyone…
        I wish ase kuch hota pinky ke badle Anika hospital mein hoti… But koi nahi ab atleast pinky uth jaye nd mu clear kr de… Lets see…

    5. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,
      Very glad to have you back.I agree with you.Me too wanted an emotional small separation for Shivika.Par yaha to kuch alag hi hogaya.Don’t know when this misunderstanding will finish.But I am very excited for upcoming.Let’s see.And yeah,keep watching on tv.Take care?

      1. Banita

        Heyy Lu…
        Actually this is my 1st nd last comment for this week (sayad)….
        Yeh yanha toh inna baada bawal macch gaya… Hope their MU will end soon…

    6. Dhwani_Naidu

      Hii Bani!! Our bhaiya is heart broken.. Yeah dr tough to watch.. Atleast before if one person hated the other still loved them.. but this time both shivika are hating eo so much.. and CVS will not end this so soon.. really tough to watch.. But let’s hope for the best.. after this mu gets cleared their love will be even more stronger..

      1. Banita

        Yeh Dhwani it’s though to watch this SSO , but hum dekh lenge…. Well i dont think cvs will drag this mu part too much this time… Well , true is that both r upset with eo not hateing eo… Hope everthing will be f9 soon…

  10. Arpita6

    Hiìi mere khidkitod pagals. ….??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    This is what i did in whole episode. .trust me i didn’t cry a bit…i was laughing like a mad..

    First of all a big sry to everyone. I couldn’t not watch today episode on TV bcoz here is raining in odisha ( summer days main bhi
    .what a miracle ????).

    Today i will say MY PoV..Neither Shivaay nor Anika nor Shivika.. .
    Bocz if i take Shivaay side then it will be bad for annika….if i i wiill take Anika side then it will be bad for Shivvay..if i will talk about shivika then my brain wil be explored???.


    I was thinking about this song for mine. For choosing shivika..????..
    I STILL CAN’T TRUST THEM..i am feeling it is all plan ver well planned..
    . ????or both are now khidkitod dumbest i am not annoying with them..but both are giving me tensions yarr..Sabki Nind chin lenge ye dono..

    Now it is proved that SAHIL is the one and only most mature person..may be he is a little child but his mund is really sharp…he is very understanding person.he understands both Shivaay and Anika..sometimes more than shibika themselves. …His Trust on Sso ,And Knowing about Her specialty of him…that is why we love him..
    Bit i am feeling bad for him.????? in dono ke chakkar main usko kya kya jhelna pad raha he.???.

    VOMIT. ???????????????oh God..she made me scary and also laugh. ….
    Plz don’t cry..i am not saying this bcoz i am feeling bad for is just that when yiu cry yiu look more dangerous. And it is night show.I DON’T WANT ANY HORROR DREAM IN MY SLEEP..????????.

    PINKY PONKY….Finaly she understand that Without Annika Shivaay is nothing..she was ready to end her life to save Shivaay. ..
    Pinky itni sweetness se mere ko sugar hojayegi…..

    Shivaay And Anika..i am speechless about you
    So don’t want to say anything..

    GHONGAT WALI LADKI plz leave OM..

    Precap–??????????????????Funniest precap of ishqbaaz till date.
    Sso-AB ANNIKA SSO KI NAFRAT DEKHEGI?????Sso this is serous time not for joke..??????if Annika didn’t saw your hate then wahat was FORCE MARRIAGE PART??????????
    Anika- Main Sso ko bhuljana chati hu..????.
    Ok keep trying di….bhu jao but galti se bhi Sso ke bare main dream mat dekhna.aap bahut hi
    Romantic dreams dekh te don’t do such types of things ????????

    I am feeling bad for Chanda.?????????BILU AUR BILI ki chakkar main bechari ko kya kya jhelna pad raha he..Ok chanda is married. ..

    JUST Wish ki pinky ponky Coma, questions marks in sab main na chali jaye ?????
    Now only she can clear MU from Sso side..

    — i think this track is for my trust testing . .??and pinky ponky ‘s change.

    I will watch….and will support Ishqbaaz.
    Any one is with me??????????

    1. Dishani01

      hi arpita dear your comment make me cool thanks ??

      1. Hii Dishu..thnx yarr… cool.
        Bcoz Shivika are giving tension to everyone. ??????….

    2. Riana

      @Arpu… Lol arpu ye kya likha hain…laughing emoji ki dukaan banadi ?????????????????

      1. Ha ha ha ha…?? kya karu yarr
        I can’t stop laughing…
        What to do???

    3. Banita

      Yeh Arpu… I m also still with Gulneet…. Gul already cleared that there will be no leap so tension ki toh koi baat hi nahi hain…
      Very well try to change a serious epi to funny one…. but it didn’t worked on me..?? yeh DWB ko dekh kr toh mujhe vi thoda funny laga…
      Nd summer mein barrish… That’s what i want yaar…. But yanha ek vi bund barrish nahi hua… Not a single drop….

      1. Bani..tu itni serious kyun ho rahi he…
        Has le warna shivika tension de ke sabke bheje main raita faila denge. ?????
        Kafi dangerous he ye dono..???
        It didn’t worked on you hawwww.
        Tu toh ful serous he.
        Koi nahi baad main has lena..

