Ishq is selfless.. PraNbir PriHaan ArHana AnuVi SS Part 5

Ishq Sufiyana..Love is selfless.. Part 5

Sunny:Priya!Why are you trying to avoid looking at my face?If it is because of my love confession just forget it.You don’t need to find it difficult to face me.

Priya turned off her face and said:Nothing like that Rehaan.You simply feel like that.

Sunny went near her and said:No.I am not simply feeling like that.You are definitely hiding something.

Priya became nervous.

Priya:Stay away from me Rehaan.Don’t stand so close to me.To avoid such moments only I tried to avoid you.

Sunny stared at her in disbelief.

Sunny:But why Priya?Why are you feeling like that?Do you find it disgusting when I am near you?Do you think that I have a bad intention?Do you fear that I will cross the limit?

Priya:No.I don’t feel that you are a bad boy.I trust you.But if you come near me,I won’t be able to stop myself from loving you.

Rehaan was stunned:What?

Priya looked at him emotionally.

Priya:Yes Rehaan.That day I lied to you that I don’t love you.Actually I also love you.

Sunny became very happy.

Priya:I tried to stop loving you.But if you come closer to me I will love you again and again.

Sunny:Then I will come more closer to you.So that you will love me more and more.

They shared a romantic eye lock.

Priya came back to senses and tried to go.He held his hand.

Priya:Rehaan..leave me.This is not possible.

Sunny:Why is it not possible Priya?

Priya:Because my family won’t accept our relationship,Maasi and Mausa are very strict.

Sunny:Such a small reason?I assure you that my family will make them agree to conduct our wedding.Trust me Priya.

Priya:But I am scared Rehaan.

Sunny:Don’t be scared.Trust me.I will make everything alright.

They embraced each other emotionally.



Priya told her aunt honestly about her love for Sunny.

Priya:Maasi….I…I am …in…in…love.

Her aunt looked at her in shock.

She:Who is that guy?

Priya was nervous.

Aunt shouted at her:Tell me who that guy is.

Priya:The one who sings with me.Rehaan Sunny Khanna.

Her aunt was surprised.She smiled.

She patted Priya’s cheek.

Aunt:Well done Priya.You chose the best guy as your life partner.For the first time in your life you took a wise decision.

Priya was surprised:That means you are fine with it?

Aunt:Of course Priya.Why should I object?

Priya became very happy.

Priya:Thank you so much Maasi.

Her aunt smiled and went to her bedroom where her husband was there.

She:I allowed Priya to go for audition since it was done by Abhi.Like we wished Priya got selected.I wished that she will fall in love with Purab’s son.Our wish is fulfilled.Sunny has fallen in love with Priya.

Her husband was surprised.

She:Sunny and Priya will get married.We will get a permanent ticket to Mehra Mansion.We can loot Mehra money through Priya and destroy Mehras using Priya.

They both laughed.



Priya met Sunny.

Sunny:I told about us to everyone.All are very happy at home.Did you talk to your uncle and aunty about us?

Priya:Yes.The surprise is that they are also very happy about our relationship.

Sunny became very happy.

Sunny:Really?See..I told you.It’s a small issue.For this small thing you were planning to sacrifice love.

Priya:You are right.I was doing a foolish thing.

Sunny:Anyways I am happy that we are going to be one soon.

He lifted her up in his arms and twirled around.



Shahana was carrying a bowl of soup and walking.Suddenly she collided with Aryan and the bowl fell down and the bowl broke.

Shahana yelled at Aryan:What is this Aryan?Don’t you have eyes?

Aryan:I am sorry Shahana.It happened by mistake.

Shahana:I don’t need your sorry.I lost my soup.

She pretended to cry.

Aryan:What a drama!You are a drama queen!

Shahana:When I am crying ,you are calling me a drama queen?How rude!

Aryan:Ok.But stop crying.

Shahana:I can’t stop crying.

Aryan smiled thinking:I know how to make you stop crying.

Aryan said all of a sudden:I love you Shahana.

Suddenly Shahana stopped crying and asked him in disbelief.

Shahana:What did you say?

Aryan:I love you Shahana.

Shahana got excited:Really?Or is it a prank?

Aryan:It’s not a prank.When it comes to love Aryan Khanna is always serious.I wanted to tell you this long ago.But I could not.I never thought that I will confess my love like this.But I just love you.I love your naughtiness…non stop chat..cuteness…everything.

