Ishq Subhan Allah 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir meets Ruksaar

Ishq Subhan Allah 21st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All are praying for Ruksaar on peas. Aman takes some peas and eats it. Zeenat stops and shouts why did you eat peas? you ate them without permission, Zara asks her to calm down. Zeenat says I am so worried for Ruksaar and he is doing all this, he has become useless, I wont spare you, she is about to slap him but Zara stops her and says its okay, we will pray again. She says to Amaan that just pray for Kabir to bring Ruksaar back safely. Amaan prays that my uncle Kabir is a superman, God make him save my aunt Ruksaar, Zara smiles and thanks him.

Zara video calls Kabir. She asks how is he? Kabir says now I have seen you so I will be fine, I see you everywhere. Zara says I am missing you but very little, she hugs his jacket.. suddenly call drops. Kabir tries to catch network.

Zara says he will call again, she hugs his jacket and lies down.

A spy with his man is keeping an eye on Kabir. They hide and point gun at Kabir. Kabir hears some noise and looks at some men about to attack him, he grabs them and fights them, men try to throw him from balcony.
Zara is sleeping but suddenly wakes up from her nightmare, she screams Kabir! she calls him but he doesnt pick up. She runs to Ayesha and says something bad is happening with Kabir, I saw a dream, she cries. All are trying to call Kabir.
Kabir beats spy and try to save himself.
Zara prays for Kabir and prays God please save Kabir’s life.
In dubai, Kabir beats spies, they throw him away and runs from there. Kabir is hurt and tries to run behind them but they are gone. Kabir looks at his injured hands.

All are worried in house, Ayesha sees Kabir calling. He video calls them and says I am fine, all are elated to see him. Zara hugs Ayesha. Shahbaz is elated too.

Kabir says to hotel manager that two people attacked me in your hotel and you want me drop this matter? I will go to police and then see what happens with this hotel. Manager says our owner Sheikh Saleh is very powerful, I understand you were attacked but if you want then our Sheikh can help you with something. Kabir says I want to meet a prisoner so ask your Sheikh to help me, I just want to meet her for 5 minutes. Manager calls Sheikh, Kabir talks to Sheikh and requests for him to arrange meeting with Ruksaar, he says I am telling you she is innocent.

Kabir has permission to meet Ruksaar. He is taken to jail and looks around for Ruksaar. Ruksaar comes on otherside of wire door. She looks at Kabir and is elated. Kabir thanks God to see her and greets her. Ruksaar cries and greets him back. She says you are here, even if I die even then I will be fine. Kabir says just answer me. Ruksaar says I am sure you will take me from here. Kabir says I very less time, just tell me that you didnt kill Hamdan, I have to know that before starting process of saving you, just tell me. Ruksaar cries and says yes I killed Hamdan. Kabir is stunned and gets angry, he asks why? Ruksaar says if I didnt kill him then he would kill me, Kabir says how would you know? Ruksaar says his partner Farhan told me. Kabir says I met him, Farhan told me he used to work in that company. Ruksaar says they are partners, he is lying, they opened their company together. Kabir thinks why would Farhan lie? Kabir says tell me everything, how it all started, why didnt you tell us? He sees that Ruksaar is being taken away. Kabir is angry and leaves from there.

Scene 2
Zara is on call with Kabir and says what? Ruksaar accepted it? all paths are closed. Kabir says there is a way, Farhan was Hamdan’s partner in global engineering company, when I met him, he lied that Hamdan was just a worker there and he didnt know much about him, I dont know what to do. He asks Zara to find an innocent poor man and help him, his prayers might make me find a way to save Ruksaar. Zara says yes.