    4. Of course arpu I am with IB. Regardless of separation track or not I will still watch. But I just felt even if there is shivika separation it is not necessary to have an extra woman in the mansion Pooja. The cvs do not need to spice up anything romantic between shivaay and Pooja if that is how the plot is going to be developed

    5. Hi arpu dr……I really appreciate ur sense of humour???…….u know one of my bad habit is laughing at the serious times……???????…on seeing me, my friends are also started laughing and sometimes we got scolded by the teachers??? for laughing when they gives some serious advices??????…..
      Thanks ur comment remind me some memorable moments…….keep commenting and I really enjoy this….

    6. Pinky’s coma….. I thought she may loss her memory…..??????

    7. he he loved ur cmnt..I was also laughing esp when the danton danthon was crying…actually what was she doing???crying or laughing…the similarity is that…she always laughs and cries veryyy badly….he heeee

    8. ShinyTirupathi

      I’m with you dear… I won’t trust this Billu and Billi… Even seeing Precap I couldn’t get seperation vibes I’m so positive and even I trust Gul… she said wait and watch so I ‘m with her… Shivaay’s misunderstanding is useless too he didn’t see Annika handing report and by the way Is police that dumb to not differentiate between Annika and Roop. something is there I can feel it.. Shivaay singh Oberoi is big player when it comes to game with Villains..

    9. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      That’s like my darling.I am with you no matter what happens here after.Let’s stay positive and enjoy the current track.Take care?

    10. Dhwani_Naidu

      Hii arpu!! Whatever happens we will watch IB yaar.. Lets wait for the best.. After this separation, shivika’s love will get even more stronger.. Take care yaar..

  11. Oh my god. I hope they don’t do something wrong, especially Shivaay

    1. Hello sneha how are you my dear? Don’t worry sneha. Let’s watch patiently to see how it develops.

      1. Hloo sindhu..I am sneha thats not me.I didnt cmnt yesterday night i just cmnted today mng..I dont know who is that

    2. Hey who r u???
      Are u cmnting for the first time?
      Actually I am sneha…..

    3. Luthfa

      O My God,confusion hogayi.Keep commenting dears?

  12. Hiii everyone

    How are you’ll???

    ????? what’s going on ??? Hope shivika don’t misunderstand each other precap is ? I’m sure they enacted it well like always …
    I never thought such a twist will one and I hope they get back and clear everything I just hope we don’t lose ishqbaazians coz I’ve seen many of them stating that they gonna leave watching the show it’s my humble request plz don’t ?

    You guys I dont get smtg can you’ll explain plz
    Why is anika angry? Is it coz shivaay remarried and she thought it’s real or bcoz bcuz of her father ?? I don’t understand coz remember I can’t watch the episodes and sometimes it’s hard to think of it and I don’t get to read comments hope you’ll understand

    Hope everyone is okay and take care ❤❤❤

    1. Banita

      Hlo Omu…
      I m f9… How about U??
      Don’t forget dr IB is all about Expect d unexpect….
      Anika is angry on Shivaay becz she thought Shivaay again choose his family over her nd remarried…. Which is a complete false… This is what DWB want to show her nd she MU Shivaay… She hurt more then angry…

    2. Hii Omi..
      Annika is angry bcoz Sso married once again without teling her which is fake…..
      And Vomit is completely manipulated her…
      Ye ishqbbaz he..Anything can happen here.
      ahere.anythung means anything.

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Omu dear,how are you?
      Don’t know about others but I am liking on going track.And you are right.Anika misunderstood Shivaay because of his fake second marriage and her father’s false allegation.Take care.Lots of love?

    4. Dhwani_Naidu

      Hii omu!! How r u?? Me too hoping that we don’t loose IBians.. Hoping for the best to come.. Take care yaar..

  13. Thahsina Thasi

    Oh god precap is so annoying…lets hop for best..

    1. Yes dear..hope for the best

    2. Luthfa

      Hope so dear…..

  14. Yar please don’t do anything to pinky and rehi bath Shivika like please didn’t separate them still that Roop bus didn’t not die

    I’m getting too much anger now on this director and of Shivika’s separation hui I will stop seeing this show

    And I’m sorry guys it’s pakka

    1. Banita

      Hlo Thiya…
      Why r U angry on director..??? director do d same thing what mentioned in script…. He just direct d actors to do this way nd that way… There is no hand of his/her in on going storyline…. Story written by writer…. He/She will think what will happen future in story…. Now plzz don’t angry on writer dr… Just trust them… It will be f9 at d end… Nd there will be no long separation… So chill dr nd Clam down….

    2. THiya calm.down dear.
      There is nothing with director he is just doing his works..
      It is writers who erite plot for show..
      My dear just wait upcoming will be good.

    3. Luthfa

      Hey Thiya dear,don’t worry.Everything will be fine.And if you don’t want to watch it,then it’s your personal decision.Take care.

