Ishqbaaz 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ishqbaaz 20th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says I would have not received this award, if that special person was not in my life. Shakti and Pinky look on. Shivaye says the real deserving person of my achievement is my wife Anika. Pinky stops and looks at Anika. Some time before, Shakti calls someone and says pick up the phone. He says water is going overhead, my son would have lost his life today, I have to do something. Pinky comes crying and says my son changed, he does not see anyone else than Anika, are you listening. He says shut up, you are seeing I m doing imp call to someone, I m sorry.

She cries and says my son is going away from me. He asks what are you saying, Anika is Shivaye’s wife, he was just your son before, now he is someone’s husband, his time and love will get divided now.

Anika and Shivaye feel the pain while doing work and smile. She says we both are broken. He asks her to become superwoman again. He says you maybe having pain now. She says all this is because of you, you were asking do I feel pain, see I m in pain now, did you get happy. Pinky comes and says Shivaye I got this miraculous ointment for you, it is good relief. He says fine, I will apply. She makes him sit and checks his swelling. He worries for Anika and makes her sit. He takes ointment from Pinky and says I think Anika needs this more. Anika says no, let it be. He says mom said its effective. She sees Pinky and says she got this for you. He says its same thing if you apply it or me. Pinky leaves. She cries. Shakti asks why are you crying. She says my son has become Anika’s husband now. She goes.

Its morning, Shakti goes to Shivaye. He says there is press conference at home today. Shivaye says yes, but why formality. Shakti says you are getting businessman of the year award, if media wants to cover it, its fine. Shivaye agrees and goes. Anika takes sindoor to apply and feels difficulty. Shivaye comes and holds the sindoor box. He applies sindoor to her. O jaana….plays……… She recalls the old moments. She says I will manage. He says I can see that, you have problem in asking help. She says I don’t have habit to take anyone’s help, I did everything on own, I learnt by my mistakes, I know things by my life, if any cheap guy whistled, I have beaten him, if I cried, I have wiped my tears, if I got hurt, I applied ointment on own, I m not weak to ask for anyone’s support. He says but everyone wants someone, every ship needs an anchor. She asks what do you mean. He says none can do everything alone, what did you say. She explains the word, lean girls who needs support. He says fine, you understand, you won’t get short if you ask for help. She says fine, why this lecture. He says so that you ask for help, you can thank me too, you won’t get fat. She asks what do you mean, I m fat. He asks can’t you joke on my height, can’t I call you fat. She says I m not fat, but you are… He asks what. She asks did I say anything. He says you were going to say something. They smile. She says I will ask help if needed, there is one condition, you will say that. He asks what. She says you will say, Anika you are beautiful. He says not again. She says since you came in my boring life, there are colors in my life, when I see you, my heart beats fast and my breath stops on not seeing you. He says I won’t say. She takes sindoor box and asks him to take box if he wants. She runs over the bed. He holds her and gets hurt. They laugh. Sahil comes and asks do you guys play in this age. Anika laughs. Shivaye says no, I mean, wait, my brother has come.

She says wait, he is my brother. He says he is on my side. She says he is on my side, Sahil say it. Sahil says I m not on anyone’s side, you both are on my side. Anika and Shivaye laugh and kiss him. Pinky looks on angrily and goes. Anika smiles. Sahil says your smile is not stopping. She says stop it, I m not smiling. He says you know I m exams pressure, I left everything and came here with Rudra to meet you, as you got shot, you are smiling. She smiles. He says it happens in love.

She asks him to stop it. Sahil says you both started, its same state now, I think SSO is also hearing the bells, like you. She says there is nothing such. He says yes, its such, he was so scared and threatened doctor, he said you and I are his family. She says Shivaye is very nice, maybe he said this. He says no, he would have said this to everyone then, SSO changed, we used to hate him, but version 2 is mindblowing, he is number one, because he is also in love with you.

She says no Sahil, there is just friendship and respect between us, nothing more, yes I love him but he does not love me, he will never love me. He asks why. She says for him, blood, family, name are everything, I don’t have it, I don’t know who am I, who are my parents, if Shivaye knows I have grown up in an orphanage, it will be last day of our relation, he can never love me. He says I don’t think so, SSO version 2 won’t care for all this. She cries and says some dreams are such which can never fulfill, I don’t want to see such dreams, I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but Shivaye is with me today, I m very happy, I don’t want to think of tomorrow, we will see whatever happens. She hugs Sahil and cries.

