Ishqbaaz 15th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaay makes Anika feel special

Ishqbaaz 15th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaay tells Anika that she was right there and he was searching her everywhere. Anika says that is what his problem is. Something is close to him and he searches everywhere else like crazy. He did stunts to send her away, so she did one stunt too. Shivaay asks so that was her plan? Anika says yes and others were also with her in this. In flashback, it shows Bhavya and Gauri were also with Anika and Nani motivated Anika to continue doing what she’s doing.

Back to present, Anika tells Shivaay that he was searching her desperately and she was seeing his desperation in tablet. She asks why was that? He says because he… She asks what? He says he won’t say it. She says she is his wife. He says she made him suffer a lot, so he won’t say it now. But when he says it, he will say

in his style. She says he can’t do it. He can’t even make her feel special. He asks she’s challenging him? She says yes. He tells her sorry for hurting her so much. Truth is he still hasn’t got well. He can’t sleep and gets thoughts in night. She says she knows it and understands it, but there is no problem in world that has no solution. They both together will fight with this problem as well. They hug. Twinkle comes and says so cute. Shivaay and Anika separate. Twinkle tells Shivaay so now she doesn’t need to act anymore and asks whether she can call Chintu now. Shivaay asks whose that. Anika says Twinkle loves him. Shivaay asks what kind of name is that. Anika says his name is also Billu. Twinkle asks Shivaay to help her in getting married to Chintu. Anika says he will definitely help.

Anika is sleeping. She wakes up and can’t find Shivaay in the bed. She wonders whether she woke up late or Shivaay woke up early. She gets ready and comes to the living room. She asks Khanna. He says he went to office. Gauri calls Anika for breakfast. It’s aalu-puri. Gauri says Shivaay made for her. She starts eating. Shivaay calls her and asks whether she felt special. She says it was a good try, she felt special only 10%. He asks her to drink juice now. She makes faces saying it looks like karela’s juice and it must be bitter. He asks her not to make face and drink it. He hangs. She asks Gauri whether he’s trying to make her feel special or punishing her. Gauri says she doesn’t know and makes her drink it. After she finishes drinking, she sees a paper with poolside written on it.

Anika comes to poolside and there is Bhavya with collection of dresses. Bhavya asks her to wear whatever she likes. Shivaay asks Anika whether she felt special now. Anika says 20%. She says she is confused what to choose. He says to pick yellow, but she says she likes red. He asks her to choose what she likes and hangs. Bhavya asks so red? Anika says no, yellow.

She’s going to her room. Nani asks her to get thaal from mandir. There she’s guided to go to study room. She says Shivaay even involved Nani. She comes to study room and there is jewelry collection. Shivaay again calls her. Anika says she feels special 40% now. He asks what more she wants? She says it’s his job to find that out. Bhavya and Gauri help Anika in choosing jewelries.

Shivaay’s deal is done. He is very happy. Rudra thinks Shivaay looks so happy after so many days. He thinks of confessing and Shivaay might forgive him. He starts telling Shivaay that he has made many mistakes lately. Shivaay thinks something and says it’s ok. Roop comes there. Shivaay says what she’s doing in office. She says she just thought to stop by. Shivaay says they can have lunch together. Roop says sure. After Shivaay and Om leave, Roop stops Rudra and asks what he was doing. Shivaay will so hurt after finding out the truth. Rudra agrees and thinks of staying quiet for now. Roop is annoyed as she can’t separate brothers. She says she will have to do something.

Bhavya and Gauri tell Anika it’s time to go to spa now. Shivaay messages Anika and asks whether she felt special. She says 50%. Girls are in spa. Shivaay calls Anika and asks again. She now says 70%. He asks her to come to a lounge so he can make it 100%. He asks her to wear that yellow saaree. She reminds she liked red. He says she still chose yellow, he knows his wife that much. She blushes.

Precap: Shivaay proposes Anika for re-marriage. She hugs him.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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  1. Luthfa

    Hello my beautiful PKJ,
    I know what everyone’s feeling and going through.I just want to say that don’t feel disheartened and low.Future is always unknown but,our condition is not that good to feel hopeful still what’s wrong in hoping?Be positive and have faith in your love,in SC,in God.Everything will turn to our favour,my heart is saying when I know it’s breaking slowly.Still,my dearest PKJ,stay strong and united.This shall pass too.Miracle can happen anytime.Lots of love,hugs,cuddles and kisses to everyone😊😊😊

    1. Hi meri pyari Luthfa di! Missed you a lot di!
      I’m extremely overwhelmed by your hope in our favour. Let’s keep faith and let miracles happen. Hoping for the best.

