Ishq Subhan Allah 24th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara charged with Ruksaar’s attempt to murder

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Ishq Subhan Allah 24th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara asks Kabir with which he is stopping her? Kabir says with right of love. Zara says love that made you go to another woman to spend a night? Kabir stops her and says its love that made me save my honor from filth, this love made me come to you, I am yours only. He hugs Zara.
In room, Ruksaar is hurt and angry that Kabir left her. She looks at poisonous jug.
Ruksaar comes to first floor and sees Kabir smiling at Zara. She shouts at Kabir that you cheated me, you cant do this with me, your night is with me, you promised to be with me only tonight. Ruksaar is dizzy, Shahbaz asks her to stop it. Ruksaar says you all betrayed me, Kabir you cheated me, you had to stay with me tonight.. she laughs and dances around.. she feels dizzy.. all are stunned. Ruksaar tries to balance

but falls from first floor, all are shocked. Shahbaz calls for an ambulance. Ruksaar whispers Kabir tonight is mine, come to me.. she reaches to him but faints. Kashan lifts her and takes her to hospital.

Ruksaar is being treated in hospital. Zeenat is crying, Ayesha hugs her and consoles her. Doctor comes there and says she got injury in head, she can take time to wake up, she has slipped into to coma. All are shocked. Zeenat falls down. They all look at Ruksaar lying on bed. Kabir calls Singapore and says I am sending CT scan reports of a patient, please show them to doctors there. Doctor says to Zeenat that she has blood clotting in her head, she can take a lot of time to wake up, we cant do anything but to wait. Zeenat says we will wait her, Doctor says we dont know how much time it will take. Kashan says you all go, I will stay here. Kabir looks at Zara. Ayesha says to Zara that its better you come to your home. Salma says to Zara that situation have changed, its better that you go with them now. Zara nods and goes with Ayesha.

All comeback home and are tired. Shahbaz asks Alina to make tea. Kabir looks at Zara and goes to his room. Zara sees her bag near door and says to Ayesha that I will come, she takes her bag and leaves.

Zara comes to her room with bag. Kabir’s papers are flying everywhere, he is trying to catch them. Zara catches a paper and sees ‘I am sorry Zara’ written on it. She sees many charts and notes on wall saying I am sorry. Kabir has his statue standing there, he makes him hold I am sorry chart. He puts paper on his face and says I am sorry Zara, I hurt your heart, your body, your mind.. your heart was breaking outside and I was dying inside, I didnt do it for myself, I am sorry for the time you were hurt, for the time you were restless, I swear I didnt do that for myself, I did it all for you, dont misunderstand me. Zara sits down and says this is a difficult situation, if this incident didnt happen with Ruksaar then it would have been victory night for me, winning my love and my Kabir from Ruksaar. Kabir says maybe this situation showed us that our heart beats for each other only, I can tell you that our hearts will beat for each other only in future. Alina asks them to come for tea.

All sit in lounge, Ayesha consoles Zeenat. Zeenat says what to do, she is my sister, I cant handle her but I cant leave her. Ayesha says we pray that she comes back and we will make her listen to us. Zeenat says I have been trying to make her understand but she doesnt listen. Shahbaz says she is daughter of our house we will find a way to bring her out of this situation. Zeenat says I am sorry Shahbaz but if you didnt pressurize her to take divorce from Kabir then this all wouldnt have happened. Shahbaz says I am sorry, I accept it was my mistake. Kabir thinks why Ruksaar was dizzy? he thinks to go to her room and check what she ate. He sees inspector coming there, all look on. Shahbaz asks why he is here? Inspector says doctor have complained that Ruksaar was attacked to be murdered and we had to come for proofs here. Kabir says how can you say it was murder? Inspector shows him news of Ruksaar becoming Kabir’s wife and Zara fighting with Ruksaar. Inspector says to Shahbaz that Ruksaa was attempted to murder, Zara is suspicious so she will have to spend tonight in jail, she might have tried to kill Ruksaar to remove her from her way. Kabir says this is crap. Inspector says we have to inspect Ruksaar’s room first. Shahbaz takes him. Zara is tensed.

Kabir shows inspector the balcony from which Ruksaar fell, he says Ruksaar felt dizzy and fell. Inspector says was she drunk? Kabir says we are Muslims so we dont drink. Inspector says then why she was dizzy? there is something fishy.
Zara says to Ayesha that I didnt do anything like that. Ayesha says dont worry, we trust you and we are with you, everything will be fine. Zeenat eyes her suspiciously.
Kabir and inspector comes to Ruksaar’s room. Kabir recalls how Ruksaar stopped him from drinking the juice, he tells about it to inspector.

PRECAP- Inspector shows Ruksaar’s medical report and says it shows that Ruksaar’s body had poison, Zara brought Ruksaar to her room and then Ruksaar is poisoned, we have to take Zara to police station and investigate.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Zeenat better get her act together,cause she know her sister told her dat she will never give up kabir and dey will b together after tonight. She knows her sister and she knows zara plus zara was all set to leave d house. With dat said if she did poison d juice it would mean she meant for kabir to die also and everyone knows she would never do dat. Wen it is proven dat ruksaar tried to kill herself will she b arrested cause as far as I know suicide is a crime in India

  2. DannyComments

    Nah! Knowing this show, zeenat will forget that her sister is crazy. Zara of course has to suffer. Ruksar will wake up and loose her memory..can bet you she will loose it right up to the time she got married to Kabir. Yup. Crazy show!

    1. And it looking like she might be paralyse too. For all we know ruksaar plan all that and zeenat better get her act together because she know her sister is unstable.

  3. Who knows Zeenat may be in league with her sister,after all blood is blood as the saying goes water run in drains but blood run in veins. She will never abandon her sister and trust me the witch will feign memory loss. Aww man another one gone a begging.

  4. Yes, justice looks like its being served… If Rukhsar becomes paralyzed, I won’t complain for an entire week!!! As with Zeenat, this woman’s mind is like a seesaw…dont even feel like elaborating. Only few episodes ago Rukhsar would have taken Zeenat under for interference in her life and now she thinks otherwise…

  5. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    How is it that no one can see Rukshar is a Looney case and needs to be in a mental institution ?

  6. This Topic Rukhasa will never End. The Writer give Rukhsar a lot of importance. Kabeer will get guilt Feelings and than Kabeer (this fool and jerk) will take care of Rukhsa and Zara will Suffer again.

    This Problem with that Witch will never End. She will never Change. the whole time she fooled the Ahmed Family and every time she gets a new Chance.

  7. i think zeenat hubby is in the plan of rukhsar, y he stayed wiz her in hospital?

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