Ishqbaaz 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 29th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anika and Shivaye telling each other that they don’t want to talk. She says but my moon…. Shivaye holds her. He goes She says my moon went. Om and Rudra look on and say whats happening. Gayatri shoots at Shivaye. Om pulls Shivaye and Rudra gets shot. Some time before, Shivaye recalls lawyer’s words and thinks I m not afraid for myself, I m afraid for my brothers, I won’t let her do anything. Om and Rudra come there and talk to him. Om asks why is he worried. Shivaye says I m not worried, I m busy, make egg and have it, I have to go for some work. Rudra says with Anika.

Shivaye says I was saying about my lawyer, I should be at office before he reaches. Rudra says you can’t go, hear the crow sound, if you lie, crow will bite, I don’t want crow to bite you. Om laughs.

Rudra asks why are you touchy. Shivaye says you both are touchy, I don’t care. Rudra says Anika went to your room and then through curtain, I m thinking from where will she come now. Om laughs. Shivaye says stop it, Tia is annoyed and not talking, I had to apologize to her. Om asks why, you don’t care. Shivaye says yes, I don’t care, have the egg, its cooked.

Anika walks that way. Shivaye goes back to kitchen and drinks water. Om and Rudra see Anika going. Shivaye says fine, I was avoiding her. They ask why, you don’t care. Shivaye ask them to have water.

Riddhima is with some people to protest for saving trees. Riddhima sits under umbrella and talks to Om. She makes others protest and acts like she is working hard. Media comes to cover the protest. Riddhima protests to save trees. Om hears her and finds her words very honest. Ishana looks on and says what a sautan.

Om tells Riddhima that you work for big things, I m just playing with soil. She says I m doing this to save soil. He says I m coming there. She says no, you are not just Om, but Omkara Singh Oberoi, I want to protest on own, if you come here, all focus of media will be on you, I can’t be selfish, I m working hard for environment and to save trees. He says I feel short when I see you doing great things. She says she will talk later and ends call. Ishana sees all this happening and says what a drama queen. Riddhima names Om’s name and gets media attention. Ishana says wow Omkara, you chose a good sautan for me, when I make you free of this girl, you will thank me, I will work by my plan and make my way.

Anika goes to her room and Dadi surprises her by lighting the place. She says I know you are scared of darkness, so I came before and switched on lights. Anika says but I have to fight with fears and win. Dadi says yes, but no war can be fought forever, tell me the work today. Anika tells about lists and sees her bracelet moons. She recalls Shivaye and says Dadi I will meet you in 10 mins.

Shivaye talks to lawyer. Lawyer says commissioner spoke to Tej and took permission to free Gayatri. Shivaye says how can Tej do this. Anika comes to him. He asks whats your problem, how did you come. She asks shall I send servants to inform you, am I movie, that first trailers will come and then me. He asks what did you come. She says I need to talk to you. He says I don’t want to. She says my moon and stumbles. She holds him. music plays………. Om and Rudra come there.

Shivaye asks whats wrong with you. Anika says I m killing mosquitoes. Rudra says I think Shivaye did some big thing. Om agrees. Shivaye asks her to stay away. She says I stay away, you hugged me. He says it was misunderstanding, else you and me… She says I would eat poison better than hugging you, I will add poison in gajar halwa. He asks why. She says if anyone is dying, he will eat fav thing. Shivaye asks is poison your fav thing. Rudra says no, she is saying gajar halwa is her fav. Shivaye goes. Anika says my Chand…. Rudra says Anika calls Shivaye as Chand. Om says maybe we heard wrong. She says my moon went… Rudra and Om say whats happening. They ask Shivaye.

Shivaye asks them not to worry. The manager tells about press conference. Om asks for what. Shivaye says I will handle, you both don’t need to worry. Om says baby says Maa as first word when he starts talking, we said Bhai, we are grown up now, you don’t need to bear burden alone, you can share it with me. Rudra says share it with us. Om asks whats the matter, tell me. Shivaye says that woman, Ashok’s wife Gayatri. Rudra says one who was at hospital. Shivaye says she is released from jail, she wants to meet me, I m going. Om says I will come along. Rudra says we will go together. Shivaye says I will come back soon. Rudra says we will go together, as you say one for all and all for one. They join hands. Shivaye gets emotional and says okay, lets go.

