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Ishqbaaz 12th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye asks Priyanka whats happening. Priyanka says Anika wanted some extra electrical points for lighting, so there is direct electrical connections taken. He says fine, thanks and goes. Gayatri is present there. Shivaye says that was not electric meter and rushes. He calls out Om and Rudra. Priyanka asks what happened. Shivaye asks where is Om. Priyanka says he went out. Anika asks what happened. Shivaye says call electrician, someone connected water meter wire with electricity, be away from water. Dadi goes to open tap. Shivaye stops and hugs her. He asks where is Rudra. Soumya says he went to take shower. He asks what.

Some time before, Shivaye blames Anika and says you created scene, there was no one in Tia’s car. She says there was someone, I have seen the black gloves. He says one more

story. She says listen to me. They slip and she gets hand on her fruit knife. She falls over him and the knife points on Shivaye. Rudra and Om look on. Rudra asks Anika to leave Shivaye. Om asks whats happening. Anika says I was falling and knife came in my hand. Om asks Shivaye is he fine. Shivaye says yes. Anika goes. Om asks whats happening. Shivaye says this girl is just…. He goes. Rudra says Anika is so dangerous. Om asks him to shut up.

Ishana sees Om’s photo and says I thought to expose Riddhima, and get some crores from you, then leave you, but its tough to reach you. Her dad asks why are you worried. Ishana says its because of you and Mona, you could not stop Riddhima, I had to hold dosa and run away, my date plan flopped as I had to run away with bad stomach excuse. He asks her to get some other plan.

Jhanvi asks servant to get a drink for her. Tej gets coffee for her and asks her to have this for a change. She tastes the coffee and says this is…. He says its bitter, give it to me. He adds two spoons sugar in her coffee and asks her to try it now. She likes the coffee and asks do you still remember. He says I can’t forget even if I try, my memories are more stubborn than me. Shwetlana says Tej…..and sees them. She says sorry and goes. Pinky calls her half Jethani and asks why did she come here. Shwetlana says Tej and your son Shivaye called me here, I did not come on own. Pinky asks why. Tej says I called her for security detailing. Shwetlana asks Pinky to ask Shivaye. Jhanvi says if Shivaye agreed, then he may have thought something. Jhanvi sees Shwetlana and goes. Shwetlana goes to Tej, and gives revised security plan. She asks him to check once. Tej takes the file and goes. She recalls Tej and Jhanvi.

Ishana rehearses to give a sad explanation to Om, for running away that day. She smiles and says nice, I will practice more. Om comes here and greets her. Pinky stops Shwetlana and asks how is it going, what are you seeing, you won’t stay here for long, your Pati, Patni and Woh show will end, Tej and Jhanvi are getting close, your string will get cut, as old love is getting awakened and drinking coffee without you, so sad. Shwetlana goes.

Ishana asks Om to sit. She says it was not dosa’s mistake. She finds him lost and asks why is he worried. He says its nothing. She says remember you said you talk less and you are a good listener, I talk more and I m a good listener too, whats the matter. He says I m thinking of yesterday, I did not think the one I assume genuine can do this. She thinks I m gone, he will know Bela and Mala are same. He says many times, things are not like they appear, is she really like this. She asks who and gets relieved that he is saying about someone else. He says I think Shivaye is right, or maybe he is mistaken, such honest and hardworking can’t do this, she can’t do this planning against my brother and family, I don’t know whom to trust.

She asks him to trust his heart. He says I don’t know her. She says you don’t know me too. He says because my heart said you are true. She asks why did you feel so. He says every why has no answer, sometimes life falls short to trust anyone, and sometimes a moment is enough. She says then you follow your heart. He says you are a good listener, you solved my problem, I m sure Anika did not release the chip, I will help Shivaye in finding the person who released that chip.

Rudra talks on phone and says this time, I will fail, I don’t have notes. Soumya says don’t worry, I will give notes. He says I will pass. He calls Soumya sweet. She shows Bluetooth. She talks to Rumi and says I will send you notes by mail. Rudra and Soumya call each other mean. They argue for food. She says typical boy, you just know to snatch things. He says typical girl, she has much attitude, she is not even hot, this fat girl.

Shivaye comes out. Shivaye asks Priyanka whats happening. Priyanka says Anika wanted some extra electrical points for lighting, so there is direct electrical connections taken. He says fine, thanks. She goes. He calls Shwetlana and asks about some electricians working in mansion. She says don’t worry, this time I won’t let you down, they all are checked and given entry. He asks security guy Rajveer to stay here. Rajveer says I won’t move till all the work is done here. Gayatri is present there.