  15. Luthfa

    Pinky Promise and Pinky Singh Oberoi,two most inseparable part of Shivika’s life.The promise got included in their life being the ultimate symbol of “Trust” and Pinky for her proper place of being their Mother.Same Pinky who was very much against Shivika’s relation especially of Anika.Her antagonism for Anika was nothing new and everyone was aware of it including Anika herself.Pinky changed her mentality towards her after a long time and she was not forced for it.Rather she accepted Anika as her bahu for Shivaay,more or less willingly.Her that part which was an eclipse in Shivika’s moon-lit love story gets over today officially.Today for the first time she is convinced of Anika’s true nature and her dedication for Oberoi khandan.Very unfortunately Shivaay has failed to recognise Anika and her inner thoughts with a difference of huge margin.What an ironical situation!The one who is supposed to understand Anika more than anything,couldn’t master up the courage but Pinky from her experience learnt the lesson,how to trust Anika.It’s a revolutionary change for Pinky as well as Shivika.Coming to Pinky Promise,it’s not in the least to ignore but most important aspect behind all those happenings around.Shivika made Pinky Promise to ensure the bond they are sharing but couldn’t.Actually,they never believed in Pinky Promise,if to tell the truth.If they believed in its power,they couldn’t do the mistake of misunderstanding each other at a such length.That promise worked like an illusion to stay away from the real incident for some time.It’s magic got expired when reality stroke very badly.Those words exchanged by Shivika were taken at a face value by both of them.Nor they trusted Pinky Promise nor their love or anything.Just went with the flow.When they can’t trust their own self and love then what is Pinky Promise to take stand for the guarantee of their relationship?Relationship is very delicate and it needs a lot of care and nurture to maintain life long.That promise and other things are like ornament to make any relation beautiful form inside out.The actual,jenuine work is to be done by humans.Once upon a time it was Pinky the mother of Shivaay,was responsible for Shivika’s separation but now she is the one who has the power to unite Shivika by breaking their self-imposed separation.Pinky Promise couldn’t do its work properly but Pinky Singh Oberoi can do the wonder and it will be a fact not imaginary words like Pinky Promise…………………………………

    1. Banita

      Hlo Lu…
      Agree with U yr…
      They never believe in pinky promise… Neither they did last time during separation nor they did it now…. Yeh now PSO only have d power to reunite them…
      Rockkingg comment dr….

      1. Luthfa

        Bani,you are right.They have lost their trust on themselves,by default in everything.Pinky can save the day if cvs would have mercy on fans.Thank you so much for the compliment,God bless you…..

    2. ?????????????.
      Yiu know what Lu.
      I am scared for four things about shivika.

      1 when the made pinky promise..
      2..whenever Sso says NO ONE CAN SEPARATE US.. ?????.
      3.Whenever Sso make wear MS to Annika..
      4.whenever Cvs give us More romantic scenes for Shivika ????.

      Mere ko aur kuch nahi bolna.

      1. Luthfa

        Hehehehehe…..Agree with you.Iske age aur kya bolna or sunna.Hehehehe….

      2. True enough arpita…… ???
        Thore se romantic sequences de ke fir separation dikha determine hair yeh cvs

        What to do?? ?

    3. Yes luftha I agree totally with you. Nice analysis dear. In fact the one Pinky who hated Anika the most initially miraculously decided to locate and Anika to clear her name knowing the reporters are just giving rumours about Anika and falsely accusing her. Even shivaay believed that Anika gave the evidence but Pinky was adamant that Anika would never have done such a thing. Also Gauri too reiterated that to Pinky that it was mentioned Anika gave the evidence. But who believed Anika it was pinky so I really was surprised.

      Shivika trust is all gone. You are right that Pinky promise has no value now. It has become so superficial.

      1. Luthfa

        You are absolutely right Sindhu di.It’s Pinky who trusted Anika not Shivaay.Shivaay is programmed to act like that when it concerns his family,And Pinky Promise indeed has become superficial.Anyway,thank you so much for the compliment,God bless you.

    4. Hellooo luthfa dr…….how r u? I totally agree with u my girl….

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Susi dear,I am good dear.Thank you so much.Hope you are doing khidkitode.Thanks a lot for agreeing with me.

    5. Dhwani_Naidu

      No words dost!! Agree with u totally.. You know what I have this thought.. It’s been 5 months and KMM track hasn’t completely gotten over.. but now shivika got separated.. and we know CVS won’t let go of this chance of dragging the drama.. And if this takes another month or two, when will we get Ani-chutki track and Rikara Milan?? May be in aug or sept?? My head is spinning when I think of this dost.. Hoping for the best to come.. Take care dost.. Love you..

      1. Luthfa

        You are right.Cvs are dragging this KMM like anything.And see,Shivika got separated because of it eventually.They could have showed AniRi track but no,they are in another world.Anyway,let’s wait and watch.Kya pata,kuch accha hi mil jay.Thank you so much for the compliment.Love you?

  16. Vidyakrish

    Pinky saying was good she trust Anika more than sivaay. I love pinky for here words. IAM totally disappointing with Anika and shivaay. I will stop seeing ib for one week or one month after prmb I will see they drag the kalyani mill track so long.

    1. Banita

      Heyy Vidyakrish…
      Well it will totally ur decision to watch IB now or not… I can just request U to watch it… i know many r upset with ongoing track… But we all know end will be a khidkitode one… So keep patience dr….

    2. Vidya if yiu will STOP watching show..
      Then no one can force you to watch..but i wil tell yiu one thing don’t assume anything.
      This shoe is belong to us we should support it rather than go against it.
      Gulneet definitely is doung something.
      Keep patience yarr.
      Love you.

    3. Luthfa

      It’s ok dear.Take a short break if you want.And remember dear,it’s just a serial.It should not affect our personal life,Take care.

      1. Vidyakrish

        Ya dear in our language serial there is no this type of separation so in general I hate these previous separation episode also I don’t see till now..

