Ishqbaaz 20th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer spares Anika’s life

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Ishqbaaz 20th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika struggles in the water and calls out Shivaye. Shivaye gets up and says Anika….He holds his head. He calls her up. He hopes she is safe. Roop calls him. She asks where are you, don’t you worry for your wife. Shivaye says I need to talk to Anika, where is she. She thinks even I don’t know where is she, my plan will fail if Shivaye knows this.

She says just worry for the evidence, I have it, game is again in my hands. He looks for the folder. She says Anika is where she is supposed to be. He says I have to talk to Anika first, I have to be sure she is fine. She says if you don’t remarry, I don’t need to say what I can do. He says until I talk to Anika, I won’t listen to you. He ends call.

She says if I have to make him dance on my fingers, I have to keep Anika alive. She calls Veer. He says you will get Anika. She says I want her alive. He says you will get her, but dead, she has challenged me. She says you are crazy, idiot, everything will end if Anika dies, what about my revenge. He says I also want my revenge from Oberois, I will seek revenge on Anika, she has questioned on my manhood, she will pay for this. She says I have tolerated a lot since years, everything will be over if she dies, Shivay will get mad, you know what will happen, tandav/destruction. He says let it happen, I want to be satisfied, Anika won’t be alive. She says I won’t exact my revenge, spare Anika please. He says I won’t listen to you today.

She says if we had to kill Oberois, we would have killed them before, we have to make them live a miserable life. He says Anika will die here and Shivaye will live a painful death. She says but it won’t help me, just decide, will you spare Anika alive or see me dead. He says don’t emotionally blackmail me. She says drop her home, then get underground, police is searching for you, once Shivaye comes back and preparations for marriage begin, I will meet Anika and tell her something shocking. Veer throws the phone angrily. Shivaye drives away. He says where are you Anika, why aren’t you answering, why isn’t anyone answering at home, I hope she is fine. Veer gets Anika home. He puts her down and leaves.

Shivaye calls Anika again. She wakes up and looks around. She sees her phone beside. She feels ache and gets up. She answers the call. Shivaye stops the car hearing her voice and asks are you fine. She nods and holds her head. She says yes I m fine. He asks where are you. She says at home, Veer…… He gets shocked and asks did he harm you. She says Veer….. He says whatever he did, he will have to pay for it, I won’t spare him. They cry. She says I know, where are you, please come back home. He says I will come, I have to finish small work, I will come soon, remember I will fix everything, you trust me right. She says more than myself. He says keep the trust intact, take rest, I will come back and tell you everything. She asks everything, even that you are hiding from me. He says everything, promise me you will wait for me, until I come back, whatever anyone says, don’t believe it, you will listen to me first, promise you will wait for me. She says I promise you. He says I love you. She says I know, I love you too. He says I know, wait for me Anika, I will come back, I will surely come. He gets Roop’s call.

Roop asks are you happy now talking to Anika, just come here, else Anika’s dad’s misdeeds will come out and she may kill herself out of shame. He says I m coming. She laughs and thinks the real game will begin when you come here. He drives off angrily. He comes to Roop and throws things. He says deal with me if you have a problem with me, don’t trouble Anika, if your son dares to touch her, I will forget he is your son, I will forget you are related to me. Roop says baby, so much anger on your Bua, I was eagerly waiting for you, I m very happy. She hugs him and asks what happened, you got hurt, its bleeding. She asks Charlie to get medicines. She says I m planning to get you married, you got a wound on forehead. She does the aid. Shivaye says enough of your drama, come to the point.

She says you had fled with the evidence, if you agreed to me, I would have not done this, Veer would have not escaped from jail, you made us do this hard work, forget it, focus on marriage, don’t you want the tika, see the house, I decorated it beautifully, its my fav nephew’s marriage. Shivaye throws the plate. She says throw as many things as you want, I will break your pride, your relation and marriage with Anika, also Oberoi family, you can’t do anything, your love won’t let you do anything, love….. being in love is not an easy thing, I will go and get a sherwani for my cute nephew, you all keep an eye on him. Charlie takes Shivaye.

Pinky and Shakti see Shivaye. Pinky asks what’s happening. Shivaye signs to her. She asks where are you going. She says stop, I need to talk. Shakti hugs her and says our Shivaye will do something. She says what will he do, when his own aunt has become his enemy. He says he is Shivaye, once he gets determined, he never fears anyone. Omru look on. Om says Pinky is right, how many people will Shivaye fight alone, we need to go to him. Rudra asks but how will we reach him. They see the goons. Rudra says Shivaye must be in that room. Om says they won’t let you go, bullet doesn’t see body and muscles when fired. Khanna says it pierces the body and the person… Om says they have guns. Rudra says we also have a gun, I will just pretend to scare them. Khanna says there are no bullets in it, you can just pretend. Rudra asks are you carrying it just for show off. Khanna says it was Shivaye’s order that I don’t keep loaded gun, as its of no use, he felt I m worthless…. Om says Shivaye felt right, you are useless. Rudra says take it back, we need to think something else. Om says there is one way, we need to divert the goons’ attention. Khanna says good idea, who will do this. Om says you…

Shivaye says Bua got mom and dad here and played safe game, I can’t run away even if I want, I have to get proof and mom-dad’s safety too, I will call Omru. Roop comes and asks him to see sherwani. She says take it, get ready, wear it. He throws the sherwani away. She says I need to remind you, I will tell Anika that her dad is a murderer. He says you won’t do this. She says wear this sherwani. He holds sherwani. She clicks his pic and laughs. She goes and asks goons to keep an eye on him. Omru ask Khanna to go and push him. Khanna says I think I came at a wrong place. Goons ask who are you. Khanna says I m security guard, Roop hired me, I m different, I got my own uniform. Goons see Omru and ask who are you, tell us fast. Khanna hits the goons and faints them. Rudra says Khanna turns superhero. Khanna says anything for Shivaye.

Shivaye thinks I need to get out of here. He hears someone coming and takes a vase to hit. Rudra bends down. Shivaye throws the vase. Rudra gets saved. Om comes in next. Shivaye sees Omru and gets shocked. He hugs them, and Rudra is he fine.

Roop says I will tell you the truth behind your dad’s death, your dad Harsh was a foreman in kalyani mills, Oberois have set fire in mills and framed your dad, he couldn’t carry the burden of this blame and committed suicide. Anika cries. Shivaye says I have to gather evidence at any cost so that Roop doesn’t prove the charges on Anika’s dad true.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Finally om and ru are there in today’s episode hope this bua track end soon she is really irritating.

    1. Banita

      Congo dr for being 1st again….
      Yup just hope that her track will end soon…

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks banita yeah even i hope her track ends soon

    2. Congratulations being first!
      Omru always present for shivaay….

      Very soon her track

    3. Aayush..GAG…
      Hope Vomit track will end soon…..

    4. Go Aayush bhayia Go!
      Once again congratulations to u on being first.
      ya….good to see om ru.
      Really bua is so irritating.
      Wr just hope that her track end soon.

