Ishqbaaz 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika and Shivaye unite

Ishqbaaz 14th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye is on work call. He sees Rudra leaving. He gets another call. He gets shocked seeing Tej’s call. He says maybe its someone else. He gets tensed. Roop plays Tej’s voice recording on the call. Shivaye angrily breaks the phone. He thinks who is doing this, Rudra just left and he was on phone, is he doing this to prove me mad. He says Rudra wouldn’t do that. Gauri throws clothes in anger. She says I m angry on your brother, he ruined my sister’s life, I know he is upset, but he ruined the marriage. Om says I know he is doing wrong, how can I explain him, he never listens to anyone, Shivaye and I are not on good terms. She says Anika and my relation is still the same, I will wreck havoc here, this is my behavior, you and your brothers got good wives, if Bhavya and I get on our own, then you

will know. Shivaye asks servant about the shoes he got. He asks did you put something in the shoes. Servant says no, Anika told me to take shoes in the tray.

Shivaye asks did anyone take shoes from you. Servant says Rudra asked me to get charger, I left shoes with him for some time. Shivaye thinks did Rudra add the ash in my shoes, is he doing this, I will talk to Anika. Om and Gauri argue. She says I m very angry, just go, listen to me. He says I want to see what you do when you are angry. She holds his collar. Jo na keh sake tum…plays… She loosens his hair. Om says be thankful that I didn’t pluck your hair. Om laughs and says I will talk to Shivaye. Om hugs her.

Shivaye calls out Anika. He asks did you see Anika. Servant says no. Shivaye asks Gauri about her. Gauri gets angry and asks is this some joke, I don’t understand, what do you want, you ruined her life, you asked her to leave the house, when she left, you are asking about her, you should be happy, she really left, she tried her best to keep the marriage. He asks where did she go. She says I don’t know, I would have not told you even if I knew it. She goes. Shivaye says she left, how can she leave like that, where is Anika, I must find her out, I will call her up. He calls Anika. He shouts Khanna. Khanna says she didn’t inform me. Shivaye says then find out. Khanna says maybe she went to her aunt’s house. Shivaye says I will go and find her, call me if you know anything. He goes to aunt’s house. He finds the door locked. He asks the man about Anika’s aunt. The man says she isn’t here since couple of days. Shivaye says it means Anika didn’t come here, where should I look for her, I don’t know any of her friends, I have no clue, Anika knows everything about me, but I didn’t try to know about her, how shall I find her. He calls someone.

Shivaye comes home. Nani asks did you find something. Shivaye says I didn’t find Anika, did any of you receive her call. Rudra says we tried, but her number was off. Shivaye asks Bhavya to use her sources and find her. Bhavya asks her not to worry. Gauri is on call. Shivaye takes phone and asks where are you Anika. He says sorry and gives phone back. Gauri says I was talking to my designer. Shivaye says you would know about Anika, is she fine, tell me. She says I know where she is, but I won’t tell you. Shivaye says Om please explain Gauri.

She asks did you try to understand when Anika explained you, you were finding reasons to make her away, so she left. Om asks her to please say. She says Anika has asked me not to interfere in their personal matter, marriage is for lifetime, its not a switch. Rudra says I have talked to Anika in a bad manner many times, she left when I wanted to apologize, I will find her. He asks Om to be with Shivaye. Shivaye goes to his room. He recalls her. He says everything reminds me of you, I can’t sleep here. He goes. Om gets shocked reading Shivaye’s message for Anika. Rudra sees the news about Shivaye’s appeal to people for finding his wife. Khanna says I didn’t find anything about her. Shivaye says I m worried for her. Nani says you are missing her, I m sure she will come back. Priyanka says Anika has sent this package for you. He reads a note for Twinkle… Dear Twinkle, this lahenga is a gift for your marriage, I wish you good luck and pity, you are going to marry an arrogant, angry and rude man, he is confused and he will keep you confused as well, sometimes he will trouble you a lot, but then he will look at you and melt your anger, but his bad qualities are nothing in front of his goodness, because he is good hearted, he loves everyone, he can give his life for his family, only fortunate people get a life partner like Shivaye, maybe I wasn’t fortunate enough, so I had to go away from him, you are lucky that Shivaye is going to marry you, stay happy and keep him happy, all the best… Anika…

Twinkle says Anika is still thinking for Shivaye’s happiness, she is so good. Gauri says congrats, Anika has given you permission for marriage. Shivaye says I don’t want to marry anyone, I can’t even breathe when she isn’t around, I want Anika. He goes. Nani stops Om and says let him go, he is understanding the meaning of marriage, and wife’s worth for the first time, this feeling will make him a good husband. Shivaye goes to his room and calls Anika. He cries. He says I know you can’t hear me, even then I want to tell you that I really miss you, please come back, I can’t live without you, I promise, I will never ask you to leave me, come back. Anika asks is that a promise. He checks his phone. She says I m not inside the phone, I m here. He looks around. She asks him to bend down, that won’t reduce his height. He asks what are you doing under the bed. She asks him to help. He keeps the cold drink aside and pulls her out. She says it was difficult but it was a good time pass. He hugs her. O jaana…plays….

