Ishqbaaz 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Ishqbaaz 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Oberois welcome the guests. Tia’s mum asks for set. Anika gives her. Tia’s mum asks Tia to see the beautiful set. Tia is upset. Dadi says we are going downstairs, get Tia along. Shivaye thinks. Sometime before, Anika and Shivaye see each other. They walk together. He says Anika, I….. She stops and says yes…..He says nothing. She says you were going to say something now. He says I said no. She says don’t lie. He says no. She says but you were going to say. He says I was not saying anything. She says say it, maybe then you won’t get a chance. Music plays….. They have an eyelock.

He asks what do you mean. She says I mean whatever it is say it. He asks can’t you understand, I said nothing. She asks really. He says no. She goes and gets the water glass. She throws water on his face. Nazdeek hai dil ke…..plays……..She cries and walks away. He looks on. She turns to see him. He turns away. She leaves. O jaana…..plays……….

Pinky asks servants to keep items in Tej’s car. Dadi asks about Tek and Shakti. Jhanvi says they will reach venue directly. Dadi asks about Priyanka. Jhanvi says she will reach direct from airport. Dadi says keep her clothes. Pinky comes and asks about other things. Jhanvi asks her not to worry, I have sent car for pandit. Pinky says manage everything, I m nervous like the time when I married Shakti. Shivaye comes and says I m getting married, why are you getting nervous. Dadi says as she is becoming saas. Pinky says I forgot this, I got old like you. Dadi says I m not old, you are old, the one who falls in love is never old, Shivaye is old, who never loved anyone, or maybe he did love. Shivaye thinks of Anika. Om and Soumya are leaving.

Shivaye stops Om and asks where are you two going. Om says we are going to take Rudra, he is stuck somewhere. Shivaye asks what, is he safe. Om says yes, relax, we will get him. Shivaye says I will come along. Om says its your marriage, go and get ready, I will get him. They leave. Anika comes. Jhanvi asks how are you going. Dadi says she will sit with Shivaye. Anika says no, I mean I have to reach venue soon, I have Tia’s bridal dress, I will take taxi. Pinky says we shall leave fast. They leave. Shivaye passes by Anika. Her bracelet gets stuck in his sleeve button. Music plays…………..They see each other. He removes the bracelet. Ishq hai…….plays………. She sees him and leaves.

Ishqbaaz spoiler

Rudra coughs and asks the man to leave him and let him go home. The man says we can’t do this, its against our Devi’s wish. Rudra asks you know who I m. He says I know you are Rudra Dev. Rudra says I m Oberoi, leave me. The man says we will agree to you if you agree you are Rudra Dev, our Devi’s husband. Rudra says I will not agree, leave me. Soumya and Om reach Rumi’s house. Soumya says to save Rudra, we have to become Rumi’s devotee. She shows the tees. Rudra asks for water. The man asks him to agree he is Rumi’s husband Rudra Dev. Rudra thinks to agree, I can deal with Rumi later, first I should leave, I will see her. He nods. The man frees his hands. Rudra gets up and takes water. The men chant Rumi devi ki jai.

The guests are welcomed by Tej and Shakti. Dadi goes to see Shivaye and takes Pinky. Priyanka takes Tej. A man asks Shakti about the groom. Shakti says grooms take more time than brides to get ready.

Rumi’s guard stops Om and Soumya. Soumya and Om dress in the tees with Rumi’s pic. She chants Rumi’s name. Guard lets them enters the house. Om says we will check in that room. Tia thinks of her husband. Tia’s mum says this lahenga looks beautiful, I was waiting for this say, Anika pass that set, see Tia its beautiful set, you like it right. Tia says ya its nice. Anika says Tia, you and Shivaye have to go together. Tia asks Anika for some water. Anika goes.

Soumya and Om come to the room and see Rudra tied to the bed by chains. They get shocked. Om rushes and frees Rudra. Soumya cries and holds Rudra. Om says we should leave from here. Rumi comes and asks where are you taking my Rudra Dev, I will burn you both. Om gets angry. Rudra stops them. He goes to Rumi and says if you show me your face again, I will kill you. Soumya goes to Rumi and raises hand. Rumi gets scared and gets back. Soumya says stay away from Rudra, see this hand, its hand of paratha eater, if it hits a size hero girl like you, you will be unconscious for two days. Rudra thinks of his marriage with Soumya and smiles. Om asks them to come. They leave. Rumi fumes.