Shivaye addresses the press conference. He thanks everyone for coming and acknowledges the award. The reporter asks him about the red mark on his shirt. Shivaye recalls Anika and says I think its just a color. The reporter says its sindoor. Shivaye says I think we should get on with business, we all know this award is much special, I would have not received this award, if that special person was not in my life. Shakti and Pinky look on. Shivaye says much happened in my life, which should have not happened, I would have not been here, the special person is that woman, because of whom, I m in this world, I want to share this moment with her. Shivaye says the real deserving person of my achievement is……

Pinky smiles and says my son did not forget me. Shivaye says she is my wife Anika. Pinky stops and looks at Anika. He says if she did not save my life, I would have not been here. Anika smiles and goes to him. He holds her hand. Pinky looks at them.

Shivaye feeds food to Anika. She says none took care of me so much till now. He says everyone needs a partner.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Piyuu

    anu congrats for ur first comment.nyz analysis…

  2. gd morning luvlies..hope all is well..
    u r all still smiling away hvng in mind yestrdy epi… well im still smiling
    & watch again&again…
    all of your comments shows we really enjoyed yesterdays epi…
    Archu where are you yaar????????

    was having problem with my wifi ..oh god its like u r totally disconnected from the whole world!!!!

    cmg back to yestdy epi….
    so mesmerizing, sizzling shivika moments all the way…that was owsm…the sindoor scn…eye lock…..shivaye’s eyes na oh god i fell inluv wt tht…he looked so gd&handsome..beautiful anika all was so peaceful&nice O Jaaana song music luvly feeling….u can see shivaye’s love for anika clearly gliterrign in his eyes….the bedroom scn running around…laughing ……wow what a feeling i think this is LOVE..
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage & shivaye’s Love towards anika in that condition where he’s much more himself when he’s with anika…..i need a hug here

    pinky mom fuming all the way..if she didnt accept the fact shivaye & anika are husband wife and they do need some private time together…… pinky mom im going to ignore you all the way …..and this is not good for shivika relationship…

    and sahil+anika+shivaye relationship are superbly owsm…sahil rocked today & both shivaye+anika’s shoulder to cry on…thts a hatsoff to you kiddo…

    intv of course he’s standing there today giving this speech because of anika..thts what shivaye meant…and whts wrong if he wants to share this special moment wt his wife who is his strenght & hv strted to love…..

    precap: shows even more shivika moments…..
    its ISHQBAAZZZZZZZZ all the way guys….

    1. Pushpa.. well said.. being deeply loved by some one givesy strength.. absolutely tru.. both are experiencing this for each other..!
      Am hoping not just the precap.. the entire episode has good moments.. want a good weekend yaar!

    2. Ranilya

      My hugs to you dear…
      Yes loving someone gives us the strength n courage to face anything…and also to b our true inner self…
      Shivay is definitely experiencing this very feeling…but he has not realised it yet…or should I say he very well knows it but doesn’t want to accept it??

  3. Aastha_Reddy

    I think Shivaay’s birth day is coming as per information from twitter… if they are twins.. its #Mahi too..

  4. Shekhar


    So it was surfaced at top now.

    It was first time she vocal out her fear, her pain with which she got entered in OM and now all her pain and her fear are more intensive than ever.

    He wish to love her, but just can’t, he respect her, his eyes could be wide open over her ability, her talent, but he just can’t love her.

    He accepted her in front of media, world and even whole OF, but she feels, some where, some how there is lying some types of his redemption, his regretting , obligations but not what should be there. She could feel his feelings, , soft murmuring , cares but not what she is in need of. She can get his help, but from lying behind love, and not from behind obligation. So why, she herself tried to apply SINDOOR ! All her this pain, her feelings was being flew in front of SAAHIL, her only UNCONDITIONAL LOVE form.

    His regression of first place may took hold of present FORM of SSO, and she feared, almost she may have to live almost with his regressed form of SSO. His sofness, his care, his feelings all and everythings are not usual, but an EXCEPTION. It has not the natural flow line, but a forced one with which she just can’t breath .

    But any how , she is wishing to enjoy these moments which perhaps she never can enjoy ever again. With teary eyes when she was talking, SAAHIL was feelings her pain, her fears but just could not distract her from what she was dreaming of !

