Ishqbaaz 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye loses Anika

Ishqbaaz 14th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye is on the way. Dadi and everyone pray at home. Dadi and Nani do aarti. O palan haare….plays… Rudra and Bhavya also pray. Everyone thinks of Anika. The man says no one has come to represent Oberoi industries. Jai smiles and thinks no one will come and I will get this deal. He gets shocked seeing Om. Om thinks of Shivaye’s words. Gauri consoles Sahil and hugs. Om gets ahead with presentation. Gauri and Priyanka do the aarti and pray. Everyone claps for Om. Jai gets angry. The man says well done, nice presentation. Om thanks them and smiles.

Jai says Shivaye has troubled me a lot, its your turn to trouble him, Anika is his life, he shouldn’t get Anika, I want to see Shivaye breaking down, do anything, make sure that Shivaye doesn’t reach Anika, do anything, you don’t let them meet at any cost. Priyanka sees him and comes. Jai says kill him if needed, I don’t care. She asks whom are you talking about, I m your wife and have right to know the matter. She asks are you responsible for Anika’s kidnapping, answer me. He says no, my enmity is with your brother, not Anika, my business rival has won again. She says I m scared, I m your wife, but I haven’t ended my ties with family, I m Shivaye’s sister, I m an Oberoi first, if I get to know that you were behind Anika’s kidnapping then, you will witness the courage of Oberoi family women, I can do anything for my family, if you cause harm to my family, I will end my ties with you. Sahil hears them and says I just got to know today that Shivaye and Jai are enemies. Rudra cries and drives fast.

Bhavya asks him to drive carefully, they have to reach safely for Shivaye. He says I can’t live without you, I wasn’t able to process any thought when I felt I lost you, I was angry, I was thinking about Shivaye, what he is going through, he can’t live without Anika, if something happens to her, he will be devastated, the family will shatter. She says nothing will happen to Shivaye, he is fine as Anika is fine, I m sure we will find out something in this factory. He says Shivaye is very strong, he handles everything. She holds his hand.

Shivaye calls Bhavya. He says I reached the factory, I m going in. Rudra says we are reaching, wait. Shivaye says I can’t wait. Bhavya says he won’t wait, speed up Rudra, we need to reach there fast. Shivaye enters the factory and sees Rajiv. He thinks its Rajiv….he has a gun, I have to find Anika without making any noise. He steps on the glass bottle. Rajiv hears the sound and looks around. Shivaye hides. Rajiv points gun at him and says I didn’t expect you to reach here. Shivaye asks where is Anika. Rajiv says I will shoot you. Shivaye says tell me where is Anika.

Rajiv says keep your phone in your pocket. Shivaye hits him and makes the gun fall. He kicks the gun away. He beats up Rajiv. He asks where is my Anika. Rajiv says you won’t get your wife, even if you get her, you won’t get her alive. Shivaye pushes him. He shouts Anika and looks for her. Jaane kaise…..plays… Anika is tied up to the chair. A gun points towards her, fixed with a string connected to door. He gets Anika’s bracelet and thinks its of Anika, she has dropped this bracelet to give me clue, it means she is around here. He pushes the boxes. He sees Anika inside a locked room and shouts to her. Rudra drives the car inside the factory. Rudra and Bhavya rush to Shivaye. They break the door. The trigger gets pulled by the string attached to the door. The bullet arrow gets shot at Anika’s neck. They get shocked seeing this. They try to rush in. A blast occurs. They all fall back. Shivaye shouts Anika and cries. Rudra and Bhavya cry and hold him. Shivaye cries and thinks of Anika. He shouts out Anika…..

Shivaye and Anika talk about their son, Shivaansh. Shivaansh says I just believe in three things, love, love and love….. Shivaansh is seen.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. VHM

    Hello IBians,


    I donno where to start and how to start. This is first such website that made me visit everyday.
    My first write up started here.
    Slowly i started interacting with everyone.
    Then this girl by name Amaaya aka my chirpy MCA made me join the group called PKJ which was coined by Lax.
    I in a very short time got attached to all the members and eachone of them became a part of my extended family.
    what started with TU Written updates pages, moved to Hangouts , then to Instagram and finally to whatsapp.
    I also met two of them from PKJ my chotii aka NAVYA, Pinku aka Bindu Madhavi
    I got a lifeline , a support system in the form of Sagithya.
    Nilanjana aka Monnie, Gorgeous/gorge aka Banita my daily chat partners.
    Co-Seniors : Anu, Rani, Nivi, Pushpa, Lax, Pinku, FFFan123 aka Deepti aka Asmi
    Sisters : almost everyone MCA, Riddhi/ Amudha, Arpu/Arpita, Asha/Astha, Ven/Vennila, Meenamma, Luthfa, Raji, Annie/Annindita, Ayushi, Gayu, Nila, Tanz / Tanzeela/ Zaveesha, Swa aka Swathi,
    Sana, surbhi, shreya, Neha, Ajeeba, Hasna, Ahu aka Aheli, Pritika, Nithu, Vishnu sri, Chotii aka Navya, Prabha, Nida, Nikita, Harini, Jeevitha, ritika and many more
    (Sorry if i had not taken your name…)
    Daughters : Sweety/Jhanvi, MCG/ Manya, Radhi aka Radhika, Fiza
    Brothers : Lokesh , Fenu aka Fenil
    Elder sister : Premalatha Didi
    Countless memories, funny fights, being an umpire to mediator, counseller to cheapdi everything was adorable.
    My birthday’s were made special with everyone pouring their wishes.

    ISHQBAAAZ without any second thoughts have given me all this.


    Everything in IB till Redux started, made me happy, though i agree few things were utmost crap, but still i used to read Written Updates.
    With the way things turned out i felt really disturbed.
    Specially GK’s treatment with Cast sans NM (Though i abosl*tely adore him even now and have nothing against him) had made me utterly disappointed and left me extremely disturbed.
    (Pushpa our deal is still on)
    The story slowly started losing it charm when the Mohit entered the plot, i still kept myself calm and read written updates because it was my love for IB that never allowed me to ignore
    if not watch it on TV except for some important episodes.
    SHIVIKA Pair are magical and to almost etrenal the magic they created on screen can never ever be replicated.
    RuMya was adorable
    RiKara were lovely
    Tej – Jhanvi the combo of sour and sweet
    Pinky – shakthi a combo of pepper and salt
    Dadi an absolute chachni
    Prinku an hidden Gem
    RuVya tough according to me were misfit were still bearable when they were apart.
    Swethlana, Daksh, Tia, Veer – The deadly Notoirious but extremely ravishing evil foursome
    What started with Oberois should have got ended on a well note with Oberois, but for me everything got lapsed.
    Even with the uncountable flaws IB Season 1 was a masterpiece in itself.

    I STILL STAND BY #NoSurbhiNoIshqbaaz :

    Since it is officialy confirmed that SC is not going to return so for me the journey of IB ends today.
    I know there will be scenes of Shivika in IB 2 aka Dhinchaak Ishqbaaz, but somehow i don’t want the beautiful memories of Shivika, Rikara, Rudra not to leave from
    my heart.
    So i am bidding with a heavy heart an farewell / adieu to IB today.


    Yes, i would still continue to talk to each one of you in Telly updates or wattpad or in Instagram or in Hangouts or in whatsapp.
    This friendship/ relation that we made in these 2.7 years is much precious and hope it would continue till my last breath.
    Also, will continue to post my ff episodes as and when i write in hope that we get to meet here often.


    Telly Updates Admin, had you not opened this website, we would have never made a bond of lifetime with eachother here.
    Ameena, you deserve all the appreciation for posting the episodes everyday on time and bringing us all together.
    Wishing you all the very best for all your future endeavours.
    Who knows we wll may ship another show and you will be the one to update the written episodes of the same show.

    FINALLY THANK YOU ISHQBAAZ and Much love to everyone who are coming over here today. We shall continue to be in touch .
    Lots of love and best wishes to you all. Keep Smiling and Take care.

    1. VHM

      Love you too Annie….

    2. Akka akka akka!! My combo packet akka! Love you and congrats for the first comment.

      Go Harika Akka go…

    3. VHM

      yeyy…how i wished to read this line when we all were together earlier and sadly this happened when most of are about to leave IB . But yeah we will stay connected.

    4. Amayaa

      MHD sacchi sacchi batana kitne ghante laga ye thank you post ready karne me, maine try to kiya but ho hi nahi paya mere se pura.
      Length to mujhe FLASHBACK STORY se kam na laga.

      Part by part me post karna tha na target jaldi achieve hota
      Vaise I am proudly raising my collarless top ( Ninksyy coined ) ‘s collar up with my mention sabse pahle, I thoroughly enjoyed the post and I hereby declare that like whatever my soulsister just said, I meant to say the same so ya it’s a combined thank you speech, I couldn’t write itna lamba aur itna accha anytime sooner

      Arre ha GHG GHG GHG bhi

      Aakhain taras gayi thi, uffffff

    5. VHM

      MCA………….Amayaaaaaaaaa….how happy to see you here, reliving the old memories is what makes me happy than being sad. IB ended but not our relation. So we will talk, make fun in our adda’s .

      i typed the whole thing in 15 MINUTES in a notepad and copy pasted as soon as the written update appeared.

      target tho achieve karenge…sabke comments par reply dete hue, puranui batein yaad karte hue and thoda dukh thoda khush hote hue…yayyy GHG , GHG, GHG ye sunke kitna mazaa aa raha hain.

    6. Thedreamsoul

      I couldn’t help but feel a little nostalgic at the memories – go harika di, go and congratulations on being the first one to comment but it breaks my heart a little to know there won’t be anywhere to go because we have reached the end and this might be the last comment. You are one of the precious gifts ishqbaaz has given me, will cherish the friendship and memories forever. And you have written it beautifully, much love ❤️

    7. VHM

      me too Sana…i will not be precious if you all precious souls aren’t there. so this is and will always be mutual. yes it is nostalgic, but some memories for a shorter remains longer and forever this is one such. awee lots and lots of love to you dear…just stay in touch and keep smiling while taking care of yourself

    8. Thedreamsoul

      You too, sending a box of tissue and teddy bear hugs to you. And like always, love to your little princess, ❤️

    9. Go harika di go!!!?

    10. VHM

      awee…love you lot dear and welcome back

    11. Fatmi

      Di u made me emotional…love u Di ❤️

    12. VHM

      aweee…..emotion we all share in common is LOVE and love you loads dear

    13. Banita

      Go Beauty Go…
      Congoo 4 ur 1st comment….

    14. VHM

      bada accha lag raha hain ye feeling Gorge…love you Gorge

    15. Zaveesha

      IB gave me many precious relation one of which is You Harika di.
      I adore you soo much.
      Lots of Love.

    16. VHM

      Tanz…you are just so so awesome dear…lots and lots of love….

    17. Zaveesha

      Go Harika di Go.

    18. VHM

      yayyyyy…i am somehow enjoying this feeling…now i understand how it feels

    19. Riddhima

      Saas …?????

    20. VHM


    21. Saas-Bahu and where is saazish?? It will began from monday!! Nakuul Vs surbhi!

    22. Luthfa

      Go Harika di Go.Many many congratulations with sweet love.Hope you are doing fine.Missed you,keep missing you.Love you di.Don’t forget your little sister.

    23. VHM

      hey Luthfa…lots of love dear…we will often meet in tu activity page if not you are most welcome to Instagram or wattpad (if you are comfortable just let me know your insta id or wattpad id in tu messenger)… lots and lots pf best wishes and love

    24. Luthfa

      Thank you soooooooooooooo…very much di.Your wish means a lot.I am truly blessed having an elder sister like you in my life.Of course we will keep meeting.Lots and lots of love to you too.