Dadi asks whats happening. Rudra says Soumya is sweet, she is giving me notes. Soumya says what to do, he does not go to class, he will fail and cry, so I m given him notes by pity. Rudra murmurs. Soumya argues. Dadi says its good you both became good friends. Priyanka says yes, they have positive influence on each other, Rudra is eating full time meal and Soumya is eating diet food like Rudra. Rudra says I got this food for Soumya. Soumya says yes, I got this food for Rudra. They exchange plates. Dadi says Soumya is good and helpful. Rudra says yes, but my love angel will give me advice on love, I love my love angel. Soumya coughs and gets angry. Rudra thinks she got annoyed hearing love angel’s name. She says good for you, I hope she gives you good advice. She thinks love angel will become love devil for you now, see how I ruin your love life.

Shivaye feels hot and goes to switch on AC. He recalls someone giving wires to water tap. He rushes out and asks Rajveer where is that man, he was not electrician. He has connected electric wires in water supply, if there is water usage, come on. He calls out Om and Rudra. Priyanka asks what happened. Shivaye asks where is Om. Priyanka says he went out. Anika asks what happened. Shivaye says call electrician, someone connected water meter wire with electricity, be away from water. He asks Anika to go and alert everyone. Anika alerts servant and Jhanvi. Priyanka asks Pinky not to use tap. Shivaye stops Dadi from using tap and hugs her. He asks where is Rudra. Soumya says he went to get shower. Shivaye rushes. Shivaye knocks the door and asks Rudra not to touch water. Rudra screams. They get shocked.

Shivaye asks Anika for whom is she working, I will pay double. Anika calls him mad. He holds her against the wall and asks who are you, whats your standard, you blo*dy low standard people. She says leave me. She gives him all the lists and docs. She says I m leaving this job, do me a favor, don’t show me your face again. She leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shivay is so rude. He is hurting anika.when will he realise his mistake. I am waiting for that episode..?may be om will help shivaye to realise his mistake. Rumika is superrrrr.

  2. Thanks a lot mukta dear……for the spoiler…..? ?????❤ …..bagad billa gonna repay for all that he did…..

  3. WAiting for the upcoming track…OM is such a darling ,the one with sense ,he trusts Annika ..Lovely..Now he will prove it to that Shouting Shiavye,,,How dare he is to call her blo*dy low class…cheap…but still cant wait to see shivaye falling head over heels for Annika…

  4. Damn slow…..telly updates…..

  5. Shai

    well gus you are right….i guess Om will get into the bottom of the matters and come to know that swetlana is behind that chip thing…so again there will be an face-off between father-son..
    But i don’t want Om to get hurt..
    Maybe ishaana will pacify him..and will love him more(seeing that he also leads a sorrowful life)
    what say friends??

    1. Yes Shai….ishu always plan something…..but when she found om upset …..she will also feel sad…..and yesterday the way she convince om itself shows that she will try to solve om’s problems……about swetlana…..she is very cunning……i don’t know how om will react to her?
      but……om has the great wall of sso…..and now….bela…..the destiny….. both are connected with
      pain…..and when they will share there feelings…..they will not allow each other to get hurt………

  6. Ya shai…..may be this can happen…but I don’t want Om to get hurt again….and Mr bagad billa is too ooooooooo much…????. And always handling her harsh…….??? but I think spark started in him as he could not see her teary eyed…… precap…..he got disturbed…..when he saw her crying………??? ……let s wait……

  7. Shai

    who wants bromace more than the love stories???
    I am missing it!!

    1. Mukti.H

      I want…

  8. Hello everyone
    mukta,kat,nadiya di,mishri,dil di,priya,monique,mukthi,Ishika,shai ,sriranjani n my sweet ishqbaaziyans.
    How r u all ???? ????
    It is gud that anniku quit the dare bliiu hurt my anniku.he should understand that anniku is a soft girl and not to hurt her
    physically like this n it is sure that billu is a tyrant n grumpy guy.
    Btw what the hell with d securities of oberoi mansion.they r gud for nothing.shivay should blame these blo*dy security guards instead of our anniku.

    1. NadiyaShah32

      Hi sweetie!! How r u????

    2. Kat

      Hey buddy how are u ??????????????????? I’m fine and hope u ar fine too!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  9. Hi ishqbaazians, how are you all? Awesome episode. Anika is really a very high self esteemed girl. Love shivika. Hope Shivaay realises his mistake and apologize to Anika.

  10. Can I also join this family? This is my third time asking this question and no good reply?

    1. U r most welcome sweetheart???in this Ishqbaaz family???

    2. welcome sat in out sweet family

    3. Welcome to the family Sat we welcome everyone with open heart then what is the meaning to question

    4. Most welcome dear….

    5. NadiyaShah32

      Gal hea we all r crazy fans of Ishqbaazians..No need to ask nything..just jump in !!!
      And yes A big Welcome..It will b a pleasure to be friends wid u 🙂 🙂

    6. Mukti.H

      welcome… sat

    7. Hiii sat l am fine and how r u????
      welcome to family

  11. Please any replies

    1. Mukti.H

      why to ask so much…. just jump in… and comment and be. a. Ishqbaazian ..

