ISHQBAAAZ(Destined Together Forever-A Shivika FF) By Shiny EPI 8

Hello Guys !!! Its Been Months I’m Back.. Hope U Guys are Having Great Time and will Love This Too !!! As Always Ur Support Is Much Needed… So To The Story…

Om Comes In Search of Rudra.. Gauri Is On The Way Too Busy In Mobile… Kids are Running.. Playing Around… Balloon Bursts Out.. In Shock Gauri Stumble.. and Moves Back Ward.. About To Fall.. Om Takes Her in Arms..

Om- Mam Are U Ok.. Mam.. U Didn’t Get Hurt Na.. U Alright..

G- (Removes Her Hair From Face and Says) Yeah.. I ‘m Ok… (Tries To Move )

Om By Now Is Already Lost In Her Eyes…

G- Sir.. Sir… (No Reaction From His Side )..She Ties To Move Again But Om’s Feet Is On Her Gown…

Amritha By Now Come In Search of  Gauri… And Gets Shocked Seeing it…

Amritha-  (Shouts ) Gauri..

Gauri Sees Her Too.. Amritha Comes and Keeps Hand On Omkara’s Shoulder… He Turns To Look Breaking His Eye Contact..

Amritha- Puttar What are U Doing.. Every One is Asking Gauri There… Shall I Take Her..

Om- Mrs. Trivedhi… U ? Haan Haan.. U Can Take Her.. She Was About To Fall So I Catched Her..

Amritha- Accha.. Thank U Beta… Gauri Chalo… Kalyani Dadi Is Asking U.. Omkara.. Tum Bhi Aajo !!! (Om U To Come.. )

Om- Mrs. Trivedhi I Was Searching Rudra.. I Will Come With Him.. Pata Nahi Kahan Chali Gayi (Don’t Know Where He Went )… U Go Na..

Amritha- Its Ok.. But One Thing.. Next Time Call Me Aunty Ok.. Not Mr. Trivedhi..

Om- Ok.. Mrs… No No Aunty ji…

He Goes.. Feeling Little Weird…

G- Mom… Where Is Dadi.. and Why Did U Shout So Loud..

Amritha- To Divert Him..

G- Kya… (what)

Amritha- Kuch Nayi..  (Nothing)

Om Goes To The Side.. He Was.. So Not Him.. He Couldn’t Understand What He Was Doing.. He Knows He is Already Committed In Relation.. and He Is Gonna Get Married Soon.. But Why He Is Behaving Such.. She Created Something In His Heart in Just Those 10 Mins.. Longing For More..

Om- What Is Happening To Me ?I’m Just Lost ? Have To Say  She Is So So Beautiful.. Om U Can’t Do This.. U are Gonna Marry Riddhima.. She Is The One For U.. Just Erase Everything From Ur Mind What Just Happened Today.. (He Consoles Himself and Gets Going ) Where Is This Rudra.. All Because Of Him.. Rudra.. Rudra…

The Party Is About To Start.. So The Media Covers The Pre Function.. Khanna’s Were Giving Their Fun Interviews… Having a  Great Time.. Oberoi’s and Trivedi’s  Were Having Good Time Together Too.. Annika Is Really Busy On Looking After The Arrangements.. After Done With Khanna’s Interviews.. Media.. Comes To Oberoi’s..

Media- Look Who Is Here.. Oberoi Family.. Hello Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi..  U r With Ur Family Here.. Having Good Time..

S- Hello Good Evng Every One.. Yeah.. It Our Business Partner Mr. Khanna’s Daughter 6 th Birthday.. Apart From Business Partner’s We are Good Frnds Too.. He Wants All of Us To Attend The Party.. So We are Here.. For This Pretty Angel.. Hope U all are Having Good Time Too.. Thank U..

Media- Mr. Oberoi.. Mr. Oberoi.. There Is a Rumor That This Year Too U Will Be “The Business Man Of Year”.. What Do U Think About it..

S- Woh Is It.. I’am Really Un Aware.. Let’s See.. What Happens….