    25. Itna badaaaaaaaaaaa comment Voh bhi first… Waah Mumma waah.. gmg.. gmg… Love you much… And Haan pakka will miss my ib… *Tears*
      But bond between us… Friend ship between us will remain forever… No doubt… Iss janam saare pkj ko mujhe jhelna ka saza diya Gaya hai… Bhag nahi paaoge… Kheench ke lebaaungi

    26. VHM

      Awee…Fiza baccha …love you …haan iss janam keliye bandh gaye sab…ham batein aur masti tho karte rahenge aur IB season 1 ham sabkeliye khaas rahega

    27. Fatmi

      Fizu my angel for the first time i’m talking to u in

    28. Appy

      Heeeeeyyyyy VHM
      This last GVG aapke naam
      GO VHM GO…
      I am.Gonna miss this line…?????????????????????????????
      And you remember so many things..that’s so sweet of you….??????????????????

    29. VHM

      Hi Arpu…finally aa gayi …iss line ka kaha kaise use karna hain uska plan ham jaroor banayenge….bas apna badhaas, emotiosn sab nikal do aaj….aur uske baad hamari hasti khelti Arpu hame walas chahiye….love you a lot ….

    30. Surbhi Sharma

      Sabse pehle di go hari di go . First comment … congratulationssss???
      Your comment made me nostalagic . So many memories …. love you diiiii ?????

    31. VHM

      Hey Surbhi….awee thank you, thank you….even i was nostalgic when i was typing this opinion….there are lot more i had to cut short and brief it…but you all will always be remaining as special persons of my life forever…..lots of love to you Surbhi….

    32. Love u akka
      Sorry for late reply

    33. VHM

      Hey Ritu, you aren’t late…so don’t say sorry…this 1k we will complete before Monday…so just keep posting your opinions and yaaa I love you a lot….

    34. Go Harika Di Go!
      cogo on being first.
      nice comment di

    35. VHM

      yeyyyy…lots of love Ishita…thank you so much dear….

    36. Fenil

      Go Pagal DIi Go
      Congrats for first comment !!
      Love You Pagal Dii !!!

    37. VHM

      yayyyy…love you fen(k)u bhai…yess mein first aa gayi

    38. ItsmePrabha

      akkaaaaaa….so good to dee you here..mundu Go Harika akka Go…ee naa korika eppatiki teeranidhi..Anudhuke naaku nene cheppesukuntunna Go Prabha Go… hehehe..Lovely comment akka…Love you so much…

    39. VHM

      Hey Prabha….awee love you lots chelli…avunu ee sari nenu first comment chesesa…yayyy…but idid mandari ki sambandhinchidi kabatti ..andaramu first comment chesinatte…love you lots chelli

    40. Lokesh

      Love u 2 di, glad to see my name too, and yup IB is an emotion, here content was for all age groups and all characters are in our heart, even daanto wali bua ji or our lovely swetlana.
      Shivika, ishkara, rumya , rikara, Ruvya,tejvi,pinky and Shakti, Priyanka Ranvir,they all are in our ?. And Sahil too baccha wala,and Kalyani dadi.actually it’s a big list. So gud bye to all ishqbaazs here.

    41. VHM

      how can i ignore your name, only two guys i had ever spoken to knowingly in PKJ were you and that pagal feku and you are equally dear to me as my sisters over here….lots and lots of love and best wishes to you….keep smiling and take care

    42. Riddhima

      Go Saas go ..

    43. VHM

      Yeyyyy yes yes yes

    44. Luv u so so much harika dii ??? we r a family now

    45. VHM

      Loveyou too dear yes we are family forever

    46. Omgggggg!!!! ???
      This is the first comment and its sooooooo loooooonggggg ???

      hope that will get a chance to know u more.?

    47. VHM

      Awee that’s so sweet of you NSK. We will be in touch through Insta if you are there.

    48. Nivedita

      Hi VHM,
      Thanks for mentioning us all. Seriously will miss all PKJs so very much..

      And thanks Amena for your updates and thanks to TU for making IB so magical. Without you us PKJs wouldn’t exist. And without IB our friendships wouldn’t have gone beyond the magic of the show..

      Take care VHM.. seriously without Surbhi, Shrenu, KJ, Lee and Neha…IB is unwartchable for me..I had stopped watching Iab when Neha was kicked out not just once but twice..n i used to only watch for Shivika occasionally after that. But now after Shivika is also’s absolutely not a must watch at all..

      Hope we all will stay connected via our hangy groups and all.

      Take care all PKJs and VHM..

      Go VHM Go! ??????

    49. VHM

      Hey Nivi, everyone of us from PKJ are special to each other. There is no chance to let you go off anytime soon. We will keep in touch in insta/ hangy / twitterfor sure

      Yayyyy…from GNG to GVHMG is long way isn’t it?

    50. Ranilya

      Hey Harika….
      you have almost voiced my thoughts dear…
      it is sad that the IB maker doesnt show gratitude towards such loyal fans…. pata nahin why she is so arrogant…. chalo chodo….no point in talking about her n spoiling our mood further….

      Always be in touch dear… give my love to akki….

    51. VHM

      Hi Rani …yeyy finally gotcha see your opinion. Moderator mamu had done so late to show me your opinion. You guys are the original core group and it is exciting to see you all here. True arrogance has gone to head, and so it’s better we step back than getting irritated. Yes Rani we will keep in touch through Insta

    52. P_lata

      Thanks Harika for giving me a place too in between your so loving family…Hum bahut dino baad mile lekin kaafi acche mile….Love to meet you in shape of so loving soul…. hope our relation will exist even after IPK, IB too….

  2. Banita

    First of all…….
    & WELCOME TO NEW IBian (If any) WITH LODDSSS OF FLOWERS…!!!!!!!?????

    1. Banita

      Love U too @Ani…

    2. VHM

      aweee….so cute dear

    3. Banita

      But iska matlab ye nahi ki tumhe rotten eggs , tomatoes nahi padenge…

    4. Tomato and eggs!! Add Oil, salt and red chilies na Bunny. I will fry anf serve omlete to all!

    5. Banita

      I dont want to eat rotten omlete….

    6. VHM

      i am pakka vegetarian, egg bhi nahi khathi Asha

    7. Banita

      Toh tomatoe chuttni bana leti…
      Nd if I m not wrong egg ki mumma vi non-veg hoti hain…

    8. VHM

      mujhe laga tu mujhe flower carpet se welcome karegi…par ek baat bata mein tho on and off aati rehthi hoon, tho tere specified kiye hue kisi bhi category mein , mein nahi aati, mere liye special category bana…waise love you Gorge

    9. Akka, i will order chicken for you. If you are not willing to eat egg, adjust with its mother!!

      Yeah I know you are vegeterian and so I am. But Bunny ke paas sirf eggs and tomato hi the!!

    10. Banita

      Tum jese aati ho na wo naa aane ki barabar hain… Isliye tum vi rotten egg catagory mein aati ho…
      Nd U guys deserves all rotten things… U all just forget ur birth place…

    11. Amayaa

      Mera welcome flower se hone vala hai ??, mai old nahi hu okay ??

    12. Banita

      Tereko toh main chameli se swagat karungi Secretary Sahiba…

    13. Riddhima

      Bani …love you. …????

    14. Banita

      Love U too Riddhi dii…
      But U cant bribe me with my bhaiya’s emoji… Rotten tomatoes 4 U also…

    15. Riddhima

      I dont need rotten tomatoes ..I need nice fish fry ….?????

    16. Luthfa

      I love you Bani.

    17. Banita

      Love u bahuttt Jayda @Lu…
      Nd tight hugg from my side….

    18. Nivika


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      Happy to see U here…☺️

    20. Zaveesha

      Thank you for this amazing welcome Banii ??

    21. Banita

      U deserves this…

    22. Appy

      Bunny welcome them with chaappal..
      They leave us on mid way..
      Ek ek ko marungi……..

    23. Darling, I love you so so so much.

    24. Banita

      Haan chal maarna… Kisi ek ko vi maat chod… They just totally forget us…

    25. Surbhi Sharma

      Di , tomato and eggs …. no food wasting . Aap hamara welcome khub saare flowers se kar do :p

    26. Banita

      Acche se dekh kharap hue , sadhi hue tomatoes nd eggs phenk rahi hun main… So NO FOOD WASTED..

    27. Hello banita di.
      Lo e u and will miss u

    28. Banita

      Heyyyy Ritu….
      Will miss U too yrr…
      Nd love U too…

    29. Banu mera welcome kya Annika ki Chameli se karogi ?

    30. Banita

      Well wase toh U deserves that…
      But i want to give U a teddy bear hug…

    31. Fenil

      Love you Bani !!

    32. Banita

      kl se sb yahi bolke maaska maar rahe hain… But main toh apko sbse sadhi hue phekne wali…

    33. ItsmePrabha

      toh mere liye rotten tomatoes or big bear hug Bunny…??

    34. Banita

      1st wala… Tu wohi deserve krti hain…

    35. ItsmePrabha

      ale choti bacchi pe itni zulm kaisi..??

    36. M eggs nhi khaati bunny ???tu roses se mra welcome kr…i luv roses?

    37. Banita

      Isliye main tomatoes option mein rakha hain @Aayu…. Wo vi rotten wali.. Acchese dekh…

    38. Wooooow i loveeee Teddys’??
      And yeah rotten tomatoes and eggs???
      Love u banita /bunny di.?
      We couldn’t talk much but i ADORE U SO VERY MUCH AND WILL MISS U IMMENSELY.?
      SSO love and teasing? will be missed.
      Ur fun talks? will be missed like hell!
      Love u loads.❤❤❤❤
      Don’t ever forget me please OK?
      I hope to talk moooooore.????

    39. Banita

      Love to too NSK….
      wo vi Bahutt jayda….
      Will miss U too yrr….
      Yeh I will try to be in contact in TU… Nd if u r active any other social media then we can be in contact there also…
      I can’t foget U…
      Nd today i want to share something with U…
      Remember once I asked ur name.. That time i thought tumhari ek chotisi naam hoga , but when u said ur name then i thought NSK is better then Noushin… Kun ki only 3 letter hain na…

    40. Nivedita

      Lolz rotten tomatoes it a gussa hum pe bani????

    41. Banita

      Bahat jayda….!!!
      U all forget jr birth place…

    42. Anikaa

      Sirf welcome back Haan… Kuch party varty sab math kar tu… Chal main guchhhaaa hogayi… Ladai nahi karungi…

    43. Anikaa

      *padai not ladai

    44. Banita

      Yanha ab gussa hone ka hak mujhe hain tumhe nahi… So teri gussa hone ki opt hi nahi hain….
      Nd i think rotten eggs , tomatoes best tum logon ki welcome ke liye…
      Nd thodi padhai vi krliya kr… Ab mere bolnese toh tu maanne wali hain nahi…….
      Toh just leave it….

    45. Ranilya

      Rotten tomatoes n eggs for us???!!!!

    46. Ranilya

      what a harsh welcome to us old loyal fans…. tum tho gul ke tharah nikli…..
      chod do gusssa aur pyar baanto

    47. Banita

      Nooo diii….
      All of U just forgot PKJ’s birth place nd hume chod ke chale gaye…..
      Not fair na…!!!

  3. Nati

    Hey Pkj i’m Nati hope so u all know me.




















    1. Anitaaa3

      Hey Hari di. I love you all

    2. VHM

      me too love everyone and love you Annie….

    3. Oh dear, you ahould be granted with whatever you wish for. God bless you.

    4. VHM

      add my prayers along with yours Asha

    5. Banita

      Heyyy Nati diii….
      I like this MISS SHIVIKA WRITER….
      Lottsss Of Lovee diii 4 ur amazingg ffs..