  12. Hii my ishqbaazians how r u alllll ????
    Nice episode rudra is fine guys.and precap good job anika now shivaye will start feel for her

  13. Interesting episode.. but ishkara love syory is going sooo slow…

    N i am missing bromance !!!

  14. U know I feel very girl shud b like she is everything wat sso said in tht dream sequence ?..yet she is powerful kickass knws her limit..she nva inslt sso by going to his gves him back thru her wrds n actions..self esteem comes frst she prvd it ths tme too…….ppl who r sayng tht why grl chractr is getting bashed by male chractr n manhandling n all…bt I blv tht is wat an aggressive prsn does like sso..this shows his weakkness nt strngth by being physcl…n Anika s strngth is hr eyes..she nva cries infrnt of him though close to it bt still mngd to maintain hr dignty….anika’s chrctr( thnks to surbhi ofcrs) is one of th rsn to watch ths show fr me

    1. NadiyaShah32

      Well said Ishu..Anika counterattacked but in the most dignified way nt stooping to his level..Thaz appreciable??
      …But i felt terrible when in the Precap they showed she had tears in her eyes?????..How cud he hurt her so much????..Stupid Billu!!!??????

      1. Exctly nadiya thts wat I meant I mn she smhw mnaged hr didn’t break..bcz yhis useless cmnt shud nva break HR..yes she frgts things fast tht doesn’t mean she dsrves all th bashing..she ws actually filled wth tears n thts why she cudnt say anything bt th step she took ws neccsry..evrytime he cant jst get away wth tht mean wrds he use?

  15. Ya nelka is a big mansion there is improper security..and he blames anika… good thing is that in the upcoming episode shivaay Will say sorry for his stupidity to anika …waiting for tat episode…. ishqbaaazians

  16. Poor om..?

    1. No He is not although his personal life is not so good but after every dark night there is a new morning full of hopes

    2. NadiyaShah32

      OM has to face a major catharsis…by facing pain n heartbreak will he rise just like a unicorn purged of all negativity n sadness.??.
      It is bound to happen but hope they won’t show him crying cz i can’t c him like that!!!????

  17. Hey ishqbaaz of our family how r u all how were your days epi was nice and precap was good

    1. Mukti.H

      hey di… how are u….

    2. Hiii ooshi l am fine how r u ? ? ?

    3. Hey Ooshi, I’m good. How r u?? If I’m not wrong then u were also there in Shakti page. Do u also watch that show??

  18. Thank you. I want more shivika scenes. as they are really a very rare couple. Ishkara is also going good.

    1. Hey darling .it seems to be that u too r a shivika lover…yippee i too love them to the core…

  19. Awesome episode… om is so sensible.. Thanks to ishu who cleared his confusion about anika. Now ishu should help him find out about chip…
    Rumya scene was fab. Now our love angel soumya will screw rudra.
    Tej and jhanvi scene was good. Pinky rocks.
    Shivay again insulted anika. This time he should realise his mistakes. .

    Did you guys notice when Shivay throws the dairy a photo falls? ??

  20. NadiyaShah32

    Well dne My princess!!!
    It seems bl**dy is BILLU JI’S fav. wrd.????
    HHmm…Bagad billa has gne wild..That rude man seriously needs a reality check.???..N our Superwoman Anika surely knows how to tame him!!!????

    1. Kat

      Not only a reality check buddy. But a mental check up too!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

      How ar u sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Awesome episode.
    Thanks to ishu. She cleared om’s confusion about anika. Now she should help him find out about the chip.
    Rumya scene was fab. Now our love angel soumya will screw rudra.
    Tej and jhanvi scene was so sweet.
    Our sso again insulted anika. Anika did it right by resigning for the job. At least this time he should understand his mistake.

    Did you guys notice when shivay throws the dairy a photo falls? ?

    1. Wat really I didn’t see…bt they WL nt focus on I I thnk atlst fr a whle

  22. ishkara part good now ishana realize her mistake now am sure ishana soon fall for om but so less ishkara sceans .precap is so bad shivaye insult anika

  23. Hiii guys …
    Is here any other ankita????
    I want to ask u all your favorite jodi among shivika, roumya,and ishkara.
    Well for now I like shivika most.the way they fight is awesome.
    Wo khte h n sachhe pyaar ki shuruaat jhagde se hi hoti.