Pinky compliments Shivaye. Dadi says stop it, he will catch your bad sight, we are coming downstairs, come with Tia. They leave. Anika gives water to Tia. Tia’s mum asks Tia not to drink water, the lip color will get spoiled. Tia asks what to do, shall I die by thirst. Tia’s mum says what are you saying, that too on marriage day. Tia says sorry, I did not mean that, I m just nervous. Anika thinks what happened to Tia, what is she hiding now. Tia thinks what’s happening, why am I not able to hide my feelings. Shivaye thinks I have to hide my feelings, I m marrying Tia, that’s the truth. Dadi asks Jhanvi where are Om and Rudra, will they come like guests. Jhanvi says they will be coming. Dadi says call them. She talks to pandit. He asks her to call groom and bride. Dadi asks Anika to tell Shivaye and Tia to come together. Anika goes to Shivaye. He senses her and turns to see. Anika says Tia and you are called downstairs. He says fine, I will get Tia.

Om, Rudra and everyone dance on Radhe teri chunri…… Tia gets shocked seeing someone. Anika goes to Tia and asks what happened, shall I call designer, is there any problem in the dress.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sbmmananya

    can any1 help me
    i am new here
    how to create a poll

    1. Basically. . You can send the a message to telly updates by typing in the contact us section . They will send the format in which u can send the poll

  2. thanks 4 the fast update Amena Wow wat a grand wedding venue pani wala scene was nice can’t he tell that he has feelings 4 anika too bad a tight slapis needed 2 thatpsycho romi rudra expressions were nice when he looks soumya i think shivaay will know abt T & D THATS WHY HE IS MARRYING ANIKA its a guess anyways waiting 4 2mmorrow mystery actually who is tia’s hubby? daksh , robin or acp or any unknown

  3. Samaira20

    Woah… excited for their marriage….but I saw somewhere that anika is running in bridal dress and shivaay with bodyguard in his groom’s dress covers her and Gul ma’am gave hint saying brothers are weaknesses……so I think this marriage is related to Sahil……

    1. Yes, Even I saw that. I guess Annika unwillingly agrees to be the bride cause Saahil is in Shivaay’s custody. Guessed it from the clue she gave. Not sure though.

  4. Gul mam posted a new video that anika was running away 2 cars chases and in other car shivay catched anika I’m gonna exiting ???????

    1. Link of the video..??

      1. Gul mam instagram account

  5. Eagerly waiting for next episode and how are u all ishqies??? And anika and shivaye both were looking very nice and chalo accha hua romi ka chapter close

  6. Mona146

    guys what do you think? Does tia’s mum know about her marriage or not?

  7. Mona146

    shivaay changes his dress and dadi and others dont even ask the reason.

  8. So sad shivika

  9. I think its robin who is tia’s husband and daksh is just a possessive itz better to say a psyco lover. May be daksh has some past.
    Eagerly waiting for shika(shivay+anika) marriage 😀

  10. Veda

    Cant explain u guyzz how do I feel wen c OM is being treated as a side charectr… ????? its getting unbearable day by day…yeah, sketching a new charectr nd bring a grl who can do justice to da charectr is nt dat easy,it may take time bt dr r many othr ways to give sm imprtnce to OM…xpectd sm OMRU momnts today bt nope…dey dont hv time fr OM…okkay then..??(BO HO HO…?????)
    Don’t want to guess anything abt SHIVIKA MARRIAGE….it’s only 2 days to go….Jo v hoga dekha jayega….bt I’m excited…?

    1. Mouni

      dont worry his time will come also there are a lot of things that needs solutions ; gayatri murder and the inspector’s sister murder , their evil aunt rup and tei secretary , daksh psycko and tia and her D also anika’s origines , remember when she used to have nightmares in the first ep ?
      for me l think daksh will stay many ep to come but am not so sure about tia but maybe she will blackmail him to stay with him

      1. Veda

        I just hope so MOUNI…hope our waiting vl b over very soon….I’m also dying to get all da answers…

    2. Piyaliii

      Hello veda di….
      I think we are talking firdt time…as i was not here from 1 month…?
      ..I am too feeling very sad!……They are not a single moment of ISHKARA from at least 2 months. …just dragging…The part of tia!….???
      And about marriage….I think….something will happen…and anika will be forced to sit as bride of shivaye…..???
      This happens in many serial…????
      What you think?…what will happen…???

      1. Veda

        Hello PIYALII..yup dr ..v r interacting fr da 1st time…. 🙂 🙂 on 31st August dey hd showed ISHKAARA confrontation nd frm den to so far OM is all alone there..he doesn’t have a proper story line…??
        Nd about SHIVIKA mrg.. I’m blank yaar…??Donno wats gonna happen don’t want any more dragging….