    6. VHM

      How beautifully you wrote, no doubt you are one of the finest writer….keep posting your opinions as much as you can

    7. Luthfa

      Just loved reading.Thank you so very much for this write up.Love you dear.

    8. Zaveesha

      Hey Nati.
      It’s great to know that IB have helped in awakening the writer in you.
      Keep writing.
      Be happy.

    9. Appy

      Tears are not stopping
      Hands are shivering
      Throat is choking
      But can’t do anything..
      The situation is sooooo bad…..
      Just wanna say that I LOVE YOU…….

    10. OH MY MATA!

    11. ItsmePrabha

      Nati…You and Linu are Very dear to me..i am glad we met ..Lets continue this bond forever..Love you..

    12. First of all, i loved that u had written all ur comment in Block letters.?HMM I INTERESTING TING TING TING ?
      well di u may not know me,but i know u coz i was a silent reader since long ?
      So in that sense i can say that I WILL MISS U AND I COULD HAVE LOVED U IF WE TALKED MUCH.?(Sorry if it hurts,i don’t mean anything.❤)

      . i am of d youngest PKJian.?
      Glad to meet you di.❤
      Have good days ahead.?

    13. Nivedita

      Aww hugs to u my dear..I can understand the heartache of all Shivika fans..??????

    14. Anikaa

      Hey..nati.. how are you… Hahaha… I know ki tum mujhe nahi jaanthe… Main khud bhi nahi jaanthi… It’s ok hota hai… Love u

  4. Nilash

    It was a journey to remember. Love, love and only love remains there inside my heart for everyone who became the sole part of this journey along with me. I can’t express those in words that what I got through this entire journey, my didi, my friends and my sisters who love me immensely and do support me in every decision of mine. I love you buddies, a lot. This is the first comment for you all from my side, but more to come. So please stay tuned. Love love

    1. Waiting Nile waiting for more

    2. VHM

      me too Asha

    3. Nilash

      Posted Aastha, check check ?

    4. Thedreamsoul

      And I love you, shining sister ❤️

    5. Nilash

      And I love you more my shining sisso ?♥️

    6. Love love PA?

    7. Nilash

      Love more more Anju baby ?

    8. Amayaa

      Nilash bro Nilash bro Nilash bro

    9. Nilash

      Meri choti meri choti meri choti ???

    10. Banita

      Pyaar…. Pyaar…. Pyaar…

    11. Nilash

      Thank gode bandar bandar bandar nai bola ???? lekin tu to meri ……. (Aagey nai bolne ka warna tu meri ashti visarjan kar degi ???)

    12. VHM

      Love you lot my cheapdi, my monnie, my monster, my x-axis and my everyday stressbuster….i am just waiting for your opinions

    13. Nilash

      Posted posted posted the opinions. And planning to post more. So keep waiting aur Haan wahan reply karne ka ???

    14. Nilash

      Shivay Singh Oberoi:
      Khidkitod Annika:
      Omkara Singh Oberoi:
      Dabangg Gauri/Gauri Kumari Sharma:
      Rudra Singh Oberoi:
      Saumya Tendulkar:


    15. Amayaa

      Ye ab tankers ke saath dheere dheere royegi, Ninksssyyyy shhsss Kitne aasuoo wipe karvaogi mujhse ? I want my original Nilash bro here

    16. VHM

      did you forget someone more??? me me me

    17. Fatmi

      ??? ????

    18. Luthfa

      Hello Nilash dear,welcome back to PKJ.Will be waiting.Lots of love.

    19. Nilash

      Hello Luthfa, posted the next set of comments do check those out and Love you too so much. ♥️♥️

    20. Zaveesha

      Lots of love Nilanjana.

    21. Nilash

      Love love love you Tanzee ????

    22. Fatmi

      Waiting Nilanjana for ur precious comments ?

    23. Nilash

      Posted the comments down di, check check and Love you ♥️

    24. Appy

      For the last time I wanna see that do with whom I fell in love….

    25. Nilash

      Laee change kar diya maine, ab to fell in pyaar ke zone me aaja aur emotional zone se nikal, warna I will get emotional ???

    26. Surbhi Sharma

      Love you too di ????

    27. Nilash

      Love you bahut sara meri Chutki ????

    28. Hello Nilash di.
      Seeing u after loooooonnnnnggggg
      Will miss u.
      U will always be special to me.
      From ur ffs I started commenting.
      Love u lots

    29. Nilash

      Hello Ritu. First of all, I am extremely sorry for stopping my posts and I won’t give any excuse for it because it was solely my decision. VHM Di told me about how you were waiting for my posts, and I was busy neglecting everything. But I am seriously trying to come back asap and I promise that I won’t let you miss me. Love you so much. Always keep commenting and showering your love over this jhalli Didi of yours.

    30. Eagerly waiting to read ur Ishqbaaz journey,Nilash bhaiya

    31. Nilash

      I am not bhaiya dearie ???
      I am a girl, probably your Didi. Chalo it’s okay, everyone thinks me of bhaiya first reading my name but give me a sisso tight hug. And Love you so much, will surely share about my journey, and do read the comments I just posted after it gets published and share your opinion. ?

    32. Fenil

      Love you Nilsss!!

    33. Nilash

      Love you so much Fenil bhai ♥️

    34. Anikaa

      My sissy… Loves me..zyada… Ok fenu ji… Nilu jiji loves me moreeee

    35. ItsmePrabha

      stupid i am excited to read yours..

    36. Awww ever ur name has some rhythm in it?
      Will love to know u more and read comments from u.

      We are a small and cute family.?
      Im noushin,a small baccha here in pkj.TRY TO LOVE ME OK??
      (clingy ness.??)
      Have good days di.Love you.❤

    37. Nivedita

      Hi Nilu..

      Take care my dear.. one post is seriously not enough for our PKJ journey..??

    38. Ranilya

      hey Nilu…. loads of love to you dear

  5. Thedreamsoul

    And there we bid adieu to our favorite show ❤️

    1. Should we give our condolence Here? Sana. Our show is no more!!

    2. Thedreamsoul

      Our ishqbaaz will be alive within our heart always, di.

    3. ..With heavy hearts, farind.

    4. Thedreamsoul

      I know 🙁

    5. aww…Beingdevil to beingemotional!

    6. Banita

      Heyyy Sana…
      Feeling really good to see “Thedreamsoul” this name…

    7. Thedreamsoul

      this site and ishqbaaz gave birth to thedreamsoul, di. right now, I can’t imagine my life if ishqbaaz hasn’t happened for us ?❤️

    8. VHM

      Farewells are never easy but here it is just a farewell to our show but rest everything remains intact and continues to grow stronger and stronger

    9. Thedreamsoul

      well said, harika di. we won’t be watching ishqbaaz anymore but our friendship and love for the good old days will always shine brighter than the new show ??

    10. Luthfa

      How I wish I could not!!!

    11. Thedreamsoul

      Ikr but sadly it will remain as a wish only ?

    12. Zaveesha

      The show through which I got an amazing friend and sister, You.
      Lots of Love always.

    13. Thedreamsoul

      the feelings are mutual, di. the show is best because it gave me best friendships and memories ❤️

    14. Fatmi

      OK we bid adieu to our show bt not our relationship ….we all stay connected Sana as we are connected by ❤️
      .love u dearie.

    15. Thedreamsoul

      we were random people who adored and loved the same show but today, we are family who will always be there for each other. one for all, all for one ❤️?

    16. Appy

      Crying badly

    17. Thedreamsoul

      All these comments got me emotional too, it’s truly heartbreaking but hey, ishqbaaz will always remain in our heart ??

    18. Surbhi Sharma

      Yeahh ????? but it’ll forever remain in our hearts

    19. Thedreamsoul

      damn true ?❤️

    20. Fenil

      Hey Sana !!
      MIssed u so much !!
      Love yaa ~!!~

    21. Thedreamsoul

      hey fenil bhaiya, happy to see you here. I missed you too, hope you are doing well. Much love ❤️

    22. ItsmePrabha

      hai sana remember me..?? how are you??

    23. Thedreamsoul

      Of course, I remember you. You are one of my favorite readers who always made me happy with your comments too. Too bad we were at the beginning of our friendship when I started being inactive in this page. How are you?

    24. ItsmePrabha

      i am good to see you here..are you on watty?

    25. Thedreamsoul

      Yeah! What’s your UN?

    26. ItsmePrabha

      same as this one..itsmeprabha with shivika hands as dp

    27. Yes true.??

      Will be glad to know u more di.
      ❤ for u.
      Best of lucccckssss?

    28. Thedreamsoul

      hey, text me anytime you wish. sending love and wishes to you too, cutie ❤️

  6. Riddhima

    Hai pkj …….
    Vanakam pkj ???

    Epdi irukinga ellam???
    How are you all doing ????

    Really missed commenting here …

    iB serial Ku oru nandri…
    Namai serdha O bro’s oru nandri …

    1. Hey Riddhikara!! Lets cry a little together.

    2. Riddhima


    3. Thedreamsoul

      Hey, give me tissues too ?

    4. Amayaa


      Sacchi batau I again didn’t understood anything what was written in your comment like before but it reminded me those days when you shab and gang used to do the same ??

    5. Riddhima

      Haha …but amu even that time I used to write my comments both in Tamil and English ….. Fine …love you …?????

    6. Banita

      Heyyyy diiii….
      I m good…
      I just understand this… I dont know tamil na…!!!

    7. Riddhima

      Both in Tamil and English I have written …?…. Bani ….????

    8. VHM

      Bahu …ik begrijp het niet…kan jouw alsteblieft vertalen….

    9. Riddhima

      Oh …..thank you saas thank you. you …. ?????..

      .saas didn’t understand anything …..

    10. Luthfa

      Hello Riddhima di,how are you?Welcome back to PKJ family.Love you di.

    11. Riddhima

      Luthfaa….I am good …love you dear …????

    12. Zaveesha

      Hey Riddhi Di.
      I’m doing good.
      We all miss commenting here.
      Lots of Love.

    13. Riddhima

      Zaveesha….love ohhh lovee….????????????

    14. Fatmi

      Hi Ridhima, Hw r u? I know u don’t remember me….but I remember u, because when I was regular in TU used to read ur comments ?

    15. Riddhima

      Fatmi …. I remember you…. Love you ..????.I am good … are you ????

    16. Appy

      Welcome and bye…..
      Your do made me fall in love with Oki for some time..
      Love you…

    17. Riddhima

      Appy….welcome and bye ….ultimate …?????

      Om is love for ever …?????

    18. Hiii Riddhima di ,
      I m fine and hope u too r fine .
      Actually, I can’t understand what u have written inur comment except how are you ?
      Sorry di .

    19. Riddhima

      Ishu That’s fine ….how are you ?????

    20. Fenil

      Namskar Dii !!
      How r u ?
      Love yaa !!

    21. Riddhima

      Fenu ……after long time … are you..???

    22. ItsmePrabha

      Vanakam Riddhima…we never talked personally..but i know you..

    23. Riddhima

      Prabha …….vanakkam….
      Haan may be …how are you???…
      We all are same family … ????

    24. ItsmePrabha

      i am about you??

    25. Riddhima??Hmm that’s OMKARA’S first girlfriend’s name.?
      Well i didn’t understand what u said but im sure that u said good about IB.?
      Yes will miss IB.
      And Pkj.?
      Will be very glad to know u dear.❤for uuu.?

    26. Riddhima

      Oh hello NSK …. I am OM’s official wife for your information ….
      Yes I said thanks to IB and o bro’s for making all of us meet …..

    27. Nivedita

      Hi before u r almost the first few to write here..♥️?