      And I want to specially thank you for your love and pampered welcome on my last comment.

      1. Luthfa

        Feelings are very mutual Shivya.Yes,we will stay strong.Love,true love is the biggest weapon to defeat anything,anyone.Even God bends down before true love and it’s urges from heart.So,don’t feel sad.Keep praying to God that we and every single fan of IB pass through this tough phase.And most importantly,take care of yourself.I love you😊😊😊

    2. Congrats for being number 1 Luthfa!!! Wow!!! Yes it is true Lu. My heart is breaking and I know somehow the news is true but I am hoping SC will have a change of mind or Gul would change the script so SC can come back. I don’t think I can see Nakkul acting with any other female neither can I see Surbi acting with any other male.

    3. Exactly just waiting for miracle luthu

  2. Luthfa

    I have a special request for those PKJ members,who are not registered.Plz guys,do get registered.We want to stay together as long as we can.Love you😊😊😊

    1. Thank you for your kind request di. Truly said. I’ll register ASAP.
      Love you more than myself. Take care.❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Luthfa

        Oh thank you sooooooo…very much Shivya.A biggggggg…teddy bear warm hug from my side to you,for this sweet decision.And again,I am requesting every other member.Good night Shivya.Have peaceful,calm night😊😊😊

  3. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    TRP of IB this week is 1.3 nd out of 20… I don’t understand why TRP is decreasing…!!!! I mean now a days epis r really good, but……………
    Everyone plzzzz watch IB prime time on TV…
    Today my comment will be a small one…
    So whole epi about “special feel hua”………
    Nd bande ne ek epi mein 70% special feel krwa toh dia…
    Not bad……!!!!!
    Khanna bhaiya… Liked that part much…
    Just loved d whole epi…
    Precap –
    Finally he will propose her to marry him… But yrr i want pehele Shivay ILU bole then shaddi ke liye propose karen…
    GN PKJ…

    1. Agree episodes are really good then why less trp

      1. Banita

        Exactly Shivika…

    2. Hi Banita dear! Hope you are doing khitkitod!
      Missed you a lot and missing your jovial analysis. Between today’s of yours was short and sweet.
      Love you darling. Take care.

      1. Banita

        Hlo Shivya…
        Missed U too dr…
        I m good…
        How about U???
        Thank U…

    3. I think maybe Banita trp is Low perhaps people already know that SC is quitting and IB is taking a generation leap so people are getting waned already to watch. I suppose they also feel that no Surbi no IB and no Nakkul no IB. Yesterday as I was watching IB I did not feel like before after knowing SC may quit the show. Internationally people have written to the channel as not to remove SC if not there is no IB. So many letters have poured in internationally and on Twitter. Let us hope for the best.

    4. Hi bani
      Even i agree after arrival of twinke episodes became good as we saw obros moment and many more.

  4. Appy

    Hiiiii mere khidkitod pagals…….

    Wow…wow….just wow
    This is what I can say about today episode
    Finally after so many month we got a happy chirpy chulbuli Annika …😭😭🤗🤗🤗🤗🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    How much I missed her ..
    Sso now you have a change don’t let her go …..
    Now mission #MakesAnnikafeeling jealous..
    I loved it
    Sso’s gestures are so sweet ..
    But they showed that Honey ad only on tv not hotstar
    So i thought that Honey scene was not there ..
    Anyways today all were looking so cute ….
    Blushing Annika and Blushing Billu🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
    Last time Sso wanted to hear I love you from Annika’s mouth first
    This time Annika wanted to hear those three magical words first..
    Loving this.lets see How Sso confess in his style..
    Those aloopuri were so tempting my mouth became watery….
    And Dadi teasing Annika..awwwwww so sweet
    But limelight was TWINKLE.
    She was sooooooooooooo cute today…I Loved her….
    And 70% is done 30% percent is remaining
    And I am feeling my phone battery is 70% …need 30% for full charge..🤣🤣🤣…
    Precap- waiting like anything
    Annika is looking so gerogous 🤩🤩🤩🤩
    And damn that hug is so tight and soothing
    Tomorrow come soon
    Ok Guys I am totally exhausted
    I could not sleep properly yesterday I slept at 2 30 am.and wake up at 6 pm
    Whole day making notes
    See you tomorrow

    1. Hi Arpita di! Thank you for your yesterday’s reply.

      Stellar analysis di. Your parallel comparison of three magical words made me so elated. I enjoyed each of the word from your analysis.

