Ishqbaaz 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye loses Anika

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Ishqbaaz 14th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye is on the way. Dadi and everyone pray at home. Dadi and Nani do aarti. O palan haare….plays… Rudra and Bhavya also pray. Everyone thinks of Anika. The man says no one has come to represent Oberoi industries. Jai smiles and thinks no one will come and I will get this deal. He gets shocked seeing Om. Om thinks of Shivaye’s words. Gauri consoles Sahil and hugs. Om gets ahead with presentation. Gauri and Priyanka do the aarti and pray. Everyone claps for Om. Jai gets angry. The man says well done, nice presentation. Om thanks them and smiles.

Jai says Shivaye has troubled me a lot, its your turn to trouble him, Anika is his life, he shouldn’t get Anika, I want to see Shivaye breaking down, do anything, make sure that Shivaye doesn’t reach Anika, do anything, you don’t

let them meet at any cost. Priyanka sees him and comes. Jai says kill him if needed, I don’t care. She asks whom are you talking about, I m your wife and have right to know the matter. She asks are you responsible for Anika’s kidnapping, answer me. He says no, my enmity is with your brother, not Anika, my business rival has won again. She says I m scared, I m your wife, but I haven’t ended my ties with family, I m Shivaye’s sister, I m an Oberoi first, if I get to know that you were behind Anika’s kidnapping then, you will witness the courage of Oberoi family women, I can do anything for my family, if you cause harm to my family, I will end my ties with you. Sahil hears them and says I just got to know today that Shivaye and Jai are enemies. Rudra cries and drives fast.

Bhavya asks him to drive carefully, they have to reach safely for Shivaye. He says I can’t live without you, I wasn’t able to process any thought when I felt I lost you, I was angry, I was thinking about Shivaye, what he is going through, he can’t live without Anika, if something happens to her, he will be devastated, the family will shatter. She says nothing will happen to Shivaye, he is fine as Anika is fine, I m sure we will find out something in this factory. He says Shivaye is very strong, he handles everything. She holds his hand.

Shivaye calls Bhavya. He says I reached the factory, I m going in. Rudra says we are reaching, wait. Shivaye says I can’t wait. Bhavya says he won’t wait, speed up Rudra, we need to reach there fast. Shivaye enters the factory and sees Rajiv. He thinks its Rajiv….he has a gun, I have to find Anika without making any noise. He steps on the glass bottle. Rajiv hears the sound and looks around. Shivaye hides. Rajiv points gun at him and says I didn’t expect you to reach here. Shivaye asks where is Anika. Rajiv says I will shoot you. Shivaye says tell me where is Anika.

Rajiv says keep your phone in your pocket. Shivaye hits him and makes the gun fall. He kicks the gun away. He beats up Rajiv. He asks where is my Anika. Rajiv says you won’t get your wife, even if you get her, you won’t get her alive. Shivaye pushes him. He shouts Anika and looks for her. Jaane kaise…..plays… Anika is tied up to the chair. A gun points towards her, fixed with a string connected to door. He gets Anika’s bracelet and thinks its of Anika, she has dropped this bracelet to give me clue, it means she is around here. He pushes the boxes. He sees Anika inside a locked room and shouts to her. Rudra drives the car inside the factory. Rudra and Bhavya rush to Shivaye. They break the door. The trigger gets pulled by the string attached to the door. The bullet arrow gets shot at Anika’s neck. They get shocked seeing this. They try to rush in. A blast occurs. They all fall back. Shivaye shouts Anika and cries. Rudra and Bhavya cry and hold him. Shivaye cries and thinks of Anika. He shouts out Anika…..

Shivaye and Anika talk about their son, Shivaansh. Shivaansh says I just believe in three things, love, love and love….. Shivaansh is seen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Luthfa

    I missed,missing will miss you my dears-
    @Shanaya Khan
    @Rahul bhaiya/Billu Ji
    Where are you guys?Wished to meet you all,at least for once.I love you guys.May God bless you with happiness,love and everything you all wish and dream to get.Stay happy and blessed wherever you all are.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Lu, page 8! Seriously!!