    28. Riddhima

      Yes …nivi …like before … Tried commenting first ….keep on refreshing page. ….by 9.30 ….fact is I completely forgot the IB timing …. ????…
      Then realized oh IB timing is 10 pm …then waited …????…finally commented …?????

    29. Rajjo

      hiii riddhima… love you… missed you

    30. Riddhima

      Rajjjo …..

      Same to same
      Love you ???.
      And missed you …???

    31. Anikaa

      riddhi akaa.. Naan ippo unga anikaa thangachi ya vandhutten… Yen per yennava iruthalo saari neenga yeppome yenna anikaa thangachi than koopudanu… Ok vaa.. Love u kaa

    32. Riddhima

      Anika thangachi thangachi ….neye sollalana Una name enaku theriyadhu nanu epdi thangachi unkita solluven …??????????….
      Chumma ….kaadhal kadhaalllooo kaadhal ….???????

    33. Fenil

      i m fine dii .
      how about u ?

    34. Ranilya

      Hi Riddi…. long time… nice to see you n others on TU… feels so good like those old days

    35. Fatmi

      Good to know that u remember be ?? do u have Insta I’d? Or are u in hangy pkj group?

  7. ShivikaSCNM

    Is this a real ending of shivika

    1. Banita

      They always be in our heart…

    2. Fatmi

      Exactly Bani they remain fresh in our memory ❤️

    3. VHM

      Shivika can never die atleast in all of us through all of us…they are always alive for every shipper of Shivika

    4. ShivikaSCNM

      Yes but I was talking about today’s episode.
      They always remains in our ❤️.

    5. Luthfa

      No,not at all.SHIVIKA are immortals,in our heart.forever.

    6. Appy

      No they have shoot some other things..that will show later….

      But for us Shivika will be always ….remain in our heart like fresh flower

    7. ItsmePrabha

      no dear they will be shown in Fbs..but the real story of shivika ends here..but they will be alive in our hearts for ever and ever..

    8. Ayse kese hain??
      Aapka naam bhi change nahi ho sakta aur jab tak ek bhi shivika fan zinda hai,tab tak SHIVIKA HAMARE DILL MAIN ZINDA HAIN.?
      aur humare RU SHIVIKA ARE INTACT.?
      so don’t worry.nothing will happen to our SHIVIKA.?
      Shivika will live happily ever after in our hearts and RU.❤
      ❤n hugs for u di.
      Good days.❤

  8. Kaise ho aap log.
    I m literally crying as I m writing this.
    Why why it had to end.
    That too like this.
    Honestly I have not watched to epi. I don’t have that energy.
    And seeing NMs new look I m hating this even more. I like him more with beards.
    Will miss the 6 of them a lot.
    Happy too because Surbhi got the success she deserve by getting ITA award this time.
    Gonna miss u guys a lot.
    Bye Arpita di, Banita di, Luthfa di, Sindhu di, Tania di, Puspa di, Riana di.
    Sorry agar kisi ka naam bhul gayi hu tho.
    VHM Akka apse ff ke time bate hote rahangi.
    Aap bas jaldi se exam dedigye aur a jaey.
    PS- Are u here Nilash di and read this then pls pls continue all ur ffs. Reading ff is the only way to feel Shivika now. Pls di. I joined wattpad just to read ur ff 2 months back but u stopped writting.

    1. Hug you girl. Though I am unknown to you still. We lost ib!! Shivika and oh jaana!!

    2. I know we don’t know each other.
      But I have seen a few comments of yours when I wasn’t commenting.
      Ya we lost IB, shivika, and oh janna

    3. Banita

      Heyy Ritu…
      I m good… Tu kesi hain…!!?
      I missed U nd going to miss all of U…

    4. I m good but not good.
      Reason Ib.
      I will miss u guys too

    5. VHM

      Hey Ritu….such true emotions expressed….love you for this more…and yes we for sure will meet in my ff episodes pretty soon.

      Monnie….i agree with her, you should continue the ff’s …

    6. Thank u akka.
      Will meet soon to u.
      Love u lots

    7. Luthfa

      Hello Ritu,
      Welcome back to PKJ family,our IB family.We are sailing in the same boat dear.And I am too writing FF.If you want,you can communicate with me in that.Wish to have my lovely sister as one of my readers,if you wish only.God bless you always.Lots of love.

    8. Yup we r sailing on the same boat.
      Will pls tell me the name of ur ff. Will love to read it.
      Will miss u and lots of love.

    9. Luthfa

      The name of my FF is Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love(Shivika FF)
      Would love to see your precious comments and feedback on my post.Lots of love to you too dear.

    10. Appy

      Heeeeyee Ritu ..
      Hum toh bilkul thik nahi he..
      Tum kaisi ho
      Even I haven’t watched episode yet..
      No courage to watch…..
      Just wanna say..I love you…and gonna miss you so much……

    11. Hiiii arpita di.
      Good but not good reason Ib.
      Even I don’t have that courage to watch it.
      Love u too and will miss u

    12. Hiii Ritu Ritika
      Ya i m also happy for Surbhi bcoz she got what she deserves, but our Ishqbaaz don’t deserve ending like this .

    13. Fenil

      hey Ritu !! u stopped ur ff !!
      love yaa !!

    14. ItsmePrabha

      hai ritu..A big bear hug for you..

    15. Nivedita

      She and other PKJs write IB FF on Instagram PKJ page too.. do join over there… To read them if u wish..

      Hugs to u..?♥️?

    16. Don’t cry dear.?
      Our RU shivika are intact and sealed in our hearts.?
      U can watch old epis and cherish them.?
      Will be very glad to know u more dear,Im noushin.❤for u.
      Good days.
      And if u r writing FFs pls do tell me,i would love to read those.?

    17. Anikaa

      Hey… Ritu… Dont worry yaar… Ib is something which gave us everything… But its time to let it of go… Hug to u … Love u… Well i am fiza? i know i am unknown to u… Still love u

  9. Ishqbaaz…!!

    was that just a show?? Just a dailysoap that we watched for more then two and a half years!!

    We are pkj and it was our nestling home, our love and our emotions. I am not gonna blast who killed us, murdered us brutally, dangeroualy with cyanide, with poison or with powerful penas we all know that clearly.

    We cried, we laughed, we smiled,we faught and I learned to love and love. What can a daily soap give us more then this?

    Finally our long journey is coming to its end tonight is all we care.

    I would regard my love to each and every person associated with Ishqbaaz and our journey of Ishqbaazi.

    From this show only, I got my extended family of more then 300 members. The show is ending, our love is not. I wish for more prosperous years of our togetherness.

    *Lax, for giving us a name, pkj!! Pkjlovesib and then grandpkjloves ib.

    Special mention to few people-
    1. “Kaise mujhe tum milgayi?? Kismat pe aaye na yakeen!”- This is for that girl, who will be absent here, my life, my Amayaa, Bangaram.

    2. Archiya & Anu- wherever you are in the world, you will always remain close to my heart. Thanks for encouraging me to write.

    3. Fiza! My fizzy! How can I thank you my dear? Thanks for making me your jaan-e-man and teaching me what patience is. Dealing with you, I learned it very well.

    4. Banita Bunny and My darling Arpita- Love you both a lot. Had a gala time with you being pamperer and pampering you.

    5. Akka, our Akki’s mother Akka, my Lovely Harika Akka. Keep guiding us always. Love you and akki a lot. You are like a mother, a teacher, a guide and a friend, all in one!

    6. Blue eyes, hypnotize teri kardiya mennu!! Yes you only my Nile, Nilanjana. Keep eating bhejas.

    7. Radhika and Neeta! Enjoyed a lot being your baby.

    8.Pushpa bhabz, with you, I find someone crazy for a man who was bashed and brothered by all ie. Shivaay bhaiyya. You are sso ke deewani. May you get a chance to meet and hug him in real.

    10. Riddhima, with you Renima di came in my mind, you are my lady Omkara for me girl.

    11. Luthfa, Prabha, Swathi,Anindita, Venilla, Surbhi Sharma, Lijji, Ranilya, Ajeeba, Nikitha Jaiswal, Vivikhta, Anisha, Shabana plus each and every members I missed writing names, Lots and lots of love.

    ** Special mention to Shekhar bhaiyya who tolerated our girly rant and for his amazing logical explanation. Though I am sure he will be absent here.

    Dil Bole Ishqbaaz…

    1. Amayaa

      Yaar sab ro kyon rahe ho, Rockstar rote rote to agle janam bhi 1000+ nahi hone vala and see your AIR is here for wiping your tear off

      Muskurao ab

    2. Oh hello All India Radio!! Your rockstar never cries, she makes others cry! Kehna jaroori hai kya??– Love you

    3. Appy

      Hiiiiiii mere Amayya Baby..
      1000+toh karke’s My dream after all…

    4. Banita

      Heyy dii….
      Kya full power comment tha…
      Itne jaldi emotional maat hoo… Pura weekend padi hain humare paas…

    5. Bunny! Bunny Bunny…No emotions only deal of 1k

    6. Riddhima

      Missing my old Om a lot ….his long hair …
      Free hairstyle ….his eye….awweee ?????…..his eyes full of innocence ?????…..I almost got married with him in my dreams …. Each and every moment was thinking about him …????? …my lovely Om ….????….

    7. I thought you have kids with him in your imaginatio land.

    8. VHM

      Asha i still remember your sarcastic and funny comments and the praises you get everytime you post your opinion…those were real golden days and best memories …lots of love to you too Asha…the bond we share is something precious and wonderful and i just wish this bond grows stronger with every passing day

    9. We will strengthen our relation more. Love

    10. Are you actually back after a long time, or is it me who is reading comments after long time di? Feels so good to to see you back here,sadly for the last time. When I was a silent reader here, I used to make sure to read your comment daily. #Nostalgic

    11. Aww.… That feels amazing Devil. Love you devil.

    12. Thedreamsoul

      Hey astha di, I remember the moment you replied to one of the my comments and I was on cloud nine. It feels great to be your friend today, sis. One of the favorites writers, a sweetheart and you are gold. Love you ❤️

    13. Aww… That was khidkitod from a soul that I dream with me forever!! Love you too sana

    14. Luthfa

      Aastha di,
      Today I will confess.Every time I came to PKJ and TU,I searched for you.You deleted(perhaps)your account still every time I searched for you to get in touch with you.You were the very first one who encouraged me to be an active member when I was a silent reader of PKJ.Your awesome writing used to made my day.Till today I keep missing your writing.Your love for IB,PKJ won’t fade from my heart,ever.Just want to tell,I loved,love,will love you,always.Have one wish,secret-Don’t forget me.Do make a small place for me,in your heart which is full of love for everyone.I love you di,The Great Wall Of PKJ Family,my Aastha di.

    15. Luthfa. I will be happy if you will keep in touch with pkj and me via other media. Can’t let you go though we talk very little. Its my request.

    16. Luthfa

      Your wish is my command di.And I have a request too.Can’t you get registered once again?Your little sister wants to see you as a registered member.If you can,do fulfill this wish of mine,as a last gift in PKJ.Love you di.

    17. Zaveesha

      Aastha di,
      I was a big big fan of yours after reading your stories. At a time I read each and every Comment of yours posted on TU.
      I admire your amazing comments and stories.
      Glad that we are still connected.
      Love u.

    18. We will be together forever Zaveesha.

    19. Appy


      Gonna miss your chemistry physics analysis much….

      Since Daksh time…we are calling each other baby and darling
      And gonna call you in this name
      Forever and ever and ever..

