Ishqbaaz 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Rudra hinders Shivaye

Ishqbaaz 18th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika asks Shivaye to get ready, he has to give a speech. He says I told you, I won’t do it. She says I m not like those wives who trouble husbands. He asks what’s going on, you agreed to me so easily. She says I have been requesting you, fine, don’t give the speech, you can get ready and come down for my sake. He says no one needs me, Omru won’t be happy seeing me, everyone will be there, it won’t be right for me to go there. She says you have to face them, you can’t stay confined, please come for my sake. He says fine, but only for a while. She asks him to get ready fast. He checks bag and asks where is all my stuff.

She smiles and says I threw it. He asks with whose permission. She says I m your wife, I have this right, wear this suit, this color will look good on you. He recalls

Tej’s death. He angrily throws away the suit. He shouts I don’t want to wear it. She holds him. She says I can’t wear that suit. She says fine, wear some other suit. He says Shivaye who used to wear suits is dead, I m not that Shivaye. She says fine, you can wear a shirt, right. She gets a shirt and says please wear it, for my sake.

Bhavya comes to Rudra and says come, everyone has arrived. Rudra says I will just come. Shivaye wears the shirt. Anika says this style is cute, but please tuck in the shirt. He does it and comes. She smiles and says well done, let me style your hair now. Her earring gets stuck to his shirt collar. They have an eyelock. Music plays…. He frees the earring. She gives him a watch. She looks for the speech. She says I kept it here, don’t know where did it go. He says I don’t have to give it, lets go. They leave.

Om thanks Dadi for coming. Dadi says when Tej isn’t here, how will I like to come here. Om says we will remember dad with happiness, come. Reporters clicks pics. Shivaye and Anika come. Reporters start questioning Shivaye. They ask if he will handle the Oberoi empire again. Shivaye turns to leave. Rudra sees the speech and says now I don’t need it. He burns the paper and says its time for action. Dadi lights diya. Dadi says thanks for coming, Oberoi industries was just my husband’s dreams, my sons laid the foundation, my grandson Shivaye turned this dream true. Shivaye looks at her. She says my grandsons Omru, but this would have not been possible without your hardwork, we are lucky that you have become part of our family. Everyone claps. Anika asks won’t you give speech. Shivaye says don’t expect more from me. She says your place is there. He says I know my new place and new identity. Om says I thank you all for joining us in Oberoi industries, founders day, we are giving the speech since last 5 years, this year Rudra will give the speech. Reporter asks where is he. Om signs Bhavya. Om says wait for a while, I will go and get him. He asks for Rudra.

Bhavya says I couldn’t find Rudra anywhere. Reporter asks what’s happening, no one is here to give speech. Anika says media just needs a chance, you can shut them up Shivaye. Reporter asks who will come to give the speech. Shivaye says wait a min. Reporter says I think Shivaye will give speech today. Shivaye says Dadi, I didn’t wish to give speech, but its about family respect now, bless me. Dadi blesses him.

Shivaye goes on the stage. Anika smiles and wishes him all the best. He says stop clicking the pics. He sets the mic and starts with dear all, I want to say…. Om removes the mic connection. He gives the mic to Rudra. Rudra gets on the stage and makes Shivaye behind. He says I will give the speech, a murderer won’t represent Oberoi family. Shivaye looks at him.

Shivaye attacks Anika in anger. Anika struggles for life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    TRP of this week is just 1.6 nd out of 20…. It’s again a fall compared to last week…
    IBian plzz watch IB on TV to save d show…
    Anika trying her best to bring that tadibaaz SSO… Nd she was successed in that also…
    Shivika moment was very soothing in today’s epi…
    Omkara nd Rudra…!!!!
    I don’t want to say about them…
    Obros r always my fav.. But now….!!!!!!
    Ok i m just trying to ignore them as possible for now…
    Precap –
    Hope it will be just a dream…!!!????
    GN PKJ…

    1. Sindhudi

      HI Banita congrats for being number 1. Well Banita tripping is down because they are dragging too much of the scenes of aftermath of the release of Shivaay and it seems like they are not progressing Shivaay’s character. He looks lost all the time.

      Maybe aunties want to see some progression in Shivaay’s.