    3. Hey veda don’t be sad om ka charecter side actor ka nahi hai dont feel like this they will some intersting charecter in his life Nowday isqhbaaz want to increased their trp so that they bring marriage tract isqhbaaz ka trp nahi increased hora pahela jo tah same so that they bring marriage to show this tract they have to give more imp to shivika after this tract i think om ki mystry bhi solve ho jaye aur guyarti muder case bhi solve ho jaye aba toh prinku bhi aagayee phir acp ranveer aajayega so frnd dont be upset i think itne month dekhane ka baad i think dis show give imp to every charter what u think guys dis is my opponium what u think???

      1. Veda

        TRISHA …yup fst they used to gv same importance to da TRIO bt nw a days dey r doing injustice to OM’s charectr…watevr, GK hs confirmed dat OM’s lead vl enter after SHIVIKA mrg…let’s c…sabrat k fal mitha hoga v ya nhi ….. ?

    4. Ya di I thought we will get some emotional omru moment but a big NO…they are not even interested in showing them .

      1. Veda

        Yes Chandini …it’s disappointing…??…

    5. Veda di as one toh meri dil ki baat bol di..
      Frankly speaking then it is height of waiting yaar what the hell om ko aise kyun treat krte hai….i thought in yesterday’s episodes they will show some omru caring scense but not at all instead if their would b shivaye then baapre mere bhaiya accha hua jo aap aagaye nd for I’m just o????..
      Now I m very much angry nd if after shivika marriage also they r not gonna show any progress in om story then I m done wd this partial serial…in which only 1 couple gets importance?????..not rest…

      1. Veda

        Exactly…I never expected just an “O” frm RUDY.???… after dat RUDY didn’t even look at him fr once…don’t worry SAKU..if ur fear vl cm true ,I vl b wid u to quit finally….(I’l b damn happy if v vl proved wrong)…

    6. i too waited to see some sensitive scenes between omru . they just escape from the scene 🙁 :(. initially they gave more priority to brothers. but now they just dragging the shivika marriage. marriage and love is very common in all the dramas. i thought ishqbaaz would be special. now they too going on same track.

      they making so many twist in the story but they forgot their theme of the story.

      1. Veda

        Senuthilini…as da name of drama is ISHQBAAAZ, love should lead da track u r rt… it’s a saga of 3 love stories…. remember da catch line “……ek kahani ke teen kissey hey”….??…among those OM’s story hsn’t even started yet…

    7. totally agree with u veda..
      i m also very disappointed with the way they have sidelined om’s character..
      he was the most loved character when the show was started..
      bt GK has totally distroyed his character..
      neither his lady love is entering nor his past mystery is solving..
      yeah it really feels they have no time for om at all.. ??

      1. Veda

        Sara..I’m trying a lot to keep patience bt sometimes I can’t control myself….3 months is toooo long Na…???…?

    8. yeah obviously 3 months are too too long…
      we r tired of waiting now.
      even now it feels as if GK has forgotten the concept of the show that was bromance..
      her concentration on shivika is from starting..(i m great fan of shivika also)nd now we r seeing bromance once in a blue moon nd that too hardly for 1 or 2 minutes..
      i was also expecting some senti moments between omru after that kidnapping scene..
      bt i was reallly disappointed with this RUDRA BACHAO MISSION..
      om didn’t even reacted property seeing his baby boy in such bad situation..

    9. read property as properly nd boy as brother..

    10. even rudy didn’t reacted much seeing O..

  11. Mouni

    good ep full with emotions , poor anika she wanted sso to speak his feelings but his ego and beliefs got in the way , that water was good for him
    l liked how they toched hands softly when he removed her braclet it was soo soft and almost romantic
    tia is nervous cause she loves her bf/husband and can not go through the wedding with sso
    but what will happend after the ceremony , will she be able to comeback with some lie , ldk but sso is a taugh guy and will not be fooled easly by her from now on , remember what he told malika when she ran away ” if it was me l would have killed you”
    the only thing that will make him believe her is that her mom will say that she is in the hospital very sick or she was kidnapped , other than that it will be hard for him to accept her again
    l have seen the videos about the wedding and am happy no one will know that it was anika other than sso and tia’s mom who stopped pinky but probably the brothers and especially dadi will come to know the truth and hide it like shivika , also l noticed that it was anika who was frustrated and angry more than shivaye because he was forcing her to walk

  12. Sanchi

    The track feels very similar to ipkknd but has its own charm, funally Shivika marriage.. I cant wait to see that psycho Daksh’s reaction to this