    5. Luthfa

      Go AAYUSH GO.Many many congratulations….?
      Don’t know when bua’s track will end.Glad to see OmRu together and with Shivaay.Happy weekend?

  2. Pushpa

    Mr nakuulmehta u r back ..yeahhhhhhhh & Ms surbhi best performers,u guys just don’t just act, its behaviour & u live in yoyr
    characters ….tnts when v c the end product is spectacularly beautiful& stunning..
    He got hurt ..trying to reach his soul anika but failed … veer just dropped her at OM….omg veer u r just insane..
    The best scene of today…

    #Shivika moment ❤️❤️❤️
    S: I love u annika ❤❤❤
    A: Janti hoon ….
    A: I love u too ….
    S : Janta hoon ?????
    #Shivaay asking her to trust him & wait for him and she promise to wait….

    Tears just formed in my eyes thn just flowing looking at shivaye’s tears… tht shivika convo ws brilliant ….full of love ……caring….”anika thum theek hoa’….
    And woa roop & veer convo mind blowing too…. so she’s not going anywhere till v achirdve our goal…

    Great shivaye u treathen roop tht u will not cooperate if she sun show anika….so anika is saved …dhanto dhanto roop stop blackmailing shivaye…..u dun ever want to c the bad site of our angry SSO…… yr wedding plan gona b tia tia piss …….

    Dial hua ishqbaaz..z
    Gd nite gals..

    1. Banita

      Hlo Pus di…
      Yeh i just forgot to mention it in my comment… I think after their love confess for d first time they told I LOVE U to eo… It was d magical part….
      Agree Narvi nailing as Shivika…

      1. Pushpa

        their performance just mind blowing dear.. superb bhaiya u hv..

    2. Pushpa di….. yeah full on care love both voice…..sso love confession nd anika lovely….. bohut din se maan tha sunne ko yhi baat aur sunn bi liya….

      1. Pushpa

        he just swept me away once again beauty…

    3. Pu di…your dil hua ishqbaaz..i thought your dil hua Shivaye Baaz..koi nahi..but Cvs actually surprised me…by shoeing him..
      @Bani…. After love confession Sso is saying 2nd time i love you….first he said it during pia track..
      And i Annika is saying third time bcoz after love confession she told it when she back during Chandu di vacation.then after marriage she said it while crying…now she said it..
      Btw Their I love you is something else…totally natural…..
      I love it.

      1. Banita

        Arpu . I mean both said together for d 1st time…?

      2. Pushpa

        no la…
        first to anika with chocolates and rain sweets…second yes pia track tht ws so luvly ILU..then this …his video confession he didnt say…but nice to hear these words from shivaye

    4. Pushpa yes we all can see SSO thandvar avartar. Veeroop are for it. Wait and watch. Veer has tortured anika and SSO is not going to keep mum. His true SSO destructive formation is going transform. Next week counting days start for Veeroop

    5. Hii Pushpa di,
      How r u ????
      oh sorry what i am asking , I should know that u r the most happiest person in the world after all ur shivaye is back after one whole day .
      (Sorry di I am just kidding.)
      Now on serious note how r u????
      yes di u r right bua k shivaye ki remarriage ka plan ki tai tai phis hone wali he.

      Take care.

      1. Hey Ishita how are you my dear?

      2. Pushpa

        hi Ishita
        im so happy to c him back and he came back with an emotional scene.. heartbroken…
        i too hope dear roop will be out soon and the wedding is pura ka pura chop..yeahhhhh

    6. Luthfa

      Hi Pu di,
      Your Shivaay is very strong and determined.He won’t let anything happen to Anika,his love.He will teach bua and Veer a very tight lesson which they won’t forget for a lifetime.Let’s wait and watch.Happy weekend?

  3. Arpita6

    Hiiiiii mere khidkitod pagals. …….
    Lets take a emotional and funny ride..

    1.I always say Cvs surprises me….and they did it….I thought we will not see Sso but they showed him…????? thnx Cvs..

    2.Shivika phone convo… for me one of the best emotional sequence. .And that i Love you and i love you tooi was not clinche at all…it was just a pure bliss…..They don’t need words to connect with each other or show their love…towards each other ….Their gasture shows everything. .it is actually heart breaking to see Sso crying..and he literally cried today…
    I became too emotional. .?????.
    LOVE you shivika sooo much from the core of my heart…

    Now come to funny ride.

    VV convo.???????Emotinally blackmailing. .really Vanmanush. .I found it sooo funny..not emotional at all..

    And look…Vanmanush put Annika life in danger and He himslef saved her..I know Vanmanush yiu are very much hurt by Anika’s words..I am really feel sorry for you. (Supressing my laughter ??)…
    BBut you did Hero’s work usually in hate chemistry hero put Heroine in danger and then he himself save her..but you did it today..???????Bechara…..kya kare..Jo kaand kiya woh sudharna padega..???.

    I got angry when He put Annika in oM like that…Vanmanush, dhenchu, stupid , idiot, psycho, nonsense. …All Bashing goes to you dear… …But Sun if yiu will ve underground then Sso will dig you out ….and now no one can save yiu from.Sso’s keher…yiur countdown started. ….

    Sso’s MAIN WAPAS AUNGA..????????reminded me KARAN ARJUN DIALOGUE. …mere karan arjun aayenge..ha ha ha.

    Trust me i literally got scared when Vomit welcomed Sso…Alloooooolo lo lo mere Bhatize?????????????then brust out in laughter. ….
    She and her dialogue, BINA DANTO KE JIYA NAHI JAATA ( something like that…)???
    Matlab ye bandi danto ke saath hi ji rahi he..
    You should do Ad for tooth paste…..

    Shaktiji plz aap bhi kabhi kuch karliya karo…
    Dialogue ke alawa..????.

    KHANUJI FOR ME..YOU STOLE THE SHOW.. ?????Sso insulted yiu As Nikamma.but yiu became krish..SHIVAY SIR KE LIYE KUCH BHII..????Hope shivay coukd understand your love….?????. .

    Lastly Obros Scene…was good.

    Precap -waiting waiting waiting. ……
    Aab jitni gali deni he bua ko de sakte he.
    And Sso’s this type of tadi towards Enemies is my most fev thing about him….

    Chalo byy pagals.
    Keep watching and keep loving..

    1. hey ,arpita i also was laughing at that time vomit welcomed shivay and say alleeeelee mera bachha ,!!!ha ha ha very funny tha yrr ,
      and this veer ,seriouly how can he throw anika like that yrr ,shivay will not spare him ,disgusting ,stupid ,fattu hai ekdam veer ,

      1. ?????..yes Tania thst was soo funny
        Yes That Vanmanosh hurt Annika very badly. SSO don’t leave him…
        Mar mar ke such much usse Vanmanosh hi bana do….

