Ishqbaaz 23rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye stays away from Anika

Ishqbaaz 23rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says I will go and see Bua once. Anika says she has already slept, we should also sleep. He says you go, I will just come. He thinks I have become a threat for Anika, I should stay away, I will come out when she sleeps. He thinks I can’t afford to sleep, I have to be awake for the sake of Anika. Anika lies to sleep. He washes his face. He sees Anika sleeping and goes out of the room. He sits on the pool side and recalls hurting Anika. Anika comes and holds him. She asks what are you doing here. He says I wasn’t getting sleep inside and thought of coming here. She says you think whatever happened yesterday can happen again, I m scared without you, not with you. He says I m scared of myself, I may hurt you, don’t argue, go and sleep. She says you should come with me, you are acting stubborn,

and I m warning you, go inside, else I will do anything to stay away from you. He falls into the pool and lies in the waters. Anika shouts to him. She cries. He signs her to leave. She recalls their moments.

Nazdeek hai dil ke….plays…. She goes. Om thanks Gauri and holds her hand. Saathiya….plays…. She asks do you want to say something. He says sorry. She asks why. He says there are many reasons, since Shivaye came, I vented out anger on you, sorry. She says I can understand your anger, why is my sister getting punished. He says I have no complaint against her, I feel very bad that two sisters are staying close and yet they are away, when I see Anika, I remember Shivaye and Tej’s dead body, Shivaye shot Tej. She hugs him and says I can understand your anger, hatred, pain and sorrow, try to forget the past, I can’t see you in pain. They hug.

Rudra says I have no clue why are you angry, behave as my wife too, not ACP. She says I m saying this by wife’s right, thanks to you, I m not ACP, you didn’t want your wife to work, its about Shivaye, not us. He says I don’t want to talk about that person. She says he is your brother, whom you regarded Lord. He says so he thought he is Lord, and took someone’s life. She says he has gone through the punishment, five years in jail are longer than five births for people who are raised in rich families, forget this anger and move on. Rudra says I won’t forget anything till he is in front of my eyes. Its morning, Anika asks Shivaye are you fine. He says yes, I slept well, don’t worry. She says I know you didn’t sleep all night. Roop comes and serves them food. She feeds Shivaye and asks him not to leave good habits. Shivaye eats. Rudra gets angry and goes. Roop asks what happened to him. She goes after Rudra.

She says you left the table without having food, have halwa. He says sorry. She says Tej just looked like you, you remind me of him, I know you are all alone here, you trusted Shivaye and he backstabbed you, Tej died, Jhanvi moved to US, Dadi spends most of the time in ashram, Om is busy in his life, you have no one, don’t worry, I will set everything fine. He smiles. Anika says I m upset with your behavior, what’s this, its enough. Shivaye gives her a rose. She smiles. O jaana…plays…. She asks what’s this. He says flower. She asks why. He says ask who is it for, this is for the one because of whom I m alive today, you are the reason for me to live, you give me courage, you are my life. She takes the rose and hugs him. He says sorry. She says why are you sorry, I m foolish, I know it will take time, I just want everything to become like before, let it be, get ready. He asks why. She says if you care for me, you will not question me.

They come to office. He asks why did you bring me here, I couldn’t enter the office yesterday. She says I should have not sent you alone yesterday, I will take you in, we will go. He says I will go. She stops him and says you can do this at least for my sake. He holds her hand. She makes him close eyes. She gets him to cabin. He sees his chair. She says you have sat here and taken the Oberoi empire to these heights, the chair is waiting for you since five years. Omru come. Rudra says this is my cabin. He makes Shivaye away and sits on the chair. Anika asks what’s this misbehavior. He asks her to take Shivaye and leave. She says its Shivaye’s cabin. He says its of the one who is running Oberoi empire, Om and I are working here since five years. He puts feet on the table. Shivaye looks on.

Rudra says you can do anything for your husband, but don’t interfere in our business, Shivaye is dead, I will wipe out his identity from entire business world. Anika says Rudra….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Agga4102

    At last Om do feel bad for separating Aniri.

    Why is Rudra like old husband and Bhavya agreeing not to work? She is a police officer with huge respects.