  13. I think tia show his husband On marriage her husband take her away so that she can’t reach on veniu
    Shivaya married anika to save his reputation in the society he force anika for for marriage nd abut anika only want shivaya toconfess his luv for her before marriage but he force her to marriage on the basis of contract so that anika is uset nd bcome angry with shivaya …..but in marriage only our dadi feel that anika hi ha gungatma nd becoming her grand daughter in law nd she bcome happy butafter marriage tia will come on mundap she bcome angry with anika nd humiliating anika infront of everyone but that time shivaya support anika nd he make her quite i thinks same like kasam iss mai bhi sass aur sautan milka hamare couple ko alag karne ki chaal kaarenga i m say this bcoz after marriage pinky doesn’t like our anika as her bahu nd like kasam malika aur rano jase here tia nd pinky chalenga i think so i m not sure

  14. Eagerly waiting fr next episode..lot of twist in shivika marriage..

  15. Nalla vela andha Daksh maadu iniki illa apro anika indha dress la alaga irundhaa…Monday dha wedding scenes laa varumo??….Yaaru pa andha tia oda husband ennala mudyla…Shivika oda feelings paatha enak oru maari iruku ?

    1. I think it’s acp guy or robin

  16. For those who think Shivika is magic like me, hotstar has uploaded a video (oh jaana..) in the name “Anika Shivays love song”. The video has a lot of their cute moments. Those who ve already seen it ignore this message.

  17. Tahima

    im eagerly waiting for tommorow episode. I hope they dont take a week to explain shivika’s wedding truth becuz none of the other stories have been cleared by now… im hoping ishqbaaz will get back to its normal charm. One thing i wish that had happened wuz that omru and sahil could have helped there older sibling with this whole shadi confusion so ishqbaaz could have its old brotherly love back

  18. I dont know whether to be happy abt shivika’s marriage or be sad abt anika. Dont know whether the oberois will accept her or not and shivaay i guess he will be ill treating her moreover in his eyes anika’s image is low bcoz of daksh

  19. Shaza

    roumya was good today , especially when Roudra thought abt the Mrg and smiled ?
    Shivika as usual awesome..felt sad when shivaye still didn’t say and she threw water on him asked him to say ?, this shivaye , how can he think like that abt Anika ..feel like Punching him ..that idiot Daksh is the reason ….but why is Daksh creating problem b/w them ..seems like he don’t even love Anika ..then why he is simply creating misunderstanding ?? Om’s murder case is still left in middle and where is priyanka and ACP , missing them ..I also sometimes feel like the lead is just Shivika and roumya and Om are like supporting role ?

  20. Shaza

    My dumb prediction on upcoming episodes ???:-
    This Tia won’t be able to resis her feeling and at the last moment she will not be there for the marriage as she don’t feel correct or her hubby doesn’t allow at the last moment and becomes insecure …and then Anika finds that Tia is not in the OBEROI Mantion for the marriage at the last moment and shivaye thinks that if there will be runaway bride in my Mrg then what abt my awesome reputation !! Or something stupid and ask , rather force Anika to marry on basis of Sahil , or some kind of blackmail that includes sahil ….and atlast she will somehow sadly , emotionally , dramatically agree ..and the whole Mrg will go on with that sad big music and then the shocking and focus on everyone’s shocking face comes and that dramatic big will go on ….the whole family face will be in black and white ???

    OMRU maybe mixed emotions -shocked , happy , surprised ..and idk how they’ll feel
    Pinky will say some dramatic line lie, Oh my Mata , and her usual taunts

    After the media will be out ..idk what shiavye will say to the family , I just can’t guess anything

    Then shiavye will tel Anika or maybe the whole family that it’s gonna be the most common market .the “Contract marriage” Anika will be hurt ,sad , crying, and maybe shiavye will say that he will pay her for marraige as he thinks Anika can do anything for money , and actually Anika agree’s cuz she can do anything for shiavye like that Gayitris murder case day
    Shiavye will

    1. Shaza

      And then maybe in the next 30 episodes Anika will somehow the whole families heart including pinky and dad , OMRU , sumo will support her on every point …then shiavye will again fall in love with Anika and wonder if she is actually like he thought she is , we will see their fights , romance and Nok-jokh , they’ll be free with each other , and soon will become each others habit ..and after some more episodes …shivaye will somehow reveal to Anika what he thought abt her …she will clarify and maybe he will or most probably won’t believe what she is saying …and after some Sad episodes shiavye will somehow realize that it was misunderstanding and his mistake and will and should, feel damn guilty and atlast apologize very much and PROPOSE in some awesome way …??and then work happy,cute , romantics moments between them and then another problem or misunderstanding comes after all it’s a serial ???

