Ishq Unplugged 7th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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Ishq Unplugged 7th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Antara comes on stage to sing song. Everyone clap for her. Charu smiles at her. She sings Adha Ishq Adha hai…song. Everyone clap and give standing ovation. Judge says well done and calls all contestants on stage. Everyone come on stage. Judge asks them to vote. Mandy votes 1 for Bunty and 1 for Antara, Shaan votes both for Bunty, Bunty votes for Shaan. Antara realizes Shaan was manipulating Bunty. Judges ask Antara to vote. She thinks icf she votes Mandy she will be in danger zone and she does not want to vote Shaan loser. Mandy thinks she should not vote him and go into danger zone. Antara votes Mandy and says everone will agree his was best performance today. Daboo asks if she is sure. She says yes. Daboo says unfortunately she is in danger zone and she has a chance to

sing and save herself. Abhilasha says everyone must be thinking whom she will compete with, they will tell but at the right time. Another judge says packup for now. Bunt and Shaan angrily walk out with everyone.

Mandy says Antara he needs to talk. Charu calls her and she goes behind her. Judge asks Button to record Antara and Mandy’s expressions as they are devoloping friendship.

Bunty angrily goes to room. Shaan follows and congratulates him. Bunty says Antara got into danger zone. Shaan says it was his plan from before and says nobody would dare to eliminate Charulatha’s daughter, soon Mandy will also be out.

Charu shouts at Antara how can she do this. Antara says she did it for her. Charu shouts she wasted vote for Mandy and got into danger zone, if she became friend with Mandy again. Mandy enters and says nothing like that, Antara does not even talk to him. He says he told her he knows Antara more than her and proved it. She asks him to leave. He says Antara always wanted to protect her mom and she did even today, her biggest mistake is she does always what mom orders and cannot teach. He continues.

Sunny calls Antara and she does not pick call. She then tries Bunty. Bunty picks call and asks how is she. Sunny says she is fine, why no one is picking call. He asks meaning. She says Antara and Mandy are not picking call. Bunty explains how Antara got into danger zone. Sunny asks how can he betray Antara. Bunty says he did not want to get into danger zone. Mandy comes and he disconnects call. Mandy confronts him why he took Shaan’s side, asks if Antara deserved this. Bunty says it was Shaan’s idea, he brainwashed him, did not know Antara would be trapped, Shaan wanted to trap Antara and cheated him. Mandy says he told him not to trust Shaan, but he did. Antara was his friend and always helped him, he does not value friendship. Shaan says sorry. Mandy says keep your sorry with yourself and turns to see Shaan standing behind.

Shaan says Mandy this is contest and everything is fair in war. Mandy says he does not understand talent is most required which he does not have. Shaan challenges him to compete in final. Mandy says competing with a cheapo like him is insult to himself, but he will win for sure, even Antara will not go anywhere.

Precap: Antara says Mandy she does not need his help. He he is not asking and is informing her. She slips and he holds he. Sunny passes by in auto and sees them in that position.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Y don’t u guys update fast???
    No update of 8 June and the update of 9 June will be there or not I m not sure!!
    Y do u do this to this show only!!!
    I want the update of 8th and 9th June please………….

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