    2. Banita

      Karan Arjun Dialouge…!!!! Seriously…!!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha…………. LOL…
      When DWB’s OMM will happen that time SSO will say ,Aaalllleeeelelllleee mera DWBji , apki chop ho gaya…. huhh… Just want uski track end ho ya na ho uski daant tut jaye…

      1. Haan karan arjun…it cracked me
        And Sso will say Allee le levMeri Bua ki chop ho gayi…????????????????if it will hapen then it is gobe to be epic..

    3. Arpita…u r right…..sso tadi towards villain so lovely….when enter house then spoke bua just ??…. loved sso giri….

      Beech me hassi bi aa raha hain omru r khanna ki baat sunkr …gan Hain but show off ke liye…..ha ha ha ha ha ha
      Full form tha ib yesterday

      1. Beauty in between tension…..
        Omrukhanna scene was a bliss..
        I love it..specially khanuji’s Krish avtaar..????????

    4. Yes arpu dear I truly agree with you. It was the most emotional scene between shivaay and anika. Am glad NM is back from his holidays and they did show a lot scenes of shivaay. Did you notice Arpu Roop gave him a white wedding Sherwani? White is pure, clean and undefiled without any blemishes. Our SSO is symbolically given white showing how pure and unblemished he is when it comes to his spouse relationship and his family relationship.

      Have a good weekend my dear Arpu. Lots of ?

      1. Sinndhu di..i notice that white sherwani…..
        But about that shrwani you said such khidkitod lines…sidha thaa karke dil pe lagi he..
        Yiu too have a great weekend..
        Love you too sooo much

    5. Hii meri pyaari si Arpita di.
      I agree with u CVS always brings surprises for us I also thought that they will show shivaye on Monday but they showed him on Friday
      But I like such type of surprises.

      Di wo pagal roop bua sirf daanto k liye ji hi nhi rahi,i think uski zindagi daanto se hi shuru hoti hai aur wahi par aakar khatam hoti hai.
      I don’t like her teeth at all .
      I feel MICHMICHI whenever she shows her teeth.

      Correct di …..
      words r not required for shivika to express their feelings .

      Khannuji was good.

      Karan Arjun aayenge …….
      ha ha ….

      tussi bade mazakiya ho di

      Anyways , I like ur ride .
      and thank u so much from bottom of my heart for such an amazing ride.
      And ya….
      I understand u love shivika but control di,
      aap sara ka sara pyaar shivika par luta dengi to hamare liye kya bachega.
      hum bichare aapke pyaar ki aas mein tadap tadap kar mar hi jayenge.

      yesterday u asked me i can understand hindi or not yes i can but why??
      Love u !!

      1. Little Sis bas kar yarr..itni sweetness handle nahi hogi mujhse..sugar hojayegi..
        Agar main majakiya hun toh tusi badi sweet hoji..stay like that always….
        And i asked about hindi…so that we can do more pagalpanti in hindi..???i just asked it..
        And i will try to make you smile more..
        And mere sara pyarr agar shivika ke liye he toh PKJ ke liye bhi toh dher pyarr he..
        Yaad rakhlo tusi..
        Love you soo much Ishu.

    6. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      Hehehehe…..Oh I can’t stop my laughing.You have done it again.Thank you so much for making me smile like all the time.You are right.Shivika need no word to communicate.Their love is beyond those materialistic things.Khanna did his job really well.Waiting for Khanna-Charlie fight.Happy weekend?

      1. Lu..thank you yarr.i will try to make you smile more..
        Yaa me too waiting..
        Lets see if it will happen or not
        Love you sooo much

  4. I’m back my pkj…how are you everyone!!!

    Finally finally i watch ib!!!!!
    Tdy episode was really entertaining ???…i love sso giri…

    Lovely dovely episode…….

    I hate Daaton Daaton……ll u go to hell very badly….band baaja ne wala Hain bevkoof Daaton…..

    Laughing khanna…..gan me no bulttes just show off….but kam acha kya Hain….. lovely khann.. bohut dino baad acha kam kia Hain……

    Last part….. oberio’s moment…miss kar raha tha but aaj mil gyi….

    Precap….. interesting interesting and interesting……..

    Wow…. nakuul anke shooting bi kar liya…. dekh kr acha laag raha hain…..

    #### fake marriage…Rudy our fake pandit ji…sso dhula ..but who’s dhulhan????? Interesting track…..
    But this track going to end very soon…..

    1. Banita

      WELCOME BACK Beauty….
      Fake marriage…?? Is it..??
      It will be gr8 if this track will end soon…

      1. Yeah…. fake marriage!!!!
        Yeah jaldi end ho raha hain ye track…..

        Don’t miss next week…. very interesting hone wala Hain

    2. Yaaa Fake marriage reboot of Fake Andha Kanoon marriage track.
      Hope it will end soon..

    3. Yes beauty I also don’t understand why she keeps saying same dialogue daaton daaton or my Son and I have separated and I want to avenge Oberoi. Doesn’t she have any other dialogues?

      Nice to read your comments. Have a great weekend my dear

    4. Welcome back beauty di/ Bhaiya
      Actually i am confused
      bcoz u said aap oberoi moment miss kar rahe the.
      Please clear my confusion soon.

      U r right bua ka band bajne wala hai.
      jab unko band bajega tab hum sab nachenge in front of our televisions.

      1. Ishita…. mein bol raha tha ki bohut din hogyi oberio’s moment nhi mili Hain…but kl thordi oberio moment mili Hain……(three bro hug kar rhi ussko oberio’s moment bola ho mein))
        I think u r confusion got clear dr !!!

        Bohut jald band baaja ne wala Hain Daanto ka…..aur tv nache bi chale gaa wo bi anika r Rudy style me

    5. Luthfa

      Hi Beauty,how are you?Welcome back to PKJ family?
      Episode was worth watching because of those emotions of Shivika as well as others.Good to see OmRu are back.Fake marriage again?I think bride will be Anika or Omkara(if for fun only)!Let’s see.Happy weekend?

      1. Luthfa….. bride ll be anika bcoz Om looking for evidence !! Rudy pandit Hain..toh dhulhan anika maybe

  5. Wow….finally our SSO is back????yippeeeee.???????

    1. yes ,finally our SSO is back ,i am also verry happy after see his face.,ib is incomplete without shivika ,,,

    2. Yeehhh Shana our beloved Sso is back..
      Now Vilianbaazi ki hogi tie tie fiss..
      Bajao tali..

    3. Luthfa

      Yes,Shivaay Singh Oberoi is back.Three cheers?