      I think ,I think too much abt ishqbaaz ????

  21. Shaza

    roumya was good today , especially when Roudra thought abt the Mrg and smiled ?
    Shivika as usual awesome..felt sad when shivaye still didn’t say and she threw water on him asked him to say ?, this shivaye , how can he think like that abt Anika ..feel like Punching him ..that idiot Daksh is the reason ….but why is Daksh creating problem b/w them ..seems like he don’t even love Anika ..then why he is simply creating misunderstanding ?? Om’s murder case is still left in middle and where is priyanka and ACP , missing them ..I also sometimes feel like the lead is just Shivika and roumya and Om are like supporting role ?K

  22. Hii to all,,new here..but Loved the way how Soumya reacted and intimidated saying its a hand of a parantha eater…the way she showed her anger to Rumi and care for Rudra..totally loved it..And ofcourse, Shivika…Anika,her tears & Shivaay, how he tries to hide his emotions by givng different shades of expressions, anger,love,sorrow of losing Anika and getting married to Tia…all at the same time..!! Sometimes, I feel like he acts like SRK the way he delivers his dialogues with such an intense feel.!!!!
    Waiting for day when all their misunderstandings get clear And they both confesses their love for each other..!! 🙂

  23. I think anika will help tia to run away… I mean while shivaay chasing her she was wearing like bridal dress????? I thk this is reason of shivaays anger and he will blackmail anika to marry him.. just a guess…

  24. Hii to all,,new here..and a huge fan of ISHQBAAAZ..:): :* :* ^_^
    Loved the way how Soumya reacted and intimidated saying its a hand of a parantha eater…the way she showed her anger to Rumi and care for Rudra..totally loved it..And ofcourse, Shivika..their chemistry…Anika,her tears (made me cry also)& Shivaay, how he tries to hide his emotions by givng different shades of expressions, anger,love,sorrow of losing Anika and getting married to Tia…all at the same time..!! Sometimes, I feel like he acts like SRK the way he delivers his dialogues with such an intense feel.!!!!
    Waiting for day when all their misunderstandings get clear And they both confesses their love for each other..!! 🙂

    1. Piyaliii

      Hello priydarshni….how are you…Welcome to our ishqbaaz family…????
      Can you tell me your I will know wheather to call u di or not…???

      1. Hello dear…
        Welcome to our family nd keep commenting..
        Short intro plzz

      2. Priydarshni

        @piyaliii Haha…No probz,, whatever u like u can call me..n even u can call me by my name..Anyways, thank you for showing this sweet gesture..really felt delighted as somebody even replied 🙂 &
        I am 20 and will be of 21 this december..!! 🙂

      3. Priydarshni

        Hello..short introoo..umm
        I would describe myself as a truge Sagittarian ;)Shopoholic, heels_freak,,makeup_junkie Delhite, Spirited Punjabi kudi, happy go lucky by nature having a zest for life.. 😉 A medical student but at the very first gaze u will consider me as a humanities student.. 😛 😛 straight-fwd, jovial, adventurous, jungli during fight and a travel-enthusiast. I love to learn new things, expanding my horizons of knowledge in every aspect..!!
        Passionate for guitar,painting,reading,dancing,acting,boxing n photography!!!! 🙂

        Now, uR tuRn..!!! 🙂

  25. I dntknow whag to say im not understanding im happy or sad about episode
    Really comfusing episode
    What i loved in the episode
    Saumyas diologue how she treatened rumi to stay away from rudra
    Shivika they are superb but poor anika its very sad to see her like this im not understanding how can sso behave like this with anika really he is a baagad billa he loves anika then how he cant see truth in anikas eyes
    I feel bad i thoght om will know about rumya marriage truth but it doesnt happened
    So many mistarius are not solved now also i dnt know when they will solve all this
    Anyways im exiting to see shivika marriage and after that we can see more ishqbaazi
    Hope they will bring best lead for omkara

  26. Hi all…the episode was good. I am eagerly waiting for 2moro there are many spoilers but I don’t know whether to believe them are not and my mind itself is cooking many spoilers about their wedding.shivaay trying his level best to control his emotions was awesome Nakul nailed it and the first time our rudra came strong against romi . Atleast now end that Romi track it’s not at all worth to watch.Tia is in a total confusion I think they won’t end her track soon.For now there is no Daksh for the marriage I am really happy about it.10 pm is soo late for a good serial to telecast starplus should change it’s timings most ishqbaaaz viewers are youngsters if they telecast it by 10 it’s very difficult for us to watch.In my case my college is far away from my house so I have to take bus by morning 6 so go to bed early or if u hav any work I will do it till’s difficult for me to watch by 10 so most of time I watch repeat telecast or watch on hotstar while travelling bus. They must really consider to change the timings of ishqbaaz so that every one can such a good serial and the so called trp of the show will also which is more important for the channel.