    What he is doing with PINKY, do not take it as granted. It is the REWARD in kind for ANNIKA as well as his reaction to his own mother for trusting TIA over her own son, but nothing is out of LOVE . His calculative mind forced him to have TWO TARGET in the single SHOT.

    So, at last, it all may be his redemption, his regret, his obligation, his reward but not LOVE in any way.

    1. I have never thought of this angle.. It’s a very good analysis..

    2. wow…splendid analysis..didnt ever went this far to think about it…but a good one bhaiya.

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      The term and conditions for the greatest deal of his life are…
      1. Fark padta hai…
      2.Dard hua..
      3. Tum important ho to wife ho..
      4. I will teach math to Saahil.. Saahil is my brother and is from my side…
      5.My Jhansi ki Raani..
      6. Thank you….
      7.Husband works hard and wife always takes credit(teased) to all the credit goes to Annika wife..
      And many more..
      I also said on 19th April episode that Annika is the biggest deal he cracked but now have a second thought about it…
      May be Saahil is right .. NKK is not so important to him after being deceived by Daksh,Tia and All other Khandani people in cheap way…

      1. Shekhar

        T & C are itself destructive when you opt to make a deal in LOVE! It can never withstand all along all the rough spot, what ever it may be! ” I JUST CAN NOT IMAGINE HER MOTHER OF MY BABY!” it was all that summed up what does he see at relation with ANNIKA!, which were uttered in DBO during convo with OM before KAMINI track started.It was repeats again recently between OMRU in context of NKK again. So it is obvious, NKK seeds are still active at depth in SSO mind!, in other words, CVS burried bt kept alive still!

    4. Hello She kar bhaiya. I am new here, but I luv your analysis and how you think from every angle. U r the ultimate decoder of SSO!

    5. Dude!!! U r back!! With a bang as usual!! ?
      Hmmm.. so shivaays behaviour towards pinky.. is like an unintentional revenge… hmm.. u have given it a new color bro!
      See.. this is y I wait for ur analysis!

      1. Shekhar

        I am sorry!
        From a business man like SSO, we just can not expect anything unintentional! If he coughed even, first of all think about his intention!

        Its all intentional, right from the first place! You mght have not marked his face reading while PINKY favorered TIA and how much he got mentally disturbed! He had to get himself ready to that baby about which he was damn sure, it was not belong to him!
        Sorry, but unintentional is not the proper word!

      2. Shekhar

        While inviting ANNIKA on stage during press conference, hw already weighed both ANNKA and HIS MOM, and he found ANNIKA well ahead, undoubtedly!!!!!!!?

    6. Ranilya

      Hi shekar. Nice to see you back..
      Anika very well analysed…
      Nice to read about Anika by you…

  5. Piyuu

    akriti thum sahi kaha besharam reporter kisi bhi reporter aisa qstn puchenge ..koi bath nahi isliye hame shivaay ka blush scene dekhne ko mila.

  6. Piyuu

    archu my pyaari dp queen where r u? miss ur comments and kidkithod dp.

  7. Hi everyone, I am Vivikhta a great fan of ishqbaaz and shivika. Will you all please accept me in your family ?☺
    I have been following tellyupdates for a month now and love to read your comments and fan fictions. So today I finally decided to break the ice and drop a comment here!
    Hope I can be your friend!

    1. Viviktha!! Don even ask!! Welcome!!
      And keep commenting! ?

      1. Thank And di!

    2. Ranilya

      Hi viviktha

      1. Hi to you too Ranilya di!

  8. Piyuu

    episode is ekdum kidkitod.shivanisahil conversation anisahil conversation was very nice.all shivika moments was awesome.pinky is really irritate me .mere ek relative bilkul pinky jaise unki bete ki shaad hui uske baad vo bola mera beta alag ho gaya vo muje pyaar nahi karthi aisa blah blah karthe rahe.kyu mom aisa soch tha hi shaadi ke baad beta kaise alag hoga kuch log aisa hi har beta ek jisa nahi hi.pinki ki attitude dekh kar gussa aatha hi..shakti kuch samajdar hi vo sahi bola shivaay pehle pinki ki beta ab anika ki pati bhi hi.pinky samaj kyu nahi.har baar shivika ki beech mei aathi.pinky yesterday liji bola dha na tirupati jaane keliye thum kyu sunthi nahi ab jaavo sirf tirupati nahi kaasi aur amritsar bhi jaavo jaldi math aana kuch mahine ke baad vaapas aana..thum yeha hothe tho anika keliye acha nahi.thumare jealous dek kar muja lega thum anika ki villain banoongi.bahoth drama dekh chuki ab saas bahu drama dekne ka mann nahiaur sakthi bhi nahi isliye thum jaldi jaavo pls………….
    pinky ki bath chodo.shivaay media ke saam ne bola unki success ki peeche aurat unki beevi anika ye sunkar dil kush u shivaay.