  6. Arpita6

    Sekhar bhaiya was Right
    I should not say that BHAAD MAIN GAYA TRP.
    I heard that Namkaran is going offair on May 18…
    I don’t know if it is confirmed or not..i dont watch Namkaran
    But i heard many appreciation for that show. ..
    It has also a huge fan base means something is different in that show..

    I am not saying any bad about Our beloved show ishqbaaz…
    i am now scared If our trp will be less then our show will be offair.can’t even think licfe without Ishqbaaz…????.

    ( plz dont schold me for appreciating other show… just saying what is right …I am a diehard fan of ishqbaaz and a pure ishqbaazian) confirmed ???. .

    1. Banita

      Arpu , there is nothing to scold U… We r IB fans ,that’s doesn’t mean we will bash other show… I also heard about this news , but this isn’t conformed one….
      But yeh TRP toh chahiye hi… Nd I don’t think IB will go off air any time soon yr becz there r many other shows in SP whose TRP very low compare to IB…

      1. Bani dear Hope ishqbaaz safe rahe …….
        TRP mere ko tension deti he….

    2. Arpita…no scold …w r fans of ib but no inhuman jo dousri show ko appreciate na karo….
      It’s not confirmed when NK going to off air!!!!
      Khbi khbi dekh lete Hain NK but different concepts…..

    3. Arpu I am with you. I am a die hard fan of IB. I also read that Naamkaran has gone up and that show might survive. I don’t watch that serial either. Even YHM has got into the TOP 5. I am not sure why ppl like this ghost drama. They find that more exciting and I am also worried about IB trp. Hope you all watch it on TV since Indian audience is taken into account and not outside of India

  7. Billuji aka Rahul 96

    Ishqbaaz has completely forget bhavya and Gauri.
    It’s turning boring, dragging day by day.

    Ishqbaaz is like RCB. Both have Shivaay ( Kohli ) , Om ( Ab de Villiers ) and Rudy ( Gayle , I know not this season ). But both away from TRP ( IPL Trophy ). I hope you guys have understand what I am trying to say.

    1. Banita

      WELCOME BACKkk Rahul bhaiya…
      Of course I can understand U…. Nd somewhere agree with U also…

    2. Off i can understand but nothing to do….only sadness…..cvs understand and some scenes mile

      1. Off course****
        Typing errors!!!

    3. Biluji …welcome back..
      Ok i don’t watch IPL so can’t Understand ……
      I sm also wondering where are Gouri and Bhabya..

    4. Billuji I don’t cvs have forgotten about Gauri and Bhavya but according to the reports Gauri has gone on vacation so cvs can’t write the script for them which is why Rudra and I’m and Khanna were there. The cvs are suddenly utilising Khanna so which the females have gone for vacation. I think Jhanvi too. Be patient they will be back next week

    5. Luthfa

      Hello Rahul bhaiya,
      Welcome back to PKJ.How are you?Let’s talk about other things asiding this TRP.What’s say?Happy weekend?

  8. Hai there is no marriage sequence in the serial Roop will show that shivaay marrying other girl to prove that shivaay is lier and betray annika that Roop think annika will come her side what she say that annika will believe that oberios are responsible to their father dead this time annika will trust shivaay or Roop this time all evidence is favour of Roop why should everytime this senior oberios create situation worst to shivaay that what will he choose family or annika. This time also he protecting his family over annika. What annika choose this time shivaay or leaving shivaay. This time annika will also put condition to shivaay that he will also leave his family that his family also known how should she lead her life without his family.

    1. Banita

      No Aditi this time Shivaay not protecting his family over Anika… He didn’t choose family over Anika this time… he already cleared that he will choose Anika this time over family…
      Yup , DWB played a very smart nd dirty game… But hope Shivika’s trust will not win her…
      Let’s see what will happen..!!?

    2. Aditi… he did not family over anika ..he cleared by him ….

      No problem with shivika…… everything ll be fine…….

    3. No Aditi dear..
      He want to choose Annika above all.
      He wants safty of both family and Annika..
      That is why He played game with Bua just make sure Annika will be safe..
      This time Sso is in more misery condition.bcoz he can’t lose Annika or his family.
      Hope both shivika will fix everything.

    4. Aditi anika will not lay any condition. Even if she does it is all part of her plan to speak in favour of Roop to get the evidence and stil protect Oberoi family. Anika knows shivaay is doing all he can. Remember she told during her phone conversation to shivaay that she knows everything. How much she knows I don’t know but Veer must have told her earful. Veer is foolish but I think anika wants to hear from shivaay and don’t worry anika will never go against shivaay and his family

  9. Thahsina Thasi

    Hardly no comments..felt heart meltd in hearing shivaye s love towards anika..n her alsoo..bumper plan may prepared..

    1. Yaa dear.Bomper plan is prepared..
      Now time to execute it..
      Lets see.

    2. Luthfa

      Yeah hope so.After all he is Shivaay Singh Oberoi who can’t give up so easily.Let’s wait and watch?

  10. Luthfa

    “I Love You….I Know…………..”
    Sometimes words really do magic when other things fall short or can’t serve the right purpose.Once those words were like a distant dream for Shivika.They didn’t allow their own hearts to feel the unimaginable power of those words or their life to get influenced by any means.They were very stubborn as well as afraid to vocalise them.After many struggles,they exchanged those valuable words and chased away their fear and everything,became one,promised to belong to only each other’s.Today same words are repeated and told many tales of their hearts.Two person started their journey separately but got united because of love,for their one true love.They are not together still their love is with them,always.When one loves someone more than anything else,that person often feels the fear of losing his most loved one.Shivaay,who is away from Anika,continuously worrying for her,is afraid of losing her.He has only his love to assure him that everything is fine.Those words are not mere words,but Shivaay and his whole surmounted feelings for Anika.In those words there were love,care,affection,fear,promise,surety,and the list can go on.Anika understood what Shivaay meant and she responsed with”I Know”.Anika knows what else he wanted to say to her but couldn’t.They exchanged without speaking-“I am with you and you are with me.That’s what matters.I don’t care about the world.Just you and me and our togetherness,forever………………………….”

    1. Banita

      Woww…!!!!! Lu Wow..!!!!
      Ur comment is just Superbb…. U beautifully wrote down Shivika’s feeling nd meaning of their ILU…
      Veryy NYCC….

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you soooooooo….much for your love Bani.Love you?

    2. Awwwwww……… really really amazing…… shivika feeling for each other u r amazingly……. superb

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you so so so soooo…much for your love dear.Love you?

    3. Wow wow wow…
      LU just wow..i knew will write some khidkitod about this sequence..but it vecame more khidkitod than i thought today everyone
      Get connected with everyone Sso with Annika, Vomit with Sso , Sso with Omru , Sso with sinky . ….
      So dil hua CONNECTED BAAZ…
      Love you sooo much Lu.