      I too had slept at 3a.m. yesterday. Don’t be stressful and depressed. Take care of yourself di.

      Love you too meri Jaan.❤️❤️❤️❤️

    2. Hey Arpu good that you are enjoying the episode very much. Of course it was so beautiful to see how Shivaay tried to woo Anika all over again. Anika was soooo cute. Twinkle na made Shivaay her Father to ask for proposal to Chintu’s Father.

  5. Sindhudi

    Hello hello PKJ family, banita dear Luthfa Arpu Shivya Jeevi dear Shiny dear Pushpa Kadambari Shivika NSK Agga and many many more.

    Today’s episode was so fabulous. I loved it very much. Honestly I wanted Shivaay to search for Anika for a few days instead of within one day. This is not enough. Anyway I liked all the efforts of Shivaay of making Anika special. It was so nice. I loved it and their tight hug. That was so romantic. Tomorrow will be even better.

    Well I know I should just wait and be patient. However, I can’t help with reports floating that Surbi is quitting the show. Actualy no Surbi or Nakkul No Ishqbaaz. Shivika are the pivotol actors in the show. Even if Surbi remains and Nakkul is out, no one will watch IB. IB is made up of Shivika. Without then the foundation is gone. I am not sure why Surbi does not want to play mother’s role. Serials have to move on. They can’t still show Shivaay and Anika as a couple. They will have to show a family. I only hope they retain Surbi with the leap. Instead of finding another female lead for Nakkul they could just keep Surbi who can play the new love life of Nakkul with a difference in her character unlike the old IB.

    I really can’t watch IB if no shivika. I will probably just watch the old IB on hotstar and be happy with it. Please Gul don’t send Surbi away. We need her in the show even if they go through the leap. They did not even tried to finish the redux properly and already thinking about leap. Without the Obros brothers IB is also not the same. I am not sure whether I will like the IB after the leap.

    I really hope all this news is not true and Shivika stays on the show.

    1. Wow sindhudi u just said what I thought and even I was going to do same thing what u said I’m going to watch old IB on hotstar and stop watching new one

      1. Yes Shivika what can I do. I only watch IB and it is Shivika the Obros dadi Rikara and Ruvya. When they are going to change all the cast then what is the point of watching IB. I can’t bring myself to do it. The old flavour of IB is gone. Perhaps I am from old school of thought and I loved how it was created right from the start.

      2. Even me watch only IB u know every day I watch old IB it makes me happy.

    2. Hi Sindhu di, how are you! Missed you a lot and lot!
      First of all I would like to thank you di coz. I was not here for 2 months and whenever I read the comments of IB on TU I could see my name in all your analysis. I’m grateful towards you for your deed. Thank you di.
      Waise Super analysis di. And what you said at last is was what I’m really doing right from last week. If it’s confirmed, then we are really gonna miss our ISHQBAAAZIS.

      Hoping for some miracle to take part.

      Love you meri khitkitod di. Take care.❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. Oh shivya dear thanks so much. How can o forget you! You use to be a regular in the past. What can I do if the reports seem so true then I am only left with watching the old IB and savour every moment of it. At least it will be there on hotstar. I love Nakkul but I am sorry no Shivikai no IB for me. Even if it is only person I will not still watch.

  6. Such a beautiful love story how can they even think of separating SC and NM from the show. It’s really disappointing.
    I read by December Shivika,rikara and ruvya story will be done and they are looking for new face as a main female lead. I’m not able to digest if this happens I’m going to stop watching IB.
    Better they end the show.
    Sometimes I think this is there way of ending IB.

    1. Hi Shivika dear,
      Calm down. Let’s wait for some wonder to take part in this matter.

      1. Hmm ok😔

  7. Hello pkj… Am new here
    Guys is this true that surbhi di is leaving the show and except nox bhaiyya everyone is leaving the show??? 😭😭😭… Can anyone clear this rumour?
    By the way I enjoyed today’s episode very much..

