Ishq Subhan Allah 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir and Zara gets married

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Ishq Subhan Allah 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
In wedding, priest asks Zara if she accepts her marriage with Kabir Ahmed? Zara recalls Irfan’s words that say yes if her heart tells her to, she recalls Salma’s words to not disrespect and dishonor them infront of everyone. Zara recalls her promise to Kabir that they will say no in nikah. Priest asks zara again. Zara sees Irfan looking down sadly. She recalls Salma telling her that her father always fulfilled her wishes and its her time to. Zara says I accept it, qubool hai. Priest asks her again, she says qubool hai. Kabir is stunned. Priest says to Kabir that we are marrying you with Zara Siddiqui, do you accept it. Zara thinks Kabir please say no. Kabir glares at her. He recalls how Zara promised that they will say no. Kabir thinks she promised no and said yes. Kabir says I accept it(Qubbol hai). Zara is stunned. Priest asks him two more times, Kabir accepts it. They are married. All hug each other happily. Zara is in tears.
Priest says to Zara that this is Nikah papers, read them before signing. Zara reads it and says what is this? Priest says this is mahar amount, they want to give it now, he gives her 1 crore’s cheque. Zara thinks so this all was planned from before. She glares at Kabir and says this nikah paper is incomplete. What they are giving, its written in it but the dowry which my father is giving, its not written there. Shahbaz says Islam doesnt allow dowry and we didnt ask for anything, priest is saying things as per his will. Zara says I didnt ask for 1 crore mahar, you are giving it as per own will. Shahbaz gets angry and says what is all this? giving mahar at time of wedding is part of Islam. Irfan says yes but Zara is not wrong. Head priest says Zara is right, Nikah is like contract, it is two way thing, if Irfan has given her anything with stamp paper then he attach it with Nikah papers. Irfan gives some slip to priest who adds it in nikah papers. Zara reads it. She recalls how she asked Kabir if had to choose divorce way then which way he will choose? Kabir said instant divorce. Zara says I want to take out one thing from nikah, she says God forbid if it comes to divorce then Kabir cant give me instant divorce. Head priest says write it in papers. Ruksaar thinks if they dont get divorced then I will not get Kabir ever. Shahbaz says but.. Head priest says she is not write. Priest cuts down Kabir’s right to give her divorce by saying it three times only. Zara and KAbir signs nikah papers. They glare at each other. Imran comes there and says poetry for them. Kabir glances at Zara.

Kabir comes to women part of wedding venue. Reema asks him to greet them nicely only then he will get gifts. Imran says he doesnt know so you make him see it. Reema greets them. Imran says be blessed and get married soon, all laugh. Ayesha says dont tease my son. Imran says let them do it, he is taking their precious thing Zara. Ayesha asks Kabir to greet them, he does. Reema makes a kid sit in Kabir’s lap and says this your gift. Imran says he got one in salami, then how many he will get in dowry, all laugh.

Scene 2
Salma says to Zara that I knew you are stubborn but you can never hurt your father, the way you have handled this house, now that house is yours, take care of that house as yours. Ayesha comes there and says Zara is our daughter and I promise she will fulfill all her duties happily, she will light up our house now, its time to go now. Zara looks on.

Zara is leaving venue for bidai. She sees Irfan sadly standing there. She runs to him. Irfan says what you did today.. Zara says I tried a lot to say no but I couldnt because I love my parents most in this world. Irfan and Salma hugs her and cries. Irfan wipes her tears and looks away. Zara falls in Salma’s arms and cries. Shubratan and Reema hugs her too. All are emotional. Reema is crying. Imran offers her handkerchief which has ‘Zara & Reema – best friends’ written on it, she is surprised, he says I knew you would miss Zara a lot so I got it made. Zara sits in car. Salma folds hands infront of Ayesha. Ayesha stops her and hugs her. Irfan hugs Shahbaz. They all sit in car. Kabir sits beside Zara but looks away. Zara hugs Salma one last time and car drives away.
Zara and Kabir are brought to Shahbaz’s home. Imran jokes to protect them from evil cast. Alina says I have already done that. Ayesha says to Kabir and Zara that take God’s name and look each others faces in this mirror. She asks Zeenat to hold Quran for them. Zeenat smirks and looks at Chandlier. Zeenat holds Quran over their heads. Chandlier is hanging above mirror, suddenly piece breaks from chandlier and falls over mirror which shatters. All look on. Kabir and Zara looks at each other. Zeenat says oh God, mirror broke at this auspicious ocassion, its not a good omen, all look on.