Shahana was very happy:I love you too Aryan.

They embraced each other happily.

Prachi told about Ranbir to Sarla.

Sarla:You did’nt tell Ranbir about your love yet?


Sarla:Then you tell him immediately before Abhi and Pragya find another guy for you.

Prachi:What are you saying Nani?

Sarla:Your Maasi Preeta had not told me that she loves Karan.Because she was confused about her feelings for Karan.So I found another man for Preeta.It was a difficult phase for her.Luckily Karan called off that wedding and married Preeta.But you should not go through that ugly situation.That’s why I told you to confess your love to Ranbir soon.

Prachi:But I am nervous Nani.

Sarla:Then I will accompany you.

Prachi smiled.

Prachi:Thank you Nani.

Prachi hugged Sarla.

Rhea showed a gown to Prachi.

Rhea:This is designed by me for my lovely sister.

Prachi was stunned:For me?

Rhea:Yes.You should wear this when you go to meet Ranbir.

Prachi smiled.

Prachi:This is so beautiful Rhea.You are the best.

Prachi hugged Rhea.

Rhea dressed up Prachi in the gown.

Rhea:Now go tell Ranbir that you also love him.

Prachi blushed.



Ranbir came to the place where Prachi asked him to come.

Seeing Prachi in a gown Ranbir could not believe his eyes.

Seeing Sarla Ranbir became surprised and hugged her.He touched her feet.

They had a friendly chat.

Sarla:Now you both chat.I am leaving.

Ranbir was confused.


Sarla looked at Prachi.Prachi nodded.Sarla walked away.

Ranbir:I can’t believe that you wore this kind of a dress.

Prachi:You did’nt like it?

Ranbir:I loved it.You look like a Princess.

Prachi blushed.

Ha Ha Ha Haaa

Baatein Zaruri Hain
Tera Milna Bhi Zaruri
Maine Mita Deni
Ye Jo Teri Meri Doori

Ha Ha Ha Haaa

Prachi:This is made by Rhea for me.

Ranbir:That’s good.

Prachi:Ranbir…I want to tell you something.


Prachi:That day when you told me that you love me I said that I don’t love you.But now I realized that I also love you.I love you Ranbir.

Ranbir could not believe his ears.

Hmmm Baatein Zaruri Hain
Tera Milna Bhi Zaruri
Maine Mita Deni
Ye Jo Teri Meri Doori

Prachi was tensed about his reply as Ranbir was silent.

Prachi:If you don’t love me like before,I won’t compel you to love me back.

Suddenly Ranbir pulled her closer and moved his lips towards ear.

Feeling his breath over her ear she closed her eyes.

Jhuthi Hai Wo Raahe Saari Duniya Ki
Ishq Jaha Naa Chale
Tera Hona Mera Hona Kya Hona
Agar Na Dono Mile

Ranbir:I love you too Prachi.

Her heart beat fast.

Tu Pehla Pehla Pyar Hai Mera
Tu Pehla Pehla Pyar Hai Mera
Tu Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hai Mera
Tu Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hai Mera Haan

Ha Ha Ha Haaa

They looked at each other.

Ranbir:My love for you will never end.It’s endless even if your love ends.

Prachi:How dare you say that my love may end?My love for you will never end.

Wo Shehar Wade Honge Boriyat Bhare
Rehta Nahi Jinme Tu Sang Mere
Khabar Tujhe Bhi Hai Ye
Raunake Sabhi Hoti Tere Hone Se
Tere Bina Tanha Koyi Kya Kare

They smiled at each other.

Aise Sabhi Sheharo Pe Mujhko
Taras Hai Aata Bada Haan
Tere Liye Main Na Jaha Khada Ooo

They embraced each other.

Milo Ka Ho Saalo Ka Ho Jaaye Wo

Safar Ki Parwah Nahi
Tu Hai Jaha Maine Waha Hona Hai
Pahuch Hai Jaana Wahi

Pehla Pehla Pyar Hai Mera
Tu Pehla Pehla Pyar Hai Mera
Tu Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hai Mera
Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hai Mera

They took photographs together to cherish this moment.

Jeete Jee To Jeetega Na
Ye Fansla Hai Pata
Saanse Chale Teri Taraf
Jaise Chale Raasta

Mera Hai Tu, Tu Hai Khalish
Ya Hai Khushi Ya Khata
Tere Siva Mera Jaha Se Na Koyi Wasta

(Kabir Singh).

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