Shivaye, Om and Rudra reach the press conference. Shivaye sees Gayatri. His brothers stand with him. Gayatri gets angry seeing them. Shivaye looks at the numerous reporters. Gayatri says I want to expose true face of Oberoi industry, my husband got to know their secret, before he could not bring that secret out, they killed him. Shivaye says enough, we did not kill your husband, he cheated Oberoi empire, shall we keep a fraud in our company, even then Tej did not fire him from job, Ashok felt guilty and committed suicide. She says this is not true. Shivaye says this is truth. He asks reporters how would they feel if he calls them and makes news of their family, there is no truth here, just leave. He tells Gayatri that his weakness and guilt killed him. She says Oberoi family killed him, I will take revenge today and aims gun at Shivaye. They all get shocked. Shivaye looks at her. She shoots. Om pulls Shivaye to his side. The bullet injures Rudra’s hand. Om and Shivaye get shocked. Rudra sees his arm shot and falls down. Shivaye and Om hold Rudra.

Shivaye gets angry. Gayatri aims gun and asks him to back off, else she will shoot. Shivaye held by bodyguards, angrily tries to reach her. Om looks on worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shivnika moment was super……. how much I luv Shivnika scenes that much I luv om and rudra expression they both are very gooddddd ?

  2. OMG….rudra?????…

  3. Actually the starting scenes were epic.when shivay comes back to kitchen ad when she holds him…I just love the Jodi shivika

  4. CVs ruined riddhima character for ishana. I still feel riddhima is better than ishana.. I am sure cvs will make worst before just to justify ishana n omkara pair..

  5. the first 15min were like “god I cant laugh anymore”…. shivika and rudrakara 😀 😀 then the other 15min was “shit ..rudra cutie dont get hurt ” 😉 😉
    two different emotions in 1 episode..
    I just love the show 🙂 🙂

  6. Meraaa Chaaaaand… ????????????????????????????????

  7. New nickname for SSO, CHAND S. OBEROY?

    1. Mera chand???????????that was so funny
      U r right Aqua dear, new nickname CHAND SINGH OBEROI????????

      1. I laughed so much when billu ran followed by Anika’s trailer and her zeher with gajar ka halua part, Only miss anika can come with that combo ???

        Rudkara might really spy on shikiva, Cuz they r already to catch them in awkward situation lolzzzzz.

        Today billu was so adorable he was like a school boy with a first crush. ?????? He even asked her why she should take poison with halua n when she replied he was confused which one of the two was her favorite dish…. so he had to clarify it by asking poison Ur favorite dish???

        By that time I laughed so much my tummy was aching ???

        Rudkara was witnessing the live play today with popcorn in ready hand lolzzzzz along with the running commentary?

        I love this show to the core regardless of illogical story. Sometimes the characters are bigger than the story…. n Ishqbaaz is an excellent example of such show?

      2. Nadiya111Shah

        Chand Singh Oberoi!!!! Rofl!!!!
        At times I forget the actual name of Billu is Shivaay…he has so manyyyyy nick names Calculator Singh Oberoi, Billu, Baghad Billa, SSo,Kanji ankhon wala, n nw Chnad Singh Oberoi???????

      3. So true Aqua the part where Shivaay ran back into the kitchen seeing Anika was just superb. First 15 minutes were like eye candy!!!!!! I even got scolded by my mom for laughing like a mad person!!!?????? Mera Chaand!!!!! That part is really hilarious!! No worries Aniku, CS Oberoi is gonna be ur chaand soon!!!!????? Rudra’s eyes were like two saucers!!!!!???

    2. Gud work on dat one…hahaha ????

    3. In the beginning rudhra asked shiv dI’d Tia gAve him any petname/ nickname? Because only romantic couple gives each other nicknames….and here is our Miss. ANIKA NO SURNAME gave sooooooooooo many nickname to shiv n I am sure there r more to come lolz?????????????

      1. Ya don’t know how many names r to b given to our Chand Singh Oberoi???

  8. The episode was very nice….SHIVIKA scenes were just mind blowing??Anika saying….Am I a movie that trailer should come first than me??????She is just awesome and her dialogues delivery…… superbbbb??Rudra and Om….just excellent….as alwez??