    1. Yes chandhini bcz of this time slot trp of show is not incresing.its no use yo ask statplus to change time slot they wont hear us they only cares about sas bahu dramaz only .
      Not only youngsters i think most of elders also wont watch show at 10pm.
      In starting yhm trp also not that much good but when they changed tine slot the trp of the show increased .i can bet that if they will change the time slot no doubt the trp will increase for sure bcz i know many are watching show on repeate telicast and in hotstar.

  27. Though its all about at FAR FAR at mid some where , it is all what I feel looking at the charecter line.

    We will be witness of how dangerously SIMPLE MINDE SET get tangled with the COMPLEX MIND SET of SSO. SSO may find it better , he would have been if wedded with TIA then ANIKA.

    It was told by me in last TU, or utmost 2nd last, AS ANIKA MINDEST CAN NOT KEEP PACE WITH SSO, SHE WILL LEAVE OM FOR EVER and now that is just on the verge to be happen! She had a SIMPLE MIND SET, and HE HAS A COMPLEX MIND SET!

    She just can not allow any one to ride over her wishes, self respect, self owner and every thing she had in her SELF MADE WHOLE BEING. Her simple theory is

    And that his mind set just wishes to take it at half.

    What she had paid, SSO will have to pay back in kind which he and OF never had imagined of.
    It takes time for the transformation of ANIKA+SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROY unison to ANIKA+SHIVAAY unison.

    Hope, I prove wrong, but that is all what I can see in future.

    She had said to sso just few hour before


    and simply he had missed that chance!

    I will complete this comment with one line


    1. Nc SHEKHAR
      I dntknow why i feeling like crying im not able to see shivika like this.i know its just tv show but then also attached much .i feel pity for both anika and shivaye .i think more than story i connected nakul and surabis acting
      Waiting to see more ishqbaazi in ishqbaaz of all couples

      1. He possess everthing, can possess anything, but can’t ANIKA! His doubts, his dominate nature, his ego just can’t allow him to possess ANIKA. He is coward enough to slap her!, and dare enough to lose her!

        She was closest to SHIVAAY without possessing her, and now will have her far, far away even after possessing her!

        He was jealous not only for DAKSH, but is jealous since she met her at doorstep of temple who raised her head against her proud being! He is wishing ANIKA to bow down his feet!, wanted her in enough distreds to get his shoulder, scared her enough to seek his help! He wishes her selfrespect get shattered and craving for his help! He want all these before he get to love her!
        No, it’s just impossible. She would prefer to die than to satisfy his these rude wishes.


  28. I agree. 10 pm slot is too late for most of the people. They should change ishqbaaz time slot.

  29. TIA!!
    She was simple and innocense initially, and then saw playing on two parrallel track simelteneously.

    We had seen hesitating and feeling guilty for SSO during her convo ROBIN!
    DUMB enough to left clue for her 2nd trap and very next clever enough to coverup it. Again being DUMB, and being CLEVER, inked her self image with much more colors.
    At last, when I show her emotional for her LOVER, it was her last shade for us to enhence our knowledge. 🙂
    To render a TWIST, such resources are always kept reserved with makers.
    So, whenever GK mam wished to end or stretch any track, only one deform is necessary to use, and that is her helplessness!, and we have to bear with!

    She can END IB within countable epis and also , looking at RISING TRP, can stretch it to infinite!

  30. Loved soumya dialogue very much……she should have slapped the psyco rumi but she didn’t..?….rumy really deserve a tight slap…..I thought soumya would say stay away from my husband instead of stay away from rudra…..and om will come to know about their marriage….but….

  31. Hello guys iam new in this page actually iam a silent reader. Can I also join with your family

  32. Krits

    gul khan posted a new video on instagram go and chech it out its interesting and related to shivika marriage i am giving the link below

  33. Krits

    gul khan posted a new video on instagram go and chech it out its interesting and related to shivika marriage i am giving the link below

  34. Hey guys…how r u all???? Veda…don’t worry dear…Gul has said that Om’s lead will enter soon after Shivika marriage..after that I ope that Om’s story gets focus. btw those who r beyhadh fans here….tell me if u think that a love interest like Maya from Beyhadh will be perfect for Om???? I think a character like that will be perfect.

