Ishqbaaz 18th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhavya tries to track Shivaye

Ishqbaaz 18th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Om asks Tej to do something. Tej says we can’t do anything, Shivaye’s fingerprints matched, he killed Nancy. Anika stops Bhavya and says no, he is innocent, you know what he has done to save me, he can give his life to save someone, how can he kill someone. Bhavya says I understand your emotions, but evidences are against him, let police do its duty. Anika shouts please listen to me, he is innocent. Om says nothing will happen to Shivaye. Mohit looks on. Shivaye shuts the door. Bhavya knocks door and asks him to open the door. They break the door and get in. Bhavya looks around. Everyone comes there. Anika asks where did Shivaye go. Bhavya says he has run away. Shivaye runs on the road. Mohit gets angry. Police is after Shivaye. He hides behind some cars. Lawyer says we have applied for anticipatory

bail, but Shivaye did a mistake by running away, one who runs away is guilty. Bhavya says not just who runs away, also those who helped him are also guilty. Tej and Om ask what do you mean, we made him run away.

Rudra says we are Oberois, we respect the law. Bhavya says there is murder blame on Shivaye. Rudra says he is innocent. She says he would have not run away if he was innocent. He shouts. He asks her not to forget that Shivaye has invited her in party and treated her like a family member. She says law doesn’t see emotions, but right and wrong, I know he is your brother, but he is a criminal for the law. Rudra says he is innocent, if your law can’t see his truth, its fine, I will prove that he is innocent. Inspector doesn’t see Shivaye. Shivaye hides under the car. He comes out. Police leaves.

He says I was support system of my family, everyone needs me, how long can I run this way, I have to find the real murderer, I will get some clue in that clip. Rudra gets water for Anika and says everything will get fine, don’t worry. Anika cries and says I m worried for Shivaye, don’t know he is fine or not. Anika gets a call. Bhavya says answer the call. Anika refuses. Bhavya says even then we will find out what we want, we are tapping all calls, I m sure its Shivaye’s call, ask him where is he. Anika answers the call. Shivaye says Anika. She asks how are you, are you okay. He says sorry, I should have not run away, I had to run to prove my innocence, its not just about me, but also of your and family respect, I have to find the real murderer, its a tough situation, you have to take care of everyone in my absence, I promise I will come back soon, I will fix everything, I want that CCTV footage, maybe I get some lead from it.

Bhavya asks which footage, if you are innocent, surrender to police. Shivaye ends call. Om signs Rudra. Rudra goes. Bhavya asks which footage was he talking about. Anika says I don’t know. Rudra goes to room and says I have to send footage to Shivaye before this reaches Bhavya. Bhavya says it will be better for you if you tell me. She asks Om to understand and explain them, if criminal is on loose, case gets complicated. Om says my brother isn’t any criminal, ask your law to find him. Bhavya asks where is Rudra. Priyanka says its our house, we can go anywhere we want, we don’t want your permission. Rudra sends footage to Shivaye.

Bhavya comes there. Inspector calls her out and says we need time to call phones of everyone. Bhavya says I don’t care, tap their mobiles and even landline, I m sure Shivaye will call again. Rudra shuts laptop. She asks what are you doing here. He says I was doing my work. She asks were you sending cctv footage to Shivaye, give me pendrive. He says this has my hot pics. She says stop nonsense, give it to me. He puts pendrive in water jug. She scolds him. He says you are eager to come close to me. She leaves his collar. He says I m much handsome, girls like me. She asks him to shut up. She says we will get the video, we will reach Shivaye. She asks inspector to track Shivaye’s current location. Shivaye gets video. He checks the time. Inspector says we got Shivaye’s location traced.

Anika says we should call Shivaye and tell him that police traced his location. Om says we can’t do this, our phones are tapped. Anika says police will arrest him. Rudra says don’t worry, if police is smart, Shivaye is super smart, I m sure he has some plan. Shivaye recalls his words and says I left at 3, how is this video showing 4.30. Bhavya is on the way. Shivaye says I got Nancy in corridor, she followed me, I asked her to leave and fainted, it was 3, Nancy was murdered at 4.30, what happened between those timings. Bhavya says I thought Shivaye is smart to throw his phone, but he is still with his phone and he will get caught. Shivaye hears police siren. He sees a man driving off and opens the dickey. Bhavya reaches there and says dot is moving here, follow that car right now. Police follows that car. She stops the car and asks the man to open the dickey, she has to check the car. She checks dickey.