  2. Appy

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals….
    1.Ask and his stress actually this PTSD has very bad impact on person…I still don’t know how Sso will come out from his trauma..May be when he will see tej alive he will heal himself..I am really feeling bad for me
    2.Shivika part…. I really live for these tiny moments..such a cute and lovely scene …..after so many days.there were desire in their eyes to hold each other in arms and never let her/him go.but situation trauma stopping them once Sso will back to his form then we will see what will see do????
    3 …..lastly I don’t have anything to say..bcoz Omru are shutting my mouth with their it’s better not to say anything.
    Precap-…GUYS DON’T normally affects PTSD people…But I am really feeling bad for Annika
    Poor soul us suffering so much
    Sso plz comeback to your form and heal Annika’s pain…pretty please….PLEASE………….

    1. Sindhudi

      Arpu dear Shivaay is still in this shell of prison life and he can’t come out of the trauma. However cvs are dragging too much of his trauma which I think some of them are getting bored to see the drag. They could have shown the speech part today but they dragged too much for the part where Shivaay goes up the stage and stands and gets distracted with flashlights and he took such a long time to say Dear All and then Rudra comes on. There is no need to drag this part at all. They should have moved today’s episode on a little fast track

  3. Appy

    Too much typos.
    1.Not Ask it’s Sso*
    Not bad for me it’s bad for him*
    2 .not what will see do it’s what will they* do

  4. Sindhudi

    Now what was the precap all about? Shivaay strangling Anika. What is going on? Why such a twist of events? Is it a nightmare of Shivaay?

    Om came at the wrong time to pluck off the mike. I hope Shivaay still gives the speech. At least Dadi blessed Shivaay. Poor Shivaay!!! I hope the tadibaaz Shivaay is back and when will that happen. It seems like they are dragging it so much. I hope they don’t drag for too long.

    Hello everyone Banita Luthfa Arpu, Jeevi dear Shiny, NSK Agga Pushpa Kadhambari Shivya Tania Ishita methuangel Rajvi and many many more members.

  5. Hi guys… I’m back… Vr bz…
    Abt 2day epi… Hmmm ok… So far so gd.. Vr sad bcos no oberois moments…No love moments… 😔😞
    Hope nxt week trp will increase.. ❤️❤️

  6. Hello everyone happy dushera
    Today episode was ok
    Loved shivika track only
    Precap is scary

  7. Hi guys. I know it’s hard to see Shivay like this but really what a AMAZING acting by Noks. He portrays all the emotions so well…I’m sure most of us had tears in our eyes without realizing…THAT ONLY THE VERY BEST CAN DO.
    I Love the lil moments of Shivika…they’re like an oasis to us but IB sends very important message to the society….it makes you think outside the box. Im sure in real life people have similar struggles and hope the show helps them come out of it the way Shivay does.
    I know it feels like the track is dragging but its showing the struggles and inner strength needed to fight the depression, ptsd, trust issues.
    Shivay at the moment is like a lost soul and Anika is his strength, it shows her unconditional love, trust and TLC that he needs.
    LOVE SHIVIKA ALWAYS 💝 , Love AniRiYa bond…it shows a women strength standing behind their loved ones😙

  8. Precap is bad, hopefully the TRP ratings go up.

  9. Vidyakrish

    Shivika scene was good to see after long time. I hope shivaay give speech no Rudy. I am waiting to see who give speech. Prehap was so scary I think high depression leads shivaay to this stage. Hope tadibaaz sso back.

  10. Riana

    Very emotional episode…
    Dimaag kharab hogaya ye sab emotional drama dekhbar… Kuch bhi interesting nahi horaha !! 😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Precap – Why didnt i died before watching this !!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱… Ye tha kya 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😏😏😏😏

  11. Riana

    But in the precap, i guess shvaay was dreaming that nightmare… 😒😷

  12. What’s happening in this serial lot of emotion very dragging losing interest to watch the serial. I think writer don’t know what to write so making emotional scenes which happenes in other serials.
    This serial was too different from other serials from episode 1 to 564.
    Missing those bonding,love,fun.
    So watching from episode 1 on hotstar this is my 10th time watching ishqbaaz I’m very addicted to this episode 1to 564.

  13. Plz dont trouble anika anymore bring her tadibaaz baagadhbilla in his usual tadi. Fill some happiness in her life bcoz sso does not like tears in his anika’s eyes

  14. Nikita_jai29

    Ohh shivaay is having post trauma of jail experience… Nakul is really good in expressing shivaay emotions..

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