  17. Today’s epi was not very good but its good ,and how can be it will be very good yr when our sivika are going away from each other ,
    today i just whole heartedly laugh when i watched vomit was crying for veer?????it was very funny for me ,after see her condition i can’t stop my laugh ,,
    anika aur sahil part was very nice ,ok so anika again goes to chandna ,,good ,
    And i really impress by pinky today ,the way she said “hamari anika aisa khabhi nahi kar sakti ,” i just loved it ,thank you pinky for trusting anika ,???but this roop use chain nahi milega khabhi bhi churail hai ek number ki ,uski bajase hamari pinky ka accident hi hogyai ,,but pinky thik to ho jayegi na ,,guys i really want to know kaya pinky will be alright or she will be die. ,what is gonna happen ,i really want to know ,to koi guess kar sakta hai ,???
    And precap dekhkar mera dil bhar gaya ,,,,(don’t MU me ) actually na mujhe dukh nahi ho rahi hai ki they wiil be hate each other but mujhe khusi ho rahi hai is bat ki liye ab yeh game jam ne wali hai ,so guys i think hum sabko ab kamar kash ke beth jana chahie sivika hate full love story dekh ne ke liye ,there will be more tashan and fun ,,
    Ok no more bakar bakar ,,lastly just hope pinky thik ho jaye aur shivay ko batade ki police ko o proof roop ne diya hai ,,to bat kuch thik bhi ho sakti hai ,,hope for best
    Good Night guys ,,

    1. Banita

      Hlo Tania…
      Yeh just waiting 4 tashaan dr… Not for any type of haternd between Shivika…. Well it will be gr8 to watch their tashaan again (If it happen ?)….

    2. Tania hannn…
      Yiu love pinky ponky..hats off to yiu dear. ???
      Ponky will not die but don’t know when she wil be alright..
      Ya Vomit ????funniest thing..
      About precap- dil vhota mat know na both shivika are mad…lets take it in a funny way
      Yehh we should watch it..
      Game is started now.

    3. Luthfa

      Tania,you are going good dear.That’s what is needed to watch the upcoming track.Let’s see.Take care.

  18. AAYUSH

    I don’t know why I m not able to post from my registered login id when I login I go to homepage it’s fine but when I open any serial page it shows login option again done it many times but nothing happening any help would really be good what should I do in this case

    1. Banita

      Hahaha…. I thought i m d one who suffer from this today… But nycc to know that u suffer from this today becz of TU… (Don’t take me wrong)…
      Well , in that case after login in home page when in serial page it show login opt again just refresh it…. It will work…. I found it today only…
      Proud of me… Hope yeh sb ke liye kaam karen… Nahi hua toh mujhe kuch maat bolna TU ko bash krna…

      1. AAYUSH

        Alright banita?? koi kuch na bolega

    2. Luthfa

      AAYUSH,try to login afresh after facing such problem.It should work.

  19. Swetlana tried 100 times BT never can broke oberois, BT roop did it in one times. Swetlana was right, in oberois ko sirf ek oberoi i tor sakti hay

    1. Maisa dear..yiu are right..Only a oberoi can destory the oberois.. ??????..
      Khandani relation he na.

    2. Luthfa

      Hehehehe,,,You are so right dear.

  20. Hi guys. A big hello to my lovely Sindhu nd Kadhambari akka’s nd my dear onces nd my pkj… hru all. hope all r good….. Actually i wanted come on thusday itself after knowing tht ib got into top 10…… but by internals was going on so cant come today bit free so came….. after hearing this news the 2 names tht got in my mind is Arpita n Banita dears n i wanted to c their reaction… just hope trp increases n get in to top 5….. Acc to me the full credit goes to shivika wt a acting fab just waiting for spa to awards in their hands…..
    the 4 good thing happen in n to ib last week is….
    1. ib in top 10.
    2. shivika acting..
    3. in wensday epi tht 1 sec of somu scene and to C Sahil and Gouri back… kash even dadi hv been present missing her badly…
    4. lambu death but i wanted a tough face off btw him n shivay…..
    I wonder wt happen to shivay sensometer i think cells shelflife is over….
    i think anika’s trust over shivay is making her to belive all tht happening becoz she very well know tht he can do anything for his family…
    guys do u all know who is tht lady under vein….

    plzzzzz cvs no more separation n leap plzzz gul has said no more separation then wt this….
    Nd in today episoid cant watch fully just saw 1st part guys did u all understand wt roop was saying in the car ooh god plz give some strenght to bare her horrible voice…precap dont know wt going to happen nd wts going in cvs mind just fingercross. lots of love. tc

    1. Banita

      Hlo Jeevi…
      I was surprised as well shocked becz of this week TRP…. IB is in top 10 in rating just 1.7… I must say IPL is badly affecting all serials… But i m happy with TRP… Actors doing fabulous job… They deserves it…
      Girl under d veil… First i thought she will be for short time… But now it’s cleared that she is a new cast… So at least 1 or 2 month toh chalega hi uski drama….
      DWB ki voice… Wo jb acchese aaramse bolti hain tb vi mujhe aadhi baat samajh nahi aati toh ab kya khas aayega…

    2. Jeevi welcome back dear..
      Yehh i was shocked and then became sooo happy….
      Vomit ki baat samajhna is very hard..????