Media comes to Oberoi mansion and questions about blame on Shivaye. Om says we won’t answer you. Mohit says nobody can save Shivaye, he will be punished for his crime, whoever tells his whereabouts, I will give 20 lakhs reward to that person.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Appy

    I really loved today episode
    Finally Sso brain started to work.
    Precap more interesting.i am actually liking this track.
    Waiting for khidkitod Annika but can’t handle a crying Annika
    Get up girl and come back to action square….
    And guys plzzz.plz be active on pkj…silent readers and others come back and spread more positivity and do lots of pagalpanti…wanna see that vibe.
    16 very much less for PKJ.
    PLZ be active. And try to encourage those people who are writting ffs or os..ok.


    IF YOU ARE NOT BUSY………………..
    But still I want to see that crazy vibe

    1. Agga4102

      Congrats for being first, friend!!!!!

      1. Appy

        Thank you Dear..

    2. Congrats for being first arpu di

      1. Congrats for being first arpu di

      2. Appy

        Thank you so much Bilkisu dear.
        And I know I am late but still
        Welcome to pkj…….

    3. JeevithaTK

      Hi Arpi dear.
      Congrats for being 1st dear. 😍😍😍.Tc

      1. Appy

        He jeevi .Thank you dear

    4. Hey Arpu congrats!!!! Yes the regular ones are missing Arpu. I suppose they are all busy. I agree that I also don’t like a crying Anika. What happened to our khidkithod Anika? She is missing instead a very emotional and heartbroken Anika. First Shivaay needs to get connected with OmRuAni and then sit down and discuss what the next step is.

  2. Sindhudi

    What an episode!!! A little edge sitting episode. I was so afraid Bhavya would come into the room while he is sending the video. Shivaay is on the run, Bhavya is after Shivaay and Mohit is frantically wanting Shivaay to be arrested. My question is why is Mohit in Oberoi mansion still? His wife is murdered and he should be out of that house. What is he doing there? By framing Shivaay for this murder how is he going to benefit?

    Anika was suffering in pain of seeing the police trying to arrest Shivaay. Shivaay should have just waited for his anticipatory bail instead of running away. Once he is out on bail, he could start his investigation. Now it has become worse.

    Oh and I hate Bhavya. I know she is a cop and needs to her job where emotions are not in the way. However, as an ACP can’t she look at other angles. Why didn’t she do a background check on Mohit? She could also look at the angle where maybe Mohit killed Nancy for money. Why is she just after Shivaay solely because the fingerprints matched. This is ridiculous.

    1. Agga4102

      Even I am feeling that Bhavya should allow look after other proofs. She is a police officer, she should eyes and some things can deceive us. At least, she was there at the party.

      Even I agree with what you say, di !

      Why is Mohit staying there? No one had told him to be there. And anyway he is not poor and not infamous. He can give replies to media at his house itself.

      I really have my doubts on him!!!!!

      1. Of course Agga4102 dear, Mohit is definitely the murderer. Actuallly if you look closely at the previous episode again on Hotstar where shivika Omru are viewing the video just pause the video where they assume it is Shivaay. Look at the body language and it is very clear it is Mohit though the video is grainy.

        Actually my question is why Mohit wants to frame Shivaay? You are right that he is not poor. By doing this what he is going to gain. Well it is nice that it is quite mysterious.

      2. Agga4102

        True!!!! I think Mohit has some relation with Shivaay other than this friendship, or maybe he needs to take over the business!!!!

    2. JeevithaTK

      Hi sindhu akka.
      Hru. Hope everything is going good. Till ur page is nt opening up. Akka if u can open my page then plz send me message. Let’s try nt page Atleast mgs will open. Plz try it. Akka. Love u. Tc

      1. I did go into your page and tried Jeevi dear but can’t open my own page. Sometimes my comment here comes as registered and sometimes it comes as Just Sindhu. The Telly site also don’t know what is wrong with my page.