    20. Darling! Finally. Bunny was about to chop you! We will remain baby-darling for eternity.

    21. Surbhi Sharma

      Aap sab toh aaj rula ke hi manoge na …. so true said di , ishqbaaaz gave me you all and i’ll be forever grateful towards it . The show is ending now for us … but it will forever remain in our hearts .
      Love you di … lots of love to you

    22. And I love you too Surbhi. Yeah ofcourse we will hang together in hangy at every available oppprtunity.

    23. Aastha u r absolutely right dear our show is ending not our love .

    24. Ishu.…Shortcut hai, I had a bad habit of shortcutting names. If you didn’t like also, adjust for this day! Lolz.

      Definitely pkj had covered a long distance-TU-insta-hangy-tweeter-fb and now whatsapp. This is love, this is trust and the ultimate goal of ishqbaaz.

    25. Fenil

      Jerry Jerry Jerry !!

    26. Thanks Tom for coming here even I asked late. You are the best thing that can happen to a girl, amazing brother.

    27. ItsmePrabha

      My BKB yaani ki billu ke behna…senti kardi hai tune mujhe…

    28. Aastha_Reddy

      Prabha dear, mat ro. Love you too

    29. Riddhima

      Asthu. …. Public public ….????

    30. Aastha_Reddy

      I was just saying, not demostrating.

    31. Yes u missed my name ..????
      PKJjjjjjjj ?????

    32. Aastha_Reddy

      Mummy!!! Papa!!! Pkj!!! No fayda. Take my name Aastha Di!!!!

    33. Nivedita

      Lolz at least ur Shekhar bhaiya came back.. ??

      Take care my dear..

    34. Hello di.?
      Idk u much but will be glad to do so.?
      Ib was is and will be precious forever for the IBans.?
      Our RU ib is safe.? so we need not to worry.?
      ❤+hugs for u.?
      Good days,

    35. Noushin!
      I am not sad or worried you know why?? I realised I was not in love with ishqbaaz. After all it was a dailysoap I watched almost daily after college, after office, inpresence of my father and faught for remote with my brother. It was the story that didn’t attracted me anymore after shits!!

      lots of love…

    36. Rajjo

      hiiii aastha… how r you missed you yaa….
      didn’t watch the show but came to abid farewell…
      pta h kisne dhunda mujhe apni pyaari amayaa ne… me busy thi isi ne btaya aaj to IB pr aana hi padega…

    37. I am fine Rajjo. That madgirl worked and everyone forgot her name almost. My little doctor too is super busy.lots of Love yeah.

    38. Anikaa

      Haye jaaneman… Merko sharam aagaya… Blushing blushing… Uuuuuuuuu… Ms.aastha reddy thank u bol diya… Chameli phekne ke liye abhi nahi hai… Bank pe loan leke whatsapp pe phekungi… Ok… Waise main kiska fayda toh hoon yaar… Someone has learned something from me… And u missed it di.. Aapne toh mere saath flirt karna and cheapde thoughts sabh bhi toh sikha hai… My jaaneman

    39. Achchha!! Teacherji, bahut kuch sekhaya hai tumne mujhe. A song for you-” kya se kya ho gaye dekhtey dekhtey!”

    40. Ranilya

      Aasthu dear….. lots of love to you too… be in touch dear….. IB nahi hain ab… par IB ne humein ithne saare dosth diye hain….thanks a lot…

    41. Aastha_Reddy

      You will remain my one and only kangaroo queen dear who send her photographs with kangaroo just to fulfill my wish. Love you lot

  10. ShivikaSCNM

    A very well mind game played by GK and HS so that every one can continue watching new leap generation but that’s not going to happen when they couldn’t give good story now in leap what they are going to write same old love story just edit here and there that’s it.

    1. Edit here and paste there lolz. True said dear. Clap clap for you.

    2. VHM

      i will also Asha

    3. VHM

      lol yeah…audiences can hate as much as they love , they missed this point… however i can never hate SSO aka NM as he is my love

    4. Someone is Phisling( slippery surface plus banana peel) in love!!

    5. Banita

      Edit here nd there… True..!!!

    6. Luthfa

      Absolutely correct Shivika dear.

    7. Appy

      100 percent true dear..

    8. Nivedita

      Seriously..they don’t understand their own strengths j and weaknesses..????

    9. True but unhe saaza toh milegi na,itne saare fans ka dill Jo dukhaya.???

    10. Anikaa

      oooooo… Fact fact…

  11. Riana


    1. VHM

      Hey Riana…today we celebrate the charm of our once loved IB. so stay happy and stay blessed while you enjoy writing the ff’s for your loved audiences.

    2. Riana

      Awww…Ofcourse i will @VHM lots of love

    3. Hey Riana. This is same aastha! Remembred me??

    4. Riana

      Asthuuuuu…. We r meeting after several months… Remember our fantastic journey on ippknd3 forum !! Moments.

    5. Banita

      Then fix it with love of PKJ….
      BTW hloo @Riana…

    6. Luthfa

      Be happy dear.Onek onek valobasha,tomar jonno.

    7. Riana

      tomakeo luthfa ❤️

    8. Fenil

      Love you Riana !!

    9. Riana

      Love you too Bhaiyoo…

    10. ItsmePrabha

      Riu baby..don’t say so…

    11. Nivedita

      Aww ??????


    12. Mine too di.??????

    13. Anikaa

      hey riana… Dont worry.. Main jodh doongi uss dil ko… Lar phir chori kar loongi. Lolz

    1. VHM

      ???????? idi vaddu
      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 -> eerojuki ide muddu

    2. Navya!

    3. Banita

      Dont cry soo soon….
      We still have full weekend to celebrate our journey….

    4. Luthfa

      Don’t cry dear.Lots of love,hugs,kisses and cuddles to you.God bless you.

    5. Appy

      We are here for you..don’t cry..

    6. ItsmePrabha

      I hate tears pushhhhhhhpa..i mean navya..hugs dearie..just smile and lets celebrate our IB..

    7. ???
      But our Ru ib is intact so don’t be sad dear.❤

    8. Anikaa

      Navya… Ohhh godd… Aansoons… Who the hell is cutting onion at this time..

  12. Wasn’t the last scene of trigering the door was remade from Qubool hai?? Oh maata Gul!! In how many shows??

    1. VHM

      I never watched QH Asha…but don’t want to even think about that now because this day we are celebrating our old IB charm

    2. Arre akka maine dekha hai na, there Zoya threatens Billorani by the door and gun trigger shit!!

    3. VHM

      Ohh…mujhe laga tum dekhthi thi

    4. Luthfa

      Is it di?I have not watched QH so can’t tell.

    5. ItsmePrabha

      in which season Aastha..actually i wached QH but not fully.

    6. Nivedita

      Her shows are complete derivatives of each other..??

      She doesn’t know any other reality

    7. Ummmm idk…but GUL is BULL so she doesn’t know about Copyright?
      Anyway I don’t think Annika died,its a way to trap viewers by making them curious to k ow WHAT HAPPENED TO SHIVIKA!?

  13. Very nice ending………

    Who is the writer?i think she dont know about what she is writing they r giving a end to shivika story….what ever how shivaansh is born? Bcoz anika is died naa

    Totally confuse may shivika fb may shown in IB2

    1. VHM

      Sulekha, writer is matured enough and shows layered writing skills… Shivaansh is rockstar so he can come by any means…keeping fun aside, it seems Anika shown dead is to kill Shivaay and after birth of her son she will die …this is what i am thinking or to say expecting…however for me IB ends today…

    2. Me to di IB is dead for me after the end of shivika miss u all….?????

    3. They will keep some mystery and then ruin season 2 too. We will hear it from others. So jaao Ishqbaaz( not Gabbar) aaraha hai.

    4. Hii Astha how r u I think after a long time the pkj grps are active…ya its bcoz of our shivika..yaa ur a true IB become a mystribaaz…not much enjoyed for season 2 do anyone know who is the opposite of nakuul bhaiya I heard a name of manjari pupala ?

    5. Luthfa

      Using magical potion,Shivaansh will born.GUl and HS will be the midwife for Shivaansh!

    6. Banita

      Heyyy Sulekha….
      I think Anika didnt died today…
      Writer already gone mad from very long… We cant expect good thing from her…

    7. Hii banita dr u r right can’t except gud from them

    8. Appy

      Gulneet ko chakri aarahi he..

    9. ItsmePrabha

      sulekha you know what i read somewhere one of the fan who is so frustrated like us told that Shivaansh is a test tube baby..he is born b’coz of swetty’s experiments..hehehe..

    10. Banita


    11. Nivedita

      Only God knows what’s going to happen next week. I feel at least Mon we may still have some things from redux left over..

      Anyways with Anika body double in yesterday’s episode I was sorely disappointed.m

    12. Hmm…HS deserves best writer award.?in NONSENSE+ILLOGICAL+ABSOLUTELY BRAINLESS CATEGORY.?
      and i guess its not Annika,there are new twists and turns to make viewers stick to the show …??

    13. Anikaa

      hey suleka…

      Well… Chill pill dear. Ib was, is and will be always different… Lets wait and watch..

  14. N completed our Ishqbaaaz journey..

    1. VHM

      Me too…but thanks a lot dear, you came today and made our day. i know even i am eid ka chand here, but feeling happy that we all are meeting here…

    2. Door door tak registhan nazar aata hai,
      aapke aane se eid ka chand nazar aata hai.

    3. Luthfa

      Yes dear.

    4. Banita


    5. ItsmePrabha

      hai Swarna

    6. Yes dear.
      Forcefully and unwillingly.?
      Best of luck.?

  15. ShivikaSCNM

    In leap they will show it’s not Anika and Anika would have given birth to shivansh and Die.

    1. VHM

      Whatever may happen, IB lost it’s charm lost bank, but we sticked only for Shivika, Rikara and Rudra…somehow the void will always stay but the friendship will let us stay at peace

    2. Nivedita

      Agree completely..???

    3. Luthfa

      Don’t know dear.Makers can do whatever they want.

    4. Banita

      Think soo…
      It’s a stupid idea to end S1 like this (acc to me)…

    5. Nivedita

      Not a single fan disagrees IMHO


    6. ItsmePrabha

      dearie just don’t think about that thing…

    7. Yes,illogical stuffs will be shown…?

  16. Anitaaa3

    Hey Guys.. This is Anita or your Annie commenting after a longggggg time. Today episode was last for Ishqbaaaz S1 so I judt came to thanks all of you for tge last time for the beautiful journey of Ishqbaaaz I had. All credit goes to Swathi di, Nilu, VHM Akks, Riddhi di, Aasthu di, Sautan,Bani, Arpu, Chits,Push di, Surbhi,Lax di, Anu di, Nivi di and many more. I just messed up with the names. So don’t get angry if I didn’t mentioned your named. Ajee, Umme di, Zavee Di, Sana …and many more

    Today was the last episode of SC and Shivika. I was depressed for the whole week just thinking of their death. Honestly thanks Cvs for only one reason that they didn’t kill Shivika in the last episode literally. I don’t want to bring negativity here, so I’ll not comment about S2
    Thanks GK and HS for Ishqbaaaz and also for many friends I got because of them

    Ciao, Bye.

    1. VHM

      Whatever happens , happens for good, no need to get depressed because we all will still be in contact for lifetime isn’t it. Today we will just enjoy our old memories and live them once again

    2. Good thing, positivity, we got eachother.

    3. Amayaa

      And I hate you, you know why *tears* ??

    4. Fatmi

      Don’t be depressed… everything starts and end one day…so happenEd With IB but one good thing happened IB gave us lifetime friendship …. So be happy for this beautiful friendship Anni ❤️

    5. Thedreamsoul

      We’ve got each other and old episodes to keep us sane ?❤️

    6. Fatmi

      Ha ha .??

    7. Banita

      Heyyyy Anii…..
      Good 2 see ur comment yrr….
      Yeh no negativity here now… Worna hume Tia baby ki rieki ki jarurat padegi…
      Lottsss Of Lovee…

    8. Appy

      Here’s Anniee
      You know …I always loved your user name.
      Now gonna miss it badly …

    9. Luthfa

      Hello Ani,
      Will miss you dear.God bless you always.Lots of love.