Kabir meets Farhan, Farhan says what rubbish? Hamdan was not my partner. Kabir says I met Ruksaar. Farhan says what did she say? Kabir says she told me everything, I saw that love and crime can never be hidden. He drinks water and says you sent spies to attack me right? I am here standing alone without fear but I feel like you are scared, what happened? Farhan gets tensed. Kabir asks whats the matter? Farhan glares at him and says yes I got that attack done on you, you are just a guest here, you are challenging Farhan? I know everything about you, you have 48 hours to save Ruksaar, she wont be saved, why are you here to die? go back otherwise your father will have difficulty to take your body from here, get lost now. Kabir locks door and says I came here to save Ruksaar but now I feel like I wont spare you, listen to me. He makes him listen to voice recording of Farhan accepting that he did that attack on Kabir. Kabir says I will meet you again, he leaves.

Zeenat is stunned and says Ruksaar cant kill Hamdan. Zara says Ruksaar accepted that she killed Hamdan, Zeenat cries and says what did Ruksaar do? everything is finished. She imagines Ruksaar crying for her when she will be executed. Zeenat says I have to save Ruksaar, what if anything happens to her, she is my sister, she was with me since childhood, I cant let anything happen to her, she takes her bag and starts to leave but faints. Ayesha and Zara rushes to her. Alina brings water, Zara thinks that Ruksaar has to live for this house otherwise this house will be destroyed

Inspector says to Kabir that Saleh Sir called so we will do your work, what you want? Kabir asks inspector to reopen Ruksaar’s case, he makes him listen to Farhan’s voicenote. Inspector is stunned. Kabir says please help me. Inspector says do as I say.

Farhan calls his girlfriend and says where are you love? She says I am outside your office but its locked. Farhan comes out of office and hugs her. He is stunned to see Kabir eyeing them.

PRECAP- Priest stops Zara in dargah and says protect your important ones, you are about to lose someone very important.
Kabir says to inspector that I know I am na-mehram(not blooded related or indirect relation) for Ruksaar, I know that an innocent’s life is in danger so help me. Inspector says you have way, marry Ruksaar and become mehram for her, then you can save her, Kabir is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Utter garbage if kabir marries ruksar! It looks as if it’s heading there, I hope Zara leaves kabir forever! He keeps doing stupid things, and his decisions always hurt Zara. It’s official this is the last time I’m watching this serial. Goodbye.

  2. Leisa s morris

    So wat dey r saying is dat a person cannot defend another unless they r family ok den wat about d d fact dat ruksaar is his brothers sister in law therefore she is an extended part of d family. I dont understand dis crap and im sure its ruksaars plans…hamdeen must be alive somewhere and dey planned it together or she did her homewrk and realized dis was d way to get kabir and killed hamdeen as part of her plot. Wat I dont understand is y zeenats husband didnt go and save ruksaar and y he cant go now seeing dat dey need family to save her and dont consider kabir as family. Im hurt and disgusted with dis show its just goin down d toilet like all d other serials. Now d only way out of dis marriage is if ruksaar dies or hamdeen is still alive thereby still making her legally his wife cause im sure no divorce were filed as dat will draw attention. Im just tryna find d loophole cause dis just boils my blood.

  3. I will not see the serial anymore… πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜­πŸ˜­

  4. I will stop watching for now until they change this track. Pity that it is a good serial but getting a bit ridiculous at the moment. Maybe when they change the villains and with new storyline I will watch again. Kinda sick of Miraj and Rukhsar and the ungrateful Zeenat whom Zara helped many times irregardless of how she spiteful she is to Zara. And now even this track looks like it is a the plan of all 3 to get Kabeer married to Rukhsar and Miraj to get Zara. Same old same old story, repeated πŸ˜‰

  5. This is utter crap. This has been masterminded by Shahbaz, Zeenat and Rukhsar to trap Kabir and keep him from marrying Zara. Irfan should appoint Zara to head the board and Kabir will be stuck with nutty Rukhsar

  6. Ruksaar needs to sit in that jail cell (KARMA) until her crooked sister Zeenat get her passport together.
    It’s irrational for Ruksaar’s sister brother in law who have to save her (ruksaar) and by marrying her when he is already married? Absurd and senseless to me.
    Zeenat needs to send her husband to marry Ruksaar.
    Kabir is already married…. Full Stop. My opinion? Ruksaar needs to rot in jail anyways for all her evil deeds.