      1. Luthfa

        Awww…Thank you sooooo…much for your love darling.Love you too?

    4. Oh what a delightful thought Luftha. Beautifully crafted in your own way the feelings of love of two persons who are far apart and yet they are close by. That is what matters. All shivaay needs is to hear Anika’s voice and his strength returned to him and vice versa for Anika. They even don’t need to touch each other just by their voices the inner strength of love is renewed and they take on the bull by its horns. How SSO was so enraged with Roop when he entered the house. It is rejuvenated strength.

      1. Luthfa

        Wow di,you described it so beautifully.You are absolutely right.Shivika are each other’s strength.Thank you sooooooo….much for your love.Love you di?

    5. Like we always say Nakkul Bhaiya and Surbhi di nailed it today in their acting ,in the same way we have to say,

      Luthfa di,
      U nailed it always when it comes to writing.

      1. Luthfa

        Awwww….So kind of you dear.Thank you soooooo…much for your love.Love you?

  11. Hi guys !!!!! i am so happy today finally shivomru ek sath ho gaye ,and now the battele will begain .Today’s epi is very emotional ,funny ,plot and planing wala .ok so 1st
    i have to say shivay’s worryness for anika and then their emotional talking on ph just touched my heart ,i was really crying at that time after seeing that scean .anika ki trust ,shivay ki o sob bate was very senti tha yrr .
    2nd ,shivay’s angry man wala entry and then thodfod korna was awesome ,and this roop i fell very disgusted with her nowdays ,i can’t tolarate her more ,
    3rd omru and khanna ji’s scean was quite funny ,then gundo ko distract karna ,khanna ji ka action was lovely ,
    and precap ,,,,no chance roop bua anika will never ever belive you chahe ap kuch vi keh dijiye but anika only trust shivay more than herself ,so forgot that your plan will got succeed ,becuse it is not gonna happened ,,
    Good Night Guys ,,,!!!!!!
    and love you SHIVIKA ,!**!**!

    1. Banita

      Hlo Tania…
      Yeh Anika will trust her Shivaay only…. Now i m waiting to see DWB’s OMM…
      Hmm… 1st part was a little emotional one…

    2. Hlw Tania…
      Yeh Annika will Trust Sso only…
      And Sso ne aate hi Todphod karli..
      So DIL.HUA TODFODBAAZ.?????.
      Nice comment.

    3. Yes Tania I think all of us are happy that shivika are back again and NM is back from vacation and Obros moments and with Khanna. Wonderful to see all this… superb dialogues with great comic time sense between Khanna and Rudra.

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Tania,
      Yeah ShivOmRu are together and now they will make solid plan to defeat bua and her evil plan.Shivika phone conversation was amazing.They love each other so very much.Waiting for Monday desperately.Happy weekend?

  12. Shivaay Bana dulha,, RUDRA Bana PANDIT,, OM GO TO Take evidence AUR I think iss bar shivaay ki dulhan kanaji Bana jaya tho itna maza ayega because Khana is always for shivaay

    1. Aditi dear Khanuji became dulhan for Sso..??????….
      Sounding epic…but according to Mrenal insta story Dulhan is somebody else…

    2. Khanna ji bane dulhan……
      he he..
      sach mein bahut maza aayega.

      after all khannuji himself said ” shivaye sor k liye kuch bhi”so its not a big deal for him to become dulhan.

      1. Luthfa

        Absolutely agree.Khanna as bride?Bring it on (if possible)!Hehehehehe….??????????????

  13. Hello friends!!
    First of al khanna ji the 3 dialogues of yours stole the show today!!??

    This week is full of emotional over dozed!! ????

    Oh my , SSO… You are really tadibaaz… ??
    the way he spoke to bua, his anger.. his worry for anika, his concern , his promise & trust and his unconditional love for her !! ?? ?
    Nakuul ji you are superb ???
    I dono when the episode was taken, but NM was looking tired for half the episode.. his acting over took that tiredness !! ?

    Yeah shivomru are together now !!! ???

    Precap precap!!???

    Happy weekend friends ?

    1. Hii Dhanu sri..
      That first shot during car was NM ‘s first shoot after returning from Japan…..
      He was looking tired ..may be….
      Yes His acting as a anger oerson is really khidkitod…
      Loved Sso and loved Annika.

    2. Yes dhanu shivika’s unconditional love is superb. Have a great weekend

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Dhanu,
      You are right,Shivaay’s tadibaaz version is just superb and my favourite one.In car scene he did look tired.But he excelled it in acting.Waiting for next episode.Happy weekend?

  14. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    Today my fav part was Khannaji…. Khannaji…. Khannaji….
    Poor Lambu Ravan….. Even her mom also don’t understand him…. DWB just want to fulfill her wish , for this she even didn’t care about her son…. Hope her Karma will return to her soon… Nd it will be gr8 if her son only punish her….
    PLR…. How dare U..?? He throw Anika on flore…. Huuhhh….
    If I m not wrong Shivaay bhaiya gave chutti to all security members only for one day na… Then why they r still didn’t come to OM… PLR ne bina sequrity ki bahat hi accha fayda utha liya….
    Whole epi was about Shivaay…. No replica , it’s only our Nox bhaiya…. He shoot so much yaar…!!!! Hats of U bhaiya…..
    Shivika phone talk was a little emotional one…. Shivaay once again request Anika to trust him… Tear dropped from Shivaay’s eye….
    His khanji aankhe show all emotions… His emotional for Anika , his anger ,rage for DWB…. He totally nailed today… Superbb..!!!!
    DWB…. U stupid.. Idiot… teri batisi (32 teeth) toh mein tod dungi , tu kya kiska todegi…? Then chulu bhar paani mein dub ke maar jana…. Becz as U said daanto ke bina toh maar jana accha hain…. When DWB ke saare daant tut jayenge that day i will be most happiest fan….
    Whatever in serial , but truly DWB ( I don’t know her name) doing a gr8 job….. She successfully creat a hatered figure as Roop… When viewers hate or get irritated by a negative character then it cleared that he / she doing Superbb…!!!!
    Hats of U _____ ..!!!! (As I said I don’t know her name , so adjust urself)….
    Now my dr Khannaji….
    Main toh aj fida ho gayi yr… He was superrrr Cute…!!!!
    Gun without bullet..!!! At least gun toh original hain na…!!!!??? Ya wo vi…??
    End mein kya shot tha…!!! Waahh…!!! Ek saath dono ko gira dia… Ase hi thodina SSO ki personal body guard hain…!!!
    Nikkama…? Noo… BTW after Khanna’s that shot now my exciting level increase moree…. Ab toh mujhe ek fight chahiye hi chahiye…
    Obros hug….
    Precap – DWB try to mislead Anika… Hope she will stand on her promise given to Shivaay nd willn’t come in Daant’s word…
    GN PKJ….

