Ishqbaaz 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye tries reaching Anika

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Ishqbaaz 26th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Roop asks the bride to take elder’s blessings. She asks Pinky to give blessings, else she has to work hard. Pinky blesses. Roop asks her to give shagun, right Shivaye, its important, I like her bangles. Pinky gives shagun. Anika says Pinky gifted her bangles to this girl, it means this wasn’t a fake wedding, it was fake, Shivaye would have not taken this far, everyone would not be happy, it means this was real. She cries. Shivaye senses her.

Roop doesn’t let him turn. Anika cries. Roop says if you believe them now, your dad’s soul will curse you, they have driven your dad to commit suicide, they are happy, they didn’t think how will you tolerate this, Shivaye has saved his family like a good son, its your turn now, to do a daughter’s duty, you have to get justice for your dad. Anika goes. Roop smiles. Shivaye beats a guard. They all catch him. Family members look on.

Anika walks on road thinking of Shivaye’s marriage. Roop says leave Shivaye. Shivaye asks for proof. She throws it in havan kund. They get shocked. Shivaye tries to get the paper. He cries when the letter burns to ashes. Roop says tit for tat, you thought you will fool me. He asks what do you mean. She says fake pandit, fake mantras. She reveals Omru. She says you thought I won’t know anything, when you were busy in this foolish plan, I was playing my biggest move, I have showed your fake marriage to Anika. They get shocked.

Anika thinks of Shivaye. Roop says she has seen it and she thinks its real, she has seen you all laughing and getting pics clicked with new bahu, she has seen Pinky giving shagun. He says I told you not to do this, why did you do this. She says I want you to suffer, I want Anika to cry on her bad fate and your cheat. He asks where is she. She says maybe she is wandering on roads, she got a big cheat from husband and inlaws, I m afraid she can commit suicide like her dad. Shivaye raises hand and shouts. Roop says you enjoyed it right. Shivaye says you…He shouts Anika and leaves. Anika thinks of Shivaye’s words. She thinks I trusted you, our bond was my pride, you have put it at stake. He is on the way. They think of each other. She thinks of Roop’s words. She shuts her ears and cries. A car speeds towards her. She turns and gets hit. Shivaye stops his car. Ishq me adhura sa….plays…. Anika lies on the road. He gets down the car.

He starts running on the road. She gets up and leaves. He runs. O jaana….plays…. She reaches somewhere. Veer pushes away Shivaye. Shivaye falls and sees Veer. Anika sees the police station. Veer says you are in hurry. Shivaye says I have no time for you. Veer says but I have enough time. He beats Shivaye, I will settle all scores today. Shivaye bleeds. Anika says I had some work. Constable asks what work. She shows the folder. Shivaye says you may settle scores whenever you want, but not today, I have to go to my Anika. Veer says you will go to her when I leave you. He beats Shivaye more. Shivaye falls. Anika says evidence, I have to give the evidence. Constable asks against whom. She says Shivaye and his family. He asks what proof. Veer says you are destined to die by my hands, you will die, Anika will be tortured by me. Shivaye kicks him. He gets up. Anika says Kalyani mills incident. Constable asks her to come, he will call inspector. Shivaye beats him. Anika cries and recalls Omru, Pinky, Shakti and Dadi.

She cries and thinks I found a family in Shivaye’s family, I accepted their family as mine, but they never accepted me, if Shivaye’s first priority is his family, then my family will be my first priority. Shivaye beats Veer and says I can take your life if I want, but nothing is more imp to me than Anika right now. He goes. Constable gets inspector says this madam is giving Kalyani mills evidence, where did she go, I had asked her to sit here. Inspector asks where did she go. Anika says whatever they did with me, how can I do this with them, I have been like a daughter, bahu and Bhabhi in that family, they gave me love and respect, no I can’t do this to them. She says sorry Papa, I can’t give evidence against Shivaye and his family to prove you innocent, but I promise you I will prove all the accusations false. She throws the folder in the junk bin.

Roop says I have to give you evidence against Oberois regarding Kalyani mills incident. Inspector asks her name. She says Anika and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    So so happy today what a great news on my bday Finally Ishqbaaz entered top 10 Shows yeah so happy today hope next week trp and position increases more

    1. Arpita6

      Hii Aaayush dear..once again wish you a very happy birthday. .
      And congrats. ..GAG
      It is like your birthday Gift from ishqbaaz.after pari track i mean After 9 month we back to Top.10.
      Hope it will maintain its position..

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks arpita and i hope we get this type of trp gift and top 10 every thursday feom now on.

    2. Wow congrats AAyush for number 1 and thanks for the good news of IB being number 1. Everyone is eagerly waiting what would happen to shivika and that must have pulled up the trp.

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks sindhu

    3. Go Aayush bhaiya Go!
      Happy birthday to you.
      and sorry for late wishes.

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks a lot Ishita

    4. Luthfa

      Go AAYUSH GO.Congratulations on being first..?
      Hope you have enjoyed your birthday and did a lot masti.Yeah IB entered into top 10 after a long gap with the ratings of 1.7 and that’s surprising but it’s good.Take care?