      1. Luthfa

        Aap khush nahi ho di??????

    2. ShivikaSCNM

      Congrats lu..❤️

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you sooooooooooooooooo….very much Shivika.

  2. Appy

    Hiiiii mere khidkitod pagals
    Ok Guys I am back
    As I was so busy was going through a weird situation
    I MISSED you all so much
    Gonna comment
    With #Thankyouishqbaaaz
    And #Myjorney with ishqbaaaz


    before ishqbaaaz I had watched most of the shows at the time of 2016
    But except one show I always leave all the show in middle
    And I was not watching starplus show at all
    I used to watch ye vaada raha at 10 pm which was going on on see tv
    On 19th June 2016 for the first time I watched the promo ( vanwas promo)
    And I was so curious to know about FL bcoz no fl were introduced and I had no clue neither abput any actors of the show
    So I waited for 27th June
    But bcoz of time schedule I could not watched some episodes mainly nearly for one month
    But somehow I watched some JHLAK of the show
    And what attracted me was ANNIKA
    I didn’t knew abput SC before IB neither that time too I didn’t know her
    But when she was using her words and her expressions she attracted me so much
    That I couldn’t resist myself
    So I decided I have to see this show at any coast
    So officially I started from The episode of BILLU SONG..
    And I laughed like mad….
    Since then I was watching like mad

    That time I had no clue about insta, Twitter even about I was really curious what will happened next……what will happened next

    One-day on YouTube I saw a spolier that Annika is not working so SURBHI jyoti gonna be lead actress
    Me Pagal mend buddy I accepted it and I was spool sad
    Bcoz I was so mad for Annika at that time …….
    But later I was sooooo happy that She is still here and I watched with more interest I never missed any episode of 2016

    At that time my frnds also showing so much love for show and we used talk about show for hours .then during Shivika first sangeet time I got to know about hotstar and I watched all the pending episodes I didn’t watched before…….and I am still watching old episodes again and again and again..—
    Then Nov 2016 I got to know about segments that I was good thing for me
    But worst was I got to know about TRP…I still hate why I know about it..

    Between these I googled abput actors and fell in love with SC more bcoz of both Annika and through Her segments I found her so real
    Then I loved other like NOKS BHAIYA NEHA KJ LM
    LALIT everybody

    On 26th Jan 2017 I got to know about insta
    And clips were posted their
    Little later I got to know about Twitter too
    So I waited for 6 pm impatiently so that I can know the spoilers and then I enjoyed and enjoyed and enjoyed

    But saddest thing was most of my frnds leave Show after JUNE 2017 aftermath SHIVIKA SEPARATION and never watched again…

    When BUA TRACK WAS GOING ON I thought I am loosing my love for show bcoz she was so annoying but thank God that track ended

    Gonna cherish these memories forever ..

    To be continue…..

    1. Zaveesha

      Hey Arpita…

    2. Ohooo….hoo
      aaphi ka intezaar tha
      I missed u a lot Arpu .

      i will read ur first comment
      love u inna sara

  3. Appy


    On Shivaay ‘s PAIN KILLER wala episode I got to know about this page and since that time I think Sep 2016
    I used to read all the comments
    Then before 26th Jan 2017
    I commented once but got no response
    So again I commented on 26th Jan and I addressed LAX was bhaiya..???????
    I still laugh on this comment of mine…
    Then with coming time it became like family and ….we all enjoyed a lot
    Although I am still upset ..but I love you all

    Each of you are so special to me

    I really love you all.
    And MY DREAM TO SEE 1K+ comment got fulfilled and it is now 2K+….
    Love you once again
    And I really enjoyed all comments and cheapdi comments too ???????????