  9. Hey guys….who is playing d role of Gayetri and Siddharth..???

    1. Hey Mukta who’s Gayetri???????

      1. She is Ashika’s wife

    2. Gayetri is Ashok’s wife….

  10. Devga

    Evry episode is moving on as superb bcz of bromance and then couple romance….. Wow the taunts of two bros are always killing nd awesome….

  11. 1 thing! every time shivika have any scene the director puts om and rudra there forcibly as if they are spying on shivay every time or following him every where…

  12. What were those 10 bodyguards for …
    Goli chal bhi gayi rudra ko lag bhi gaya shivay ko bhi om ne khicha WO bas hat be hat dhar ke khade rahe Aur rudra girne ke bad bhi bas use dekhte rahe… I mean they had so much time to protect the three brothers…
    Bodyguards ke naam pe kalank hai..
    Shirf WO log shivay ko ROK ne ke liye appoint kiye gayein hain taki WO gusse mein kuch kar na de…

  13. Priya15

    Hii.. Loved ishanas look today.. So ridhima is not a good girl.. She has some wrong motive…. And the way ishu said PROUD OF YOU SAUTAN JI.. Haha… But ya I m damn sure ishu is going to fall in love with om by doing drama… I though there l be some ishkara scene but no… Pls give ishkara scene.. Today epi is going to be an emotional one pakka….

    1. Very true Priya.ridhima is using Om’s name for her popularity. Their is no emotional bonding b/w them.And i am also expecting more ishkara scenes. No progress in ishkara love story. Love om and ishu…..

  14. Fr th frst time shivay ko kisise darte Hue dekha..mtlb ghabrate…evn if I is ignorance drama?….chand ws fab?….

  15. That ridhima is so yucky!! I wanted to kick her for playing with our sweet Our??????????

    Ishana looked so adorable in her glasses…. I can’t wait for her to bring the truth abt ridhima to omie

    1. “Our” is a typo, should be “our sweet omie”

  16. Hi guys good morning

  17. As all know Swetlana was asked by Tej to manage security n she earlier also helped Roop to plant bomb n all so it was obvious that security lapses will be there n they will slowly know about Swetlana also. That’s why Gayatri could enter with revolver in the mansion.

    1. But body guards to 3 brothers ke piche hi khade the they could have saved them from the bullet…

      1. Nadiya111Shah

        They luked like Zombies!!!
        hehe ?????

  18. RANdomfANCreationz

    lol anika-shivaye always makes me laugh hahah they r so cute and loved rudrakara also loving anika-shivaye story n m quite interested to see what is gonna happen in anshi, ishkara and rudmya story hahha will be fun 😛 and ishkara’s one cant wait hahaha and anika-shivaye nok jhok n converstaion is lol m i the only one who like ishkara more than anshi but i love anshi also but for some reason i find ishkara’s one more interesting n cute ahhaha n rudra shot :O

  19. RANdomfANCreationz

    i m new here guys can i join u all, hahha well i do comment in other pages just that didnt comment last week as was busy but now i love this show a lot this one and edkv r my fav shows currently can i join u all haha

    1. Nadiya111Shah

      Welcome to the Ishqbaaz Gang!!!????

    2. U r most welcome in our Ishqbaazian Gang☺

  20. Hello frnds .. good morning to u aliya. Eepisode was too good yarr.. shivika part was suprb .. but guys i cant understand one think that shivaye has felling for tia or not??? If he has not then why he want to say sorry to her ?? Plzz tell me your suggetion

  21. RANdomfANCreationz

    n happy belated birthday to kunal aka omkara 🙂

  22. Poor rudra. . Om ne shivay ko toh bacha liya par rudra ko goli lag gayi. . But I felt it was way too filmy. Everything was done in slow motion. She was holding a gun for such long time but none reacted. .

    Shivay looked so cute when he was trying to avoid anika and started running when she came. . Anika’s MERA CHAND was so funny. .
    Om is so innocent. He was like kitni sachai hai. . I couldn’t control my laugh. . Ishu looked so adorable and I am proud of you soutan was epic

    1. Oh my rudra..,.. what next on ishhqbaaz? waiting for ishana’s master plan…

  23. What a showyar superb. Im eagerly wainting for next episode. Lve u shivika rudra om. Shivika what a chemistry. Wainting for ishkara and rumya also.