        Anyway Jeevi dear I was thinking since Bhavya has become the hatred of Oberois because of trying to arrest Shivaay and now there is a clash between Omru and Bhavya. Om was very furious with Bhavya in today’s episode. Just a passing thought maybe Jeevi they might bring Sowmya as a pair for Rudra. Just a passing thought but not sure whether it will materialise

    3. Rajvi_shah

      I agree with u I thought bavya would support Shivaay but no Bhavya doesn’t trust her BIL. When she was in the party Bhavya said I feel some connection with u but after Nancy’s murder connection has gone😭 I think bavya will help Shivaay indirectly .

    4. Appy

      Somebody throw this mohit…..from OM
      Tej is capable to make us hate need of taj.
      But yes Zain is doing good job..
      Let’s wait when Bhabya will investigate other things..

  3. Shajessie

    Hi guys… Hw r u all… Happy to bc again… Little bz.. 🤩🤩
    2day epi was great… Rudra did a gd job… Superb…
    Happy bcos SSO find out vr important clue… 🕒Time🕟… Hope will get more clues to saveguard him…
    So nw, I’m eagerly waiting for nxt epi… Hope cvs won’t drack too long on tis murder track …
    C u soon… Bye…

    1. Yes Jessie I also hope they will not drag this like Kalyani Mills. They can bring out more clues to confuse the audience so that audience are enthralled with this mystery and eager to know what is going to transpire next but not drag like KYM until bringing in more new characters. I only hope Shivaay strarts thinking about that woman whom Mohit hugged and get information of that woman.

    2. Appy

      Hi I dear how are you??

  4. I just hope they don’t drag this track very long and bhavya why can’t u trust shivaye even once think of what shivaye has gone through just to save anikas life. shivaye can only sacrifice his life for others but he cannot take other people’s life and mohit I don’t even trust him

  5. I just hope they don’t drag this track very long and bhavya why can’t u trust shivaye even once think of what shivaye has gone through just to save anikas life. shivaye can only sacrifice his life for others but he cannot take other people’s life and mohit I don’t even trust that man coz the way he just accused shivaye if he was really innocent he would have been like “no I don’t think my friend would do this” but he didn’t, it means he also wanted that to happen to shivaye.

    1. You know Billkisu dear,No one questioned Mohit when Nancy accused Shivaay for molestation Mohit supported and trusted Shivaay and stood by him all the way. During this murder Mohit is sure Shivaay did it. So why didn’t Omru questioned him regarding this. So for Mohit if his wife gets molested it is ok because he trusts his Best Friend but now his Wife is murdered and Shivaay is blamed. Very strange

    2. Appy

      Dear.mohit no mardo and taj ko bhi.
      Just hope SHIVIKA will made some khidkitod plan and do band bajao….of mohit and gang
      Let’s see

  6. Astmasiddika

    Really a intresting episode, i think Shivay should have not run he should have faced the problem in his own style . Anika o my dear don’t get worried Shivay will be fine & he will make every thing fine OmRu ‘s support is very imp for Shivay now Mr. Tso try to understand I will ask you a question if Om or Ru was in that place will u speak like this no right so pls be silent dont try to support Taaj or police
    Pre cap – Mr Taaj u crossed your limit

    1. Appy

      Dear.Sso needs to run bcoz if he will surrender then real culprit will never come to front.( Mohit)
      This mohit was so angry when Sso ran.his plan failed might be.
      Let’s see how Shivika will deal with all this.
      I really want them to team up.
      Yes Annika plz stop crying.
      Come back to your khidkitod avtar.plzzzzzzzzzzz

      Nice coomentdear

  7. I hope they don’t drag this track too long bhavya why can’t u just think twice anyone who can give life for others cannot take another persons life. Bhavya saw what shivaye did to save anikas life and she is a police then she has to decide what kind of person shivaye is if she really knows her work well. And that mohit I think he knows something about this murder case. If he was really innocent he would have been like “I knew shivaye since childhood and I don’t think he would do something like this” but being that this was what mohit wanted he even added that shivaye was following nancy. wonder what kind of friend mohit is.

    1. U’re right Bilkisu di . I also don’t trust that mohit and bhavya I don’t think she knows her job well.I hope this track end soon.

  8. Nice episode

  9. Vidyakrish

    Super episode. Annika will help shivaay to come out from murder mystery. Hope this track will end soon. And old ib come back. I miss that ib family.

  10. Missing old IB. Will be nice if its ends and old IB come back.

  11. Nikita_jai29

    Episode is good but can’t wait to see how shivaay save himself

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