    1. Hellooo Luna im fn dr hope u also good.
      And i really dnt want a grl like maya for omkara.yes im following beyhadh im enjuying mayas obession but i like sanjhs chatecter more than mayas and show beyhadh is about mayas obession so the charectet maya perfect for that show but for ishqbaaz that tooo for omkara it wont work.maya doesnt like anyone around arjun if oms love is like maya then she wont like shiomrus bonding toooo and mayas charecter doesnt suites ishqbaaz and omkara tooo and morover om doesnt accept grl like maya who will be break his relation with his loved one.
      Om neads a grl who will be strong independent little arrogont and lovely too morover she have to support om and accept his family to.
      Luna its my openion only i know everyone has different likes and taste too bjt unfortunately i cannlt accept charecter like maya for om.
      And mayas charecter is like dakshs chatecter in ib and like this charecter needs good phsychyatrist treatment.
      Anyways i just told my openion i hope oms lead is not like maya.
      If it happens i will skip that portion in ib.

      1. hey dear, I’m fine…it’s okay if u don’t agree with me…everyone has their likes and dislikes, actually after Om-Riddhima breakup I thought that maybe Om’s love interest will be obsessed with him and tries to separate the Obros…this can also lead to the vanvaas track…later on CVs can turn the girl positive…though I also respect ur opinion.

    2. Shaza

      Hlo Luna di , I’m fine , just this Thursday FA finished Pls can u give me the link of your ep from ep 5 onwards,plssss
      Even I’m watching Beyhadh , it’s an awesome serials , and something very totally different , usually girls charector will be like Arjun and boys like Maya , it’s like something New type , if Om’s love interest would be like Maya , it’s actually not bad idea, but she should not be totally obsessed with him and can’t see with anyone else , cuz like shabana di said , if is obsessed then she will not like Obro bond also ,
      It should be like , she is rude , her mom is only there in her family and dad with someone else , so it will be similar to Om’s case , so Om will be able to understand her pain , and should realize that he have bro’sto shares pain and she have none , and would share pains with her , first maybe cuz she is rude she should not be free with him in starting itself , after some small cute fights or somethings and then Om should bring some happinessand and glow by her side ???, then maybe Om’s story will go awesome , whatsay?

      1. Ya its k if girl is little arrogant and posessive but dnt want a total copy cat like maya and thank u luna for understanding my point

  35. Hello everyone!!..
    Coming to episode it was ok for me….
    Loved rumya scenes the way soumya said stay away from rudra was amazing…want more rumya scenes hope we will get it after couple of days..
    Thank God romi is out of frame for now can’t say about it is serial..
    Seriously I m very disappointed the way om is getting sideline…i thought there will b some emotional scenes amid omru but..!big nooo…why r they doing this yaar???..i know I had said this many times but seriously now it’s getting too much..i can’t handle it anymore….
    I don’t think even after shivika marriage they r gonna focus on om coz there will b lots of drama over bride exchange…then rumya marriage is also gonna expose so I m not seeing any scope for om…
    Moreover many mysteries are pending…
    Nd ya most important thing I think gul mam bhool gayi hai ki unke neg characters show mein nahi hai..swethlana kaha h yaar??…
    The main concept of story was bromance but here rather than bromance everything is shown…nd according to promos of shows one bro is gonna vanwas right nd bz of sweathlana nd she is not shown…
    Roop kaha hai bhai…??..
    Gayatri murder ko toh sab bhul hi gaye I think!!!…
    Sorry if I hurt anyone’s feeling but I said what I thought so sorry once again guys…
    Nd bye ….take care..

  36. Guys…plz read the new episode of my FF….

  37. hey everyone..✋
    hw r u all..
    i m sara.. a huge fan of ishqbaaz.
    i really want to join ur sweet ishqbaaz family..?
    u guyz r just superb in expressing ur views..
    i really love ur comments nd read it regularly..