    1. HIII Piyuu…..kya karoon…..jab mauka hai tab Pinky mom usse use nahi karte ???…..epi dekhte waqt mein soch rahi thi ki jis Babaji ne lep diya hai yeh Pinky mom usi ke paas kyu nahi jaate apne problem ki solution ke liye?? Duffer bete ki duffer maa…..???

    2. Piyu.. ye jealousy leke.. pinky annika ko villian nahi.. khud ki heere bete ki villian ban Rahi hain..
      If at all she becomes the reassign behind shivika seperation, sso is gonna hate her sooo much that she isn’t gonna bear it at all!! She isnt realising it now!

    3. Ranilya

      You know what…i feel Pinky is jealousy mein jal jal kar raak ho jathi hain tho kithna acha hotha… bhasmasur ki thara..

  9. Astha dii.. Maahi dii.. Renima dii.. UF.. Ranilya dii.. Lijince dii.. Anu dii.. Diya.. Shekhar bhiya… Pushpa.. Akriti.. Amayaa… Saha dear.. Shab dear… Rajjo dear… Lax dear.. Riddhima dear.. Nivi dear… And many more my ishqies frnd….a big wala jaadu ki jhaapii meri tarf se… I am happy to see the awesome episode of ishqbaaz…. And eargly waiting for the today’s episode…
    Episode ek dum jhakass.. Khidkhi todh tha.. Bus pinky mom k reactions ko choorr k…
    Or aap sabke comments and analysis or bhi aache khidkhi todh h…

    1. hi niki

    2. Akriti

      a big hug from me also nikitajai….
      yess episode was jhakaas ekdam dhassu aur khidkitod darwaazator ghartod….

    3. Hi Niki…..ek lambi aur moti waala jaadu ki jhappi to you also……??????

    4. Hi Nikita.. how r u??

    5. Hello Nikki!! A big warm hug from me too?

    6. Ranilya

      Hi niki
      Jaadu ki jappi mere tharaf se bhi .. .

  10. Renimarenju

    Hello my 200 + sweet ishqies…….aqua,nadiya,mukta,disha,priya15,priya29,priya,piyali,mishri,
    anu,anulydiya,rajjo,pushpa,nivedha,anila,dangerous devil,neha-17,neha,liba,ranilya,shab,sejal,
    gayatri,nivedhita,nihaarika,shraddha,samyukta,niash,nimisha,lijitha and other ishqies [sorry if i missed any one’s name]…….Gud mrng 2 all buddiessss…….How are u guysssss??? Hope any of u remember me …….won’t u ?????