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks luthfa and yeah my bday was a total blast

  2. Hi everyone,
    Just one things from how many hell days same day is going?
    Feeling bad for anika di.
    I m very happy IB in TOP 10 yayyy. But I don’t know the trp

    1. Arpita6

      Hi Ritu dear.
      It will end on next week Monday or Tuesday. I think.
      Feeling bad for shivika..

    2. Banita

      Heyy Ritu…
      Rating of ib is 1.7…

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Ritu,
      In Gul Khan’s show one day is equal to minimum two weeks.Going by the rules,the day which started week back should end in the coming week.Let’s see.And IB’s ratings is 1.7?

  3. Pushpa

    Im speechless…
    Dun know what to say…
    Whats going to happen to our Shivika who hv become the victim due to the seniors oberois KM raaz…..
    And i hope cvs dun forget this script line…”” um jaana chahogi na tab bhi tumhe jaane nhi dunga ~ Shivaay”
    I hope makers remember this!!
    No seperation pleaseeeeeee… ?????????
    Both our Shivika hv nailed the scenes today… hats off to nakuul & surbhi….

    Roop ???????
    Dil hua ishq ????!!! I dun know my feelings now….
    Gd nite gals..

    1. Yes Pushpa I agree Nakuul and Surbi did a great job in their emotions and acting. I hand it out to them

    2. Arpita6

      Pu di……..
      NOW i am just leaving on these words from Shivaay.
      Annika couldn’t kept her promise that SHE WILL TAK TO SHIVAAY BEFORE TAKING ANY DECISION. .
      Hope Sso will kept his promise…
      Dil toots.

    3. Yes Pushpa di,
      me too don’t want sepration.
      and i just hope ki agar annika jana bhi chahe to shivaye usse jane na de.

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Pu di,
      Shivaay has to be remembered this.He can’t let Anika walk away from his life.He needs her and Anika needs him right now.Yeah,NM and SC are doing their job as Shivika fantastically.Take care di?

  4. Arpita6

    Hiiiii mere khidkitod pagals.
    @Bani…Hawwwwwwwwwwww you are angry on me soo much that you wanted to break my teeth… ( puppy face) dhyan se sunlo pkj walon..if my teeth will break..then Bani wil be responsible for this… ( once again Supressing my laughter ).
    @Sindhu di…whatever you said in last day..after watching today episode. I am not feeling so….but lets we all know Never Trust Shivika…

    Come to episode

    Sry no fun ride.–

    ????????????ok i am tired of crying…i can’t cry anymore… Why Shivika why.. why they always suffer. .plz give some peace to them….prblms then another prblms then on other one…what re???????????….

    NARBHI totally nailed it……. …And one thing i am clearing from My side..
    2 IF IT WILL BE REAL.MU…then also no prblm…it will make shivika love more strong..
    Last time Shivaay secured Annika’s l9ve only for him….
    This time Annika wil do it..They will Fall in love with each other once again and wil be strong more and more and more..
    AND i will fall i love with them.once again..and made my love for them more deep more strong.
    I am.ready to bear anything except TWO things.
    Without this I am ready to Watch it..
    And Vanmanush how dadatare to beat Sso like this..I want more GANGARAM of Vanmanush. He deserves more

    — kya gali dun isse?????? Jo bhi bolo kam padega…
    Now a days am . thinking Pinky ponky was bbetter than this Vomit….. yukklkkkkk..
    I really want to Vomit on her Face….
    Waiting for her OMM…..i want to slap her so hardly so that her Mouth will break and want to give a solid punch so that her all teth will leave her….
    ( ok Arpita clam.down. .calm down. .calm down..)

    So it is Now battle between ANNIKA’S SHIVVAY (as long as Sso trust Annika).
    Hope we will get our KHIDKITOD ANNIKA back..
    Precap- just hope Oberois wil trust Annika
    That is least i want…plz Cvs..don’t Make Annika as a culprit infront of Oberois.

    And MU can be hapen..bcoz One Police talked with her and Second one don’t know about real.Annika..
    RIP LOGIC bcoz some one is giving complaint by giving othrr person Name..Good.
    Ok leave Logic..i don’t wanna talk about it..

    And They are shooting jail . sequence. .so is it mean..Shivaay will MU Annika…..????
    — Today Gul Insta Story..?????????i cried by watching that.

    GOOD NEWS is That ISHQBAAZ in On 10th Position yejhhhhhhhhh…
    With 1.7 trp..
    Hope it will maintain balance. ……
    Bcoz it is IPL…..

    Ok love you pagals..

    1. Arpita6

      And you know what ..
      It is actually difficult for whom we should feel.Bad more…
      Feeling very bad for Both SHIVIKA.
      One is completely shattered and became like a lifeless body and other one is trying soo hard to fix everything. ..
      Although i am ready for it .but real don’t want..
      Plz make them reunite.

    2. Well Arpu police should know who is Anika. Commissioner is informed of this. Shivaay did mention to commissioner not to accept any proofs from anyone until he brings it. personally. So this inspector without investigating just accepted that that woman is Anika. If there is an evidence against oberois how can police just accept the evidence without proper investigation.

      Anyway I agree with you there is no logic sometimes.