    3. Hello my little jeevi dear how are you? Hope you are fine with your exams. Yes my dear a little sad on shivika separation but Gul mentioned in her twitter that fans should be patient and see the development slowly. Probably they might develop the plot that we do not expect. I decided never to expect the expected but to expect the unexpected when it comes to IB. I am not sure when they will make a twist so I will just patiently watch and see the development and not get overl y sad about this separation. I believe it is temporary separation.

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Jeevi dear,how are you?Actually IB’s entry into top ten surprised me to a great extent.But it’s good.So much happened behind you.Don’t mention Roop and her evil words.I think she will plan something more dangerous especially for Shivaay.Anyway,take care.All the best for your remaining exams.

  21. Seriously is this the same shivika we saw for years
    Anika who never bothered for NKK is now bothering about her father reputatuon and forgot her love ok it was the same anika who told we should let go of past and should leave in present but today she hanging to the past and ruining her present life atleast anika hating shivay is valid because she think oberois are the reason gor her father death and dont know whole truth
    Shivay who made so many promise of making everything fine what happend to him anika doesnt know whole truth but shivay know everything why is he hating anika anyone in anika place would have taken this step its really a dissppinment for me as a shivay fan cvs ruined shivay they always does this with shivay character in first seperation also they showed shivay has a husband goal and made him to hate hate anika and even now from few days they showed has husband goal and now they are making him to hate anika there atleast in first seperation there was valid reason for shivay to hate anika bout now there is no logic in shivay hating anika again repeataion of first speration track and ragini track seriously as a shivay fan i am dissapointed by IB,GULNEET,CVS i wont see IB from now onwards let the trp crash and let show go off air i dont mind

    1. Abhisek dear…
      First of all calm down…yiu want to leave the is your choice no one can force you..
      But plz think about this decision yarr
      This track will make shivika realise their mistake…and pinky ponky wil be change completely….
      And yhis separation is nit for last wil end just have to keep patience.
      Read this and calm yiur mind. And stil if you want to leave the show thrn its yiur choice.

  22. ShraddhaSharma392

    Yehi baki rehe gya tha bus….
    Abhi tak ek drama end nhi hua tha, naya suru ho gya… Old anika vs old shivaye…
    Just end show… Faltu ka drama krne ki kya jarurt hai…

    1. Shraddha dear…plz show end hojaye gi toh hum masti kaise karenge..
      Keep patience yarr..plzzzzzzz.

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      I know, masti karna, infect yeh believe krna ki show end ho gya hai, will be tooo difficult, but yeh seperation or old avtar dekhne se to better hoga…
      Jaise hi show me spark aata hai, show bigad jaata hai….

  23. Luthfa

    Hehehehe…..I must say,Gul is chantomai number one.Separation happened in front of everyone’s eyes still we couldn’t believe it trusting her words-No Separation.Now time lapse will also happen.I was sure of those when I saw Shivika’s Pinky Promise.I was convinced that something amiss would occur.So,here we go,Shivika got separated.But this time this track would unfold two most important things in Shivika’s life.Pinky and her assessment for Anika and Shivaay’s priority of his family.He always choses his family over anything and this time he has to learn to balance other things with it.I am actually excited for upcoming unlike many other.Except that FFW of Shivaay.Let’s see how this track turns up.Entertaining or Exhausting……

    1. Lu don’t onow what is going on Gul mind.but if Annika is really angry on Sso and Sso is really started to hate Annika.
      Then it wii be
      Lets see who will win..or who wil lose or both wil lose..

      1. Luthfa

        Wow,you caught it absolutely on point.Let’s see what happens in this clash.Ishqbaazi will go on in the guise of Nafratbaazi.Bring it on.

    2. Me tooo…their pinky promise is just like a cool breeze b4 a dreadful storm..i think that this will be interesting

      1. Luthfa

        You are absolutely right.It’s an ominous indication of upcoming disaster.

  24. Guys really missed u and ur comments very much. Cant read ur comment but today just had a glance of last 3 weeks comments. Soo sorry for this late reply maf karna…
    Pushpa n Aayush wish u both belated many many happy birthday. Wishing ur both life full of joy n happiness n may all ur dreams success……
    Dhwani dear: hru hope ur health is good now. Take care of ur health dear. All the best for ur next studies which field u
    Luthfa dear ; hru hope ur allergy has gone . ur fine now.. Take care dear. Missing ur analysis dear. Nd i hv seen ur post ur thoughts r super dear…. Tc
    Arpita dear: hru. missing ur funny comments.
    Sindhu akka : hru. Missing ur our pt of thought over episoid n ur guess of next episoid missing it… Nd tq soo much akka to mention my name 1 among the names in weekend becoz if im absent also my name makes me present here…tc
    Kadhambari akka : hru. Nd ur prince Suhas. Hope ur free now by all ur works..
    Nd My heartly welcome to all the new comers to our family pkj.. Sry guys as im sister of ghajini poor in remembering names..
    Aayush congrats for being 1st …..
    Banita dear: i dont miss u becoz i hv read ur comments in some of the ff so…
    My best wish to all the guys who r 10 & 12 th student passed out now just 1 suggestion select the field which ur interested….
    I know it hv been just 15 days u hv nt visited here bt to me it was has some months becoz from last 5 months pkj has becoz part of life n visiting her is part of my habit sooo…..
    Guys can anyone tell weather yhm is going to i saw a new promo @ 7:30 nd also 9:00 pm.
    Wishing every one “HAPPY WORKERS DAY”
    Nd my birthday wishs to “THALA AJITH”

    1. Banita

      But I missed U Jeevi…
      Now YHM will telecast in a new slot time at 10:30pm… About 9pm i m also in confuse… May be NK will be off air nd a new serial will take it’s place or may be Nk’s slot will change… Not sure about it….

