Ishq Subhan Allah 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara’s haldi ceremony

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Ishq Subhan Allah 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara says to Salma that I will say no in Nikah, she takes off engagement ring and leaves. Salma says to Irfan that I am tired to make her explain, what if she does that later.

Kabir comes to Shahbaz and says I want to request to stop this wedding, I dont want whole family to get insulted. Shahbaz says if you want to insult our family then do it, this marriage is written in your fate. Kabir says I will say no. Shahbaz says I am making pillar for you to become head of this city, Kabir says I am your son, God is watching everything.

Zeenat asks Ruksar why did you say no and gave Zara’s hands in KAbir’s hands. Ruksar sees Ayesha coming there and says I did what was right, what Zara did for me opened my eyes, I am doing this for happiness of others. Ayesha comes there and says I am proud of you Ruksar, Ruksar says I am spreading happiness. Zeenat thinks whats going on?

Kabir’s family comes to Salma’s house for mehndi. Salma is not happy to see Ruksar. Ruksar greets her.

They all settle down. Salma asks Shabana her servant to serve them. Salma comes to Irfan and says Ruksar has come here, I am worried what if she does something wrong. Irfan says if she wanted to do something bad then she wouldnt have give Zara’s hand in Kabir’s hand. Salma says your daughter is no less, she didnt come till now, I will go check on her.

Zeenat asks guests to call bride, we cant wait that much. Ayesha asks her to calm down. Zeenat says we have a lot of work, Salma says I will call Zara. Reema brings Zara there. Salma asks her to sit silently. Zara sits down. Zeenat asks Zara where is your engagement ring? all look on. Zeenat says you got engaged yesterday and couldnt bear heaviness of that ring for one day? Zara looks on. Ayesha says on your mehndi day, you took off your engagement ring too, all girls do it for mehndi, stop criticizing small things. Ayesha asks Salma to call her guests and start ceremony. Salma nods. Guests start applying haldi, one woman is about to apply haldi to Zara but Zeenat says this woman is a widow, its bad omen that she is applying haldi, woman sadly turns to leave but Zara stops her and says there is no restrictions for widow in our religion. Ayesha says you are right Zara, there are no such things in our religion, she asks widow to start rituals, widow does. Ayesha brings Zeenat to corner and says what is all this? remember one thing, if you try to spoil my son’s happiness then I can become your mother in law instead of your mother. Zeenat is stunned. Ayesha glares at her and leaves. Ayesha applies haldi to Zara’s face. Zara is sad. Salma comes to her and applies haldi on her, Zara holds her hand and pleads silently. Salma takes her hand back and wipes her tears. Ruksar applies haldi on her face and smiles.

Zara washes haldi from her face and is shocked to see rashes and allergy on her face. She screams mom! Ruksar and Salma comes there. Ruksar crazily laughs seeing Zara’s state. Salma and Zara looks at her in confusion. Big pimples fall on Zara’s face.. it all turns out to be Salma’s bad dream. She wipes her sweat and glass falls from her hands, she is about to pick it up but Ruksar comes there and says they say when glass breaks then bad omen goes away. Salma says you need anything? Ruksar says your behavior shows that you are miffed with me, I am sorry if I have hurt you, she holds her hand and says I promise I will never come inbetween Zara and Kabir. Salma says there is only one way to not come inbetween, leave that house forever. Ifran comes there and says its not needed at all. Irfan says to Ruksar that Shahbaz called you a daughter so you are daughter for us too, even if you did some mistake, we have forgiven you, go and enjoy. Ruksar thanks him, she smirks and leaves. Irfan says to Salma that God likes people who are forgiving. Salma says I dont trust this girl, I just trust head priest and Ayesha thats why I decided to give Zara in this family.

Reema says to Alina that your plan is nice but Zara is already in bad mood, what it back fires. Alina says it wont happen, we will bring them together, please accept this. Reema says okay. Alina says I will handle Zara as she wont scold me even if she gets to know about plan and you handle Kabir, he wont scold you.

In function, Ayesha says lets start applying mehndi on Zara’s hands. She asks Salma to sing, Salma says I cant, let girls enjoy. All girls start dancing. Alina and Reema comes there with Ruksar and dances. Zeenat glares at Ruksar. Alina tries to pull Zara on stage but Zara moves back. Ruksar pulls Zara on stage and dances with her. She twirls Zara on Swaar lun song and dances with her, Zara is uncomfortable. Alina and Reema dances with her too. Zara goes and sit on swing grumpily. Salma smiles at Zara.