Shivaye says actually I didn’t get fine, I still struggle and don’t get sleep, I get nightmares. Anika says I understand, we will solve this issue together.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nati

    True or not but no Surbhi no Ishqbaaz

    1. Well said.

    2. Appy

      Congrats dear for being fast
      And yes right.

  2. No words to say but I wish Anika was away from him for 2days or a week.

    1. Banita

      Mereko vi laga tha yrr ki at least 2-3 epi ke liye toh gayab hogi hi , bt ase kuch nahi hua…

    2. Lids

      I know!! That is one of the reason why I get upset with this show every time they separate. Why can’t they (the writers) leave Anika be “upset” with Shivaye for more than a day (episode). I want him, to WANT HER in his life for good as his wife and do stuff to get her back into his good side. Pacifying her by doing the “fun, crazy” stuff that makes them a great couple.

    3. Appy

      Budget issue dear 😭😭🤣🤣🤣

  3. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    Fully enjoyed todays epi…
    Of course except that badam ki dibiya part… Now she is trying to separate Shivru…
    Finally got a Rikara scene after sooooooooooooo many days…
    Gouri, my dabang gundi chiraiya…… Just loved her in whole epi…
    Apna jatadhari hippi ka jata hi khol dia.… Hahahah…
    My poor Om bhaiya…!!!!!!
    Poor pan… Gundi chiraiya ki kitni zulm sehna pada… LOL.…!!!!
    Wahhh…!!!! Bande ne news mein vi diclear kr dia…
    Anika’s letter was Aaaawwwww…!!!!!!!
    Shivay – “Zindegi mein kabhi nahi bolunga jaane ko”… LOL…At last samajh toh aaya…
    Anika under bed…… Hahahaha…………
    Finally a proper Shivika milan happened after 5yr leap…
    Precap –
    GN PKJ…

    1. Lovely analysis Banita dear! Love you!

      1. Banita

        Thank U Shivya…

    2. Appy

      Loved Sathiya song after so many days

      1. Banita

        Haan Arpu…

  4. Appy

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals…..

    @Sindhu Di yeh right
    @Lu @Bunny and other I am really missing you
    BCOZ of preparation of exams I can’t even get time to come here ..really missing you guys..
    @Medhaangel its ok dear don’t say sorry
    Exam comes first

    Come to episode
    Finally Sso ki batti jalgayi…….finally he realised the value of Annika……
    Most funny thing is Sso did so many things
    Firstly that car stunt
    Secondly insulting Annika
    Thirdly tara drama
    Forthly Twinkle drama
    Fifthly press conference drama
    But all became failure
    And Annika just disappeared from Sso’s eyes
    Banda bikul line main aagaya..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    That letter was actually made me emotinal 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Nakuul you slayed….

    …..that was not Sso that was Shivaay That was the line of a kid who want his teddy bear….
    I really loved that scene…..

    Annika is hiding under bed..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣…this girl is really something different
    Sso Bow down for Annika….
    Yippyyyy and that instant tight hug……
    After 5 years they hugged each other
    Was waiting for this..
    Loved it sooooooo much

    Precap soothing…wala

    Today segment Shivika remarriage

    Ok Guys I am totally exhausted bcoz of tension
    I think you know it
    Better not talk about it
    Just keep voting ..

    Ok byy
    Miss you and love you guys..

    1. Banita

      Heyyy Arpu…
      Yrr Twinkl toh thik hain , bt Tara drama kya hain…!!!???
      Yeh i also miss everyone , but yesterday was a lil busy…
      TC yrrr pagal ladki…

      1. Appy

        Are woh layi thi na
        Ek ladki ko
        Tara flirt kar raha tha pool side pe

    2. Riana

      Its a nightmate for us arpu… #nosurbhinoishqbaaz

      1. Exactly Riana, it’s a nightmare.

      2. Appy

        Biggest Nightmare..

    3. Hi Arpita di! How are you! Hope you remember me.
      Missed you and missing your chapterwala analysis a lot and lot!
      Waise a great and lovey dovey analysis di.
      Love you di.

