Ishq Unplugged 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Unplugged 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Antara and Sunny are shocked to see Babli heavily inebriated during bachelor’s party. Mandy also see Bunty heavily inebriated and asks what happened. Bunty says he is marrying forcefully. Mandy reminds him that he has special performance tomorrow. Sunny and Antara try to control Babli and asks what happened to her. She says she knows some secret. They ask what.. She falls asleep. Bunty says same to Mandy and pukes hugging him. Sunny asks Antara what Babli wanted to say. Antara says let it go.

In the morning, Babli wakes up everyone and says it is her wedding tonight. She asks Mandy to wake up and get Bunty ready. Mandy says Bunty is sound asleep. Babli takes girls to green room to get ready. Mandy sees Antara and thinks of telling her something, but she leaves.

Mandy explains Sunny about their performance and asks what happened yesterday. Sunny says Babli was telling she will become famous tomorrow and said there is some secret, but fell asleep. Mandy says even Bunty said same. Shaan likes Antara’s idea and badmouths about Mandy. Antara confronts him and says Shaan is opportunistic and tricks always to win, Mandy is not. Mandy hears them and thanks Antara for taking his side.

Babli waits everyone in mantap and asks her friends why are they coming late. She asks when is Mandy bringing Bunty. Sunny says they will come. She tries to leave. Sunny stops her and Antara says she will bring Bunty. She goes to dormitory and sees Mandy alone and asks where is Bunty. Mandy says he eloped and tells he did not want to marry, so he suggested not to, but he took it seriously and eloped. Antara asks how could he and shouts. Shaan smirks hearing their conversation. Antara asks him to inform everyone. Mandy says he must have had medical emergency and left. She says she will inform Babli. He says let us find him and bring.

Shaan informs Babli that Mandy forced Bunty to elope. Babli gathers everyone and scolds Mandy, says Sunny told her. Judges asks them to sort out their issues in 30 min and walk out. Mandy scolds Shaan why did he inform before they could find out Bunty. Babli asks why did he force him to elope then. Antara asks if Mandy asks him to eliminate from competition, will he. Sunny says exactly. Babli says that was not in plan.

Mandy and Antara search Bunty’s bed and see his phone missing. Babli continues her drama and calls Bunty’s mobile. Antara passes by and hears phone ringing. She locates it to watchman’s room and finds Bunty there.

Precap: Judges ask Bunty and Babli whose idea was it to elope. Babli says her idea. Mandy challenges Charulatha.

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