    2. ?Jeevi missed you too.
      Of you missed funy comments just read to comment.
      Thodi smile toh karogi.i am sure..
      Love you

    3. Luthfa

      Jeevi dear,plz don’t say sorry yaar.We are from same family so no need to be formal.Thank you so much for your sweet concern and love.Take care.God bless you.

  25. Guys Where has Aastha disappeared? I have not been active in commenting and when I do come back, I don’t notice many familiar names. There used to be Riddhima, Vaani, Archiya etc.
    Where have all these people gone off to?

    1. Banita

      Hlo Kritika…
      WELCOME BACK dr…
      They r just disappear from IB TU page… Why..??? Only they can say it…

      1. Hi Banita

        Thank you for the welcome and of course you guys can comment as well. I was just wondering where the old pagals were :p

    2. Kritika dear..
      Mdear..Most of the old pkjians left pkj after shivika separation and totally left sgow after somu turned negative.
      And others are busy
      with their life.
      Don’t about asthababy
      If she is wtch ib or not
      archu is busy now a days
      Most pagals are left show

      1. Oh! That is really sad. New PKJ’s are always welcome but it would have been great if the old ones were there too.

    3. Luthfa

      Kritika,most of the old members have left PKJ.Aastha di came to celebrate 500 episode of IB.Don’t know about other.Take care.

      1. Thank you Luthfa. You have been commenting from a long time right?

  26. What’s this Yaar shivika seprated……..???
    In key bagair dramey main koe Maza Nahi yeh ek sath they tabhi to drama dekhna start Kiya tha or ab…………
    Iam not going to watch……..
    And I will watch this drama only when shovika’s misunderstanding will get clear…..
    Once again leaving this show because of the separation of shivika…….
    Hope your misunderstanding get clear……
    Waiting for that day……..

    1. Labina dear..
      If you wil not support them right now then at the time of reunion how you will understand it.
      Keep patience my dear.
      Wait and watch..
      I can only request you.
      Baki your choice.

    2. Luthfa

      All the best dear.

  27. Banita

    Hahahaha…. Okkk Stop Banita Stop…. Hahahaha….
    Control urself…. Hahahaha….
    What to do i can’t stop my laugh after reading all of ur comments (Including mine)….. Hahahahaha….
    Once there was days when we didn’t get tired by bashing Pinky ponky… Like “Go to hell” , “Maar kun nahi jaati”… nd etc… etc… etc…
    Nd today we all r saying “Pinky thik ho jaye” , “Pinky jaldi uth jaye” nd all….
    Sacchi mein it’s badly cracked me up…. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha…..
    Once hum jisko marne ye maarna chahte the aj usko jinda dekhna chahte hain….
    Kya din dekhne ko mil raha hain…
    That’s why i m saying CVS have d power to make anything or anyone change… Either it’s on serial or it in viwers POV….
    It’s just a 360 degree change in Pinky’s character so as in our views…
    But sacchi mein it’s really fun to read everyone’s comment about Pinky nd compare it to d comments about pinky during 3 month leap… Hahahhahahhaha….

    1. Banita

      Nd those who said they dont want to see ib any more till everything get solve… For them Dont come to any conclusion without knowing d whole plot… Shivika , CVS , IB always suprised us with unexpected…
      Gul already cleared that there will be no separtion… So chill everyone… Agar separation hona hota toh she cleared it like time she cleared about 3 month separation…
      So keep patience…. Nd Keep watching ib…

    2. ?????????
      Finally Bani ne hasa..
      It is too much fun.reading last year JUNE month time comment and now a days comment..i am to can’t stop laughing.
      It is really entertaining yarr.
      Watch it

      1. Banita

        Yeh Arpu it’s really fun… Kya karun i cant stop laughing after realise this fate….

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,
      At least I never said those for Pinky but my disappointment on her manners especially towards Anika was always there.And Pinky can’t earn my trust untill KMM ends completely.That was nice trying on her part yesterday?????

      1. Banita

        Lu i know ur dissapoint towards pinky still not gone fully ( meri vi nahi gaya hain) , but haan thodisi toh kaam hua hi hain na… Nd we cant deney it…