    1. Banita

      Hlo dr,
      R U new to TU page??
      Well in TU after posting ur comment it will be on moderation nd then it will take some time to show ur comment on d page…
      Nd about rumours , there r many such rumours now relating to IB…
      I don’t know about others , but I personally don’t believe those till anyone relating to IB will clear it…

      1. Agree with you… But Gul ma’am has confirmed surbhi di leaving the show…

        How can we survive without surbhi di in in

        We can’t even imagine nox bhaiya with other female lead😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    2. Hi dear, welcome to Grand Pkj family. Don’t panic until it gets clear. Let’s wait hopefully.
      Till then enjoy IB and keep commenting here.

    3. Hi welcome dear to our pkg family. I hope you will enjoy our company 😊

  8. Hi to all meri khitkitod Grand Pkj walas!

    Such a Shivikaliiiiiciiiiiousssss episode it was! But I feel like CVS are trying to soothe us with Shivikalicious episodes till this November and ……………………….

    Sorry guys I’m struggling hard to type further as I’m teary eyed.
    But still let’s hope for the best.

  9. What happened to my first comment which I posted???

  10. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    This comment is not about d epi…
    After read all ur comments again I want to say it…
    *Do NOT come to any conclusion on d basis of HALF TRUTH*…
    Yeh Gul said that there will be a generation leap on d show…
    She also added that Nakuul will play his son’s role… (According to a social network site)
    But did she ever say that SC will not be a part of IB anymore after d leap…!!!????
    Did SC said that she will not part of d show…!???
    Or did SP said it…!!???
    Just a Noooo…
    At first a social network site make a article nd it cames to it’s own conclusion that SC will not a part of show after d leap… After that as expected all fans started trending…
    It’s not new 4 us… Becz before also from many sites news come that IB is going to off-air which not happened till now…
    Nd don’t forget IB is now going on AU so may be after some epis of leap story will RETURN to RU…
    I don’t know how much truth is there in this , but YES after a whole day trending of #NoSurbhiNoIB nd after read all ur comments , now also I will say I don’t believe in such rumours till d channel or anyone related to IB will confrim it…
    So it’s my request 2 all of U that just CALM DOWN… Try to think positive…

    1. Ok as u say will stay calm.

    2. Banita I remember an interview by business channel when Surbi said that they will be going to London for some shots and it will be soon. Yesterday as I was browsing the internet to check whether these rumours were true I saw a picture of Nakkul wearing winter wear and in the background was the red top double decker London bus. I went o London before and I remember the place they shot that scene. So I am not sure whether Shivika Son aka Nakkul will see Anika or Surbi but with different name there in London. If not Surbi will not say that to the journalist who was interviewing them. I am just keeping my fingers cross.

    3. Exactly exactly exactly till then enjoy yrr

  11. Luthfa

    Feelings are very mutual Shivya.Yes,we will stay strong.Love,true love is the biggest weapon to defeat anything,anyone.Even God bends down before true love and it’s urges from heart.So,don’t feel sad.Keep praying to God that we and every single fan of IB pass through this tough phase.And most importantly,take care of yourself.I love you😊😊😊

  12. Today’s episode was the best!!! I really liked it.

  13. Banita

    Well, there is a wrost news that i read just now which released 2hr before…
    As i said before i will not believe till makers clear it , but now Gul herself fully cleared that SC will not part of d show after d leap , after completaion of 800 episode…
    Now as it cleared that SC will not be part of IB after leap so i m also not going to watch IB any more after d leap…
    I always thought IB is d only show that i watched from start nd will watch till end, but seriously I don’t have idea what will happen now…
    But as per Gul , low TRP is main reason 4 d generation leap…Nd unfortunately we can’t deny it this truth…
    Nd again I want to say all of U that don’t overstress urself becz of this news…
    Nd enjoy d current track of d epi…

    1. Banita

      Nd one more thing I want to clear that , I don’t know wether this article is true or false… So just wait till leap nd fully enjoy the current track which is Amazingggg….