PRECAP- Zara slaps Zeenat, all are stunned. Zara says she is my enemy so I have right to punish her.
Ruksaar says to Shahbaz that I live without Kabir and I cant see Zara with him as my heart is uncontrollable seeing them.
Zara comes to Kabir’s room. Kabir sees her on door and then sees someone in veil on his bed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Not Zara but Ayesha had slapped Zeenat

    1. Revenge is not good?and what ever zara is doing is totally wrong.

  2. zara hayat khan

    Really jiya.mashaallah finally both gott married.eagerly waiting for tonights episode.

  3. Superb episode…. It brings back memories….the same reason I’d gotten married too, just to please my parents, especially my father because I didn’t want him to be embarrassed in society, I didn’t want him to be sad….so I stood inches apart from the groom at nikkah ceremony…my silent protest….here I am now, divorced BUT happy!!! .
    ….some things are just not meant to be ….

    1. hi naz….
      gud to hear that you are happy after divorce but am really sad in one matter I.e if u r not interested in ur groom u might have say “no” in ur mandap only dat may hurt ur family little(Time) but after ur divorce ur family may be heartbroken from ur divorce decision date to till now I think.

      1. True salma

      2. Salma, I was a terrified 19yr old, few weeks before my wedding, I did tell my mother I didn’t want this marriage, that’s when I got the courage to do so but she told me that the cards already printed and invitees went out and there’s nothing she could do about it. You wouldn’t believe how sad I was… I loved my father more than my mother but back then, daughters had to obey their parents and I didn’t want to see him shamed and crying so I was a lamb for the slaughter….when the baraat was close to the house, I silently prayed that the groom not turn up but he did… The rest is history like I said… I do have two beautiful children and I spent 24/7 365 days per year bringing up a 31yr old son and 30yr old daughter…and I’m proud of them. Salma, I’m happy today… Allah has a plan for everyone and if I wasn’t supposed to be divorced, no matter what I did, I wouldn’t have been able to get it so this was decided in my destiny… Hope you understand…

  4. I’m impressed with the serial so far…. Let’s see how this relationship works….

  5. Such emotional scene farewell of Sara to parents.

  6. I am waiting for 2moro episode…….
    Kabir aur zaara ka conversation Kabir puchega kyun tum nikah qubool Kiya aur zaara Kya jawab degi dekhna padega iam eagerly waiting

  7. You know Naz , I think many daughters particularly from our generation must have got married against their wishes for the reputation of their fathers .and many must be doing even now ,as we,daughters have a special place for our fathers in our hearts… the same time I admire the guts of Zara for speaking out against triple talaq….The positive point is both Zara and Kabir don’t have any one else in their lives… the chances are bright for them to fall in love with each other ,till then Zeenat will do her best to create obstacles and keeps getting slaps from Zara….a spirited girl Zara is ,,,,a girl who can call a spade a spade…some streaks of Rani in this character ….

    1. I’m happy to see you here Lakshmi, I’ve been following this serial from the beginning just to see how the Islamic perspective from India on divorce, is handled and I’m impressed so far. Zara is one young woman to reckon with. I admire the speech her father gave her prior to arrival at marriage venue. Unfortunately, I didn’t get an opportunity like that and you know the rest… I really like Eisha Singh’s performance between this far, she didn’t disappoint…just like her role as Rani in season two of ETRETR…. Shabaaz’s intentions were to join Rukhsar and Kabeer in union after Zara declined the acceptance, he so believed that she would refuse and in the process her father would be humiliated but what a shock he got… He underestimated Zara !!! Tonight I’ll see this episode on Desitvflix, so I don’t know how Shabaaz’s reaction was because I’m not seeing a mention on it here.

      1. Cathy

        Naz, Is desiflix working for you…its messed up again on my side, and we are about four days behind on regular zee tv. it’s hard trying to keep up. lol

  8. Cathy, it was messed up for yet another day yesterday but it’s back again because I caught up on kaleerein, this serial and AKAS was paired with JGTPM for mahasangam, so at the moment I’m waiting for tonight to see this episode.

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