    1. Banita

      Nd Veer broke his phone…???
      Seriously yeh vi koi tarika hain…!!!!!
      Todna hain toh acchese todna chahiye na…
      Veer , u should take tranning from ur brother SSO for this thing , it will surly help U…

    2. Yeah Banita….rudy r khanna lolzzz…
      Don’t worry for trp…. next week trp aunty aa jaaegyi….
      Daaton ka character aachi niba raha hain….i hate her character….

      1. Banita

        Heyy Beauty…
        Yeh me also her character , but d actress doing gr8 job as DWB…
        Yeh waiting 4 coming week trp only…

    3. Hiii Bani… what a co incidence I scolded Vanmanosh and you Scolded Vomit..
      Matlab agar hum team bangaye toh sabki chop kardenge.. ????????..
      Yes Khanuji did a realy good job…he don’t doubt on Khanuji’s gun…Gun is 100% asli.
      Agar nahi he toh bhi bol rahi hun…asli he..???..
      Love you Bani.

      1. Banita

        Arpu… haan chalo team bana dete hain dono mil kr then sbki chop kr denge…
        Okk.. Okk.. Maan lete hain Ek dum original hain 24C sone ke tarha… LOL…
        Love U too Arpu…

    4. Yes banu I was really angry when Veer just threw anika on the floor. What’s wrong in her in challenging his manhood? He showed his manliness to anika instead of Shivaay. Really 6 footer coward. He is definitely impotent who even killed his Wife. What would his sentence be? Life sentence? Escape from prison and abducting a woman and torturing. This is tantamount to molestation. My my veer’s list of crimes are never ending

      1. Banita

        Sindhu dii…
        Calm down di calm down… Full on Veer bash mode… BTW U can do it as much U want….
        Yeh that Vanmanoos’s list of crimes r uncountable…. Gaddhe ne bahat kaand kia hain…. Life sentence should be for DWB nd her son both… Both r murderer of many innocence life…
        TC di..

    5. Hii Banita di.
      How r u ????

      di aap sangarsh karo hum aap k saath hai .
      I mean aap bua k daant todo hum aapke saat hai.
      But i think u will have to satisfy urself by breaking her 28 teeths only because I think she does not have wisdom teeths .( kyunki usme akal nhi hai aur wisdom teeth ko hindi mein akal daad bolte haiRight??)

      1. Ha ha ha ha ha….
        Ishita…. lovely comments!!!
        28 teeths bcoz wisdom teeth nhi Hain… funny this…… kyun ki aakl nhi Hain na uska ….

      2. Luthfa

        Hehehehe…..To good Ishita.Bua’s teeth obsession is quite unbearable.Go to hell with your 28 teeth Bua ji?????????

      3. Banita

        Hahahahahahahahahaha…. Sahi hain….
        Allleeelellee Buaji Apki toh sirf 28 teeth hi hain… LOL…
        Okk I will be happy that time also…

    6. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,
      Awwwww….You are becoming Khanna fan day by day.PKJ got another Khanna devotee after Liji di.That PLR is half Oberoi na,so he did it instinctively.But that is Shivaay’s signature.He won’t be Shivaay by doing it.Your comment is full of Khanna and Khanna.Very good going.Take care.Happy weekend?

      1. Banita

        Heyy Lu…
        Yeh i m becoming Khanna’s fan , but not more then My Shivaay bhaiya… Obro… Shivika…
        U can tell i dedicate my this comment to Khannaji only…. He sachi mein did a wonderful job…
        Nd that Half Oberoi can never be copy my Shivaay bhaiya’s signature step…

  15. Luthfa

    It seems like you are very tensed.I want to tell you something.Darling,agar tum trp ki chakkar main sukh ke kata to hojagoi to kaise chalega?See,we had a very beautiful episode but you are worrying for trp and the future of IB.Future is always unkown.We don’t know what is waiting for us in tomorrow nor we can control it.One thing we can control and that is our attitude.If we stay positive then it has the chances to make our surroundings positive.Indian serials are mostly run on tagged trp aunties.They literally control them.We youngsters can’t take over it.Online trp always favours IB as it’s been watching by youngsters.If you will carry the tension of IB’s going off,then you will not be able to enjoy the current track and good entertaining episode.So,pack up your worries and focus on IB forgetting everything and every other aspects.We love IB and we are Loyal fans of IB.And will love it till the end,no matter what.Don’t let any negativity touch your heart and brain.Trust me darling,it’s not safe at all.Negativity is the another name of poison.Let’s hope that trp remains balanced and IB goes on and on.Lots of love?

    1. Oooohhho Lu…soo big soothing comments for me.. Aww swet of you..Lu Main bagut samjhdar ladku hun ( imaginary collar uthkae)..
      I was just scared a little..
      Yes we shoukd stay positive and me too HATE NEGETIVITY…..
      Kal toh kisine dekha nahi.

      I know you also gone through heart breaking phase when IPKKND closed…
      Ok kal kisine nahi dekha..
      Thik he… jo mil rahi he …lets enjoy ..
      Maja lete he.
      He One thing i wanted to ask yiu but i forgot.
      Are you watching IPKKND as RABBA VE in Star Utsav???????

      1. Luthfa

        That’s like my darling.IB’s biggest gift is PKJ and that’s why I want PKJ to stay away from any negativity.That was my hardest time emotionally when IPKKND 1 got closed.Because I loved it like anything and it was an altogether different experience for me.But I recovered gradually though took time.Off course darling,I am watching it.It’s my first favourite and first love.How can I not watch it?Enjoing my Arshi a lot.Anyway,take care.God bless you?

      2. Same with me this when IPKKn1 end….. mein itna cry kya tha us serial ke liye……thb meri liye uss serial everything ….aaj bi utna pyaar karta ho jitna thb kar tha…… I’m madely love with Anrsh????……jab ipkkd1 end hui phr tv , serial nhi dekhta …. ISHQBAAZ start hui toh tv , serial dekhna start kya ho…….

        Gradually recovered kar raha ho….

        Pura pagal tha……

        Feeling really amazing hota Hain… mujhe aaj bi saare secne yaad Hain….aur khbi bhulugyi bi nhi……

      3. Luthfa

        Wow,you too a IPKKND 1 fan?Very glad to know.Yes,it’s sudden clouser came as thunder bolt for me.I was not ready at all.Even me too can remember all those dialogue and scenes one by one.Never to forget,will not forget.Love you Arshi???????????????????