      1. Appy

        Of Course I remember you….
        And missed you so much….
        Even I am missing my chapter analysis too
        But track got wrong and I lost my chapters..
        Love you too my jaan

  5. Banita

    To all IB friends.…
    Again I m saying it don’t comes to any conclusion without knowing d full story…
    I know many of U r upset by d news of SC will be out from IB… But i will say one thing don’t believe such rumours…
    Gul said there will be a generation leap in future that doesn’t mean SC will not be a part of IB after that… Neither Surbhi or anyone else confrimed it…
    So just clam down nd enjoy d current track of show fully…

    1. What’s the news about surbhi

      1. Banita

        Heyyy Shivika…
        There is some sites spreading d news that SC will be out of IB nd as expected fans r reacting according to that… That’s why i said all those things…

    2. Thanks a lot and loads of hug to you for this soothing comment Banita dear.

      1. Banita

        WELCOME BACK @Shivya…
        A teddy bear hug 2 U too dr…
        But now also I will say d same…
        KEEP CALM…

    3. Thanks banita for replying which site u guys usually see.

      1. Banita

        Shivika i don’t use twitter nd insta…
        But u can see it from Ishqbaaz twitter or Ishqbaaz instagram…
        Lotss Of Love dr…

    4. Appy

      Something is not right
      We can’t take risk yarr

      1. Banita

        Arpu still I will say d same…

  6. Hello everyone
    Banita you are absolutely right. Team knows shivika are heart of ib lets see what will happen till then enjoy ib
    Coming to episode it was goood finally
    First half shrenu nailed it dabangi gundi chirraiya 😃😃
    Second half our billu in search of billi yrr ab rulago ge kya 😘😘
    Rudy ani ka ladla devar realised his mistake and want apology 😋😋
    Ahaa anika hided inside bed sooo cute but i thought she will show nakhre but koi nai 😃😃
    Sooo overall mast episode
    Bye keep smiling and take care everyone and please let fandom work there dont create stress here of ib cast. Jo hoga dekha jayega either we will carry on watching ib or move ahead.
    Till then relax chill keep smiling and 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

    1. Banita

      Hlo Medhangle…
      Exactly dr there is no point to panic… Makers r not that much dumb that they will do such things… They know what to do… So why panic for a half truth…

    2. Truly said dear. Thank you.

    3. Appy

      Yes till Shivika is here enjoy full
      But still scared for My Chandu

  7. JeevithaTK

    Hi guys… Hello to all my lovely akka’s dear onces and my pkj family…. Hru all hope all r doing good….. After many days I’m commenting nd v much irregular here…
    Hope you guys remember me ( build up bahuth huva 😛😛😜😜😝)
    OK coming to the episode the episode was super good I enjoyed a lot don’t y bt enjoyed it… After many days I watched the episode….
    😯😯 O saathiya song 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 gouri’s angry was soo cute to watch sply o react the way he was seeing gouri soo cute…..
    Shivay from now u dare u dare to say to anika to get out ur life….. U know na tht u can’t be with anika then y soo much……
    Actually I missed tht last part to c….
    Awaaaaaa ri waaaa wt a place u choose to hide di… Just waiting for tomorrow to c the last part….
    😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠 bua u nd tej na let n number of season come u both never change…
    Thank god got to c rudra back to lil bit of Rudy…. This many days he was second version of MR. TSO…….
    Actually know I got know the real reason for the Redux becoz according to the rule of Indian serials. The main on which serial is ie weather its bond btw pairs, family, brothers, r sister’s it must b broken Atleast once…. To make this separation track they did Redux becoz if they have it in 1st season it could nt have been happen becoz they was like tht ( my guess)
    I don’t know who is the present dress designer they r doing good… Sply in gouri… Nd all….
    Hi Sindhu akka : how is your health now akka. Hope ur recovering…
    Lu dear : OK done for ur 22 & 30 plan…..
    I really missed you guys v.much …
    Good night sweet dreams….
    Love you all 😍😍😍😍

    1. Banita

      WELCOME BACK @Jeevi…
      Nycc to see ur comment after many days dr…
      Ur reason 4 redux……Hmmmmmm……
      May be…!!!!??

    2. Hi Jeevitha dear, hope you are doing great and I hope you remember me!
      Worthy analysis and I agree with all your words esp. your POV of redux. Well said dear.
      I was really proud of IB as it was of inseparable obros track once but now it happened in redux.
      Love you dear.

    3. Appy

      Welcome back Jeevi with much love
      Missed you
      Yeh twinkle is sooo cute
      Belated happy children’s day …

  8. JeevithaTK

    And Ya forgot to tell abt the twinkle…. She is soo good nd cute too specially Wen she calls shivay bhaiya….