    1. Kat

      Hey Admin!!!!!!!!!! My fav jodi is Shivika too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    2. obviouslyyyyyyy…i looove shivika

  24. Priya15

    enasanjida di, renima di , mukta di ,rose di shai and zuha….i have replied to u..pls see to it at the top..

    ena di .here goes the other reply for ur qn….

    di …ishkara moments means ishu di said that we l get ishkara scenes too…and i said i cant believe that shivay l say sry to anika..thats it di..hope its clear..then i m fyn di..wt abt u ??

    1. Kk dear .I L check it out.

  25. Billu only concentrate on one thing which is his misunderstandings that Anika is a bad girl and don’t want to understand or to know the truth

  26. NadiyaShah32

    We fans r super happy when there is only Ishqbaaz n Ishqbaazian all over the twitter praising n cheering each n every character!!! especially ShiVika????
    It feels wonderful?????

  27. Mukti.H

    hey mukta di I am on twitter….my handle is @munmunmukti I think u have followed me… and ues khushi is also on twitter her handle is @anahita_namik do follow

  28. Although Shivay is very rude , and insulting Anika, he will soon regret, when Anika leaves him. Because he can’t get anybody so sincere and honest as Anika.
    Let us hope for the best.
    Thanks Telly Update. .

  29. I am fine Aliya,thank you mukta, Disha ,nelka, nadiyashah32 ,Mukti.h, rose ,ooshi Akbar, all sis and bros

  30. Shivaay should change his behavior towards anika and should know the true colours of drama queen Tia. Omkara please find the truth fast. If Shivaay realises that he is loving Annika, I am sure he will go mad for her.??????

    1. Mukti.H

      Sat u can call me mukti

  31. Hey ishqbaazians do you have any idea about what will happen to rumya??

  32. Kat

    Our Aniku is the best. She got the right decision to leave the Oberoi Mansion. And that will teach that stupid Billu a good lesson. I mean how dare he is to insult her again and again as blo*dy outsider!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He’s crossing all the limits!!!!!!!!!!! Bit waiting for the epi where Aniku throws water all over him again even though she does it unknowingly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And my cute pie Rudra!!!!!!! He’s so gonna get screwed by his love Angel now!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 And I’m sure he screamed in the end of the last epi because he has seen a cockroach or something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
    Waiting foe today’s epi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  33. Kat

    Guys KVB is gonna play the role of Siddharth Singh Rana!!!!!

    Karanvir Bohra, who was last seen in ‘Qubool Hai’, will enter the show ‘Ishqbaaz’ with Surbhi Jyoti, his co-actor from his previous show. He will play a businessman and rival of Shivaay Oberoi (Nakuul Mehta). He says, “Surbhi and I share a good chemistry so it will be fun to be back on the small screen.”
    This will be a fun track for the viewers. Karnvir will come in as the rival of the Oberois, Siddharth Singh Rana. Rana and Mallika (Surbhi) will be in love, and will be engaged, and would be looking forward to getting married. Mallika will be an architect having her own company, while Rana will be a shrewd business tycoon.

    1. ohh i heard its karan singh grover,bt its karanvir bohra.ok

  34. I don’t comment much, but i love read u people’s comments and conversations, they r so love!
    & yes, even i think that shivaay will miss anika as soon as she leaves this job. Excited for the coming episodes!!!!

  35. Hey my dear ishqbaaz family, now i got the mail…..tomorrow i have to go chennai for a workshop….i wil be back after two weeks…..our project team has lot of things to do….now am preparing my paper for presentation……too much of work….and stress…..guys…..i will try to watch ishqbaaz…..and try to give comments…..if i get time……so bad yaar…..ishqbaaz team…..i will miss you hardly……but wherever we are… matter….if ishq….is with us……
    ishqbaazzzz rocks…

    1. Priya15

      Hii di it’s an awesome news.. Wahoo.. Congrats di.. If u don’t mind can u pls say Me which company in Chennai??? I mean even I live in Chennai but I don’t know alot abt it.. If u say the name.. I may think whether I know it or not.. Otherwise I l learn it from u na??

    2. All the best for ur presentation di…

  36. Naaginfanforever

    Hi guys can i join the ishqbaaz family. I love the show and i love to read all of you guys comments. I hope i can join you guys

    1. Priya15

      Hey hi.. Welcome here.. Even I m a naagin fan yr.. Especially ritik . I love ur user name.. Ya ofc u can join us and enjoy..

    2. Mukti.H

      Hey welcome. To ishqbaaz family…..
      BTW what should we call u.. I mean what’s ur name…

    3. Hii welcome dear…..

    4. hiiiii naginifanforever……long name eh?????

  37. Hi….hw r u all???

    1. cool jeshna u???

  38. Gud…where r u frm mishri

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