Ishq is selfless.. PraNbir PriHaan ArHana SS Part 2

Ishq is selfless.. Part 2
Thanks to my lovely friend Nisha Kankaraj who took effort to edit Sahil Pooja pics by removing sindoor from Pooja’s pics.

After reaching home Abhi took a bath and came.

Pragya gave him fresh juice.

Pragya:How was the audition?

Abhi:It was good.We selected a singer too.Her name is Priya.You know?She is exactly like you.Soft spoken..simple in dressing and she wears glasses like you.

Pragya smiled.

Pragya:I don’t know why…now I feel like seeing her.

Abhi:One day I will introduce her to you.

Pragya smiled.



Prachi was walking on the corridor after the classes.One boy who walked by came near her and asked her naughtily.

“Would you mind having a MMS clip with me also?”

Prachi was hurt and humiliated.She raised her hand to slap him.But he held her hand.

“Why you like only Parth?”

Prachi was getting irritated and hurt.Suddenly Ranbir pulled him back.

Ranbir:Don’t you know how to talk to a girl?If you again talk to Prachi like this I will not leave you.Don’t you dare to talk to Prachi like this.

He:Why does it bother you whether I talk nicely or not to Prachi?

Ranbir:It bothers me.Because Prachi is my…

Prachi stared at Ranbir.She remembered Ranbir confessing his love to Prachi and Prachi replying politely that she does not love him.

She became tensed thinking whether Ranbir will say that he loves her.

Ranbir:Because Prachi is my good friend and I know how innocent she is.

Ranbir pushed him away.

Prachi looked at Ranbir emotionlly.

Ranbir:Don’t worry Prachi.He will not trouble you again and I promise you that I will find the real culprit soon and prove your innocence.

Rab Ki Qawali Hai Ishq Koi
Dil Ki Diwali Hai Ishq Koi
Mehki Si Pyali Hai Ishq Koi
Subah Ki Laali Hai Ishq Koi
Girta Sa Jharna Hai Ishq Koi
Uthta Sa Kalma Hai Ishq Koi
Saanson Mein Lipta Hai Ishq Koi
Aankhon Mein Dikhta Hai Ishq

Prachi said tearfully:Thank you so much Ranbir.

Mere Dil Ko Tu Jaan Se Juda Kar De
Yun Bas Tu Mujhko Fanaa Kar De
Mera Hal Tu Meri Chal Tu
Bas Kar Aashiqana

She embraced him.

Tere Waaste Mera Ishq Sufiyana
Mera Ishq Sufiyana
Mera Ishq Sufiyana

Prachi:You are the best friend I could ever get.

Rab Ki Qawali Hai Ishq Koi
Dil Ki Diwali Hai Ishq Koi
Mehki Si Pyali Hai Ishq Koi
Subah Ki Laali Hai Ishq

Ranbir became emotional and embraced her back forgetting everything else.

Sochu Tujhe Toh Hai Subah
Sochu Tujhe Toh Shaam Hai

Slowly they broke the hug.

Ranbir:You don’t have to worry about anything as long as I am with you Prachi.

Ho O Manzilon Pe Ab Toh Meri Ek Hi Tera Naam Hai
Tere Aag Me Hi Jalte, Koyle Se Heera Bante
Khwaabon Mein Aagey Chalte Hain Tujhe Batana

Prachi looked at him emotionally.

Tere Waaste Mera Ishq Sufiyana
Mera Ishq Sufiyana
Mera Ishq Sufiyana(Dirty Picture).

Later Aryan came and Ranbir told him:Aryan…I can’t tolerate how Prachi is being treated by others.Only if her innocence is proved she will get justice.I want to find out who leaked that MMS.

Aryan:We will find out that Ranbir.

Rhea over heard this.

She walked towards them and said:I will also join you guys to find out the culprit.Even I want to punish my sister’s enemy.

Aryan, Ranbir and Rhea joined hands together.



Rhea went near Anupam.

Rhea:Anupam,I want to tell you something.

Anupam:What do you want to tell me Rhea?

Rhea:Anupam…that day when you proposed me I hurt you.I am sorry.I should not have talked to you like that.

Anupam was not able to believe that Rhea apologized to him.

Anupam:You don’t need to be sorry Rhea.You did’nt feel for me the way I felt for you.So you rejected my proposal.There is nothing wrong in that.

