Ishq Subhan Allah 30th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Zara takes Amir’s help

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Ishq Subhan Allah 30th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Amir tells Zara that I was in army, I was a good soldier but I lost my right hand in a blast. They are sitting in a restaurant. Amir says dont feel bad, I learnt to write from my left hand. He asks Zara to write about him. She writes that he is a brave man and she wishes for him to live like this. Amir writes about her. Kabir reads that can he part of saving their sister from an evil person? Amir says my sister Tarranum got married in a bad house and I couldnt do anything, Alina is lucky to have people like you with her, if I can do anything for her then please let me. Kabir says people like you make world a good place to live.

Kabir and Zara comes in house and see Zeenat dancing with people. Kashan comes there. Kabir takes sweets and makes Zeenat and Kashan eat it. Kabir says you can enjoy engagement but marriage wont happen as I challenged you. Zara says we will stop this wedding using mind not power.

Shahbaz is tensed and asks Ayesha to stop crying. Kabir and Zara comes there. Shahbaz says I am responsible for all this. Zeenat and Kashan comes there. Zeenat makes them eat sweets. Zeenat says there are two dates for marriage, you all decide which date to choose. She asks Kabir how will you stop wedding now? lets see what you can do in one day.

Alina sits in her room and recalls how she didnt tell truth to police, she says Kabir and Zara wont forgive me, she tries to take off her engagement but her finger starts bleeding. She takes it off and throws it.

Irfan says to Kabir on call that if Alina said yes then nobody can stop it. He ends call. Kabir is tensed. Zara recalls Amir’s words and says I have an idea. She tells it to Kabir. Kabir says no, we cant cheat because of others cheating, we dont lie, you want me to compromise on truth? Zara says our religion allows every lie when its about saving a life, we are doing it for Alina. Kabir says we can follow right path and find a solution. Zara says we dont have time, you married Ruksaar too because our religion says to save innocent people, its about Alina, please agree. He nods. Zara calls Amir and asks him to meet.

In morning, Zara and Kabir meets Amir. Amir says you are right, if they are forcing then we will force too, I am ready to help. He asks Kabir if he agrees for Alina? Kabir holds his hand. Zara says when Salamat and Samir comes for setting date of wedding, they will see a drama.

Irfan says to Kabir that sorry but I cant help you with this, this is a lie, people look upto to me.

Ayesha says to Zara that we cant do it. Shahbaz says all will know, how will we answer? Zara says think about Alina. Ayesha says okay we will follow this lie for our daughter.

Amir is working on his laptop to print something.

Shahbaz and Ayesha agrees to Zara’s plan while Kabir tries to talk to Irfan.

Scene 2
Zara says to Kabir that Ayesha and Shahbaz agreed. Kabir says Irfan didnt agree but we are fine. Zara says Amir helping us changed everything. Kabir says what if Zeenat tries to send Shahbaz? Zara says I talked to a lawyer, he said that Shahbaz didnt do serious crime so he can get anticipatory bail so Zeenat cant send him to jail. Kabir hugs her.

PRECAP- Zeenat says to Alina that I fooled family, they think today is wedding date finalization but today is your nikah. Zara hears it and tells Kabir. She says we have to stop her. Kabir calls Amir but Amir is kidnapped by Salamat’s goons.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What happened to Imran, reema and Miraj? I’m noticing such repitition in the show, kidnapping tracks, women are always being disrespected, forced marriages, and obsessive stalkers. Can we see something new for a change!? To bad rukhsar is kabir’s wife, otherwise salim would most definitely have gotten a fine bride. I hope zeenat isn’t given any redemption, she’s evil to the core.

  2. Also I’m curious to know why wasn’t rukhsar’s marriage plot resolve before this deviated sub plot? Was rukhsar *actually* abused? I can’t remember that being revealed! ???

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