    Abt episode……Shivika scenes were nice 2 watch…..but i think now a days more focus is on their romance only…..I mean though the show’s plot is ishq…..still ishqgazz is a family drama and i think apart from shivika they have 2 show some quality scenes among shivomru also…. The show is focussed on three brothers story….Seems permanantly omkara has been out from ib…what about sowmya ? neither dbo nor ib is showing even a single scene of rumya, which is quite injustice only……Glad 2 see saahil after a gap in this show….Loving saahil 2 the most because of his care towards his didi as well as jiju,….But i want my cutiee pie saahil in some more interesting scenes… rudy-saahil combo……saahil and rudy’s imagination abt sowmya…which the cv’s used 2 show early…..why they are not showing such scenes which brought a smile @ our faces ? And why they are not showing jahnvi ….really missing shivaay calling jahnvi as badi maa….his concern towards her especially in case of omkara…….and now pinky is feeling sad,,,,,,always jahnvi convinces pinky very well……and pinky will realize things bit late …..missing painky=jahnvi bonding a lot……. And what abt Tej ?? Now a days he is also not in the show…..How is it possible , shivaay is getting award and tej , shivaay both used 2 manage business and always tej was rewarded the award for business man of the year and now shivaay got it and tej is not present in the moment ?? They would have made a scene between shivaay and tej as well as omkara…..also….because it would have added more charm 2 the episode only, Like saahil said sso version 2 is gud, but still i want some sort of spark in the show…….And oberoi family is incomplete without tejvi and omie…….
    I loved the way anika described the cute love among shivay and her……And for me the best moment was saahil-anika’s emotional bond …….It really touched my heart…..
    And am angry with cv’s for showing injustice 2 pinky…..shivaay finds anika as his strength and person behind success is gud, but pinky is his maa ….and shivay better knows pinky …..for pinky shivaay is like a precious gem…..her one and only son… she might be feeling possesiveness or may be she feels insecured due 2 anika……it;s natural and can;t blame pinky completely for it…….Pinky has 2 understand priorities of her son, as well as shivaay should also be able 2 know his maa’s heart which is really very important…..Giving space 2 wife and maa is really very important……and before things became more worse, i hope we can see a scene between pinky and shivaay , just like what we saw in initial epiosdes…..that women empowerment episode…..when sso hugged pinky she burst into tears only….”chalo timne senty bana diyaa….pura makeups kaharab kar diya”…..thst dialogue was an epic only……. And after that i never find such kind of scene between pinky and shivaay ……Really want 2 see that kind of scene again……Hope cv’s will show it……
    Any ways i expressed my view only, hope no one has felt bad….

    1. Renimarenju

      Sorry chavi and roby i missed ur names…….big big big sorrrry deariess…….
      @ diya, @ vivikhta…..Hearty welcome 2 our big family of ishqbazz…..ishqies….. keep commenting… u all……

      1. Hello to you too..

      2. Thank you renima di!
        How sweet of u to remember all the names!

      3. Thanku ,renima di thanku 4 wishing me,so nice of u ,

    2. Akriti

      bapre baap….
      aapki itne saare names pata hai aur head bhi hai…
      hate of to you

      1. Akriti

        sorry for typing mistakes…
        it is because of auto correct. …
        read *head as yaad*
        and *hate of to you as hat’s of to you*

      2. Renimarenju

        Hate!!!!! what i did 2 u ???

      3. Renimarenju

        It’s ok buddy……this auto correction wale will annoy us only…….spread some raitaa on it……it will stop annoying

    3. hi reni dhi happy to see u after long time ur analysis is good and im missing shivomru moments a lot no words to express ishbaaz was famous for one for all and all for one theme now i think the cvs completely have forgotten that dialogue and i cant find any family drama in it
      anyways i hope u r fine

      1. Renimarenju

        Hai shab… for all and all for one has now no meaning @ all… don’t expect taht from cv’s

    4. OMG…rani u relly took all your time to spell out our names …thts so sweet of you..muah muah
      and good analysis too…

      1. Renimarenju

        Pushpa…u cna call me renu or reni, not rani…..ok…..i think here also auto correction wale prblm come across only……

    5. Hey Renima, how r u?? I’m commenting on TU page after like ages and seeing all new faces here. Well, dear, sorry for breaking your heart but IB is no more about OBros. After they made the Spin-off, IB became completely about Shivika and DBO is completely about Rikara. So this show is no more about the brothers bonding. Omkara has got his own show now, that’s why he doesn’t appears much in IB, as it is not possible for actors to act in two shows, coz they also have a private life.

      IB and DBO are two different shows with different tracks and they are also running in different timeline. IB is about Shinky’s family and DBO is about Tejvi’s family. That is why we don’t get much scenes between Jhanvi and Pinky, Tej and Shivaye or our dear ShivOmRu.

      I hate to say this but makers have done batwara for this. And about Rumya, dear…another bad news is Gul is scrapping Rumya like Ishkara.