      1. But Sindhu di.. you know Na Cvs..they can do whatever they want…Sometimes their memories became loss…..
        Let’s hopesome thing good will happen..
        Love you di…

    3. Hi Arpita6!
      How are you ???
      Yea.. today tears overloaded..??
      What’s MU?

      1. Hi Dhanu sri….
        MU means Misunderstanding.
        Btw i can’t cry anymore.

    4. Hii Arpita di,
      how r u??
      No problem di i can understand how can u write fun ride in such an emotional situations.

      because of that bua already my loved ones cried a lot and still crying.
      but please di u don’t cry ,because i hate tears .
      have faithin ur shivika.
      wo sab theek kar denge .
      mein jaanti hun bua ne kuch zyada hi raita pehla diya hai
      samet ne mein waqt lagega but sab theekho jayega.

      agree with u ,
      us bua k liye to galiyan bhi kam padgayi hain.
      uski harkaton k saamne to galiyon ko bhi sharam aarahi hai.

      2 rupees cheapdi bua tujhe to hell mein bhi jagah nhi milegi.

      By the way ,
      Arpita di , Luthfa di, Banita di, Sindhu di, Pushpa di, beauty di , aayush bhaiya and all other pkjians
      i missed u a lot in these 2-3 days .
      but what to do i was not able to comment bcoz of studies.
      and i think i won’t comment for some more days.
      ok bye
      luv u di .

      1. Hii Sis…
        Finally tujhe hum logo ki yaad aayi.
        Ok just kidding..
        I know study is imp….
        Ya I am fine
        Thank you for making me calm….
        I know Shivika will fix everything. But it will tske more time…how we will wait..
        Actually want to kill Bua..
        I really missed you a lot..
        Chal abhi aayi he toh thodi pagalpanti karenge …
        Ab hame Hamari Anika di ko sambhalna he…remember?????..
        Love you sooo much

      2. Hey Ishita nice to read your comments dear. I am so glad that you left your comments. My dear study hard. Drama serials are just serials so don’t worry so much about that. Your future is more important to graduate and get a good job. Love you my dear little Sister Ishita❤️

      3. Luthfa

        Hi Ishita,
        How are you?Me too missed you so very much.It’s ok dear.Study comes first.Do comment whenever you can manage time.Lots of love?

    5. Good morning di!

      Aap ko pata hai kal raat jab mein so rahi thi tab mere dimag mein us bhootni bua k liye ek khidikitod cursing statement aaya .
      ab mein us bua k daant todna nhi chahti.
      ab mein chahti hun ki uske daanto mein kide lag jaye or agar uske daant mein kide lag gaye to wo khud hi chullu bhar pani mein doob kar mar jayegi .
      Just imagine di kitna maza aayega daanton mein kide lagi bua ko dekhne mein.

      (di , if u don’t lokey idea then haat jod kar maafi maang rahi hun ho sake to maaf kar dena aage se aisi galti nhi hogi)

      and ya pagalpanti karenge zarror karenge.
      bcoz fresh mind se padhai bhi hoti hai puri aur thodi pagalpanti bhi hai zarrori.

    6. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      Oh plz don’t cry.This is tough phase for Shivika as well as for us.We have to be strong to pass this stage of emotional break down.Don’t mention that bua.She will receive her due punishment at the right time.Just hope there is no leap or separation.Take care.Lots of love?

  5. Hello dear Pkj family, I don’t know what cvs will come up with tomorrow. Honestly I can’t guess anymore. Everything looks real. I feel sorry for Anika. She is battling with her emotions. On the one hand she wants to trust Shivaay and his family and on the other, every sequence seems to be playing against her that she has to believe everything is for real. Monster Roop has studied the family so well and she knows where and when she hits at the vulnerable spot, that person will fall weak. She has figured all that out very well. After all she is the sister of Tej and if Tej can come with some evil schemes in the past with Svetlena then what less does that make of Roop.

    Individually everyone is facing their own karma in a way. But Roop and Veer are going to face the worst of it all. Before the precap, I sort of guessed that when Anika throws the evidence into the bin, Roop will hand over the evidence and mention Anika’s name.

    Basically it will MU after MU after MU. Oberois will think Anika never trusted them and she handed the evidence to the police. She should never have thrown the evidence. Because of this evidence Shivaay was involved in an accident and had to get married for fake.

    If Shivaay has told Anika everything right from the start, nothing of this would have happened. Roop knows Shivaay will not tell anything to Anika yet so she played her trump card really well.

    I think Svetlena is bad but Roop is really a worst monster creature. I really wish I could drive a road roller on her. I have never seen such a woman before. She never played fair at all.

    Whether they will see each other in tomorrow’s episode is wait to be seen,. At least Anika remembered how Obeoris have treated with respect and she will clear her father’s name. Only Anika can do that. She needs to prove she is the bahu and she remembered what Dadi said that never let go of the Ishqbazzi.

    I really wish Kalyana dadi will be back. I am not sure whether she has recovered but truly I miss her as she is the elder in the family and she can set Roop. She won’t hesitate to slap Roop. Actually I thought Shivaay would slap Roop when he got very enraged but he did not.

    1. Also, when Shivaay was beaten very badly by Veer and he was bleeding my heart was broken because usually Anika would sense that Shivaay is in danger and she will run to him but this time she never felt anything or sensed anything. She just walked aimlessly to the police station. She was already very devastated. The Ishqbaaz is wearing out between them that even their sensing powers are not strong now.