    1. Zaveesha

      Yeah we’ve crossed 2.1k+ comments…

  4. Appy



    First time in my life I am mad for a character and celebrity too and it’s only you …..
    I never saw you as a celebrity but I found a real girl just like us
    1 we both are foodie although I can’t it spicy food??
    2.We both are Hasmukh type person
    3 we love pet too
    But you are really my inspiration
    How to stay positive
    How to create a positive atmosphere
    How to be friendly with everyone
    But most loveable thing about you that love the most is your VOICE ………..
    And will always love it
    Don’t know why but I found your voice so sweet
    THANK YOU FOR PLAYING KHIDKITOD ANNIKA and giving is immense happiness
    Waiting to see you getting more love
    More success
    More madness for you
    In upcoming time
    Love you Love you Love you sooooooooooooootoo much


    I didn’t knew abput you before at all
    So when you were playing Sso I really hating Sso’s character at that time so I couldn’t made a positive impression abput you
    But later when I saw your segments I found you so sweet so genuine
    So you are now my forever Noks Bhaiya……..
    Much love for you
    Thank you for playing great SSO..


    IT took me so many days just to remember your name..???
    I know you through Omkara …bcoz I loved Omkara more among three Obros at that time..
    Your intense eyes Those beautiful pronunciation of SHAYRIS..
    I will remember that2016 was Omkara for her
    Thank you for playing Omkara

    Leenesh Mattoo

    Your name was so difficult to remember ???I still thought you are really like Rudy a playboy
    Only bcoz of you It was very hard for me to hate Rudy bcoz of his harkaten..
    But still I love Rudy…most funniest character ever..for me.
    Thank you for playing RUDRA


    I will always love you my baby doll
    Much love


    I loved Gouri her language are so cute in DBO ..
    And Mansi you really played Bhabya’s role so good
    I really love both of your friendship .love you…



    MUCH MUCH LOVE AND THANK YOU ALL FOR giving 100% to your character………

    To be continue..

  5. ItsmePrabha

    Merry Christmas???❄? familia..

  6. Appy

    Parde ke peeche log…..


    Bit still I am grateful for you to give us ishqbaaz
    To give a awesome time khidkitod frnds and many more happiness
    And a brutal truth is your ending is always so bad
    But starting is always khidkitod that people fell in love with your show So much…
    Just hoping I will not love your show ..
    Thank you


    I love you and I hate you too
    Love you bcoz you changed the name of characters ..
    And actually gave them a Uniqueness to each character
    But later you just ruined everything…..
    So both love and hate ..


    I got to know about you very much later..
    But I really respect you
    If I loved Shivika so much
    Then half of the credit goes to you…….
    You portrayed Shivika so flawlessly
    Forver grateful near you ..
    Best of luck Sir .


    I can bet Ishqbaaaz CINEMATOGRAPHY is bestest I always got mesmerized by this…
    People behind camera really worked so hard..
    Thank you guys


    10% love for you bcoz you chopped so many good scenes and you ruined beauty of two good episodes.
    And that DHINKA CHIKA music of aftermath vanwas while shivomru eresing the line ??????..

    Oh Jana / Oh Jana
    Ishq wasaq tumhara
    Lafzo ka ye..
    I loved all songs
    Singers lyrist composer aall did a wonderful job
    Thank you for giving us all khidkitod songs.

    BG music
    I really really loved all BG music of ishqbaaz
    Most of the time I listen to these music’s

    Dress designer and makeup

    Sometimes you do weird jobs but most of the time
    You do khidkitod job
    So thank you too all of you..bcoz of you ishqbaaz became a trendsetter


    MY personally Fev is Shivika…their hotness and chemistry uffffff..

    Then Rumya
    Iskara Rikara And all..
    Will enjoy forever.

    And last but not the least
    You are the one to introduce first spin-off show
    Introduced redux concept in Indian TV
    And all uniqueness
    Once again lovelove love

    I got immense love with these names
    Gonna cherish all the moments forever…
    Hope we will be in contact with each other


    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Darling!! Amazing journey.
      Mad people, crazy people
      sane people, fan people
      amazing ishqbaaz,
      Shivika hot couple
      We are Ishabaaz people!