Media- Sir.. One More Qn.. When Can We Expect Ur Marriage ? U Know.. Wedding Of Shivaay Sigh Oberoi Is Much Awaited  One.. When are U Gonna Get Married.. Have U Found Ur Girl ?

S- Ok Just Stop.. Wedding Talks are Un Stoppable Now Days..  Would Love To Say.. Not Very Soon.. Thank U

Media- Sir Sir.. But There Is a Rumour.. Ur Brother Is Getting Married Soon..

S- Yeah Its True My Brother Is Gonna Get Married.. Nothing Is Yet Finalized..  We Will Soon Announce To The World..  Thank U..

Every Body Including Trivedi’s Tries To Get in.. But Media Stops.. Trivedi’s Too..

Media- Mr. Trivedi.. Mr. Trivedi..  U and Oberoi’s Share a Good Bond In Business.. What About This Sudden Gathering Together..

Mr. Trivedi- Good Evng To Every One.. This Is Not New.. We Always  Share Great Bond Together.. Its Just We Could Keep In Touch For Years.. Busy In Business…

Media- Mr. Trivedi.. Are U Daughters Not Here Today ?

Mr. Trivedi- My Second Daughter Gauri  Is Here.. U Will Get To Know Annika Very Soon I HOPE..

Shivaay (Thinks)- Who Is This Annika.. One The Middle Class.. And Other The  Princess Of Trivedi..  How Does Ms. Annika Trivedi Looks.. Why She Stays Far From Camera.. Really An Unique One.. When Each One Wishes To Be Seen On Camera.. This Girl Inspite Of Being From Business Family Doesn’t Shows Her On Camera.. I Really Want To See Her.. Meet Her Once..  Who Is She !!!

Annika Comes There… Shivaay Looks at Her..

Media- Ca We Atleast Know What Is She Doing ?

Mr. Trivedi- No….. as I Said She Will Be Expected Soon.. U Will Know Everything About Her… No Comment Anymore Thank U..

Every One Enters.. And Party Begins…

Shivaay Is Left Alone.. He Thinks Where Is This Both I Have To Find Them.. Om and Rudhra Comes…

S- Guys Where were U ?  Thank God U Guys Came…

O- We Wee… Were Just Here.. aur Kahan Hogi ?

R- Bhaiya… O.. Has Become Mad.. He Is Lost Some Where ? Ask Him Where Is He ?

O- What.. Rudra Are U Serious? Shivaay.. I Was Searching For Him.. Every Where.. And Only I Know Where I Got Struck ?

S- Got Struck ?

O- Noth… i.. I Was  in Position To Search Him.. This Stupid.. I Was Saying That..

Gauri Comes On The Way With Her Parents… Om Looks at Her.. Behaves Weird and Tries To Go..

O- Guys Just Remembered.. I Have an Important Work.. I Will Come Now.. (He Goes)

R- Bhaiya.. What Happened To This O ?  O Has Become Mad..

Annika Comes There…  Shivaay Glares At Her.. and Diverts Himself  From Seeing Her..

Oberoi’s.. Khanna’s and Trivedi’s Have A Great Talk.. and Fun.. Dadi Tries To Ask About The Arrangements..

Dadi- Tarun… Decoration Looks So Classy and Simple Grand .  Food.. Drinks Everything Is Perfect.. What Decoration Agency Is This ? U Know We Have Sons and Its Time For Their Marriage.. We Can Arrange Them For Our House Functions Too Na ?

Mr. Khanna- What’s In This Ma.. I Would Love To Say About This Decorations.. Its Not A Very Big Agency.. Its Small One.. But Work Will Be Perfect.. “Sahiri  Wedding Planning and Decorations ” A Young Girl Handles It.. She Was Here.. I Would Introduce To Her Later.. She Would Be Busy Now.. Looking After Guests..

D- Is It.. Great.. To Hear a Young Girl Handles This Much Perfectly.. Would Love To Meet.. What’s Her Name ?

Mr. Khanna- Annika…

Shivaay-  Annika ?

Every One Turns and Looks Towards.. Shivaay..

Precap : Annika In Oberoi Mansion…  Riddhima Is Drunk  Heavily and is On Road… Whether Om and Family Get To Know ?

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