      Well I must say cvs portrayed the realism here that there are times that no matter how much a person trust one another,humans are imperfect and bound to have misunderstanding. There can’t be a perfect Ishqbaazi or perfect trusted relationship if not all of us would be God. So at least cvs showed the reality in a relationship.

    2. Me too is missing dadi Sindhu di.
      I hope that she will ve back soon.

    3. Sindhu just said my heart word..Now Dadi is very much needed at this crucial time..
      I think now only she can save Shivika ishqbaazi.
      MU after MU after MU..yaa ….By all these No one can stand strong ……..
      i……..i will happy if senior oberois suffered…but don’t want Shivaay to be suffered..
      All ready he is facing soo many things
      And you know what after watching Vomit I Am missing Botox Kumari..
      I can’t believe i am saying this
      But i am saying.
      Really BUA is Vomit..yukkkkk

      1. Arpu dear can we both drive the road roller on her please???? ? Yes arpu my dear it shows that no matter how strong a person’s love is it tends to waver when all arrows come in different directions and when you are especially in your emotional breakdown a person’s rational thinking gets affected very badly and the person whom they trust very much has disappeared from their eyes.

        Yes arpu I really feel for shivaay. He has gone through so much. This time he did for Anika but the chakrayuvh played a wrong game.

    4. Yes di u r right future is much more important than any other things.
      and it is very necessary in present scenario to acheive our goals and to stand on our own feet .and it becomes easy to acheive my goals in life with ur blessings.

    5. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,
      Wow,what a great analysis di.You are absolutely right.Shivika are humans that’s why they are bound to do mistakes and nurture all those misunderstandings.Roop is an Oberoi na so she has the typical traits of scheming like a monster.Everyone is facing their own karma and they deserve it.Let’s see what happens next.Take care di?

      1. Thanks so much luftha. Take care my dear Luftha and hopefully today’s episode will not be too emotional. At least I hope to have a restful weekend

  6. OMG this track is like marathon race, no sign of ending. It gets boring we see villain is smarter than hero & heroine.I am bored to see. Veer is like big fully loaded SUV and Shivaye is Alto who is trying to make big dent in a SUV look so fake.

    1. Hiii is running..and Sime more raita will be spread in Future..
      So get ready to bear all this……
      So that we can see Shivika reunion..
      But we have to wait for this.
      Keep patience my dear..
      It is very much needed for this track.
      Love you.

  7. Dhwani_Naidu

    Hii pagals!! Felt really sorry for Anika.. She must have either chosen to blindly believe her husband or not believe roop.. But she believed what she had seen, though her heart wanted her not to.. A tough fight between her heart and her brain was evident in her eyes.. And atlast her heart won the internal battle.. But why did she drop the evidence in the bin?? I mean, won’t someone notice the file in the bin and check what’s in there?? Am I thinking too much?? Ok now why did shivaay bhaiya run from his car?? He could have just driven to search Anika.. Who runs when he has his car??Atleast tht would have saved him from fighting with VPC..
    And precap: This roop Bua has exceeded Swety in plotting yaar..
    Good night pagals..

    1. Hey dhwani I agree with you. I also do not know why she dropped the evidence in the bin. I think shivaay ran from the car as the car stalled for awhile. That is why he used his leg to kick it. He sensed that Anika was in trouble. His senses were working when Anika was in danger but not Anika’s. She as become so jaded and too heartbroken that she has lost the Ishqbaazi momentarily.

    2. i agree Dhawani di ,
      that bua is much ahead than svetlana .
      But at the end is bua ki gangaram to ho kar rahegi.

    3. Dhawani dear…Shivay’s Car petrol he just leaved that car and Run..
      And Now Annika is not in her sense at all.
      I think she even not know what she is doing..
      It is very much heart breaking yarrr..
      We have to bear this

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Dost,
      Anika broke my heart and I cried a lot.She is going through the worst time of her life.She came to conclusion after much thinking and judging the situation.Destiny is against her.What else she can do?And Shivaay’s car petrol got over that’s why he started walking on the street.Anyway,love you.Take care?

  8. oh god really yaar ..i just have one sincere wish that is break that b**** bua’s teeth terribly ..she is so disgusting man ..urghhhhhhhhh i hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee her..blo*dy pain she is to watch please gul mam ,,.please stop doing this to shivika ..y are they always the sufferers for every damn thing ..y is the blo*dy bua been given so hell of importance …she is witch, chudail,annoying ,,,cheee yaar i hate dare she does that she gives police complaint in the name of anika …b*t*h .., shivaay should be sensible enough to understand and trust anika completely and realise that this is been done by b*t*h roop..,he knows she can stoop to any level he should understand and trust anika completely …because everytime anika does that …she always trusts shivay ..but now she is so terribly broken ..shivaay should be her support now…rather he just shouldnt misunderstand or distrust anika ..she doesnt deserve that please shivaay..please trust anika ..please gul mam this is least we are expecting from you that shivaay trusts anika completely ..please listen to our ardent requests…i donno when this track is gonna be over..i hate to see that bua ..yaar blo*dy snake she is …all the poisonous snakes i.,e krait,python.viper,ruselle..cobra ., anaconda ..n every other possible snake whose name i dont know…even a crocodile she is …because of ugly ., yuck looking .,vampish teeth…i want the whole oberoi family to trash her badly ..b*t*h bua deserves a every bit of it..she is blo*dy pain to watch ..PAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN…SOMEONE IN OBEROI FAMILY SHOULD BREAK HER TEETH INTO PARTICLES …PARTICLESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS..b*t*hHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH . I JUST HATE HER SHE DOESNT DESERVE TO LIVE AT ALL…EVIL..WITCH ..b*t*h ..WHEN WILL SHE DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    1. Mrenalllllllllllllll..
      Plz clam down my dear..calm down …clam down we all want to do very bad with her..but only Gul Mam can do it.
      Plz take a deep breath,drink some water, close your eyes , count some numbers …
      Calm your anger..
      Just Hope Vomit will get her punishment soon.