    1. Hellooo sara
      Welcome to ib family
      Share views tooo and keep commenting dr

    2. thanks shabana..
      i will surely try to comment regularly

  38. Leenesh Mattoo and Nehalaxmi Iyer, who are otherwise reserved by nature, found perfect company in each other on the sets of Ishqbaaz.
     Leenesh Mattoo and Nehalaxmi Iyer
    Ishqbaaz pair Leenesh Mattoo and Nehalaxmi Iyer, who play Rudra and Saumya in the show get along like a house on fire. Even though the two bicker on the sets, their onscreen chemistry has made the pair a favourite among audiences. In a candid conversation, the jodi share what makes them a hit on the small screen. Edited excerpts from the interview:
    Nehalaxmi, it must have been quite tough to make a reserved guy like Leenesh warm up to you?
    Nehalaxmi : Leenesh takes time to open up. But we were in touch with each other ever since we came onboard for the show. We started talking much before the show could go on floors. We also have mutual friends, so it wasn’t really difficult for me.
    You both are Scorpios. Do you share a lot of traits in common?
    Leenesh: I think a major reason we get along so well is because we are similar people and share similar ideologies.
    Nehalaxmi : Both of us were reserved at first, but we opened up gradually. Not everyone gets our sense of humour, so we have a lot of inside jokes that we bond on. And we spend half our time explaining it to our co-stars.
    Leenesh, you are known for giving Nehalaxmi some fitness tips…
    Leenesh: I am a hardcore fitness freak, so I am more than happy to help her with her eating habits. Nehalaxmi is actually quite fitter than you think.
    Nehalaxmi : Leenesh is my friend, co-star and fitness guru all rolled into one. He makes sure I eat right. In fact, I am scared to even eat in his presence.
    Your on-screen wedding had a drunk scene. How was the experience?
    Nehalaxmi : It was a lot of fun to shoot the sequence. It was well written. Even our fans enjoyed the unconventional wedding moment. I think the scene helped to improve our onscreen chemistry.
    Leenesh: Our drunk wedding was one of a kind. We had a great time shooting it. In fact, I want to try something similar off-screen as well!
    So, what is the toughest scene you have performed so far?
    Leenesh: There was a scene in which I had to rant. That was one of the toughest scenes for me.
    Nehalaxmi : Saumya’s role is very similar to what I am in real life. I am just being myself on screen. So, I never had a tough time as such.
    Have you ever had a difference in opinion over scenes?
    Leenesh: We prefer improvising our scenes and going with the flow. Our director often sits with us and helps with a few last minute changes, if any.
    Nehalaxmi : I think since we are a lot like our on-screen characters, it is easy for us to emote. We often end up having the same suggestions.
    Your on-screen chemistry is pretty impressive. What’s the secret?
    Nehalaxmi : We are of the same age and it helps that we are really good friends. You will always spot us playing pranks on each other. Nehalaxmi and Leenesh are like Rudra and Saumya. Bas ye hi raaz hai.
    Leenesh: We are good friends off-screen and I think that helps a lot.
    Who is a better co-star between the two of you?
    Nehalaxmi : It definitely has to be him. There are times when I forget dialogues but he is thorough with his. He also has a good sense of humour, so that leaves my co-stars and me in splits.
    Leenesh: She is easy to get along with.
    Is there any quality in your co-star that annoys you a lot?
    Nehalaxmi : He zones out at the drop of a hat.
    Leenesh: She is a little too obsessed with make-up.
    So Leenesh, we heard that you are the one who gets all the gossip on the sets?
    Leenesh: Oh, yes, I am. Neha will easily vouch for it.
    Nehalaxmi : Leenesh has all the gossip. He may come across as innocent but don’t go by his looks.
    Rapid Fire
    Your favourite corner on the sets:
    Nehalaxmi : Make-up room.
    Leenesh: Make-up room.
    Your favourite food on the sets:
    Nehalaxmi : Coffee and rajma chole.
    Leenesh : Any junk food.
    Your 2 am buddy on the sets:
    Nehalaxmi : Surbhi Chandna and Leenesh.
    Leenesh: Kunal Jaisingh and Nehalaxmi.
    Things you cannot do without on the sets:
    Nehalaxmi : Phone
    and make-up, and my roommate Annika.
    Leenesh: My phone and script.
    Your wildest fantasy:
    Nehalaxmi : Anything adventurous.
    Leenesh: Too wild to reveal.
    Tags: ishqbaaz , leenesh mattoo , nehalaxmi iyer

    1. Just superb love leenesh matto and neha laxmi iyer

  39. Its comfirmed that idiot d is robin u can see itin todays episode
    There is a rumya dance in todays episode
    There is a shiomru moments in todays episode
    In monday episode anika slaps shivaye he deserves her slap this is my dream scene

  40. hyy guys what r talking about video. now what’s happene . I read the comment but kuch jayada samaj nai aya . anyone tell me plzz

    1. MP there is a vedio i saw it on instragam which gk posted
      In which vedio anika is running away but shivaye catches her chasing in two cars so now we have to wait to know what will hapoen nexts

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