    10. Surbhi Sharma

      Hey di …. dont be depressed … ishqbaaz will always be alive in our hearts na . And even old epis are there . Love you . Take care ❤

    11. plzzz don’t get depressed Anita .

    12. ItsmePrabha

      hey ani…can i call you that??

    13. Nivedita

      Aww thanks for remembering me darling! ?????
      Ciao babes! ??

    14. Anikaa

      Sautan…. Meri sautan… Sauttttttaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn…. Ib hogaya yaar… Duniya mein pehli baar ek bhabhi ko sautan bananeka tribute mujhe milega… Abh mera your shivaay re… Par phir bhi u will be my sautan..ever ever loving sautan..loveesss to u

    15. Why u didn’t comment for long huh??
      Idk u..?
      Will be very glad to know u di.?
      Yes,IB s1’s ending is bad…
      ❤for u

    16. Ranilya

      hey Anitaaa muje bhul gayi kya?
      ha ha… just kidding…. best wishes to you dear

  17. Eagerly waiting to watch what’s going to happen with Annika

    1. VHM

      we ar none to say don’t watch but for most of here, IB ended today

    2. Banita

      Good dr…

    3. Appy

      They will show it in FB I think..

    4. Luthfa


    5. Nivedita

      Hmm idk if there’s any logic left in the show .but whatever it is..IB got completely ruined..

    6. Hmm…CVS kya kerange kya pata…?

  18. Swathi..

    Hi my dearest pkj family
    Hope all are doing good.
    Today is the last day of our beloved ishqbaaaz seriously i never thought the last day of “OUR ISHQBAAAZ” would be like this??????????? 1st thing those egoistic people decided to continue IB without our SC & they aren’t even giving proper ending IN AU & RU. Agar paise kamana toh stock market mai paise lagathi 100% se bhi zyaada return milta. Koi potential track handle nahi kar sakte bade aaye naya season start karne wo bhi IB ki brand name par.
    Jo bhi ho I’m damn sure gul ki show jo bhi wo bana rhi hai abb naya saala aane se pehle band hoga. Hum fan’s ye karke rahenge. Aur
    sacchi mai mujhe bhi trend aur baaki sab mai participate karna hai surbhi Keliye bad exam khata hone ka intezaar hai.
    Bahut kuch hai man mai kehne Keliye par abb padhne Keliye jaana hai????
    Love you PKJ ???

    1. Sweetheart!! Exam paper par ib ka story mat likh dena. Ha ha ha…

    2. VHM

      Swa…yeyyy…you are here …so nice to see you…yes, exam first , studies first so we can wait for your rest of opinions whenever you get free….lots of love dear….

    3. Fatmi

      Don’t be depressed… everything starts and end one day…so happenEd With IB but one good thing happened IB gave us lifetime friendship …. So be happy for this beautiful friendship Anni ❤️

    4. Banita

      Yeh they did not end RU nd AU properly…
      Ab tu chal exm mein dhyan de (mereko vi dena hain)
      ADBOL 4 ur exm….

    5. Appy

      Swathi dear
      Tears mat girana..papers pe.
      Ok All the best…?

    6. Thedreamsoul

      love you too ❤️

    7. Luthfa

      Hello dear,
      Totally understanding your feelings.But let’s move on.All the very best for your exams and future plans.God bless you.Lots of love.

    8. Surbhi Sharma

      Hey di … go study aur all the best . You’ll rock it . Ekdum khidkitodh jayega . Love you

    9. We all know Swati bahut kuch khne k liye pr its ok exams hone k baad bhi tumne comment kiya accha laga

    10. Zaveesha

      Waah Swathi. Tumne kya idea diya hai. Full utilisation of ur studies ??. Wahi na Share market mein achi company mein paisa lagate to acha return milta.

      Love u soo much.

    11. ItsmePrabha

      hai swathi…give your exams khidkithodely and then come over here.. we are going to celebrate it the whole weekend..

    12. Nivedita

      Seriously I can’t understand what amnesia these CVS have and why? ??????

      All logic is completely gone..even if Shivika die in redux n in original universe we have the baby. Still without Ani the whole plots are meaningless.

      And basically without meaningful stories IB had been unwatchable for the most part.

    13. Anikaa

      jaanu… Ib hume chod kar chala gaya… Main toh bhaiya bhabhi ke saath mandap pe tukhse shaadi karne waali thi… Abh kya hoga mera.. Mera kanyadaan kaun karega

    14. Yes dear,its sad that Producer and channel aren’t paying heed to the fans…so obviously consequences will not be good…?
      But dont be sad,we will watch old epis!?
      N our RU ib is intact…so be happyyyy bout thattt
      .❤ for uuu

  19. Hello guys…
    Couldn’t understand the episode…is Anika dead or alive???
    Such a confusing episode…
    Bidding audieu to my shivika(narbhi) and pkj…
    Hadn’t imagined such an incomplete ending…
    Was feeling bad seeing shivay in such state… thought that we would get a happy ending..

    1. Is she of any importance now??

    2. VHM

      PKJ will and will always remain forever, yes we are just bidding adieu to IB …..none expected IB Season 1 to end in such way

    3. Banita

      Heyyy dr…
      No one expected that… It was just a stupid ending of any season…

    4. Luthfa

      Hello dear,
      Happy Ending is not possible because of GK and Team.She is laughing at our situation and deriving sadistic pleasure.Anyway,leave her and move on.Will miss you so much dear.Lots of love.

    5. Nivedita

      Yeah Gulneet are likely super depressed hence they don’t understand happy or bittersweet endings m??

    6. Hmm…confusion is all the way…??
      Anyway may i know ur real name NOx ki fan??
      Yes shivika died,but AU…RU ones are still safe?
      So yeah glad bout that…

      ❤for u.

    7. My real name is sania
      And thanks for giving love

  20. Amayaa

    I am back. I am back. Obviously not to ishqbaaz but to my home TU PkJ home, feeling like heaven while logging in *sobs*

    Literally waited for IB written update to get published after such a long long time, somewhat 1 and 1/2 years + but still it’s the same cherishing moment as if I never left and nothing changed.

    ISHQBAAZ Not a single epi I watched of redux actually my journey with IB was very tiny miny, but whatever that was, hands down the BEST

    There was a time when I was madly in love with my tadibaad Shivay bhaiya, khirkitor Anika bhabhi, Dumble Oberoi, Sumo Paratha, Omki shomki, chulbuli Gauri etc and that was the bestest phase of me, pkj and IB.

    But soon everything crashed down

    2017 The most memorable year, how steadily passed away and now it’s 2018 leaving soon.
    Why can’t the time be pause for a second, minute, day month and year.

    Who thought that one day we would bid abeu this super six like this, IB was facing a deadly trauma from a long time but now even the leftover breathe would be snatched away.

    Fingers are shaking while typing but but but R.I.P I.S.H.Q.B.A.A.Z


    P.s. This is the only comment I am being emotional with and that’s certainly is not Amayaa or PkJian, so as I already ditched my course for three days I am soon reaching at each and every post in jet Milkha speed as the original Amayaa, got it.

    Secretary owe a proper welcome here.

    1. Thedreamsoul

      Hey monkey, I agree. It feels like it was just yesterday when all of us were having the best time of our life here ❤️

    2. Amayaa

      It was a matter of yesterday only when you got the prestigious best author award of TU for the fantabulous piece of writing based on TU encounter of Shivika through Narbhi ? My one of the favourite Os ever !!

    3. Thedreamsoul

      I truly missed you, monkey. Aye, you remember. Trust me, one of the best moments in my life and it wouldn’t have been possible without all of you. And text me when you get some free time, future doctor. I love you ❤️

    4. Emotional birdie doesn’t look good. Get that jhalli Amaya back!

    5. Amayaa

      Kaha se laau ? Wattpad ke un leg pulling galliyaarroo se ???

    6. Bunny ne welcome kardiya hai upar, hum dono ka. With rotten tamato and eggs!! Be glad that she doesn’t have a collection of all the chamkis-chamelis-chandnis. Warna humra welcome ho jaata achchhe se.

    7. Banita

      All chamelis r only 4 Secretary ?

    8. Amayaa

      Secretary ko special priority dene bola tha, vahi mil raha hai bas ?? Phir kya ande kya chamki kya chameli

    9. VHM

      aweee… aweeee..aweee… these are the only words i am getting right now

    10. Amayaa

      Haawww haaww haawww

      Mujhe sirf do statements ke reply ??

    11. Banita

      Such an emotional comment from my #bff..!!!
      Never expected it….
      Tune mujhe emotional krdia yrr…

    12. Amayaa

      Ab chal emotional ho hi gayi hai to do teen emotions ke saath mere liye accha sa emotional letter likh to, sirf baraaiyaa include kariyo ?

    13. Appy

      Yes I will welcome you with chppal and rotten egg
      But still as a secretary
      Welcoming you
      I am gussa on you….

    14. Amayaa

      *Shaant meri gadadhaari bheem shaant* Gussa kyon, maine kya bigada kisi ka ?

      Tera chappal bhi phullo ka mala aur tere ande bhi gol gol laddoo ban ke barsenge, love you pagal
      P.s. Aaj love you miss you see you trending hai

    15. Luthfa

      Welcome back Amaaya.Hope you are doing good and your studies going great.God bless you.

    16. Amayaa

      Thank you dear

    17. Surbhi Sharma

      Tune toh mere ko bhi emotional kar diya … wish we could pause time …. bidding adieu to ishqbaaz is so hard . It had become a part of our heart … and especially because we met pkj . Love you .

    18. Amayaa

      Surbhi Sharma hari hari dp vali ?? Tu aur teri dp kabhi nahi badalne vali ??

    19. Fenil

      hello Amaya !!
      How r u ?
      Missed u !!
      Love yaa !!

    20. Amayaa


      I am good, better say best ? But aap kya ye hi hlloo miss you love you tata see you bolne aaye bas ? Tax nahi mangungi aur bhi to kuch bolo

    21. Zaveesha

      Hey The World Famous Secretary of IB TU Page and PkJ.

      Everyone’s journey of IB is very memorable and it gave them a lot of memories to cherish.

      Lots and lots of love
      All the wishes for ur studies.

    22. Amayaa

      Namaste Namaste !!

      Zavee diduu apna to kuch khaas hi tha, IB kam aur PkJ zaada, tab bhi aur ab bhi ??

    23. ItsmePrabha

      welcome back with band baaja baaraat Secretary ji aka cutie..

    24. Amayaa

      Kiski band baji hai, kaha baaja aai hai, kiski bharata nikli hai? ?? Dhanyawaad Dhanyawaad! !

    25. ItsmePrabha

      gul ki band bajne wali hai..picnic ka bharaat nikli hai..baaja?? sochna padega..

    26. VHM

      MCA – this girl was not so much attached to me initially. I knew her for her chirpy attitude during her opinions on IB WU page. her mingling with all the already bonded members of PKJ, attracted me. But somehow i was apprehensive to direct message her. Then happened Past and Present FF of mine. I still remember she wrote a opinion that she didn’t like some write up of me in that ff regarding Rudra-Sumo phase and from then on it was like we spoke almost regularly in comment section of my FF. this bond which was raw was turning slowly into ripen up and then it got so stronger that now it is almost unbreakable. I have to give credit to this girl MCA for making me a member of PKJ . then i became the umpire between her and MCG aka Manya. we had our share of ups and downs. Her frequent disappearances and the one fight of her with a girl made me take the worst decision of my life of not talking to her ever again. But it was impossible, as she knew we both can’t stay without talking to each other and as they say a small fight makes the relation rock solid eventually it happened. She is Ms.India a competition to Mr.India version. To contact this girl i have to go through Aunty ji (her mom). But whenever she appears it gives us that fresh wind that we want her more. Her dedication, her inclination towards her Aim of becoming doctor and her seriousness towards her studies makes her the most unique girl. MCA your MHD loves you a lot and knows much about you. You will always be credited for what i am to PKJ now. lots and lots of you dear. Keep smiling and take care. and above all PLEASE TRY TO BE IN CONTACT WITH EVERYONE BY GIVING DARSHAN OF YOU OFTEN IN PKJ Whatsapp or Insta or Hangy.