    2. Luthfa

      Oh calm down dear,calm down.It’s just a serial.You shouldn’t take such stress.It will harm you indirectly.Let’s hope for the best.Take care?

  9. Luthfa

    At last,the accepted truth with which Anika was living,which was buried deep down in her heart,came from her mouth as words-Oberoi family never considered her as a member of their own!That truth got revealed before her in such a painful way!When she was nothing to that family,she used to think about them and time and again stood by them whenever they were in trouble.That family gave her little but she never complained and offered her everything for them.Today she self-realized that all those she was doing loyally only to receive betrayal in return.After marriage in-laws becomes the House of every girl but Anika was made feel that OM was not her house but a temporary stay out which was not permanent.She was not sad for that rather made her presence permanent in that house with sharing,caring whatever she could afford.Because she knew for her husband,his family is his first choice,nothing else.She followed his foot step and discharged her duties with utmost dedication and honesty.She never demanded anything from that family but fulfilled their every demands placed before her,be it against her wish.But today the last thread of her trust over OF gets torned.She watched those unbelievable things with suspected eyes and declared her final verdict-Oberois cheated her and played with her emotions very badly.The shield she had with her to protect herself got damaged in the drama of fake marriage of her husband.On whom she kept all her trust and belief,let her down completely making her powerless,heart broken.Anika decided to punish the culprit Oberois but couldn’t.Though she thinks OF has not accepted her but she accepted that family from the bottom of her heart.Ms.Vardhan got defeated in front of Mrs.Oberoi,her love for her husband’s family.Today Anika proved again,no matter what happens,she can’t let anything happen to Oberoi khandan,even at the cost of her own family.Self-centred Oberois should feel proud of their Daughter-in-law…………………………………

    1. Hi Luthfa di!
      Characterisation of Anika – So true words..!!

      Now bua made complaint as Anika. I wish shivaay should stand with her atleast now.. she needs him the most..?

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Dhanu,
        Yes you are right.This time Shivika need each other to stand by for themselves.Let’s see what happens next.Thank you so much for the compliment.God bless you?

    2. ??????this is what i did after reading your comment..yes.She has plenty reasons to think
      wrong about Oberois.
      Omru, Dadi, prinku, Somu,these only gave her heartly love..
      Later SHIVAY joined with this process…
      But these senior Oberois need to talk about them..
      I want Annika to punish them but at the same time i know if the family will suffer then shivaay will suffer..
      Even i am now confused what should happen.
      LOVE YOU..

      1. Luthfa

        I am so sorry for making you uncomfortable.Family means everything to Shivaay so is to Anika.She couldn’t hurt that family which gave her so many things to love and care for.Right now,me too is confused regarding upcoming.Let’s hope for the best.Take care.Lots of love?

    3. Well defined on anika’s character my dear luftha. Yes she gave everything and she is still giving and that is why the fool Roop can manipulate Anika so craftily. Love you luftha

      1. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,
        Bua could manipulate Anika as she knew her weakness very well.She played it smartly and hit the right target with success.Thank you so much for the compliment.Love you too di?

    4. Hi Luthfa di ,
      I heard about ur allergy.
      How r now??
      agree with u today Ms.Trivedi got defeated in front of Mrs Oberoi
      and yes Oberois should be proud of their daughter in law .
      Oberois ka to pata nhi par annika k papa zaror proud feel kar rahe honge ye dekh kar ki unki beti kabhi kisi ko apne fayde k liye hurt nhi kar sakti.

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Ishita,
        I am better now.Thank you so much for your concern.
        I agree with you.Anika’s father would have felt proud of her daughter if he came to know it.And Anika never can think of ill for OF as she loved that family like anything.Anyway,take care.Lots of love?

  10. Vidya Saraswathi

    What a cunning bua??? At past she did was wrong know so their brother’s throw out. Truth will come out in any cost we don’t hide truth long time. Plz end this kalyani mill track soon. So much of dragging. We get bored.

    1. Vidya dear..
      Becoming bore by this little..Many more is coming on the way….i am just giving you strength…..BE READY to bear Many unexpected things .
      This KM mystery is destroying everything

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Vidya,
      Yes this KMM is in dragging mood and we are losing patience still waiting for a proper ending of it unlike many other plots.Let’s see.Take care?