    2. Zaveesha

      Love u too Arpiii…

    3. Shivya

      Hey Rabba!!!! Di seriously you’ve rocked it.
      From mentioning every nook and corner specialities of Ishqbaaaz To the way your fangirling, hate & love for everybody and everything of Ishqbaaaz was extremely enticing to read. None can portray this so beautifully than you meri Arpu di.
      And thank God you’re here finally after so long. Hope you are doing khitkitod!!!
      Missing you as much as your Vanwas chapter. Your very own funny analysis, takkar words, your hospitality for all new members of pkj- everything is being missed by me di.
      Hoping for your FF soon if possible.
      Take care. Missing you a lot & lot like anything.
      Love you Apply (alice) Arpu (alice) Arpita di!❤️❤️❤️??

    4. Luthfa

      Aaiye,Aapki,Intezar,Thi…….Hehehehe……Gaana gane ki maan kar rahi hai!
      All I will say,I love my Darling who is Jaan of PKJ family,sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo….very much.Rest you imagine my Cheapdi.Missed you.

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Hello!! She is my darling and I am very possessive.

      2. Luthfa

        Wah di,typical SSO syndrome!

    5. ItsmePrabha

      Meri cheapdi tune Spotboys ko chod di yaar.. Waise kaise ho?

    6. ShivikaSCNM

      Agree agree with u dear

  7. Banita

    Hllloooo PKJ…..
    Finally I m here after almost a week….
    First of all CONGRATULATIONS to all of U PKJians whoever contributed on completing 2K comments…,
    It’s really 2K….!!!!!
    Well honestly i didnt read any of ur comment after i left… After my exm end on friday i wanted to come here , but at d same time i dont want to come here….
    I want to come here nd join with U all here , but i feel upset whenever i open TU becz (yeh , i open this page many time) it remind me of IB S1….
    I m sorry 4 disappoint U all by my comment…
    I will try to read all of ur comments…
    Congratulations once again PKJ…
    Nd yeh how can I forget…..

    1. Shivya

      Hi Banita dear,
      I’m your Shivu.
      Please never ever try to be away from all pkjians dear. I can feel your pain but try your best to come here after your exams get over.
      Because you are the person who can make any kind of situation ease with your nok-jhok comments which I’m really missing as much as I miss IB 1.
      So do come & share your experiences of IB 1 as much as possible.
      Sorry if I’ve hurt you by my words.
      Love you dear Banita.❤️❤️❤️❤️
      Take care.
      All the best for your exams.

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      You are my strong Bunny. You are my sweet Bunny. Don’t let just a daily serial to upset you. Be happy. Hamesha. Love you a lot.

    3. Luthfa

      Wishing you the same Bani.But I have a condition.When you will visit PKJ next,I want my previous bubbly,cute,always khidkitode Bani back.Do bring back her.That’s it.Love you.

    4. Merry Christmas….
      Plzzzzz banita,arpu and luthfa missing your comments sooooooooo much..
      Plzzzzz comment on telly update…plzzzzz

      If you all don’t want to watch ib… it somewhere and comment it…am missing you all so much

    5. ShivikaSCNM

      Hi banita how are u?

    6. ItsmePrabha

      Bunny i missed you here yaar.. Ab aa hi gaye ho toh chod ke jaana math.. Okay..

  8. ShivikaSCNM

    Oh my god it’s 2095 now it will be 2096?

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Yesssssss!!! We are still proceeding!

  9. Omg 2101, yeh gulneet ke laye” duniyan me kitne hai nafartein fir bhi dilon me hi chaytein(yeh pkj ke liye) love u all

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Oh my Lyrics!!

    2. Luthfa

      Wish I could give you tight jadu ki jhappi right now.Love you yaar.