    27. Banita


    28. Riddhima

      Amu missing your Pkj ff ….

    29. Nivedita

      Hiuya secretary..u gave us ur keemti time is important enough…
      Will miss ur funny cute comments..

    30. Anikaa

      *Ahem ahem*
      Hello ms.amayyaa… Welcome back…
      Well i know that i am unknown to u.. But i dont know y.. Feeling a strange connection with u. Meri bhi amayaa naam se ek behen thi. Missing missing… And i am dhoonding dhoonding… Hate u

    31. Ranilya

      Ammu my darling! its just like the other day we met here…. and see….how days have passed….

      best wishes for your future dear…. keep in touch…. keep updating me

    32. Don’t be so sad dear…? RU ib is safe,,,?
      Couldn’t talk much but will be glad to know u more.?
      ❤ for u.

  21. Nick23_ann

    My ishqbaaaz journey ends.

    I watched this show for shivika chemistry and later discovered other bonds like shiv omru.This was not just a mere show for me this was an emotion . I learned so many things got many friends all cause of ishqbaaaz. I can’t think about watching ishqbaaaz without narbhi. Shivika doesn’t die for me as they r in my heart forever and ever. I have not loved any couple this madly . I don’t know how I m gonna live without it cannot imagine. Thanks to the whole ib team for entertaining us . Thanks shivika and narbhi who enacted them brilliantly. Trust me no one can beat ur chemistry ever. Thanks nakuul for being classy sso who set bars high for me to get a groom and surbhi or annika you are a inspiration for me ur attitude,language everything. Thanks omru and rivya along with saumya and Ishana for being u and for many precious bonds. Thanks both prinku,senior oberoi,dadi ,Nani ,khanna all for ur contribution,plus all the villains.. . Thanks to whole crew who worked for s 1 . Trust me itv is loosing its brand show and couple. Shivika i m gonna miss ur fight,pani drama,takkar.. everything. Thanks for being the billu ji and pannika thanks. I hope all get good projects .

    Thanks all friends for warm response and welcoming me to ur pkj

    No byes

    1. Hey. You are the one who losted a message on my board right?? On wattapad??

    2. VHM

      Hey Nick…so nice to see you here…apt words at apt time….kudos for this dear

    3. Nick23_ann


    4. Banita

      Heyyy Nick…
      Yeh Shivika will be always in our heart forever….
      No bye..

    5. Nick23_ann

      Yes no one can erase them from our hearts

    6. Appy

      Already missing this word in AU And gonna miss this word..???
      Only seviour is old ishqbaaaz..
      Good luck my dost

    7. Nick23_ann

      Our real shivika is safe. My only hope

    8. Luthfa

      Hi Nick,
      Feelings are very mutual dear.But……Will miss you so much in PKJ dear.God bless you dear.Lots of love.

    9. Nick23_ann

      Ya i m gonna miss all

    10. Zaveesha

      We all will miss IB.
      Be happy always.
      Things will come and go and that’s life.

    11. Nick23_ann


    12. ItsmePrabha

      My ninja girl…how are you doing??

    13. Nick23_ann

      That time not well but now khidkhithod

    14. Nivedita

      Agree so much IB n SP n ITV couldn’t make this couple last even though they r the reason such a crappily written show with on off brilliance lasted 4 so long..

    15. Nick23_ann

      It is television industry ‘s loss

    16. Anikaa

      Hey.. Nick.. Sending u lots of love and hugs dear… Parcel pe bhej rahi hoon… Recieve karlena.. Warna adress badal jayega

    17. Nick23_ann

      I received even though little late

    18. Yes dear…will miss IB alot?
      But will watch old episodes?our RU ib is saaafeee?

      Will be very glad to know u more.?
      ❤for u.

    19. Nick23_ann

      Is the chance still available

  22. Hi everyone
    I’m extremely sorry to everyone for disappearing and not informing anyone I’m sure most of you’ll don’t remember me or there’s new ppl who comment but I used to comment last year but coz my journey of ishqbaaz ends today I feel like letting you’ll know why i stopped commenting ..
    So in April this year I went through a huge incident that changed my life .. I’m no more the same yes I used to watch ishqbaaz many times felt like coming back but I needed help .. I was betrayed by someone really really close which changed my life .. I’m really sorry If I’ve let you guys down it was never my intention I hope you’ll understand

    My journey of ishqbaaaz was truly a dream I can’t believe it ended like this .. shivika , obros everyone in fact were amazing and inspirational.. I’ve learnt alot they made me smile when I was down .. when I ws stressed one shivika scene would get rid of that.. I have learnt how family is how I look upto them and how I can become a better person.. ishqbaaaz was the best decision as well as the worst ( bcoz of how it ended ) of my life .. many lessons were learnt and every sweat that the actors put thru made us go crazy over them.. I’ll miss them forever ?? I don’t know how I’m gonna live without them but I guess I have too.. shivika will forever be in my heart
    And most importantly one thing that I will cherish is the amazing most kind heated ppl on this site .. I know for a fact I couldn’t keep my friendship but trust me I have my own reasons I’m really sorry
    I will no more watch it even though I love nakuul but cannot see him with someone else in the same show that has the same name .. hell no

    Srarplus lost the dignity it had .. I’ve even called from SA only to hear their silly reasons like they don’t even consider consumer interest

    I just want to thank you’ll for being part of my life .. I really miss you guys , miss reading you’ll comments and conversations ? love you guys

    #shivikaforever ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Fatmi

      I remember u Omaira…even though we didn’t talked much…I also wasn’t regular here.

    2. I remember you as well hey ?

    3. VHM

      Hey Dear…welcome back…every incident in life should make you strong and i hope you are more stronger than you were earlier…yes IB till beginning of redux was best then the charm went with every passing day…however , this PKJ and it’s people will always be there and would be same….stay strong, stay blessed, stay happy

    4. Luthfa

      Hello Omu dearest,
      Don’t know about others but I missed you soooooooooooooooooooo…very much.Dear,why don’t you become a registered member so that we can keep in touch?I don’t want to lose you.Do think about it.Though IB ended for us but our relation is intact,everlasting.I just want to tell you that I Love You Omu dearest.A big,warm jadu ki jahaapi.God bless you.

    5. Banita

      Heyyy Omu…
      HRU yrr…??
      Missed my pyaarisi Omu sooo much…
      Hope u r doing well now…
      It’s doesn’t matter either U will be on contact with me or not , but U always be in my heart…
      U can share anything with me if U want…
      Love U…

    6. Banita


    7. Appy

      Of course OMIRA we remember you
      How can your Arpu forget you..
      Just wanna say that be strong
      And every incident in our life is a lesson for us
      The one who betrayed you gonna punished..
      Karma never leave anyone

      Just trust yourself
      Love you and good luck my friend..????

    8. Zaveesha

      I remember you Omaira and missed u.
      Everyone goes through one thing or the other. The Almighty gave us test which we should try to pass. Don’t lose hope. Have patience. And believe in God.
      Be happy always.

    9. ItsmePrabha

      welcome back Omi..good to see you after a long time..

    10. Nivedita

      Hi darling .so sweet that u called from SA..????

      No worries darling..many of us stopped commenting here for various reasons over the last 1 stop feeling so guilty over it.
      We love u..for the time u spent here with us .

      I hope things are going well in ur life now ????
      Take care my dear .??♥️?

    11. Anikaa

      Hey… Omaira…welcome back.. And love u.. I am fiza u can call me whatever u want…kisses to u

    12. When i was a silent reader,i read ur comments…??
      Hope ur fine now dear,will be glad to know u more.❤

  23. Amayaa

    Maine apna introduction to diya hi nahi, dena parega kya ? ?

    1. Haan ji, aap kon??

    2. Hey Anjali. Nice, you are here.

    3. Fatmi

      We all r in same situation ??

    4. VHM

      ye kaun hain, kaun hain , kaun hain?

    5. Surbhi Sharma

      Haan haan , kaun ho aap ? Kya naam hai aapka ? Batayiye toh ?

    6. Zaveesha

      Aree areee aap kon?. Hmne to apko pehchana hi nahin. Zara apna ta’aruf to dijiye.

    7. Well i am kinda i think i need it..?
      ❤for u.

  24. Ishqbaaaz totally botched by the writers.Without a proper ending it’s stepping into a stupid generation leap.There is no such a thing called creative and new..The worst part everything is gonna be flashback.Well done….A biggest Congo for the flop ahead.Trash …

    1. VHM

      well vented out anger….welcome here and it feels awesome to see you here…..

    2. Banita

      Heyyy Jaanu…
      Yeh it’s wrost ending without any meaning…

    3. Appy

      Nikalo jo bhadass he

    4. Luthfa

      Flop yeah Hit,Dhinchaak IB is going to earn a lot hatred from Ishqbaaaz especially Shivika fans.Not a good sign at all.I am remembering IPKKND 3 and its fate.

    5. Banita


    6. Nivedita

      Seriously ??

    7. Anikaa

      hey jaanu… wait no jaanu… i already have a jaanu yaar.. kya bulaun kya bulaun… i will call u honey… Sweet sweet

    8. Yes,,same goes with all IB fans,,.we all r frustrated…?
      Will be glad to know u more dear.?

  25. ShivikaSCNM

    im going to miss these super six cuties especially shivika their cute fight and romance.
    Anyways I would like to thank GK and HS for giving awesome 1 to 565, if u guys would have continued with all super six I would have been more thankful but that’s not possible.

    1. VHM

      true that, can’t agree more ….

    2. Banita

      Same here…

    3. Appy


    4. Luthfa

      Agree with you dear.Will miss them.Sigh….

    5. Zaveesha

      We all will miss them.

    6. Nivedita

      True that …in my super six it’s Rumya, Rikara , Shivika n to make it 8 it was Dadi n Sahil without them all ib is meaningless..

    7. Anikaa

      Right yaar… Will miss our ib a lot…

    8. True….???
      But will watch old episodes…

  26. VHM

    I still remember how being first to comment was a question of prestige. there are many memories that stayed here and will always stay.

    1. Banita

      But I m NOT….
      Mane kitnaaaaa high speed mein type Kia tha..

    2. VHM

      Sabne kiya tha.,..aaj tho competition mode mein the sab….gussa mat ho….moderator uncle ko bribe karke tera opinion first karadenge…..

    3. Luthfa

      You are right di.Miss those golden days.

    4. VHM

      yeah me too..hope we get back those golden days

    5. Zaveesha

      Yeah Di.
      There are many memories related to this page.
      I join this page as an active user later but I used to read the comments and the happiness of the person who commented first.