  11. Oh my god!!!
    What is happening????!!!!!!
    Everything looks so real !!!

    Anika just trust your billu..

    Nakuul & Surbhi – hats off man!!! ?? Specially Nakuul!! ?? ?? ( Such a emotional scenes aft his 15 days trip ? )

    Seriously can’t guess anything ??

    Have to accept, roop is the real villan.. i mean she knows everyone in and out, everyone’s weakness and strength.. she played/ playing very well!!

    But I’m sure it won’t last long, bcz she troubled SSO AND HIS ANIKA?? Count your days lady…

    Precap ?? twist twist.. sono what wil happen next … Can’t guess..

    1. Dhanu sri.
      Yiu are right..
      Actually now it is very difficult to assume anything..
      What will happen this wuestion is in EVERYONE mind..
      Hope something good will happen..

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Dhanu,
      Agree with you totally.Everything is looking so real and emotional burdens are just too much to bear.NM and SC are awesome as usual.Looking forward to upcoming.Take care?

  12. ” wish u a khidkitod Anika wala happy birthday ” -Aayush

    Can I also join ur comments club guys

    And today’s episode is good but for the precap
    I swear I would break the teeth bones of that bua for giving complaint on Anika’s name
    What a pair shivika

    1. Banita

      WELCOME TO PKJ Thiya dr…
      Yeh , of course U can join us…

      1. Thank you banita dear

    2. even i want to break her teeth terribly…i just hope shivaay and the oberois trust anika and realise that its that blo*dy roop’s plan to manipulate them..please gul mam ..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..i really feel like strangulating that evil bua ., stabbing her multiple times.,shooting her all the bullets in the gun/rifle to her rat poison ., the most venomous snake poison .hanging her from the ceiling fan., pushing her from the cliff trapping her inside the wall alive so that she struggles for breath and dies..anika doesnt deserve to be blamed for this ..because she is too shaken and heartbroken now…my poor ani baby …blo*dy bua yaar ..y is she even in this world ..cant she just die a painful death …please shivaay and oberois ,.please trust anika…please now she needs your support …atleast by now the oberois should realise that anika will never do such thing ..even though her trust is broken…her belief has shaken ..oberois should think that if roop can do all such things ..she can file a complaint tooo..please atleast shivomru should support anika now n realise its roop’s plan to manipultate them against anika .,like how she manipulated anika against oberois and shivaay …common pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee gul mam ..please this is the least we r asking fromyou to do for us .,## ishqbaaz n ##shivika fans…pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

      1. Mrenaal ..this track is need for both Shiviks for their self realization.
        Just think when All the MU will be clear how much it will be khidkitod…
        And but One thing zjust Hope Cvs will not drag this track..

    3. Thiya dear..
      Welcome you to our PKJ…
      Keep commenting and enjoy the fun….
      We all want to break her teeth..yarr.what to do..
      Clam down..

    4. Luthfa

      Hello Thiya,
      Welcome to PKJ family with lots of love.Keep commenting dear and join us in spreading love.See you soon.Take care?

  13. Clearly CVS show this misunderstanding will not soon solved. On this episode gul mam that there is not important of omru only for standing and seeing things. At last oberios will go to jail and think annika will lodge complaint against oberios but annika did it what wrong because of oberios she lost his family she became orphan she lost his love also. I think shivaay will not meet annika he see oberios are arrested and go to solve and handle the situation there he will known that annika Lodge a complaint against oberios will shivaay believe. Will SHIVIKA will unite or part their ways to saving their families. Roop did a smart game and she is succed in his game and at last also senior oberios and omru will not handle Roop to make her dirty game. This time shivaay will face failure only I think he didn’t to do anything to save oberios to save this time he will face annika and the serial becaming boring this serial is different as other serial but this serial also going same track

    1. Aditi .only one thing i can say…dont assume anything…
      Just be positive …….
      dont come to an any conclusion..
      Just take it as your frnd request
      Let come the episodes……
      Ok….be clam..

  14. Hello everyone !

    How are u all??

    Today bua has crossed all limits .
    ab to mujhe us chudail se nafrat bhi nhi karni .
    kyunki nafrat or hate bhi feelings hai
    but from today onwards i don’t have any kind of feelings for her. Neither hate nor love.

    matlab yaar us aurat mein insaniyat naam ki koi cheez hi nhi hai.
    chahti kya hai?
    kya milega ye sab krke.
    please bua sudhar jao abhi bhi time hai.
    kisi ki hasti khelti zindagi barbaad mat karo .

    In previous episode bua , sorry Roop told to annika that if u are the daughter in law of this house then i am the daughter of this house.
    lekin us ghar ki beti ho kar bhi tum wo nhi kar payi jo annika ne bahu hoke kar dikhaya .
    Itna sab dekhne aur sunne k baad bhi wo oberois k against nhi ja payi kyunki usne un sab ko dil se apnaya tha .
    Roop tumhara to khoon ka rishta tha na unse par tumne hamesha apne hi parivaar ki barbadi chahi.
    I have to say kya khidkitod plan banaya hai tumnevoberois k destruction ka , but u know what burai chahe kitni bhi lambi kyun na chale par aant mein jeet acchai ki hi hoti hai.