    2. Oh really even I’m not going to watch IB

  14. Shajessie

    Hi guys… Hello luthfa, banita, appy, sindhu, n all… Hw r u… Hope gd… I’m nt feeling well so absent for 3 days.. I’m bc… Ok let’s go to epi…
    3 days epi was really gd… I love it… Shivika’s some love moments was gd… Great… Both of them r so cute.. when I saw them in the screen.. I really think tat wat a such a lovely couple 👫
    But I felt sad tat I heard there is a leap where anika is no more… She died after gv birth… Is it true guys…
    Nw only Cn watch the redux little bit after so many months… Nw got another twist… O my matta…. Pls…
    I still love the old ishqbaaz… Where got love, brotherhood n oberois moments, n also teach us hw to respect elders… Pls.. If got any changes like no shurbhi or nakul… Better end the ishqbaaz…
    I’ll see again n again the old IB.. N feel happy forever… Shivika in ishqbaaz is an unforgettable couple tat I ever seen bfr…
    Ishqbaaz is a unity of 3 loveable couples… I’m actually sad to c rikara n ruvya as a married couples.. Bcos nvr shows their marriage n also their some cute romances…
    So I hope, I dun want to c more confusions rather than some unknown stories of redux..
    N nw I’m vr eager to watch 2moro epi… C u guys… Gd nite… Bye dears…

  15. If news is right surbhi is leaving then i am also going to stop watching ib because i truly think new leads will not be able to spell the magic as our aniriya and omru did. I am surbhi fan so i can’t see injustice with her. Till then i will watch but after that i will only come on tu to read stories of fabulous khidkithod writers who have already stolen my heart. Just hoping for miracle we will get news surbhi is not going anywhere. Just hoing
    Bye keep smiling and take care and be strong

  16. i don’t know what to say abt the leap.i am both happy n upset.happy because SP,KJ,LM n MS deserve much better than what is being given to them in IB.upset because i will not get rikara although it is for nano sec scn n shivomru.abt to today’s epi i don’t know why shivika are marrying again .rikara fans are dying n requesting the makers for rikara marriage for a yr but only nano sec scns after 15-20 days are given to them .y’day scn was much better for me .rikara were fabulous n cute in that 1-2 min scn.maybe i am hoping that leap or whatever doesn’t happens.

  17. hi I’m frm tamilnadu(Chennai)i hav being watching kadhala kadhala(ishqbaaz)in Tamil which was telecasted in Tamil..Its been my favourite husband use to nt like watching serials but after watching kadhala kadhala frm d 1st episode were tey introduce Anika an Shivay an d 3 Bros my husband really liked it an use to sit an watch with me..ten i gt to know it was telecastin in Hindi..i don’t know Hindi but i use to watch it and read d written update. i became a craze fan of shivika and rudra.this is d 1st time im commenting on this page..i used to b a silent reader..i think of commenting but ten i get scared becoz i frm Chennai hw wil u guys react..but today i have to share my views and disappointments abt this show.
    1)star Vijay stopped telecastin kadhala kadhala which i broke down so badly
    2)gt news on Instagram tat anika quiting ishqbaaz aft leap tis was a major break down fr me..i just can’t imagine hw cud the makers take such decision..even though i like anika and Shivay as shivika as a couple..but my fav was only anika and wat an actor she can b she portray all her characters so well an if ishqbaaz has reached to tis heights it becoz of anika and only aft tat cums shivika d couple.tey r the best jodi ever i have seen in Hindi and tamil serials..but y only anika out aft leap..i wil watch d serial only til anika character exists in d show..aft tat I’m quiting frm watching ishqbaaz ters no point watching a serial without its said in the serial Shivay Singh oberi is d foundation of the oberi empire..but fr the serial it was anika and only anika the foundation of d serial..i can’t c Shivay with another girl instead of anika no one can take her place and even act the way she did..Sorry if i hurted anyone and said anything wrong forgive me..i even watch kulfi and nazar but gonna stop watching tat even..gul Khan mam shows r gud but she plays with people emotions which is nt gud..i hope to c nakul and subri again as lead pair fr a new project but nt with gul Khan mam show becoz i dont wan to get disappointed again..

    1. Hi ya. I also have the same feeling of without Annika no ib . I watched in Tamil also. Actually I am a Tamilachi. Surbhi quits in is confirmed. So I stop watching after leap like you. Feeling very bad like you and so many. Gul always does like that.. hurt ING our emotions.

    2. Shajessie

      Dun worry Sharon.. V wait n c…

  18. Nikita_jai29

    Last days episodes are very good.. But I have only one word #nosurbhinoishqbaaz

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