    6. VHM

      true even i also used to read the happiness of being first in posting the opinions and the pride of being first with everyone else cheering up for the first opinion writer….ahh what beautiful days those were

    7. Banita

      Nahi rehne do… Moderation mamu abhi confusia gaye hoge aur confuse nahi krte…

    8. VHM

      Lol theek hain tu. boli tho maanna hi padega

    9. Anikaa

      completely agree with u mumaa… TU.. Birth place of our pkj… TU our home… Love u TU.. Love u mumma

    10. VHM

      Awee mera Fiza baccha… love you loads

    11. Yes true di….will miss all of that…?

    12. VHM

      Yeah NSK, i too will miss all of these…only reason for me to be sad

  27. Like any other TV serial, when I first heard about new show called Ishqbaaz, all I had in mind was, “The same old saas-bahu drama, and nothing else”, but then the promo seemed quite interesting and promising, and show continued to steal hearts of audience for a while, but then the whole theme changed from bromance and romance, to Shivay and Anika fighting against all the evils. My interest in ishqbaaz broke then and there into pieces with the entry of the three Kapoor sisters. Even today when I watch the first few, say 30 episodes, I feel that the magic ishqbaaz once had just vanished and no one knows when did if start worsening. Ishqbaaz is like those less privileged children, who have capablity to achieve something but their fate doesn’t seem to support. The fate of ishqbaaz was obviously not written by god, but by the shitty makers who ruined the show and somewhere I feel wasted the time of audience and the outstanding actors of ishqbaaz.
    But on a positive and a happier side, I feel ishqbaaz gave me a lot of new friends I never thought I’d have if not for Ishqbaaz random and pkj. A silent reader of TU, ended up in wattpad befriending so many pkjians. Those amazing people are the fireflies of my life who lit up my life.
    Anika taught us the weirdest words from her own dictionary, which I still use in my speech lot of times.
    Shivay taught us the unique way of handling our phones. I adore how he could talk on the phone keeping the phone inches away from his mouth. Also, if only I also had guts and money like shivay and could break my phone into bits when angry.
    I also wish to have guts like Anika to splash a glass and even a bucket of water on someone’s face when angry. But, today’s world can’t be compared with fictional characters anyway. If I throw water at someone, I’ll get the same dose and probably more. Because action and reaction are equal and opposite, but how will our poor ishqbaaz makers know that, they never learned science.
    O’bros were a total delight to watch, and especially rudra, the funniest and the cutest one. I love(d) the character of rudra the most.
    The adorbs dadi, is the coolest dadi, and everyone wishes to have a dadi like her. I mean, who in today’s world talks about their love story with grand children. My dadi doesn’t.
    Ishqbaaz made me realise that there are people, existing in this world as crazy and wierd as me. PKJ, made me realise why so many mental hospitals have vacancy for patients?
    Pagalo ki jhund, is the actual jhund of pagals, absolute pagals. And the pagals are adorbs.
    I wasn’t much into ishqbaaz ever, but Ishqbaaz was definitely the only TV serial I watched with ‘poorna nishtha’ after Mahabharat of course. So, Ishqbaaz does mean a lot to me, but then as the storylines started worseing, I actually started hating the show and now it doesn’t matter to me whatever the hell makers do with it. But, if I get the same old Ishqbaaz ever again, (that would be in my dreams only), then I would be the happiest on the planet, but of course ‘honi ko kon Taal sakta hai’. All good things come to an end, and with this leap, I am sure Ishqbaaz is almost towards its end.
    And with this, I sign out. I typed it in hurry and there will be typos, and some senseless shit in this, so bare with it.
    (wattpadians would know who the devil is?)

    1. Amayaa

      I don’t know you, hai kon tu ?

    2. The only devil you love!?

    3. Oye devil!! She will torture you here even. Ammu, where is nitrous oxide??

    4. Always di?

    5. Thedreamsoul

      I was scrolling through and saw the word Mahabharat and then went back because I knew it was only you. Hey farind, you have penned everything oh so beautifully. I am feeling nostalgic, missing the old good days of ishqbaaz. And you can throw the dummy phone of your cousins and entertain yourself by throwing the water at plants, lol. Pkj is the best, I know. I love you, farind ❤️

    6. Lol, yoh know my love for Mahabharata very well. Thank-you farind, I didn’t even know about this mission 1000 comments till you informed. Lol, you mean the phone I am having right now? I can’t throw it until I get a new one obviously. Love you too, farind❤

    7. VHM

      Awee…it is such a beautifully written opinion..just splendid, right amount of anger and adorbs…lots and lots of love dear

    8. Thankyou so much di! Lots of love, and hugs to you and akki too❤

    9. Banita

      Heyyy dr…
      Well I don’t know U ,but it’s nycc to read ur comment today….

    10. I was a silent reader of PKJ, so you might not know me. Nice meeting you!

    11. Appy

      Well I am not able to recognise you
      But I think I know you……

    12. Being_devil

      You do? Maybe from wattpad. I carry the same username there.

    13. Luthfa

      Quite impressive and straight forward.Good!

    14. Being_devil

      Hey luthfa di, thankyou!❤ i used to read your comments too, and those were mindblowingly amazin’

    15. Luthfa

      You are most welcome dear.And thank you sooooooooooooo…very much for your precious compliment.Lots of love.And congratulations on being registered member.God bless you.

    16. Surbhi Sharma

      Hi miss devil ! Lekin Kon ho aap ? ?
      So true said , ishqbaaz taught so many things … i wish even i had the guts like anika . It’s so good to see you here … and yes pkj is the pagelest of pagal but the bestttestt . love you patuu??

    17. Being_devil

      Arre sharma ji beti, majama? Devil ko nahi janti, par patanjali ko janti hai??
      Love you alien❤

    18. Fenil

      Arey Devil !!
      How r u ?
      miss talking to u on watty baby !!
      love yaa dear !!

    19. Being_devil

      Hi fenil bhaiya. Hun majama, tame bolo. I thunk we hsd only one chat at shabs book on watty, but yeah i miss that chats too. Love you 2 bhaiya❤

    20. Zaveesha

      Hey Anjieee.
      Well written opinion.
      I’m glad that I met a super bubbly and chirpy girl.
      Lots of love.
      I miss u.

    21. Being_devil

      Hey cherry! How are you? I miss you and commrnt gang so much!?
      I am also glad to meet a pagal like me. Love you.

    22. ItsmePrabha

      hai dear i know you from one of nilu’s tory’s comment section..

    23. Being_devil

      Yes I along with commrnt gang used to crash our notification dabba by commenting hundreds of comments on PA aka nilu di’s story.

    24. Nivedita

      Awesome analogy on orphaned kids??? But here with IB even though fans tried to provide contructivr alternatives to haywire illogical plots the CVS kept ignoring it in their quest to preserve their ego..??

    25. Being_devil

      True that nivi di.

    26. Anikaa

      Oooo… Hello.. I dont know who u are.. Its ok koi baat nahi… *handshake*
      Myself fiza… Famously known as flirting fizzy?

    27. Being_devil

      Hey fiza, nice to meet you. Myself, Anjali also known as devil, anjeer, patanjali?, anju, anjie, etc

    28. Well tbh,idk u…but will be glad to know u.?
      And ur comment is huggggeee…?

    29. Being_devil

      Hey! Would love to know you too. Myself, Anjali, a silent reader of TU pkj
      Lol, my talkative nature came out in this form. Now you know I am a talkative girl.

  28. HI Guys
    IS that End for First Season
    So many Unsolved situations.
    How they gonna Start Second Season………………………
    IF Annika Dead how Shivaansh was born………………………………

    May be tommorrow they will show they will alert full back and show that continue from the episode redux started annika got pregnant and Shivaansh was born ………….Good Beginning……….

    How They gonna show Super SIx in Second Season………….
    Anyway Waiting for Monday Episode……………….

    1. VHM

      Hi Ansh….did IB solve the mysteries that were long pending…but this time, what they did was playing smart in a flop way…they wanted answer all the unsolved questions through flashbacks in Dhinchaak IB….i will not stop you from watching because i am none to do so …but for most of us IB ends today…lots of love and best wishes to you

    2. Banita

      Hlooo Ansh….
      Super six will be on FB in S2…
      There is no epi tomorrow becz if there any then precap mein dikhata…

    3. Appy

      And I just hoping you will get good time to watch season 2.

    4. I’m
      But Shivaansh also have siblings iw will be fun

    5. Luthfa

      Let makers think that dear.GK and her team will sweat over it.You keep smiling and be happy.God bless you.Your name is making me emotional!

    6. Yeah i’m also looking foe new in Season 2
      I also want to know there are another siblings like Omkara, Rudra and Priyanks’s Children……….
      To look all the brothers fun……………
      i also want to know that it all went to before redux and season 2 Started…………….
      And one thing when i watched Gul Khan Qubool hai i don;t know i like the Shaad (Varun Toookrey) Character very much………….He was so adorable in that role……………..I’m waiting for his next show Gul mam Start a show with him(may be add him in ishqbazz season 2 as parallel lead)…………….
      Thanks Luthfa for your reply…………..

    7. Nivedita

      Dear Absh super six isn’t there in new IB..there’s a huge protest going on on social media about this.. especially about Surbhi being ousted

    8. Anikaa

      Hey ansh… Nizz username.. Ansh.. Loved it.. Love u too…

    9. Well CVS will do what they want to…
      Super six is biding goodbye to us…
      Be happy dear.?

  29. Surbhi Sharma

    Hey everyone ! How are you ? Coming here after a long time …
    Last episode of anika …. our khidkitodh anika . I don’t know what to say , anika dead , shivay shattered . This is more than heartbreaking . But hats off to surbhi chandna , she deserves it . Her acting , her way of talking … everything is just khidkitodh … actually more more more more than khidkitod . I wish all the best for her life . She was one of those people who gave life to the show .
    Honestly , it was shivay anika who attracted me to the show… and i am so so glad i started watching ishqbaaz and got so obssessed with it that i did loads of research and found TU . I found a family here . A family full of love … lots and lots of love … with whom i can share anything and everything . I love you all . Thank you cvs for making ishqbaaz and giving me a wonderful family .

    Love you all ❤
    Take care❤
    Good night ❤

    1. VHM

      Hey Surbhi…you are more special you know why? because you share the same name as Surbhi aka our Annika…..and so so glad to see you here after a really really long time…true we got a family through IB in the form of PKJ and this shall be preserved forever.

    2. Surbhi Sharma

      Love you diii ????

    3. Banita

      Heyyy Pillow….
      Yeh we all thankful to IB , only becz of it we did found each other…

    4. Surbhi Sharma

      Yess bani di ?

    5. Appy

      Hey Surbhi ……

      Gonna miss you here really very badly.

    6. Surbhi Sharma


    7. Luthfa

      I love you too Surbhi dear and will continue loving.God bless you.

    8. Surbhi Sharma

      Hey luthfa di !how are you ? Love you too . Take care ❤

    9. Luthfa

      I am good dear.Thank you so much.You too take care.Love you.

    10. Zaveesha

      Hey Surbhi.
      Yeah I got many friends far away through this site. We all are lucky that we came through this.
      Lots of love.

    11. Surbhi Sharma

      Yess di . Love ya ?❤

    12. ItsmePrabha

      hello Surbhi dear..nice to see you here..

    13. Surbhi Sharma

      Hello prabha di . How are you ? Much love . Take care ❤

    14. ItsmePrabha

      i am about you??Love too take care

    15. Nivedita

      Ditto…I was charmed so much by Anika n surbhi’s acting I wanted to find fellow IB fans that led me here..n also to new amazing friends..

      Agree Surbhi C was the jaan of IB from day 1 of watching IB 4 me..??

    16. Surbhi Sharma

      True di … ??

    17. Anikaa



      Kaisi hai tu… Arey hum toh humesha everest peak pe honge.. Ghar pe sabh kaise hai..lllooooovvvveeeee uuuuuu chhhhuuudsddaaaiill

    18. Surbhi Sharma

      Bhooootttttttttttttttttt !!! Mai masttt hu ! Tu bataa ?
      I love you tooo bhoooottttttttt

    19. Love u too…?
      Will be glad to know u more dear,❤for u.hugsss.

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