    Aur is baar bhi acchai ki yani anika ki hi jeet hogi

    I know problems aayengi , misunderstandings, hogi par end mein shivika hi jeetenge.
    or tab tumahare daat dekhne layak honge.

    ok leave it .
    but i really felt bad after watching precap .
    nd cannot control my anger .
    I mean , I can’t understand how can someone fall so low just for revenge.

    ok good night.
    Take Care.

    1. Ishu…..
      Actually you did a good things…

      No feelings for Vomit…that is the only way we can keep calm ourselves . …
      Clam down.Sis …teri jaisi Sweet Ladki pe Gussa acchi nahi lagegi..
      Shant hoja..

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Ishita,
      Wow,your comment is reflecting my thinking.So nice to see that.Yes,Anika couldn’t stand against Oberoi khandan as she accepted them wholeheartedly.But being Ms.Vardhan she would definitely prove the innocence of her father.And bua is beyond any feelings of normal humans be it hatred.Take care?

  15. I think writers should take a leave. As the serial has become completely boring. Especially the KALYANI MILL track. Please change the track soon as possible. If continued serial will definitely loose it’s charm and viewers.

    1. Laximi..that is thing it is msking scared to us..
      Hope people wil watch it..
      Other wise it will lose both Trp and online viewers..
      Hope it will end soon.

  16. VHM

    I know a villian is necessary in every serial…but villianism must not be dragged so much that viewers feel disgusted to see the serial…. i have no qualms with the person playing the character of Roop, but the characterisation of Roop by writer of IB is definitely not acceptable…. Roop if we observe has no reason to avenge against oberois ..because Tej & Shakti said that they will make sure the baby grows up without any problems….. and they did so….she had complaints that they separated her and her son, but if she was so adamant on being with her son, she must have brought him to her when things settled…. a mom can be blind when it comes to loving the child, but a mom shouldn’t be blind when the same child steps in wrong way….dadi & roop both were at fault….the whole characterization of Roop seemed illogical and her reason for revenge, don’t ask me , i have no words to say….villanism should be classy not something we would like to skip…. swethlana was perfect example of villanism in Ib, so was Daksh…. not for a lot of times i wanted to skip their scenes, but roop and veer I don’t feel like seeing the, on my tv screen…. evidences are not mere papers, it is an evidence when its registeredand if it is registered then it will be with police..not everyone can go and say this is evidence…specifically when it is related to deceased…. i know, ib and logic are like poles, so they don’t attract each other…but seriously whatever they are showing is heights….so disturbed with seeing and reading such episodes that it is giving a bad impact ….

    I know many will ask me not to watch if it’s impact is bad…but this serial is the only serial i have watched for a longer it will take time for me to break this bond

    1. HII VHM akka Harika Di…welcome Back..
      Yes Now A days it became Vilian baazi more than ishqbaazi…….
      And things scared me…And About Roop..she has not soo much big cause for taking revenge.
      She is now totally Blind..she is punishing imnocent people…
      I am waiting for Shivika unite
      Hope it will happen soon.

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Harika di,how are you?
      I agree with you.Villains should have their own limits of showing villainous mentalities and actions.But bua is crossing the boundary repeatedly.Actually cvs didn’t find any proper reason to present Senior Oberois as culprits so they made Roop the scapegoat.Her motives are not justifiable to take revenge against the Oberois.And the things you mentioned are not possible to follow in a serial.Makers need trp hence this extremity on bua’s part.Anyway,take care di.Love you?

    3. Yes I will also think today onwards I will didn’t not see but automatically I switch on 10pm to the channel think today it will better I see rare serials this one serial only am seeing

  17. Yes Pushpa di,
    me too don’t want sepration.
    and i just hope ki agar annika jana bhi chahe to shivaye usse jane na de.

  18. hi i am from pakistan and i reay like shivay and anika. i hope all gets ok. hate bua the teeth woman

    1. Hiiii Ayesha dear…
      Welcome to our PKJ..
      Keep commenting and enjoy the fun…
      Yes really hate Bua aka Vomit.
      Love you dear

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Ayesha,
      Welcome to PKJ family with band-baja.Keep commenting and join us in spreading love.Take care.See you soon?

  19. Thank god ,,for bad weather i can’t watch it on tv ,i am just read the telly update ,,and seriously mujhme itni shakti nahi hai ki mai yeh dekh saku ,,mai to yeh update partehi meri akhon mai aasun a rahi hai ,,???aur nahi hota cvs plz stop this ,
    I just know it chahe kuch bhi ho jaye lekin anika o proof police ko kabhi nahi de sakti ,ehi to farak hai shivay aur anika mai shivay apni family k liye kisiko bhi hurt kar sakta hai jaisa pehle kiya hai lekin anika kabhi nahi kar sakti ,,l love you anika ,i just love you ,,
    And plz cvs plz asap plz end this trac aur takat nahi hai humme sivika ki aisi halat dekh ne ki ,,
    And yeh bua buj nahi ayegi ,isse to ,,,??????? pata nahi kya bolu ab isse marneki bat bolte bolte bhi bore hogai houn ,,,

    1. Tani dear..abhi se ye halat…
      Soo much unexpected thing is coming..on the way..
      Keep strength with you…before watching episode.
      And today episod was so eemotinal…….