PRECAP- Zara says to Kabir that I cant bear it. Kabir says what is happening with you is happening with me too. Zara says we cant get married, think something. Kabir says can we meet? Zara says tomorrow I will go to parlour for getting ready for wedding, you can meet me there.
Shahbaz says to family that lets take baraat, why we are not sitting in buses. Kashan says whats the use to sit in cars where groom is not here. Shahbaz is stunned that Kabir is missing from wedding.

Update Credit to: Atibat

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  1. You are so right Allybrew, Kabir and Zara would fall in love with each other and don’t realize when it hits them… Nice to know that you have two beautiful children, they are our blessings …and I could just imagine how hectic it is for you now that SEA is around the corner, my goodness…we have to go back to school in order to do work with them. I wish all the best to both of you because it’s like you doing the exam as well….i was there before….

    1. Yes Naz, I am counting down the days until I get some of my time back. Thank goodness I wont have to do this for another five years as my darling daughter is still pretty much my baby at 7 years old.
      I am trying to get a handle on what the plot against Zara and her father might be. Also I wanted to ask it the fact that Zara drank out of the same glass as Kabir at the hospital and that she wore his shoes has any particular significance.

      1. When I got married and like all Muslim marriages here, it’s required to drink from the same glass at the nikkah ceremony not from two separate glasses. I don’t know about the shoes part but my guess is that writers just wants to add some significance to Kabir and Zara impending union.

  2. Zara in green suit looking gorgeous n dance part is simply beautiful.
    I’m scared of ruksar as much as Zara’s ammi? as both sisters sounds typical vamp yet I like the actor playing ruksar looks pretty good with cool expressions, wish she comes out of Shahbaz trap n don’t hurt Zara n Kabir much.
    Zara dad n Kabir mom role is good, hope their role add some good stuff to the show.
    Precap, Dulha missing ? can’t wait for tomorrow…

  3. I just like to thank the creator of this show. I know that are a lot of Muslim out there are angry. Because they have no understanding of their and my religion.
    My ex husband give me three talalk. By letter. I thought that I got divorce, but when I asked my teacher, who tech me the Quran. He told me no that I am not di divorce. Even if I accepted it. The Islamic divorce system is in three stages. For the man to divorce his wife. He had to say I divorced you once in each month. On the third and final month. He have to have his and her party. Agree on What he had promised her. This could be money or land. She has to agree. Then he can say the we are divorced .
    In the end I divorced my ex. It was the happiest moment of my life.
    India should be proud, someone had stand for Muslim woman’s. Because our man has failed us.
    I am from Bangladesh, if anyone want to have a go at me. I saw YouTube, I got angry at the comments that some idiots made

    1. Sister, I understand your situation very well, I’m a Muslim woman as well and I passed through the same as you and when my divorce was final, I was one of the happiest woman alive and that’s strange to say but if a marriage is unable to iron itself out after trying, it’s best to be divorced. I made it on my
      own afterwards because I didn’t look back, I forged ahead and got my life back together again. Not all men but there are those out there who has failed women to say the least,
      there are those who don’t respect women and prefers to keep them under subjugation and it’s not acceptable. Forgot those idiots on YouTube, when people point one finger at you, the rest points back to them…. There are those who chastise Muslims on divorce but it’s practiced across all religions I’m familiar with, anyone can correct me if I’m wrong, not a problem. Where I’m from, there’s the Muslim Divorce Council and they are very understanding to couples situations, we are given three months to work out our problems, if there’s no success, we are granted a divorce decree . Any Muslim woman here has the same power to ask for a divorce as the men, we aren’t turned away at all, I don’t know how it works in Bangladesh. While some marriages are by nikkah ceremony alone across here, we also make sure that promptly after the nikkah ceremony, the marriage is legally registered by the Imam so to ensure that the woman becomes entitled by law, to his properties. In my situation, my ex husband and I were to utter the three talak but he didn’t even show up for the divorce case, so I was granted the divorce swiftly… The rest is history… So don’t worry, I understand your plight… Be strong….salaams.

    2. I forgot to mention that after my divorce, my ex and are on better terms, he asks me for advice now and we are like friends, not all marriages work out but at least we could maintain a civil friendship and that is alright with me… So you see…something positive came out of it all… Lol

  4. Cathy

    Sister! Thank you for letting us know your story and i’m happy to hear that your Satisfied with the outcome of your marriage, i personally believe that you should not stay with someone that makes you unhappy, marriage should benefit both and a happy marriage has happy confident and content children, life is not meant to be spent being hurt mentally or physically, i have seen to much pain from such relationships and it does no one any good. and i’ll leave this with my own personal thoughts that God never meant us to suffer bad marriages no matter what religion.

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