  16. One thing roop is done good is she saved Anika life from veer.
    SSO will handle the whole drama now
    OM RU also join for to SSO now

    1. Yeah Lucky…..ek toh acha kam kia Daaton ne…… omrunna( omru r khanna) ll joined plan

    2. Hii Lucky dear…
      Yes Vomit did that job that
      also bcoz of Sso.
      Now BUAJITU TOH GIYO..?????
      All the best for your tie tie fiss

    3. Lucky I think Roop saved anika not because she really wanted to but she wants to seek her revenge. If shivaay double cross her she will then use anika as a bait again. She jolly well knows that shivaay will listen to Roop if she keeps anika alive. Anika is Roop’s trump card if not shivaay will not listen to Roop. Roop knows shivaay’s weakness is Anika and anik’s weakness is shivaay. Basically it was of Roop’s selfish motive that she saved anika and not because she genuinely wanted to save anika.

      Next week she will reveal the half truth to anika to see her reaction

      1. Luthfa

        Hello Lucky,
        Bua had her own motive rescuing Anika like that.And I agree with Sindhu di completely.Bua can only think about her own selfish motives and goodness doesn’t suit her evil personality.

    4. Hi good morning to all PKJ members .How are you all doing? Well episode was so heart breaking that i nearly cried seeing it , A person should be loyal for his or her words whether it’s enmity or friendship. And this roop is havoc in this serial . OMG cvs pls end this track and show something else nice .

      1. Luthfa

        Hi SANA,
        Don’t worry dear.Everything will be fine.Shivaay will fix everything.But you are right.One person must maintain his loyalty towards his words either to friends or enemies.I am good dear.Hope you are doing great.Happy weekend?

    5. Yeah luthfa…. never ever forget those moments, momery….

      Love you Anrsh??????.. Always!!! No can replace !!!!

  17. Hello my dear PKJ family. Arpu dear banita dear, luftha dear sneha. Jeevi, dhawan, kadhambari, beauty and many many more.

    Today”s episode was khidkithod episode. I loved it. First I loved shivika’s conversation. The in depth love that escalated from each other. While they were having the conversation I felt like both were yearning to see each other so much. I am glad shivaay reminded her not to believe anyone. Anika is not stupid to fall for Roop’s words. Roop is so silly to disclose the lie to anika as anika is going to take another avatar to venge Roop for Oberoi family. Anika trust shivaay more that herself.

    The other part I loved is Rudra and Khanna’s combination conversation. It was so funny and good comic time sense. Loved it so much when Rudy said are you carrying gun for show?

    Obros and Khanna combination is hilarious.

    So now svetlena will come into the picture and she will help shivaay to avenge Roop and veer. They all will be in this plan together shivaay svetlena Omru and anika. We will see what happens next week.

    1. Hello Sindhu di .
      How r u ?

      Me too liked Rudra and khanna’s combination.
      And i agree with u that annika is not so stupid tp fall in her trap .
      Let’s see what will happen next.
      Till then
      Take care.
      Love u!

      1. Oh Ishita you too have good weekend and look forward to your comments next Monday. I am sure episodes will be exciting and I look forward to the four musketeers ShivOmRu and Khanna’s plan of something interesting they have planned.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,
      Yeah episode was really khidkitode except that torturing bua.Shivika are yearning for each other but can’t afford it.But they are connected by their hearts.OmRu and Khanna scene was quite funny.I enjoyed it throughout the episode.Just hope Anika won’t come under the influence of bua.She needs to renew her confidence and trust on Shivaay.Let’s see what happens next.Take care di.Happy weekend?

    3. Banita

      Hlo Sindhu di…
      Yeh Rudy nd Khanna was hilarious…
      Yeh it’s DWB’s stupidity that she thought Anika will believe her over Shivaay…
      Me also waiting 4 Pasinalana’s entry… Let’s see what will happen…!!?

  18. gud morning all…
    this bua and veer playing such a dirty game and emotionally blackmailing the oberois…
    what is she upto ? really don’t understand…when will this play be over????
    guys… any clue abt the bride?????

    1. Dear Aathu,

      i think Swetlana is goilng to become bride , not sure .
      If u want to know who will be the bride then stay tuned with Ishqbaaz .and keep commenting dear

      1. SWETHALANA is already fake marriage of abhay Na so how is it possible

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Aathu,
      Bua wants to avenge the wrongdoings of Oberois which they did to her.Don’t know who is the bride.Many speculation is going on.Let’s see.

    3. Banita

      Hlo Aathu…
      Bride is a new different girl acc to today’s segment…

  19. Hii
    Good Morning!
    I Hope all are doing good.

    what to write about episode each and every part of it was amazing .
    First part was emotional one .
    Shivika said I love u to each other, that was nice.
    oh shivaye ………
    u r so loving and caring husband .
    Annika is so fortunate to have u as her husband in her life.
    I think u r becoming evrry girl’s dream husband. ( mine too).

    Roop adviced her son to get underground.
    I just want to tell u one thing Mr Veer Pratap Chauhan
    tum kanhi bhi jao kisi bhi bill mein chupo annika ka bagadbilla tum jese chote mote chuhe ko to aasani se doondh nikalega.
    Get it ????
    u better get it.

    I think bua loves her teeth more than her son.
    Hate her and her mindless son.

    khannuji u were too good yesterday.
    Finally u proved that u r not NIKKAMA.
    but what was that gun without bullets. that was really funny .
    Shivaye sir k liye kuch bhi.
    what a dialogue. khannuji.

    Ok bye .
    Take care.

    1. Hey Ishita I also laughed aloud when Khanna told Omru that shivaay told him not to have gun loaded as he doesn’t know how to use it. I wonder how he became a security staff. I think shivaay has to look after Khanna and not the other way round ????

      1. I am fine Sindhu di.
        can i ask u one question.
        Are u from outside India ??
        bcoz u wrote in ur comment that u hope that all of us watch ishqbaaz on TV bcoz only Indian audience r taken into account not outside India.So I thought so .
        Just confirming di.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Ishita,
      Shivaay is definitely husband goal.Lots are expecting to get a husband like him.Now you too got included.May God fulfill your wish.Veer will be punished by Shivaay very badly and I am waiting his OMM to be done.And I am good dear.Hope you are doing khidkitode.Take care.Happy weekend?

      1. Hii di
        me too is good di.
        Thanks for ur blessings .

        you know what di ,I love sunday and Saturday bcoz chutti hoti hai, but at the same time I hate it bcoz us din Ishqbaaz ki bhi chutti hoti hai.
        Love u di .
        Take care and happy weekend to u too.

      2. Yes Ishita I am living in Singapore and I do subscribe to star plus but the trp counting is not considered for those who live outside India. That is why I said that. But I religiously watch it on Star plus. I watch at least 3 times on star plus as they telecast the repeat 2 times.

      3. Luthfa

        Same to same feelings dear.Two days without IB is really tough.But PKJ is here and that’s the most sweetest relief.Take care.Love you too?