      1. Renimarenju

        Hey miss critic luna… feeling much gud 2 see ur comment dear……after a long time we are talking about show….and breaking heart….don’t feel so…..u said ur view only…..And u are absolutely right dear luna…..both dbo and ib are dragging and am unable 2 accept the story line…just like ishkara left so many ishqies left this page, if rumya will also end the remaining rumya fans will also leave this page…….I can’t see sowmya as another ishana…..Quite injustice only……This time i will not send mails 2 starplus just like what me,priya,enasanjida,jo and shaza did 2 bring back ishana….. we made petetion also but nothing worked out and finally in ishkara community shaza told that omkara’s love interest ic coming ,gul mam has confirmed but sad not ishu…..but gauri only….Any ways past is past…..Can’t imagine in dream abt rumya track’s ending…..luna….I think why i watch this show yesterday ?? Right now am watching colors show swabhimaan ,even they balance 2 show both sisters bonding as well as their love lead well….And the story sounds as different also….

      2. Renimarenju

        And i think we can write more ffs on rumya and ishkara more …that’s the only way 2 be connected with them……

      3. Heyy Luna…seeing ur comment after long time….no doubt gul did batwara of obrose….and luna and renima is it true that they where scrapping rumya…is this gul lost her mind totally….dontknow whats this makers wants….i really hope they wont do it….wants to see rumya…

    6. Hey Renima dear!! Glad to see u back after so long!!
      Missed ur analysis!!
      Sahil Rudy combo.. Sahil Ru imagination of Soumya.. gosh!! I miss that so much! ?
      Missing jhanvi pinky.. yeah man!
      Writers created so many nice elements and are now ignoring everything

    7. Ranilya

      Hi Renima.. .how r you dear.
      Agree with your points…IB needs to focus on other issues too…
      Since the spin-off has started IB has lost its charm…sab kuch bat gaya..
      Missing Om n Jhanvi…
      Really as you said Pinky needs Jhanvi’s advice n guidance now….
      As for Shivay n Pinky…the cvs r doing it on purpose to get in anika’s past I guess…they could have done it without spoiling the mother son relationship though…

    8. Yeah Renima, these type of petitions don’t work and as far as I know Gul, she’s a very egotistical woman. She never listens to fans and does whatever she wants. I still can’t forget how she trolled Ishkara fans. She removed Vrushika from the show just coz some fans demanded more Ishkara scenes . I mean who does that? She can’t run two shows at a time, that’s why both IB and DBO are suffering now. I don’t watch Swabhiman so I don’t know about it.

  11. Piyuu

    sahil sahi kaha ab shivaay ko nkk ideology farak nahi padega…anika thume pata hi shivaay thumse bahuth pyaar karthi fir bhi thum kyu aisa soch tha hi sach jaane ke baad shivaay thume chodengi aisa kabhi nahi hoga.

  12. Chavi

    Good afnoon r u all dears.?…
    Hi diya welcome to pkj..
    Im good dear arpita..hope u too dear..?
    Shekar baai…how r u yaar..THE REGRESSION OF HAPPENING…?..keep writing…ah
    ,lax,liji,shahabana,shab khan,anikaa,nivedita,n many …i liked ur comments..

    Hi r u
    Hi riddima..wht happen dear…hope u will b fine soon..big hug from my side too dear…riddima i want to dedicate dis song to u dear…
    Santhosam…santhosam..vaalkaiyin paadi balam…santhosam ellaiyaendraal manidarku aedu balam…??be happy my dear..ya i want to dedicate dis song to all my ishquies…yaar love u all?.. take care dears..
    N i’m sorry my dears for not replying u all coz of my time consumption n im still in chennai yaar once i returned to my native i will b free ok…??…

    1. chavi u liked my comment sooooooooo sweet of uuuuuuuuuuuu and i want to say ur comments r also sweet like u only u use such a kind words

    2. Akriti

      good afternoon chavi dear…
      I also read your comment and I like it…..
      so you are in Chennai….
      for some work or vacation?????
      anways enjoy….

    3. Hi Chavi….hw r u?? nice dedication song dr….very true!!

    4. Hi Chavi

      1. Hi Chavi
        Thank you so much

    5. Ranilya

      Hi Chavi.
      Thank you

  13. Chavi

    Hiii renima…? no sorry dear…

    1. Renimarenju

      heu chavi……sorry once again yaar….next time pakka i will not forget ur name….. am trying 2 remember all names….by chance may be i miss certain names …..kasam rudy ke protein shake ki next time i will write ur name

  14. Hi ishqies….how are you all?? Its steaming hot here…..workwise and temperaturewise…..????

    NO MAHI YESTERDAY…. ???? So no comments on the epi…..???