    Wish they forget what Shiv did!

    Anyway, waiting for the next!!!!

    1. Appy

      Congratssss….dear GAG.

      1. Agga4102

        Thank You, dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    Toh Roop also here in this Redux… But it’s good that her choti also didn’t come back… Now she will irritate us with her badam ki dibia…
    K now coming to epi…
    Nox bhaiya nailing it… Hats of U bhaiya…
    Pool scene with “Naina” song was emotional… But mereko samajh nahi aaya paani mein vi aankhe khula reh sakta hain!!! Koi nahi humare male jaal pari kuch vi kr sakta hain…
    Rikara ,
    “O saathia…” played after a veryyyyy longggggg time…
    Today i feel good watching Rikara… He showed his love for Gouri…
    But don’t like Rudra.. Bhavya leave her job just becz he didn’t want it… Seriously…!!!
    I don’t like this after leap Rudra Singh Oberoi… Not becz of his behaviour towards Shivay bhaiya , but may be becz i m used to of Cute , fun wala Rudy more…
    Old “O Jaana…” with Shivay’s confess to Anika was soooooo nycccc…
    Bua ki bacchi as excepted she started her dirty dividing plan…
    In today’s epi “O Saathia..” nd old “O Jaana..” was d best thing… Both part was really soothing…
    Precap –
    Rudyyyyyyyyy… I want my old Rudy backkkkkkkkkk…
    GN PKJ..

    1. Appy


      Although Sso is now only Shivaay..but still he is Sso
      He can do anything 🤣🤣🤣
      Annika and her names Jalpari🤣🤣🤣
      Bua toh he hi aisa….
      Now she will play her card…

      1. Banita

        Yup Arpu…
        SSO can do anything…🤣🤣🤣
        Yeh Bua nd her badam Hume bore krne wale hain…

    2. Riana

      Bani… Bani what are u saying “naina” song was played during pool scene… And in hotstar they played “Nazdeek hai dil ke” 😗😗

      1. Banita

        “Nazdik hain Dil ki” played…..
        Mereko wo sun na that😭😭😭 Usse Jayda feeling aati hain… He’ll to this TV😡😡

  3. Plz end this rude behaviour of rudra soon it doesnt suit him he look nice when he make cry baby face

    1. Appy


  4. Appy

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals…….
    8 comments…seriously guys…only 8 comments.. where is my pkj….???😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Today is gonna short analysis
    Come to episode
    1.Sso actually need a tight slap..what do you think Sso..staying away from Annika will make everything fine
    You always say that you can’t see tears in Annika’s eyes..And you also know that she can’t live without you …
    P.S- just said out of anger couldn’t see Annika in this situation
    I also understand Sso’s POV and his intention.
    So don’t take this wrong
    2.Noks Bhaiya hats off to you..lying in water in that position was tough …water can enter through ears it’s too risky.. but you did it flawlessly…really you are amazing
    3.Sso what do you think ???? You can lie to Annika…both in AU or RU hiding something from Annika is not easy at all..🤣
    4.Awwwwww Sso was so cute in room.scene…..
    Chalo from YELLOW ROSES to RED ROSES…I really really loved that scene..after so many days Oh jana..I really missed it…….
    5.So Annika finally confessed it.she knew all these are not possible so early but she wants Shivaay to be Sso ASAP..
    Ask don’t worry Your Annika..your jeene ki wajah is with you GO AHEAD and CONQUER WORLD..
    6.Bua already started to showing her true colour
    Bring it on……
    I am excited…
    Ok guys bye.
    Be active on pkj