    3. Banita

      Hlo Ishu…
      Nycc comment dr….
      Ohh… Another admirer of my Shivaay bhaiya…. But dr my brother is one piece… But i wish U will get a husband as ur wish…
      Well , me too missing IB today…
      Love U dr…

  20. this roop bua always misunderstood the power of love ,she thiknks it’s only defeat someone but she does’nt know this is the biggest streanth ,and it has the power by which one can win everything,and also can destroy the enemies ,agar pyar sab kuch swabar sakti hain to pyar bohot kuch bigar vi sakti hain , and that’s why shivay said to roop bua ki agar apka beta mere anika ko haat bhi lagaya to “main bhul jaunga ki o apka beta hai. ” aur yeh bhi ki “ap mere kuch lagti hain . ” so don’t think ki pyar ek majburi hain just think ki pyar dunia ki sab se bari takat hai jisse kisiko bhi haraya ja sakta hain .
    ok ,good morning guys ,have a happy weekend ,,!!!

    1. Dear Tania,
      u r absolutely correct pyaar duniya ko sab se badi takat hai.
      But bua has no idea about ot bcoz she nev

    2. Luthfa

      You are right dear.Bua is underestimating the power of true love.By doing so,she has confirmed her defeat.

    3. Banita

      Hlo Tania…
      Pyaar duniya ki sbse baadi kamjoori hoti hain aur taquat vi… She never face d power of love… That’s why she underestimating it which is her biggest fault….

  21. My deepest appreciation to Amena for always providing a detailed written update of each episode…it means a lot to non-Hindi speaking audiences like me..thank you so much, Amena. Today’s episode rocked!!! Can’t stand Roop…love Shivika..

    1. Luthfa

      Yeah,Amena di is doing a great job.Hats off to her contribution and dedication.Love you di?

  22. Yeh shivaay ka dad khb thk dialogue bolte rehogyi kuch toh action bi diya karo….aapni patni ko dekhko kaise diya tha…kuch skhklo dr Sakhati ji…….

    Wo mera shivaay Hain shb kuch thik kar degyi aur Roop ka punishment bi degyi…..

    Kiskis ko se lade gyi Meri shivaay kuch kijeyna Sakhati ji…….

    Mom and dad worried , confident ofhis son…… Mein emotional hogyi thi isska meaning samj ke…………..

    Jaldi shb kuch thik ho jaai bass

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Beauty,
      The thing is,Shakti never gets proper dialogue to act upon.Yesterday he got many so emotions were overflowing.Usually those are Pinky’s dialogues.Hope so that everything will be fine.Take care?

      1. Yeah luthfa… never got many dialogue and action but yesterday he’s all emotion overflows…..
        Hope everything ll fine very soon

  23. It’s other girl obviously face will revealed but their is nothing about bride and she is wearing Gugat so obviously it will be some else here kanaji only free because RUDRA become pandit om searching for proof. What is reaction of annika that she thar shivaay is marrying others and later its revealed khanaji

    1. Dear Aditi,
      I was just guessing bride yo be Swetlana.
      ya it can be khannaji also.

      It will be very interesting to see him in bridal look.

      and I am really sorry for wrong gas dear.

      1. Sso dhula ,Rudy Pandit,Om bodyguard !! Ek bacha Hain vo Hain Khanna……
        Khanna ll be anika’s …….!!!

        Soch ke bi hassi aa raha hain….

        Wild imaginations from every fans???

    2. Dear Aditi,
      I was just guessing bride to be Swetlana.
      ya it can be khannaji also.

      It will be very interesting to see him in bridal look.

      and I am really sorry for wrong gas dear.

    3. sorry it was guess not gas.

      Typing mistake.

    4. Banita

      Aditi , that girl is someone else dr acc to today’s segment… No… Not Khannaji becz bride is a chiraiya not chirota…

  24. Jab main tume pheli baar nazdik se dekha tha thb meri dil me ek baat bol rhi thi “”You are so Beautiful””

    When this line sso said??
    Anyone remembered??
    Knows then tells…

    1. Luthfa

      Hi Beauty,
      This line Shivaay said in his video-love-confession,before second marriage.He wanted to say I Love You,instead said all the journey of Shivika and narrated their love story from his point of view.What he thinks about love and its expression in words.It was meant for Anika but she has not received it till today.

      1. Yeah luthfa…..
        But sad bcoz cvs not allowed this secne…till anika not received his beautiful love confession!!!

  25. Niya.IB

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    And it will be interesting to watch the oberois and anika befooling bua and trapping her in her own plan. And what about the fake marriage??Will it happen?
    But we dont need to be worried because oberois are well experienced in complicated marriages and they are perfect in bride&groom swapping??. So everything will be fine so soon,bua you are nearing to your loss and obros and Anika will together make it happen.
    Hope all my sisys&bros are doing well.
    I have nothing else to say. You all have made a very brief analysis so no need to repeat and make you feel bored.
    With lots of love???

    1. Banita

      Heyy Niya…
      Don’t forget Oberois r perfact in Pandit swapping also…
      Me also waiting 4 Monday only….

  26. Niya… fake marriage ll happen dr..but no worries about this… everything ll be planned by sso….omru r there…..

    Entertaining episode !!!

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    Sso ki dhulhan anika ,om , khanna nhi Hain koi aur ladki Hain!!!!!

    Ho kya raha hain (omru ,dadi style)

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    Phr se confused ho rhi mein

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  30. Arpita6

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals. …
    Sry my net is not working. …………
    So can’t connect with this..
    @PUSPA DI…
    Wish yiu a khidkitod HAPPYYYYYYY wala birthday. ……….

    You didn’t even told us that today is yiur birthday…not fair..
    Have a beautiful day..and khidkitod life.
    Keep loving your shivaye more and nore and more.
    I don’t you are the same Nila or not
    .but ..WISH you a very happy wala birthday. ..dear..dkeep similing…have a khidkitod life..with lots of happiness.
    Love you all of you..

    1. Banita

      Arpu ,it’s Nila 3… Generally she dont come here… Nila di nd Nila3 both r different… If u r talking about Nila3 only then yeh today is her birthday…

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  33. Seeing the things annika will believe Roop because Roop said that shivaay doing marriage to save his family and annika well known that shivaay will do anything to his family he sacrifice her love also one doubt that annika is also present in that place that shivaay will don’t no because every time seeing without her he feel his presence how should this time he can’t feel

  34. Shaadi is over or not. While shaadi is over shivaay will not lost anything in his life he has his family safe, his brothers, his bua and son, his new wife, his reputation, his oberios mansion but not these things will lost forever. Annika life will not change she didn’t have anything in past, present, future and she control herself without these things what about oberios even one minute they don’t live with the royal reputation

  35. Banita

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    HOPE U WILL GET UR SSO (Sweet Singh Oberoi) VERY SOON….
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