Ishq Subhan Allah 22nd February 2019 Written Episode Update: Zara decides to go against Kabir

Ishq Subhan Allah 22nd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Zara is searching for who messaged Alina. Zeenat is putting mehndi in Alina’s hands for wedding. Ayesha brings jewelry for her. Zeenat asks her to apply mehndi. Ayesha says I wanted a big function on her wedding and this is happening like this. Zeenat says we cant have grand wedding because then Irfan’s lie will come out. Ayesha says if he doesnt think about us then why should we? Kabir comes there and says no, he did this to save Alina’s life, Irfan’s life cant be in danger. Ayesha says a daughter can destroy our lives for her father. Zara gets call and says okay. Zara says soon I will find out who messaged Alina. Kabir says thats not your issue.

Zara is worried and says Alina loves Amir so why Kabir is forcing her? I have to find out if Amir and

Alina really love each other or are just emotional.

Zara meets Amir and says I am sorry for what Kabir did, he was just worried for Alina. Amir says its okay, if he didnt beat me then I wouldnt realize that I love Alina. Zara says does she love you? Amir says she does, she was ready to runaway with me for one message, this is love, I want to marry her, will you take my side?

Irfan comes to Shahbaz’s house. Shahbaz thanks Irfan for saving Alina’s life. Shahbaz says we are doing this wedding silently so Irfan will not be in danger.

Zara asks Amir if he loves her because she is from a rich family? Amir says my sister was forced to marry someone, loving someone is not about money for me, he shows her uniform and says I can swear on this that my love is pure. Zara smiles and says now I am sure, dont worry.

Ayesha says to Salma that Zara is always against Kabir, if Anas and Alina’s marriage breaks then Kabir and Zara’s relation will be in danger too.

Zeenat says to Kashan that soon we will bring out Irfan’s truth out and then he will leave his head priest position and we will appoint someone from our people. Kashan says we will not distribute cards in city as anyone can tell Shahbaz, we will invite people on call for Amir and Alina’s wedding and when they see Anas, Irfan’s truth will come out.

Scene 2
Zara comes to her room. Kabir asks where did she go? Zara says I went to meet Amir, its his goodness that he didnt raise voice against you beating him. Kabir says so? he tried to provoke my sister, if I find out that he messaged Alina then I wont spare him. Zara looks on. Kabir says you worry about Amir too much? Alina is getting married and nobody can stop this wedding. Zara says you are too egoistic, she is sacrificing for her family like all others, give Alina a chance. Kabir says Amir cant take care of Alina. Zara says why? he doesnt have one arm? Kabir says no. Zara says money is not everything. Kabir says she is a good family. Zara says this is 2019, girl doesnt have to sacrifice her whole life for her family’s happiness. Alina hears all that. Zara says to Kabir that if Alina tells me that she wants to marry Amir then I wont let injustice happen with her. Kabir says you will go against me? Zara says forcing a girl to marry someone is a sin and I want to save my husband from doing this sin. She leaves. Alina looks on.

Alina comes to her room and recalls Zara’s words. She says why cant I tell them that I dont want to marry Anas? She breaks things. Zara comes there and says what are you doing? alina says I dont know what to do. Zara asks her to do isthikhara, pray to God and he will give you a hint.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Leisa s morris

    Ayesha always does dis,go against zara. She keeps saying zara is daughter yer puts in her daughter in law category as soon as zara test d boundaries yet each time it always ends in blessings for dis family. Ppl say dat zara shouldnt b questioning kabir all d time but y is dat isnt she supposed to have a mind of her own and thoughts dat should b heard even if its against wat others tink. If dats d case y get daughters educated at all if their wrds r never heard or worst never even considered. Yshould daughters just stand there like empty shells if dey have better ideas than dat of d rest of family. Y cant she voice her opinion and if wrong so b it.

    1. Couples have discussions all the time. Their opinions might differ and that’s ok. But arguing just for the sake of arguing is wrong for both husband and wife. Sometimes silence is better. We need to choose our battles. This goes for both husband and wife. Both husband and wife make compromises. As long the couple agrees on major issues small disagreements do not matter. But these two are not at all compatible. They have entirely different views on everything.
      That’s not how a marriage works. Forget marriage we wouldn’t even have friends with entirely different mindsets. Even among friends there is something common. Your spouse should support you and not challenge you at every point. I really wish these two get divorced amicably and find the right spouse for themselves.

  2. A mother in law will always be a mother in law. In laws are extended family and not close family. Such a shameless woman. Shahbaz had the decency to thank the Qadi. Aisha was being a *****. Going to the house of a religious leader and insulting him. Why were Zara’s parents accepting the insults? They should have reminded Aisha not to be so arrogant. She also has a daughter. Just because she has a son she acts like a Queen and treats Zara and her parents like shit. In Islam the mother in law has no rights over the daughter in law. It’s because of the dowry system the mother in law acts like this. She has gone crazy. She was being friendly to Zeenat and saying why should we care about the Qadi. Even hulk Kabir defended his father in law.
    Zara was standing there shamelessly and hearing about her parents. She should have reminded Aisha that her father almost died because of her daughter. And what is with Zara going to the house of an unrelated man alone. She could have called him or visited him with a friend or met in public.

  3. DannyComments

    You know why I don’t like this show ? They easily forget and forgive the Evil doers but always remember that the good doers have faults. Zara did so much for this family, stood by Kabir all the way, gave up a lot for him, changed her identity and now she is fighting for his sister but the fool doesn’t see it. Nope. He never does until it is too late. And ofcouse his mother is on his side! She has to be. If she can forget how zeenat humiliated her and her husband, she can forget all what Zara did. I don’t like this show anymore because it tells me that no matter how much you help people, they will never appreciate it. Never.

  4. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I think the Ahmed family lives by Islamic teachings of long ago… both Shahbaz and Ayesha share the views from that era, and Zara was modernized by Qazi Irfan and raised as the daughter of a true scholar of Islam and not just as an ordinary Islamic girl child… her values are more modernized and I think Kabeer’s parents may be slightly jealous of her knowledge as compared to Kabeer’s Madrassa schooling… Jealousy i believe, is the key here… I also feel Zara would make a better Qazi than Kabeer 💯💯 … her insights into life are way ahead of her husbands, and her papa gives her the space to make mistakes and correct them on her own, which makes her an overall and altogether strong Islamic woman 🙌 … she has also shown that she can survive on her own without the help of her own family, as well as without the help of her husband’s family 🙌 I salute her strength here in becoming the powerful young woman that she is, both as Zara and as Eisha 🌹💕

  5. Yes naina it’s true

  6. every time zara stood by kabeer’s family then in the next issue every thing is forgotten kabeer and all his family and then as usual zara is proved right
    what an ungrateful family. zara deserve a better in laws and better husband who really trust her and can differentiate between right or wrong and who can stand by her side even if he don’t agree with her in her point of view and hope after the end of this problem zara herself leaves kabeer’s house and not accept his apologie even because it will be about her self respect and her family’s respect too

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