  7. It s really worse

  8. What the eff is wrong with these writers? Ohhh sorry…its not the writers fault, it’s the rules which our brethren uses which comes back to bite them in the ass. I’m tired of this…I’ll comment later….jeez

    1. Cathy

      Hey Naz…i started watching “Perfect Pati” On &TV…playing catch up on Desiflix…the pace of the story is quick (for now) and the main male lead is absolutely nuts (i’m intrigued) and there seems to be a mystery to the manservant and it is shot beautifully some of the technical crew i think are using camera drones…just lovely shots of the local scenery.

  9. Utter rubbish. There is no law in Dubai that you need to be a Mahram to defend someone. All you need is a good lawyer. Plus a widow cannot marry unless her mourning period is over ie 4 months and 10 days.

  10. This is totally bs with the writers!!! How can you marry someone to get them out of jail for murder!! I agree it’s becoming like all the other serials. Today is the last time I will be watching. Don’t understand Kabeer he is one foolish person. Zara better off with someone else. As Susan said Shahbaz,Zeenat and Rukshar all in this together. Kabeer should have moved in with his inlaws.

  11. Leisa u are exactly right ruksaar apparently she could plan this just to get kabir. Hamdan proberly died innocently it is sad to see how two people lives are beening played I hope now they would bring in another storyline where Zara is pregnant let’s see how ruksaar handle that but if she could kill her husband she could kill anybody. I think the reason y kabir have to save her is because he is obligated towards Ruksaar and Zeenat because he and Zara where the ones who push ruksaar to get married and zeenat blame them for that which is ridiculous. In other words she was forced. But the truth always come out in the open.

  12. I don’t understand what does difference does it make to law whether a criminal is married or not…The accused is judged by his / her own deeds ,not on basis of the criminal’s blood or indirect relations…If that is so ,every culprit can go scot free…I don’t exactly know what is the meaning of Na mehram but going by the definition given in the update, Kabir ,if not by blood ,is indirectly related to Ruksar through his sister in law….Is n’t this enough to save Ruksar ,if at all there is such a provision in the law of the land……Why should Kabir be required to marry Ruksar…This all looks just absurd to me….on one side Ruksar admits that she has killed her husband intentionally and the inspector gives Kabir a ridiculous solution ….Are n’t there courts and legal procedures in Dubai to try the criminal and pronounce the judgement……Anyways ,Zara should learn her lessons now .. Very disappointing that Zara has committed such a blunder….it s known fact that Kabir is not that quick witted but Zara has always been smart and intelligent….Ofcourse ,a lay man is not supposed to know the various provisions of law,that too the law of another land ,but is n’t it common sense to stay away from people like Ruksar…why this over generosity…I don’t know why Zeenat ,with her open hatred towards Zara,still gets nice treatment in her in law’s house…Time and again she has proved that she s irreparable ….Anyways the writers of ISA are following the same tactics as other Zee writers to drag the story…

    1. There is no law that you need to be related to defend someone in Dubai. All you need is a good lawyer.

  13. I’m sorry but when did the writers change. I am totally not used to ilogical turns of events like this. But I was really hoping all those spoilers Were wrong about Kibir marrying Ruskhar, but just saw a clip showing him doing just that. I am so upset. What was the need for that. Really considering skipping the next week or so of this show.

  14. This serial becoming like all the others on Zee.The writers just spoiled one of the best serial with this story. Zara should leave Kabir and let him stay with that killer. I guess the writers forgot to include lawyers in their story. What bull shit happening that you have to marry someone to reopen a murder case. If that was the case all the murderers will go free. Stupidity, stupidity and more stupidity!!!

  15. Just like we all know is that all the writers and producers are promoting martial affairs. That’s the way they are living. Very dissapointed and sad

  16. Well yes, now things have reached a new low. Not only does Kibir marry Rukshar in jail. He also spends a night with her in jail as well, like a wedding night complete with flowers and candles. The is just beyond my comprehension

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