  28. Hello pkjians. I don’t comment nowadays much because I don’t watch ib even in hotstar now properly. And fr the last 2-3 days I am only watching precap in hotstar. I think Gul ma’am has lost to trp race. She said there won’t be any shivika separation and leap bt both are happening. It could be their plan. Anika might start collecting evidence against Roop in this mean time bt I can’t bear the show. Shivika are that one couple that have trusted each other through thick and thin.. and now they can’t trust each other? Have CVS gone mad or have we? Or are they making all of us pappu? If it’s a plan den half f d ib fandom including me who are blaming the cvs will become dhenchu… But if they are not then this will become another trp hit like yhm, kb, sasural simar ka, sath nibhana sathya and all bt ib will loose it’s loyal fans. Many had gone away due to ishkara and rumya issues and due to less screen space given to the dbo couples. The remaining shivika, bachi kuchi rikara and ruvya fans and shivomru fans will also leave if they don’t handle this track properly. NK goin off air has been a shock to everybody and Gul will try her best for mre trps. Bt trp ke chakkar mein I hope she dsnt do chop of ib. Most of her serials like geet, ipkknd, qb etc start awesome bt towards the end it becomes blah. I jus hope she wnt do that wid ib. I jus hope that when the time comes fr ib to go off air, it should leave us wid awesome memories and not wid a feeling thst thank God it ended. bcoz no serial has made me this emotionally involved. The show shldnt go off aftr it’s loyal fans have left watching it or after ruining its super cool, unique characters. NK used to be my 2nd best fav show until the leap bt after the 10yrs leap I haven’t even watched one episode properly. so i’m scared abt ib. Anirivya, avni were all star plus’s perfect examples of nayi soch bt somewhere CVS lost track of their characters.. I jus hope ib CVS dnt ruin it further *fingers crossed*

    And tdays precap? Really shivaay? Anika has seen ur nafratbaazi since day one!! And u really think u can hate Anika? Gul ma’am!! Please.. He is Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Dnt model him on normal serial men especially not ekta kapoor’s men who will do stupid things to their wife fr God even knows why. Shivaay has been one of those rare men on television. ASR, SSO, MSK, AAK all these men do have similar characteristics bt their own uniqueness too. And of the lot SSO is one of the most unique Banda. Infact theenom.. SSO, OSO and RSO. Please dnt take away their uniqueness. Now is pinky going to go in coma like those regular run off the mill daily soaps? Please dnt. This is ib fr heaven’s sake!!!!

    This whole comment is my lament wich stems from my frustration abt ib and in particular my sweetheart dvb.. Srry ppl! Hope all of u r doin great. I read all ur comments bt don’t feel like commenting or watching ib nowadays. I know nakul bhaiyaa, surbhi di and Aryan are putting their best foot forward bt can’t bear dvb even fr a sec now. I actually felt bad when veer died. Not fr dvb bt fr veer himself. The only woman who actually loved him died because he wanted her to die so that he cld get anika. Bt other than komal no one has ever loved him. Everybody has either used him or feared him. I wish he had a chance to atleast know his mother’s selfishness. Instead he died with the misunderstanding that his mother loved him.

    Srry fr the loooooong frustrated comment! Gdnyt pkjians. Keeping fingers crossed fr a better tmrw fr all and a khidkitod track in ib

    1. Krishu di….
      I totally understand..
      About off air whatever yiu said i to want this that they should give us a khidkitod ending which wil cherish forever
      But for now only one thing we can do.
      Trust On Gulneet
      They are definitely doing something.
      So plz don’t stress yourself
      Calm down
      wait and watch..
      Ok di..
      Love you

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Krishna di,how are you?
      I agree with your each and every point.Makers have taken a very big risk and I don’t want it to go wrong in anyway.About Shivika,they are projected absolutely opposite of their character this time.Just hope this ends in something beautiful and worth watching.Let’s hope for the best.Take care?

  29. bkwaasserial

    boring track. show ab dekne layak ni raha

    1. Then do whatever you want dear..ok.

  30. Nikita_jai29

    Anika hateness is more than shivaay hate or not… For more info about this watch the show on sp at ten pm….

    1. ???Niki nice promote for IB.
      Lets see who is hating more to whom…

    2. Luthfa

      Hehehe….Nice one???????

  31. Nikita_jai29

    Shivaay takes round and round and come back to save his family and misunderstood anika as per the influence of Roop conspiracy…

  32. Ok so now there will be a leap…. Again!!!!can’t they think of better plots then separation leap etc.

    So now is hatred between shivika. Both do not know the real story behind what happened. Presumptuous presumptuous…… only Pinky can tell the truth but she is in coma. I don’t know when will she come to consciousness.

    Why do cvs always do this? They are repeating history. Ragini came into the family and shivaay announced engagement. Why is shivaay having so many women in his life? From Tia to Ragini to Tanya now to Pooja. Why only shivika?

    Now Pooja will try to be Mrs shivaay Singh Oberoi. Who does not want? Anika will come back as the tadibaaz and try to set things. Actually the cvs do not need to have another extra woman in the mansion. Pooja is just a waste. Anika can return and both shivaay and anika can stay annoyed and get angry with each other just like the beginning episodes. We do not need any poojas or other women. Why have additional woman to incite jealousy. Then they might as well bring Dhaksh or some other good looking man for Anika. So shivika both can be annoyed and jealous at the same time

    1. Luthfa

      Sindhu di,you are absolutely right.There was no need of another woman in Shivaay’s life.The thing is Shivaay never stayed without two women for long and this is going on from starting.Now I think this bua and Pooja will cospire against Shivaay and Anika has to come to solve all the mess.Don’t know what cvs are going to churn out of all these.