  5. Appy

    My short analysis bada hogaya…🤣🤣🤣

  6. Luthfa

    Yes Rudra,can’t agree more.You have not started Misbehaving yet!Oh,perhaps you are suffering from some sort of illness of forgetfulness that’s why you have forgotten that you are the one who pushed Shivaay Singh Oberoi when he just returned from jail as welcome gesture.You can counter attack that what could be the suitable one to welcome him when he was/is the Murderer of your father?Agree,you won’t perform aarti for him.Let’s talk about those things that happened after that.You called Shivaay-SHIVAAY,declared you won’t stay under same roof with a murderer,divided the house,taunted Shivaay on his free loading,pushed him to give speech like a true gentleman that even stolen,you represented OE as you and OE are not in that bad shape to be represented through a murderer…..List can go on,on your not yet starting of Battamizi.And how can I forget your most famous stunt?Do you remember how you refused to offer drinking water to Shivaay?That was something I am very proud of you as You did it.So sorry that you are unable to remember a thing.You proved that really you are the son of alive/late Mr.Tej Singh Oberoi.But there is a subtle difference between you and your father.Your self-centered,selfish,coward,utterly jealous,always bragging father had his own reason to hate Shivaay but presently you are hating Shivaay representing your famous father TSO.Where is your originality here?You are handling OE being fake?Don’t tell me it’s true.You know Rudra,competition is another name of modern life.If you don’t have originality then you are in the threat of losing very badly.So,stop sounding like that proverbial Vessel that is Empty.I have no doubt on your ability/talent on misbehaving with other especially with Shivaay.As your score is still Zero,according to you of course,it’s time to make it past century then continuation of it.By the way,I have a suggestion for you.Open a class or tuitions to teach people on the subject-“How to do Battamizi in Rudra Singh Oberoi’s style”.Whoever want to be like you, you can start teaching them Rudra Special misbehaving and it’s various branches.You are a potential master of it and I am sure,you will make your family real proud especially your father Mr.Tej Singh Oberoi.All the very best😊😊😊

    1. Appy

      Could not agree not Lu..
      You really said those words I wanted to.speak
      Its actually hurting me ….I can’t even able to like him or love him or hate him
      My all feelings are died for him ….
      no ..
      Actually for both of them

  7. I dont know why but i still i feel that omru and prinku are doing drama to know entire truth by shivay mouth and bhavya please behave like a matured wife and stop doing mantras of shivay infront of rudra though knowing the current situation i know bhavya point is not wrong but the way she is explaning rudra is wrong atleast om has gauri to undrestand and shivay has anika but rudra is not getting support of anyone and bua is manuplating rudra i know everyone is angry on rudy but remember he considered shivay has a father figure today everyone is talking about rudra hate towards shivay it was the same rudra who loved shivay alot more than anyone thats why today he has much hatred towards shivay than anyone please bring back SSO cant see shivay like this Not much to say about shivika scene but yes rikara scene was wonderfull atlast om asked sorry to gauri for his previous actions who is missing swetlana(sultana) if she was here then the drama would be more spicy please bring swetlana now

  8. Rajvi_shah

    Only one thing to say – I want the cool and funny Rudy back😭

    1. Appy


  9. Please end the redux ASAP… We want to see the old avatar Shivaay…

    1. Appy

      Don’t worry redux too Sso will be back soon
      He is coming back…..
      His tadi his attitude everything..
      Just wait for some more time

  10. Hello everyone, I was unwell so could not come on. I did not watch yesterday’s episode but just read the updates. I only have one thing to say that somehow Omru maybe helping Anika indirectly to bring the tadibaaz of Shivaay. It has been 5 years. Who knows Shivaay more than bhavya and Gauri? Definitely Omru. If Gauri and Bhavya know that Shivaay did that for some big reason how can Omru not know. Whether omru are trying to get the truth out of Shivaay or not I am not sure but I realise when Rudra gave shivaay’s speech instead of his. On the one hand he wants to deliver Shivaay’s speech as how Shivaay would say it if not he would have given his prepared speech. He thought by doing this Shivaay will rage and argue but his plan may have backfired and if we look at omru’s face they were stunned that Shivaay had no reaction.

    There is more to this because when Shivaay went to the room and shut all the curtains in a split second someone was looking through the curtains and who was that I don’t know. Someone else is driving Shivaay mad and who is this person we don’t know. Now with Roop there she is going to create further division between Omru. I just feel that there are moments Omru could have kept quiet but they did say that Shivaay came to office and left when Anika was standing there. Why tell infront of Anika? They can tell them in the room some how they want the SSO to come alive. That is why when insulting Anika Shivaay’s SSOmode will surface tomorrow I think.

  11. Nikita_jai29

    The swimming pool scene was really good and little scary… Please cvs end this track soon…

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