  24. Guys, I forgot to mention an important thing today….. today dadi said in order to over come fear one needs assistance…. in previous episode when Akina was locked in the jail she looked at her moon bracelet n said moonlight can overcome darkness. … and yesterday when I saw the moon piece stuck to shivaay’s watch I thought, shivaay will help Anika to overcome her fear of the dark n she will not need a bracelet with fake moon dangling from it anymore…. because her real moon is and will be our SSO AKA Billu.

    I had previously said the obros need the leading ladies to become a better version of themselves, well so do the ladies; they too need them to be better versions of themselves.

    1. Nadiya111Shah

      Oh yesss!!!
      Aqua ur observation is bang on….Shivaay will be the one to help Anikaa overcme her achluophobia??☺️
      Even I am acluophobic??? GOD knows when I will meet my Bagad Billa??????☺️?

      1. So u r into Billa now ?????????????????????

  25. Nadiya111Shah

    OKK So my views of thys episode:
    ??????? Rudra n Om pulling Shivaay’s leg as usual

    That gold digger Ridhimma n her antics???????
    Cuteee Ishana(she shud dress like that only,spectacles n all)??
    My babiesss!!! ShIvika n their bitter sweet nok jhok is Luv????????
    And last but not the least our Dumble Singh Oberoi gt shot????? thankfully in his hand???
    So overall it was a full on entertaining episode!!!! Hope the funny, Bromantic and Romantic streak continues?????
    Ishqbaaz Rocks!!!!

  26. Shivika rocks…. want to see more romantic moments…..

  27. pls show rudra- sowmya love story … i really love this serial…. guys when i watch this show i remeber my college days [2012]… i feel love for a boy who was my best friend… but he hates the concept of ishq-vishq… so i didn’t expressed my feelings.. still… now i have a job… he is also working… we are very good friends… i always pan to express my love but i have no guts to make it practical… what should i do?

    1. Hi there…. you r an adult and you r friends with him… tell him u like him. U see him more than a friend. Love is just a label, but it becomes something greater when it is felt. He may not understand ur feelings now but when time us right he might but u must express ur feelings before itshe too late. Time and money waits for one.☺

      1. You know last week we celebrated his birthday… but he became very upset when his colleague proposed him… he behave very rudely to her… then he told me ” i don’t understand why girls are like these… renu you are my best friend… trust me… you will not say this right?” i just smiled… i lost all my hope….. two days before i felt sick and am in home …i started watching ishqbaaz… the way of showing love in this serial is amazing and i feel that it has some deep connection with me… he msg me” how is my health? missing u a lot… ” i don’t know when he will realise my love…..

    2. Nadiya111Shah

      I am nt a pro at these things but i can advise u to listen to ur intuition
      I can just suggest u dnt wait!!! U have already wasted 4 years…Go n tell him about ur feelings N leave rest to God…Get dne wid it now , rather than having this regret throughout ur life!!!
      ALL THE BEST!!!???

    3. Ok renima if u still feel fr tht not in th same way as u usd to do..jst go strght n cnfess…i knw its vry esy to gv an advice bt actually doing tht needs gut…bt its bttr to regret once!…its good to cnfess n regret( I hope you wont regret) than to nt telling him abt ur feelings nd regret frevr…..ya tell him tht evn if he doesn’t hv th same feeling …u hv no hard feelings n u can be a frnd frevr so no awkwrdness?

    4. Shai

      Go and tell your feelings aloud, be an ishqbaaaz!!

    5. Renima u can try to first find out whether he intends to get married in life and if yes will he choose agirl of his n parents choice n does he want his would be to beso so so I mean qualities. U will be able to read his mind now if heanswers u r questions. If u directly express u r feelings he may avoid talking to u as it looks from u r observation. Try out n then take a decision to confess or not.

  28. Nadiya111Shah

    Kat, Ishika ,mukta, asma where r u guyz????

    1. I’m here nadiya? hiiiii darlo..are I thght shivay wl thnk abt hr bt ulta Ho Gaya….n u knw spoiler said tht rudra wl jst cme bck him n throw tantrums on evrybdy tht he s sick n Ni attntio n shivkara will smile n enjy..?….nd shivika wl thnk abt ech othr om n rudra wl cnvnce him tht he likes Anika n dadi will try to unite shivika…..lovestry is gonna strt may b in a week or two!!