Rhea:But I could have done that politely like Prachi did to Ranbir.But I insulted you.I should not have done that.I am really sorry for that.

Anupam:Rhea…I have already forgotten that.You don’t think about that and get upset unnecessarily.Ok?Sad face does not suit you.

She smiled:That means you are not angry with me?

Anupam smiled:No.I was never angry with you and I will never be.

Rhea became very happy.

Rhea:Though I said ‘no’ to you that day,can we be good friends?

He smiled happily:Sure Rhea.We will be friends.

Rhea became so happy that she pulled his cheek and said:You are the cutest boy.

She walked away.

Anupam became really happy thinking of Rhea becoming his friend.

Shahana,Prachi and Rhea were sitting together in their room.

Shahana:Prachi,Ranbir is fighting with everyone for you.Still you don’t feel anything for him?

Prachi was silent. know that I used to love Ranbir very much.But he loves only you.You are lucky that Ranbir loves you unconditionally.You should not ignore the person who loves you this much.

Prachi:Rhea,you don’t love Ranbir now?

Rhea became dull.

Rhea:No Prachi.I have moved on as he does not love me.But he loves you Prachi.I am sure that you also like him.But you are not able to understand it.

Shahana:Because sometimes you are a tubelight who can’t understand anything about love.

Prachi:What about you Shahana?Do you understand about love?

Shahana thought about Aryan and blushed.

Shahana:I understand it more than you.You know that I love Aryan.So I am not a tubelight like you.

Prachi and Rhea smiled.

Prachi:Then why are you not confessing it to Aryan?

Shahana:Aryan also loves me.But he is not confessing it to me.First let him confess it to me.Then only I will confess my love to him.

Prachi:So much of ego.

Shahana:Atleast I know that I love Aryan unlike you who does’nt know who you love.

Prachi was embarrassed.



Sunny and Priya started rehearsing the song together.

Abhi:Well done…you guys performed more than my expectation.This music video will rock for sure.

Sunny and Priya smiled.

Sunny:Thank you chucks.

Priya:Thank you Sir.

Abhi:Kiara…you proved that my selection is the best.You are doing exceptionally good.

Sunny and Priya became dull.

Sunny thought:Why is chucks addressing Priya as ‘Kiara’?

Priya thought:Why did Abhi Sir call me ‘Kiara’?Why I feel familiar with this name?Why I feel that earlier also some have called me ‘Kiara’?

Priya:Sir…my name is Priya.Why did you call me Kiara?

Abhi became dull.

Abhi:I am sorry.I don’t know how I called you Kiara.

Priya:Do you know anyone named Kiara?

Abhi became emotional thinking of Kiara.

Abhi:Kiara was my daughter’s name.I lost her when she was small.The world thinks that she is no more.But I feel that she will return to us one day.

Priya felt sad for him.

Priya:I am sorry.

Abhi:Don’t be sorry..

Sunny could understand the pain Abhi is going through now.


Abhi:It’s ok Sunny.I am alright.I will go to the washroom and come.


Priya looked at Sunny:Rehaan,do you know Kiara?

Sunny:Of course yes.She was my best friend.I still cherish those moments with her.Just like chucks I also believe that Kiara is alive.I am also waiting for Kiara to return.

Priya removed her specs and wiped it.

Suddenly Sunny noticed her eyes and got lost in them.Priya wore her specs and looked at Sunny.

Priya:Why are you staring at me?

Sunny:Your eyes resemble Kiara’s eyes.

Priya smiled.

Sunny:By the way, why do you wear glasses?

Priya:I have poor eye sight.Must be genetic.Who knows?My mother may also have been having poor eye sight and wearing glasses.

Sunny:May be?You have not seen your mother’s photographs?

Priya became upset.

Priya:No.Maasi has not showed me my parents’ photographs.She thinks that it will make me miss my parents more and I will be more upset.




After some days…

Ranbir rushed towards Prachi and informed her happily.

Ranbir:There is a happy news Prachi.Now onwards no one will taunt you as your innocence has been proved.

Prachi was relieved.

Prachi:But how?

Ranbir:Rhea,Aryan and I have found out who made the fake MMS of you and Parth.

Prachi was surprised.

Prachi:Who is that?

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