  9. Hi to all meri Grand PKJ walas! Hope you all are having a Khitkitod life!
    How are you all meri LUTHFA DI,

    A special thanks to meri BANITA DEAR as I am so much relieved and feel little stress free after your encouraging words on
    Still I couldn’t sleep😴😴 and feel restless and upset 😪😪 coz. of it. Anyways let’s pray and hope for the best. Once again thank you dear.

    LUTHFA DI – Super Duper Plan di. Let’s
    rock on those ✌️ days.

    Stay safe and take care. Love you all meri ISHQBAAAZ PAGLONS.😘😘😃😃❤️❤️

    1. Not able to digest about SC news. Gul khan can do anything she wants to.
      Once again shivika’s marraige this is the 5th time they are getting married they would have showed all three couples marriage together in the redux we dint see rikara and ruvya’s marraige I pity these 2 couples.

    2. Appy

      I am.not able to eat anything
      This time something is really really not right
      But still enjoy shivika vote and do something before disaster happen

  10. I don’t mind they are creating generation leap or what…… But if they want to change the leads, change everyone…… Make a fresh story….. Don’t just change one or two characters….. But it’s Gul show, she will decide whom to choose….. Just like she scrapped Vrushika and Nehalaxmi, she can do the same to anyone….. Already Shrenu facing the same and now Surbhi…… But still I’m not sure if the news is true….

    1. Appy

      That’s the exact thing scaring me 😭

  11. If surbhi will leave i can’t imagine ib without anika she is great wall of ib though story started with shivomruv but anika became life of ib
    1)Anika shivay ki billu billi laddai pleasure to watch.
    2) her dictionary
    3) her caring and loving nature towards omru ladli bhabi
    4) dadi ki fav jhalli bahu
    5) sahil and shiv ki lifeline
    6) team of anishivomru 😍
    7) aniriya team a caring and protective sister and sister in law
    8) enemies ki tai tai phis karne wali
    9) her khidkithod ideas
    10 ) her red champa
    11) khanna ki fav madam
    12) kapoor sis ki lovable enemy
    Anika ke bina shiv nahi shiv ke bina om nahi om ke bina ru nahi ru ke bina ib nahi aur ib ke bina hum nahi.
    What you all think gyz

  12. Hi all..what can i say..the episode n Shivika n Rikara were Awesome but the joy was wiped out with the terrible news
    IB will not be ishqbaaz IF there is no Shivika, no Rokara n no Ruvya.
    So plz Gul mam, plzzzzzzzzzzz give us some strength n peace …
    We want Baby track but no Shivansh without Shivika. It wont work.
    Arshii fans have already witnessed when they culled the show…it never got the same momentum with part 2 or 3.
    Gul mam plzzzzzzzzzzz there are so many storyline you can follow …there are 3x couple… the track can drag successfully for another 2 to 3 years , we will enjoy it enormously but plz dont spoil it for IB fans..
    There are so many other serials quite boring but still going everyday.
    …..we just want Shivika, Rikara n Ruvya with lots of love, romance , action n drama. Plz.

    1. They will not understand as they love to close their shows by making fans hell angry. Even ekta kapoor serials run through years and years without proper story line but still serial stay alive but this gul lady i don’t understand why she every time annoys her earlier by ipkknd when we wanted sanaya and now surbhi. I am saying if surbhi will leave i will also leave watching ib.
      Sorry if i have hurted anyone sentiments my intention was not like
      This but i am fed up with this every time it goes like this

  13. Astmasiddika

    Hii PKJ family I hope you guys enjoyed your diwali
    Coming to the episode
    So cute & emotional episode when Shivay bro start searching 4 Anu di really he realised if dear person is away from you what we can go through without them we can’t live without them suddenly I thought of a saying that is” u will realise a person’s importance when u r away from them ” I literally felt it suitablly matches this situation . Gauri reaction on Om was cute om beared gauri’s anger for a min I felt old Om is back . Thank god Rudy realised his mistake apart from that bua’s plan every thing was good in today’s episode
    I seen latest news that IB is going to take generation leap & apart from Nakul bhai nobody will not be seen in the serial is that true??

    1. Yes even I read about it if that is the case they should end IB without anika,rikara and ruvya no one will watch the show. then with new entry the show will end in 1 or 3months like how they ended up ipkknd 2.
      I will stop watching IB
      Without these guys the show won’t run for a week.

  14. Nikita_jai29

    #nosurbhinoishqbaaz… Episode is good but I will prefer to quit the show

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