  33. Guys…this isa mesg from.a true ishqbaazian for all.
    This is really hard time for show.
    If we wil not support our show then who will do it???
    I know track is giving us tension.
    But may be later we will love it
    So i am.once again saying.
    Plz calm down
    Dont made any assumption..
    Don’t come to a conclusion
    And watch.
    Plz don’t show soo much anger towrds Sgow.
    Plz KEEP positivity in PKJ….
    I really don’t want any negetivity in this area..
    We always be positive and i want to continue it like this..
    So plz..keep all thr hatred away from pkj..
    Plz plz plz.
    Love you pagals

    1. Luthfa

      Absolutely darling.Bashers and haters stay away from PKJ.Any apt and fruitful criticism will always be accepted here.As this is the only neutral Fandom of IB.Watch the episodes before coming to any special opinion.Thank you,whoever is concerned.

  34. Having said all these. Don’t worry people I will still watch IB. Deep inside I feel there might be something that we don’t expect will take place. No one can Guess what but I am just hoping for an interesting twist in this plot. Oh please Omru you both need to come out now as a Wall of Omru because shivaay is broken so much. On one hand he is saddened to look at his mum’s state and on the other is his hatred towards Anika has grown.

    1. Luthfa

      I am with you di.Track has not started yet.I am all ready to enjoy it.Let’s see what happens.

  35. Hii girls a bit late to comment but still here somehow…….
    In today’s episode it was a mix of emotions….
    I did not like the trauma at all….. All I liked in this episode was pinky… Pinky and pinky….
    I mean the way she showed confidence on Anika….. I was like this woman made it to magmum upos…..
    Pehli barr Dukh hua kj use kuch nahi hona chahiyee
    If pinky dies then Shivika separation is for sure…..
    Shivayy will hold Anika responsible for it???lrecap_horrifying…..
    ???????will Shivika be separated?????
    Plz CVS don’t do it again…..
    The show will turn a major disaster……
    Hopes that this time this doesn’t happen..

    Save ishqbaaz atleast

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Natasha,it’s ok dear.Pinky has become a major key to solve Shivika misunderstanding puzzle.I hope cvs won’t do some stupidity which would ruin this track,Let’s see.Take care.

  36. Hlo pkjians
    Arpitha,shanaya,luthfa,kadhambari,dwani,shivya,shyni,riana,aastha,rahul,jeni,rahul,banita,sindu,prabha,aashika,zaveesha,pushpa,dhanu sree,nikiyha,mahira,zara,janu,mahi,chaithu,chavi,omaira,jeevi,riya,ss,misha,abhishek,anitha,sana,krishna,tania,dishanii nd alll others whats up???sab kaise ho??

    i am commenting after a long time.Actually its my vacation but i am going for a bridge course so a bit busyy…nd also bcoz of other function.Actually when i cmnted last time..all of u asked how r u and other things nd i just replied in a long cmnt.But the moderation uncle being my great fan just took it..and so i was angry so i didnt think of writing another one..he..he.I really missed all of u guyss…did u guys ever miss me???
    @luthfa what happened yaar.Once i saw that u r not well bcoz of some allergy..hope u r fine.U told me abt ur ff/os (sry i dont remember).I am just eagerly waiting for it..I am sure it would be just mindblowing just as ur cmntss.Pls post it fast nd tell me.Whats it abt???U know it..i just wnt a happy track after all this ..but i am just enjoying hope this will turn into a fake nafratbaaz nd agiain sweet shivika ishqbaazz
    @kadhambari I thought of wishing u on ur bday nd ur prince”s bday..u told abt it..did u shift house??But sry i didnt get time….however belated wishes dear
    @sindhu Hii frnd..i just loved one of ur long cmnts the previous week,..i dont remember the date.I just loved it..i replied too but it was vomited by moderation uncle.
    @banitha i too agreee with ur cmnt.many of them r just cursing it nd saying that they wont watch it

    Pls frnds..dont hate the serial..nd dont stop watching it and esp dont believe on the spoilers…keep ib..keepp cmntig.I think there are no such cmnts on tu page nd frienship just like us on any other popular daily soaps.(there are but just few).So just be happyy u.
    Nd one more imp thing.MY RESULTS WILL BE OUT DAY AFTER TMR SO PLS PRAY FOR ME…to get my deserved results.Dont forgett..Bye guys

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Sneha,how are you dear?I am good,Thank you so much.I am fine now and recovered completely.About my ff,I am working on it.When it will be completed,I am going to post it.Thank you so much for your precious love for my writing.And I am little bit busy with my study,that’s the reason it is getting late.Anyway,all the very best for your success.May God bless you with khidkitode result,after your heart.Take care.God bless you.

  37. Hi good morning everyone , I am new on here but i was silent reader before . Hope to get warm welcome from you all and felt pleasure to join pkj group . Ishqbaaz is one of my favourite daily soap . I never had seen any of serial before this
    . I loved it from bottom of my heart . But what happened to cvs why are they separating shivika pls cvs stop this track or i might fear that it’s trp would fall down . pls show something nice .

    1. You are most welcome sakshi as a warm friend
      Ya we all want that Shivika should be together again….

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Sakshi,
      Welcome to PKJ family with lots of love.Keep commenting dear and join us in spreading love.Don’t know what cvs are thinking.But let’s wait and watch.Take care.See you soon?

  38. Hey guys pls dont confuse with the other person with name sneha.I dont know who is that?When i cmnt it will be pink colour of that anyone playing any pranks???

    1. Ok sneha. Now I am talking to the sneha I know. For one moment I too got confused. So sneha dear how are you my dear little sister?

  39. Plz don’t separate shivika ?
    Plz reunite them as soon as possible plz plz plz…
    B’coz we love them a lot

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