  10. ShivikaSCNM

    Heyyy we crossed 2.1 comments ??????Many more to come.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Modertorji!! Thik ho na mamu! Haal chal puchlete hain unse. They will close the page soon…

  11. Aastha_Reddy

    Finally 2.1k crossed. How many more??

    1. ShivikaSCNM

      How about 2.5 to 3k??

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Certain people have a goal, or goals in life to reach that poinyt.

        And we don’t have a set goal. So we can do anything to everything.

      2. ShivikaSCNM

        True astha dear agree with you

  12. ItsmePrabha

    2.1k..okay ab Mai greedy ban rahi hoon.. Aur chahiye Aur chahiye.. BTW congo paltan..

    1. ShivikaSCNM

      ??are u ready?

      1. ItsmePrabha

        Arey yaar mein toh born ready hoon.. Pata hai mein ghar shifting ka packing kar rahi thi 3din se aur beech mein karnataka bhi gyi.. Phir bhi iss page pe aana chodi nhi..

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      If anyone asks me about xmass task! This page will be their heart attack!

      1. ItsmePrabha

        Wah waah BKB..

  13. Omg! 2.1 k comments??

  14. ShivikaSCNM

    I was watching IB S1…
    When ragini and vikram enter shivika’s life the whole episodes where so good shiv was so jealous seeing Viki and Anika.
    Poor Rudy got beatings from shivom for misguiding them.
    Gouri had baang and she was so cute while talking to om.
    Shivika was looking so beautiful in all the functions.
    When Anika and vikram’s engagement takes place ragini wants to take pic of couples so she ask viki to put hand on her and shiv notices that and he comes and stops it was so natural.
    Rudy was getting possessive about his Anika Bhabi he was trying to protect her from vikram it was so cute all those Scenes I really miss IB.

  15. P_lata

    Congratulation PKJ team….U guys are making history in TU…..Love of crazy peoples have no boundaries, you all are proving it day by day…..wish you all to cross many more numbers… least 2500+ toh hone chahiye na….carry on….

  16. Medha

    Hey there IBians or PKJ walo…. Congratulations each & everyone who commented on this forum and broke the old record of 2074 comments of IPKKND Family 😛 …… !! Its such a milestone & you guys did a great job …. keep it on & make atleast 2.5k cmnts …
    & Advance Happy New Year to all of you… !! Aasha hain nya saal 2019 aap sabki Zindagi mein Khusiyaan lekar aaye ……

  17. Medha

    And here special mention to Renima Dii …….
    first I scrolled the name list & when I read I found my name their on 323 position… OMM ? I never thought that I am a part of IB Family though I commented here perhaps 2 or 3 times just for RiKara … But she remember me… A Big Salute to her memory ?‍♀️

    1. Pinku

      Renima wrz my numb

  18. Pinku

    Heyloooo pkj vasion maaf karo deri hogayi anika I miss u

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Aayi re aayi mhari rangeeli mehmaan!! Kitne dino ke baad mile ho Bindu Akka!!

      1. Pinku

        Hahaha haan astha

    2. ItsmePrabha

      Pinku akka ???

  19. Nikita_jai29

    Hi ishqies… Guys this is awesome 2k+comments…. Love you all pkj..

  20. ManyaPV5

    Ishqbaaz for me was all about Shivika, Gaurika and Rumya (and then Ruvya).
    I the Gul for not continuing with Surbhi in the present season and also I would like to thank her for bringing such a Khidkitod show ??? coz of which I met PKJ and many other Khidkitod, Darwazaphod, Crazy people who changed my ittu sa world!!! I would like to thank Nila Aasman di urf Pinky Bahu for bringing me in the crazy group of PKJs my lovely Paagals ????. Ishqbaaz is the reason why the writer the fiction writer in me jaagrat hua ??. Aur kya bolun mein? I bhill say just one thing Gul aunty bohut galat kiye Surbhi di ko Season 2 mein na rakhke ??. Bohut hi jada galat kiye.

    1. ItsmePrabha

      Vipu ???

  21. ShivikaSCNM

    Gm guys?

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