      1. Nadiya111Shah

        Hii baby!!..kinda missed u all 🙂
        ,LOL YUP Its Anikaa who is thinking about her Billu???
        Really is that a new spoiler??????? But i wanted all three love stories to progress simultaneously..Imagine if all 3 brothers will propose their galz at the same tym..What fun it wud b!!!??

      2. Yes I’ve also read d spoiler that Rudra will act like injured and Shivaaye and Om will enjoy this moment….

      3. Nadiya true…idk evn I dnt want anika to accept hr love fr him so fast wthout tht sidhrth wala jeleousy moments fr billu?….n yes bt I guess tht wl take a long time ishkara prposal and spcially rumya proposal is nt going to hpn soon… yes shivika strt shud strt aftr few more spicy moments I agree

      4. Yup I missed u gyz too n ths be ing daily routine of mine nwadys? ..yes thre shud b lot more moments in shivika stry bfr mkng them a true ishqbaaz…cz thre has no mntal bnding scenes strtd btwn them…bt ishkara n rumya hv lot to start wth…i dnt thnk they WL show their love so fast?…still much more spices in three pairs’ story r yet to come…?

      5. Woo nice? rudhra baby obviously will throw a tantrum after all he faced a bullet for goodness sake????????? little laddoo

    2. Hii Nadiya di…..I’m here only….lil busy as my college has started….. by d way, how r u??

    3. Evn I missed u gyz..this hasbeen a daily routine nw?….yes more spicy evn a bit emotional moments shud b thre in btwn shivika to Mk thn a real ishqbaaz..jst thnkng abt ech othr shud nt b th rsn of love…they nid to feel tht cnnct….n yes jeleously frm billu seeng tht sdhrth or anybdy else shud b thre too?…rumya n ishkara moments r less they WL take Time I guess so 3 pairs togthr wud b nice bt chnces r less still hope tht shd hpn?

  29. Well I guess! No shivika moment will be shwn fr two days cz it wl be all abt th bromance…bt still im hpy fr tht…bt it wud b sweet if shivika moment occur wth light as in caseof rumya …somya came to rudra to support him… I Anika n shivay moments r shown wth a touch of emotional bnding evn fr a moment tht wud b heart wrenching!!!!?

  30. Shai

    Hey friends, just asking, did anyone watch the 360° promo of ishqbaaaz? That promo really works!!!, i am thinking to take a cue shivaye’s and Rudra’s bedroom for making mine one! It’s amazing!!

    1. Wat is 360 dgree?? N whre are they showng it?

      1. Shai

        Its in YouTube. The whole promo can turn around in 360°. Meaning you can turn it any any direction and can view every nook and corner, just like a video game, try it then you will understand

    2. Nadiya111Shah

      Saw it just nw!!!
      Its kool??????

  31. Chand moment was fab….loved the scenes of shivika… Please director show us their more scenes…simply love their chemistry.. Shivika rocks…

  32. Renima I think you should go and tell him about your feelings. If you don’t then after some years you may regret. I don’t think it will affect your friendship. So just listen to your heart and talk to him directly

  33. I think shivay wl use tht as a prnk fr Anika tht drkness phobia thng bt whn he wl realize tht she actually is too scared of it he is gnna hlo her…tht is wat prtnrs or here ishqbaaz do?!

  34. A big hi to all ishqbazz fans nice to see shivika together toward to ends little sad hope rudra will be fine.lve ishqbazz team

  35. Samatha suresh

    Three heroes three heroines n three extra girls woaahh…love all of them

  36. ishana is too cute .anika was very funny am I trailer?? lolx

  37. I just hope shivay should realise his feelings 1st. . He should try very hard to convince her about his feelings. But she shouldn’t accept him so easily. Out bagad billa should become a crazy lover. .
    I am just worried about ishkara. Their love story will be filled with heart break betrayal. . Om is indeed very vulnerable. .

    1. Same yea , I also want shivay to fall in love b4 Anika but I don’t think that will happend ..but I want it anyway upimmalso worried about ishkara ,but I’m sure Ishana will fall in love while acting and more afcourse but I’m thinking abt the kind of betrayal om will feel when he will know that Ishana did all for money

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