    Its all about Shivika and Pinky moms now……I think both the couples Shivika and Shanky should go for a honeymoon trip!! In the meantime the CVs can focus on Rumya and Mahi!! ???

    1. Oh ho..!!
      Mahi ille commentum ille kollallo

      1. Lax.. Liji is accumulating all her strength to write pages on mahi ani scene!!!

    2. Ranilya

      Liji….no.mahi no comment!!
      Ek din Mahi nahi dukha tho ye haal hain….
      Aage chalke Kya hoga??

      Mahi hi nahi kithna din se khannu bhi nahi hain…kahan chupake rakha hain usko??

      Liji aaj tum dil bharke Mahi ko dekh Lena….wo bhi ani ke saath

  15. Chavi

    Yup..akriti both work n vacation…yaar

  16. Chavi


  17. good afternoon alll my dear sweet ishquies [im not having sharp memory like renimarenju so i cant write all ur names ]
    i just saw a video in insta looks like anika is in full mood of flirtingg that video was awww anika waking up shivvaay with her wet hair was awwww so u all must watch it
    and wat happened for our amayaa lapatha hogayi hai
    and diyas cousin ki shadhi mein busy hogayi hai missing u boyh guys
    and u all do watch that video in insta

    1. Renimarenju

      Oh bete ki!!! my memory is weak baaba…….the thing is i love all ishqies….and want 2 remember all ishqies names without any fail only……so am trying 2 remember names one by one….that’s all…..

  18. Hi all ishqies!!I m following this page for a long time. This time I think to comment on this page. I just loved the todays episode…Missed Mahi very much..Hated Pinky???..Loved Shivika and Shivay-Anika-Sahil scenes and also Sahil-Anika.More over I felt that Shivay should balance between Anika and Pinki.Plzz dont make it lyk KRPAB..Cvs..
    Also a Big Hiiii to Astha di Anu di Rajjo di Akriti di…and many other

    1. Actually it would be yesterday’s epi

    2. Renimarenju

      Hello anitaa…ishqie….big welcome from senior most old member 2 this huge family of ishqbaaz…keep commenting

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi Anita…

    4. Ranilya

      Hi Anitaaa3.

  19. Frendz




  20. A big hi to all ishqies from Vivikhta, the newest member of tu IB family!
    Let me tell u , I love all your comments and hope I will be able to make a lot offriends here. TThanks renima di for welcoming me?

    1. Can u take me as ur bestee,we 2 are younger in this IB family,the newly entered girls ,letzz create some fun #lub u ##flying kiss

  21. @Uf dear relax relax relax , I know you are very much worried for rumya but I don’t think they will be 2nd iskara. Bcoz I told na that their love story is one of the most cutest love story.I don’t think that neha will quitt the show .So just chill and relax.ok.????

    @renimarenju dear thnx to your memory power.

    @puspa dear , tum kab muhhe hii bolke chali jati ho .pata nahi chalta.soo A big hiii and jaddu ki jhappi from me to you.

    @nikitajai dear a big and tight hug to you.


    @sekhar bhaiya good analysis.