    2. Hi good morning everyone. And heartily welcome to all the newcomers. Alas after watching yesterday’s episode my morning is not so good at all . I think i am fed up of this so i need a small break from it . I hope cvs might change their track soon . All the best SHIVIKA may god give you enough strength so that you can understand who is right and who is wrong. And you can fight for the justice.

      1. Plzz yaar don’t stop watching ib ,it vl affect our trp ..v have reached top 10 now.???v have to maintain it na???????there vl b smthng interesting CVS wud showcase for us…??

      2. Luthfa

        Hello SANA,
        Don’t worry dear and stay away from any kind of stress.It’s just a serial.Have faith in love and Shivika.Everything will be fine.Take care?

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Tania,
      Many more things are awaiting.So brace yourself.We have a long journey ahead.Take care?

  20. Good morning di!

    Aap ko pata hai kal raat jab mein so rahi thi tab mere dimag mein us bhootni bua k liye ek khidikitod cursing statement aaya .
    ab mein us bua k daant todna nhi chahti.
    ab mein chahti hun ki uske daanto mein kide lag jaye or agar uske daant mein kide lag gaye to wo khud hi chullu bhar pani mein doob kar mar jayegi .
    Just imagine di kitna maza aayega daanton mein kide lagi bua ko dekhne mein.

    (di , if u don’t lokey idea then haat jod kar maafi maang rahi hun ho sake to maaf kar dena aage se aisi galti nhi hogi)

  21. I am happy that even though its a bit dragging they are showing a perfect story with no flaws till date???this vl make shivikas ishqbaazi more n more strong???and by d way anik has shown immense trust in shivaay till last,but this bus is worth more than Svetlana in plotting….aisi situation mein kisi ko bhi yeh such se kum nahi lagega…and its not our anikas fault …but I have a strong feeling that this tym anika is plotting smthng…coz gauri n bhavya are back on set and also so fotos of Svetlana’s foto with surbhi….even if she is back in set then it vl b dhamaakaa???I have as strong feeling ki is baar ladkiyan saari baazi palat degaa….what do u all think abt this??????agar aisa hua tho then it vl b super dhamakaaa….?????

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Shana,
      You are right.Story is in the right track and I am seriously looking forward to upcoming and Shivika tashanbaazi.If girl gang got included,it will be much fun to watch.About Savetlan,don’t know what she will do.Anyway,take care?

  22. Luthfa

    Hi Arpita,
    Oh plz don’t cry.This is tough phase for Shivika as well as for us.We have to be strong to pass this stage of emotional break down.Don’t mention that bua.She will receive her due punishment at the right time.Just hope there is no leap or separation.Take care.Lots of love?

  23. Hi friends seeing ishqbaaz in top 10 fans are so happy but dragging this km razz very fastly show will out of trp race some fans leaving show even not showing rikara and ruvya some for more troubling SHIVIKA some dragging the serial and some no more ishqbaazi so atlas the show will not have any fans and the show will go off air this is my thinking but I am not hurting any one so please forgive me sorry

  24. Luthfa

    Hi Dhanu,
    You are right.This time Shivika need both of them to stand by each other.Let’s see what is going to happen.Thank you so much for the compliment.God bless you?

  25. Day by day it becomes worst n stupid serial

  26. ItsmePrabha

    Hola Familia..
    i couldn’t watch yesterday’s epi , owing to my health i had to sleep early now a days..
    Par jab subah Sonu ke updates dekhi toh..dil toot gayi yaar..
    My poor still aches seeing my love and di helpless and broken respectively..
    i can’t write hurts ..
    bas uss DCB ka toh choti nahi khaatongi mein toh uski Choti se i will hang her..uff Disgusting B****..
    Lu darling, your Analysis is just as awesome as you are..Love you..
    Arpu,A big bear hug to you..Dont cry baby..Love you..
    Bunny, i am doing good now still need some rest …Love you
    Dhwani ,even i had the same doubt itni confidential cheez ko anudi aise kaise kahi pe bhi phenk sakthi hai..par shayad she is not in her senses..yaa phir cvs chahthe hai ki Bua ko yeh file aasani se mil jaaye isliye..Love you..
    hope i can muster up some courage and atleast watch it on hotstar…
    Lub you all guys..Take care..

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Sweetheart,
      Yaar you are not well still taking stress?Don’t do that.It’s just a serial(I know what I am saying) and keep it like that.Don’t worry,everything will be fine.That bua only spoils mood nothing else.So,avoid her as much as possible.And thank you so much for the compliment.Get well soon.Lots of healing wishes.Love you?

  27. Aarosh

    after the completion of this track i want to see 3 tracks
    1 gauri omkara marriage in oberoi style like anika shivaay rudra bhavya
    2 o bahus pregnancy track
    3 gauri and anika khitkithod scenes after knowing they r sisters

  28. Villains r necessary for trp but constant villains r just disgusting.serial is ishqbaaz or nafratbaaz they can show so many other stuff like honeymoon track or some business rivalry or just some fun moment bored with this track

  29. Nikita_jai29

    Last year same time.. Separation track is going on… And this year too….

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