    @archu my dp queen where are you??? Miss you yaar

  22. Vivikhta dear, wlc to our Pkj yaani paglo ki jhund.kerp commenting and enjoy the fun. ???

    1. Thank Around dear ( Can I call u that)
      A big rudy style hug from my side too!
      uU r soo chwee?

  23. Arpu*
    I seriously wanna murder this autocorrect

  24. Hai guys, comment 3. ,
    I want gauri and anika scenes like omkaras saying chulbul about his badai bayya shivaay s hate-love story and how he had changed now , from stone Singh oberoi to soft oberoi,that time chulbul really become curious to see her anika babe ,and when they meet their cute scenes along with saumya and very butiful romance with their pairs ,a dance party of 3 ,and I think Anika Can only make omkara about his love towards gauri or janvi should take her help and I am sure omkara will realize it becoz he believes his Anika babi so much ,and he knows that she was right in all aspects,and shivomru should think of their wife’s in near their swimming pool scenes,each of them teasing each other’s blushing (but this will not get the effect as. that earlier when omru teases shivaay,becoz that is such an outstanding moment which cannot brought back)
    Anyways past is past,that days cannot bring back,with shivaay anger on anika,omru teases him,Tia,Mallika, party , shivika dance— superb
    But this doesn’t mean that I don’t love them today , now I am so blushing even I can’t control it from my parents when they sit there, anyways they guys are rocking and my luv towards them is increasing day by day. , still I am waiting for my 12 results ,I have really waste a lot of time in my 12 th class and I don’t know when I get addicted to this amazing IB and shivika,
    Anyways I’m not complaining IB for that ,I only thank God becoz when current is not in my house at 27 June 2016 ,10pm ,I will not get such a wonderful serial and I can’t imagine that and my birthday is on 26 June ,so I thought that it is a present to me by God , thanking God at the same time praying for my results ,is anyone here waiting for the result
    I will not comment here, but when I read urs comments I really get interested that everyone is genuinely and very friendly each other not just like saying there own suggestions
    Can u PLZZ make me in ur all frnd list — hoping everyone should welcome me ;-):-):-):-)
    I have also become the part of your ,no our amazing IB?? I’m right now guys

    1. Ranilya

      Hi diya.
      Welcome to pkj dear.
      Best wishes for your results…
      Be happy always

  25. The most beautiful scene which I luv yesterday is the bed standing of shivika and when SHIVAAY tight his hands towards her (the best lucky wife in the world)

    And one more ,why this pinky is so worried because she is the most luckiest Mom in the world as she get the world’s best son and daughter-in- law ,that is enough for her even if her husband will go away from here , she will not get any loss becoz they r always with her

    Pinky mom u should understand Anika Will not make u separate from ur son ,she is not such type ladki ,,she always want ur luv even u accept her on holi celebration , when she call pinky auntiji,u didn’t correct her and said ‘no Anika , u should call me” mom or pinkimom”(just as Tia called)
    U didn’t like her ,u will become jealous if it is Tia instead of anika ??
    So we can conclude that pinky give importance to kan koodan and she MADE shivaay to think like that (in his childhood)
    But beware pinky —god will send a person in one’s life to completely change one and if that person r in need of a strong love ,God will make it true and give that person the most luckiest one
    No pinky,no kaminis ,no Ranveer ,no Tia ,no daksh can make them separate
    It is decided by the GREAT GOD, himself

  26. Frendz



    1. Ranilya

      If I don’t even want to think about it…cant think of the cvs scrapping rumya…no no no…

      1. Ranilya

        Its UF not if…damn this autocorrect!!

  27. It is almost confirmed that makers are scrapping Rumya. No wonder they weren’t showing a single Rumya sequence for a long time, even when Soumya was kidnapped. Looks like they will simply remove Soumya’s character and bring a new girl for Rudra.
    I have never seen an unprofessional woman like Gul Khan. This pathetic woman is literally playing with actors careers. First she kicked Vrushika out of IB and now she’s kicking Neha out of the show. I wonder did she really had any story for Ishkara and Rumya?? Why both Om and Rudra have to change there FLs to tell their stories?? If it was so difficult to write tracks for Ishkara and Rumya, then why did Gul introduced them in the first place?? I’m really feeling bad for Neha. She was really loyal to Gul and this is what she is getting in return from her.

    1. Renimarenju

      Really ,…..can’t able 2 watch ib and dbo without rumya….in starting episodes of dbo when they show rumya meeting i felt obviously their track will be progressed ……Why this is happening , yaar luna…..Can;t see sowmya as another ishana ……it’s really a shocking news only…… And true in case of rudy….why he has 2 change his love lead, there is no point behind in it….. And for omie…..gul made us 2 wait almost 8 months and finally giving gauri and still her as chulbul only……see upto some extent i enjoyed it yaara…..But now it is dragging only…..And if chulbul is servant why she didn’t get the uniform ? I know she is special , still when the track was started @ least on the initial episodes they have 2 provide her uniform…..and now a days….omie is not feeling current and all……why ??? And swethlana……yaar it’s horrible…… I think how weird ideas are coming in gul’s mind….she is focusing on how 2 make swethlana as a vampire only……seriously yaar who is swethlana ? Is she a vampire, dragon or something else
      Oh god……it irritates my me …..actually i switch on tv when i came back 2 hostel after work for getting some relief……mostly it will be around 9.45 pm or 10 pm….And ib is dragging…still we can watch it….but dbo……swethlana’s role….Yaar even conjuring 2’s ghost wallack is better than swethlana

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